Ch.1 A New Page In History (Part II)

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Become the owner of this desert?!

Lansas blanked, watching this mysterious young girl in front of him dumbfoundedly, trying to determine whether the young girl’s words were true or false.

“Lansas, the Northern King’s only descendant, skilled both intellectually and physically, popular among the people, and the only candidate for the next Northern King. The crown prince was dissolute and shameless; such a person would definitely not be a wise ruler. And you would have been his greatest obstacle to becoming emperor. So, you were framed before you even became Northern King.” There was no warmth in that soothing sound.

“You! Who are you?” Lansas’s expression finally changed.

“Me…? My name is Qi Aoshuang.” The black-haired and black-irised young girl smiled brilliantly.

Qi Aoshuang, Qi Aoshuang…… A faint trace of sadness flashed across the black-haired girl’s eyes.

“Believe in me. I will make you the owner over this desert.” Qi Aushuang’s melodic voice was tempting.

“Why should I believe you?” Although Lansas had seen the person beside the girl display his strength just now and was shocked, that wasn’t enough.

A brilliant smile appeared on Qi Aushuang’s pretty face. He didn’t  know why, but the smile appeared ominous to Lansas.

Qi Aushuang looked towards the vulgar man besides Lansas, and her gaze darkened.

The next moment, a scene that made everyone sputter started.

The vulgar man jumped out, faced Lansas, and started an emotional speech: “Boss, do you know, your large and tall frame has carved itself into my heart long ago. My love towards you is as clear as the moon in the sky; my love will never leave you even if I die…… ”

The people behind Lansas couldn’t take such a change, some even holding their chests and pretending to vomit. But Lansas’s expression was serious, because he knew better than anyone else of the vulgar man’s orientation. The person in front of him was talking smoothly, his gaze clear. But! It was because of this, that Lansas had such a serious expression. High level mind-control! It was high level mind-control! He was very familiar with this evil spell, because he was betrayed like this by his love! And accused like this by his closest family!

Lansas stared at the stunning, black-haired girl and said coldly, “Enough! I believe you.” He was greatly shocked. The girl in front of him; how did she find out everything about him? Who was she?

Qi Aushuang took back her mind-control and smiled, “Apologies for bringing back bad memories.”

The vulgar man saw Lansas’s stony face and was confused. When he saw that everyone else stared at him like he was mentally ill, he was even more confused.

“Why me?” Lansas asked darkly.

“Because I need your reputation,” Qi Aushuang smiled, “Most people in Usari believe that you were framed.”

Lansas kept silent.

“If you believe me, come to the weapon’s shop in Clear Spring Town to find me.” Qi Aushuang tugged gently on the camel reins, and the camel walked forward. Leng Lingyun and Feng Yixuan hurried to follow.

The crowd behind Lansas looked at each other, then moved to clear a path.

The three camels walked forward slowly. Everyone stared at them, then glanced at Lansas. They were all waiting for Lansas’s decision. But Lansas didn’t say anything, only watching Qi Aushuang leave.

“Aushuang, do you think he’ll come?” Feng Yixuan asked. It wasn’t easy to find the person they wanted; they have been walking in the desert for days.

“He will.” A faint smile appeared on Qi Aushuang’s face.

Clear Springs Mountain was the oasis closest to the border of Usari. Although it was small, it was very important. Many travelers stopped here to rest.

Just like any other travelers, Qi Aushuang and her group strolled with their camels down the streets of this little oasis. The peddlers were all leaning against walls tiredly waiting for customers to walk up, with no energy to call out their goods. Sparse stone houses dotted the street, most of their doors shut tightly. Only a few stores were open. The passersby were all dressed alike, a long cape shrouding their entire body.

The three came to an ordinary stone house, tied up their camels, and walked inside.

“Miss, you’re back.” A plump woman welcomed them.

“Yes.” Qi Aushuang nodded, “Tonight, someone will go to the weapon’s store to find me. When he arrives, bring him here.”

“Yes.” The plump woman was the person the Temple of Darkness sent to help Qi Aushuang. Her name was Lujah, and her job was communication.

Qi Aushuang and her company walked into the room, straight up to a wardrobe against the wall. She reached out and opened the wardrobe: a long tunnel presented itself. Qi Aushuang flicked her fingers, lighting up all the torches set in the tunnel, then walked in.

When the three went in, the wardrobe doors closed, and nothing looked abnormal. The three camels outside were led away. At the end of the tunnel, a large underground structure could be seen. There was a long hallway, with rooms on the side. A large hall was in the front.

“Dark Princess, you’re finally back.” Xi Shaoqi ran up immediately, his features scrunched up. At first, both Leng Lingyun and Feng Yixuan were shocked by Qi Aushuang’s position. They didn’t even know when she got it. When Qi Aushuang told them that she got the position after they got attacked by the Temple of Darkness after that avalanche, Leng Lingyun immediately understood what happened.

Qi Aushuang continued walking, replying indifferently, “What happened?”

“His holiness has said that if you don’t come back soon, we will be punished. You’ve been gone for so many days.” Xi Shaoqi followed and complained.

“Dark Princess.” When she got to the hall, Xi Shaosi smiled and pulled out a chair for her and poured her some flower tea.

Everyone knew the old hypocrite of the Temple of Light had lost one foot. And the twelve cardinals were all killed! It was so exciting. And all this happened because of this young girl in front of them! Everyone in the Temple of Darkness was extremely excited, firmly believing that Qi Aushuang would lead them into a new century.

“The Dark Princess must have found who she was looking for.” Xi Shaosi poured tea for everyone.

Qi Aushuang sipped some tea and nodded, “He’s coming tonight.”

“Dark Princess, we found all the things you wanted us to find.” Xi Shaosi took out a map from his pocket and spread it out before Qi Aushuang. Two red dots were marked on it. Xi Shaosi pointed at them, “This is the home of the Dwarfs, and this is where the Trolls live.”

“Hm.” Qi Aushaung looked at the map thoughtfully.

“Dark Princess, could you explain why we need to find them? The Dwarfs only know blacksmithing and Trolls digging. And they never interact with humans; in fact, they detest humans. Why would you want to look for them?” Xi Shaoqi couldn’t help asking as he stared at the map confusedly. To find these two exact spots, they spent so much time and effort, and also lost some people.

“What is the doctrine of the Temple of Light?” Instead of answering, Qi Aushaung asked back.

“What could it be? Take what is not theirs and trick people,” Xi Shaoqi answered disdainfully, “Taking it for granted that foolish people donate their life savings, and advertise any small thing they do greatly.”

“Is it fair?” Qi Aushuang asked meaningfully.

“Of course not!” Xi Shaoqi spat.

“Do you think killing the head would be enough to completley beat down those hypocrites?” Qi Aushuang asked softly, looking at the red dots on the map.

Xi Shaoqi paused. The Temple of Light paid a high price for ambushing Claire, and although this temporarily decreased their strength, it pushed their reputation to the highest point. The doctrine of the Temple of Light was already ingrained in people’s minds: they were the reincarnation of righteousness.

“You mean?!” Xi Shaoqi balled his fists, his voice excited. Really? Could it be as he thought? Could this girl in front of him accomplish that?

Power, money, position……

Everything that humans dreamed of achieving……

“Usari will be the first country to worship the god of Darkness.” Qi Aushuang picked up her teacup and took a sip. Her smile was beautiful.

Xi Shaoqi tried his best to suppress the excitement in his heart. He suddenly understood Qi Aushuang’s plan. Such a great plan, such an impossible plan. If anyone else said it, he would treat it as a joke. But, being said out loud by the young girl in front of him, he didn’t think it was funny at all. Deep in his heart, he knew, that this girl, could definitely accomplish it. They could take over the Temple of Light!

The night was cold.

Clear Springs Town was quiet.

The temperature difference was great between night and day in the desert. So in the cold night, no one was out.

The weapon’s shop in Clear Springs Town was still lit by a dim lamp.

The store owner was almost asleep on his desk.

The door was pushed open gently. The store owner opened his eyes slowly and stood up.

Without any unnecessary greetings, the store owner put on a cape and said, “Follow me.”

Lansas frowned. Looking at the store owner, the confident smile of that young girl flashed through his mind. Was she so sure he could come?

The store owner walked in front. Lansas squinted at the strides of the store owner, secretly astonished. This ordinary store owner was someone who had had training before! Since when did such strong people appear in little towns like Clear Springs Town?

The store owner led Lansas to a seemingly ordinary stone house, and mentioned for him to walk in, “I was told to bring you here, that is all.”

After saying this, the store owner turned and left.

The door to the room opened, and a plump woman motioned for him to walk in, “Please.”

Lansas only hesitated slightly before walking forward.

He didn’t know, that this step of his, was the first step in the radical change of Usari’s history!

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