Ch.100 Becoming the Divine Princess of Darkness (Part I)

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“This is the outskirts of the Temple of Darkness, the Illusion Forest.” Xi Shaoqi didn’t say anything, but the black-robed elder started to explain, “This is underground. We built the Temple of Darkness under this vast land.”

“Oh, so the god of Darkness also has his own territory.” Claire scanned her surroundings. This old, dying forest actually had such a pretty name.

“The Illusion Forest took much time and energy to build. The trees give off a scentless, colorless gas, and once a human breathes it, he will see illusions. And it’s made specifically for people from the Temple of Light.” The elder in a black robe answered obediently, his tone respectful. After watching Claire’s casual conversation with their god, his attitude towards Claire obviously changed.

“Oh, no wonder I saw that hypocrite the goddess of Light.” Claire understood. It was because she breathed in so much of that illusion-causing gas.

“Miss, your, your other friends are scattered throughout this forest. But whether they can walk out or not…… ” The black robed elder continued hesitatingly, calling Claire “miss” after much thought. But the other people with Claire were all personnel of the Temple of Light, so most likely they won’t make it out of the Illusion Forest.

“Basically no one ever walked out; they all fell into the illusions and could never pull out.” Xi Shaoqi shrugged and added, ignoring the black-robed elder’s warning gaze.

“Made specifically for people from the Temple of Light?” Claire frowned, remembering the illusion she saw: the goddess of Light that hypocrite telling her to pray with her. Did the others see this type of illusions too? “The others will also see the goddess of Light telling them to pray and stuff?”

“Right, those idiots believe in and worship that b*tch goddess of Light blindly, so they would usually fall into the illusions and never come out.” Xi Shaoqi spat disdainfully. The black-robed elder almost fainted, angered to death by his disciple. This young girl’s identity was special, and after all, those people were her companions, but Shaoqi said so much without thinking.

“Oh, so you mean if they fall into the illusion they can’t come out. But vice-versa?” Making sure of this, Claire started smiling. Jean did not believe in the goddess of Light, and Leng Lingyun was not a simple person either. But, that Divine Princess; Claire guessed that that woman will also make it out, because in the depths of that woman’s eyes, were not the purity and elegance the Divine Princess of the Temple of Light should have.

“Yes.” Xi Shaoqi didn’t understand why the girl in front of him seemed to stop worrying.

“Let’s go, take me away from here first. Make a cup of flower tea for me, best if rose tea. After my companions walk out, bring them over. Old man, lead the way.” Claire ordered without hesitation. At such a time, Claire felt that having the god of Darkness as a backup wasn’t too bad.

Xi Shaoqi twitched his lip, not understanding where this girl’s confidence came from. How could she be so sure her companions will make it out?

“One of my companions is a warrior, brown hair, called Jean. Another has silver hair and violet irises, called Leng Lingyun. When they walk out, bring them over. Thanks, old man.” Claire turned and said to the elder in the black robe.

“Yes.” The black-robed elder answered immediately without thinking.

“Wait, Leng Lingyun? Isn’t he the Divine Prince of the Temple of Light? You are sure he can make it out?” Xi Shaoqi had thought the name was familiar, and after remembering it, asked in shock.

“Yes.” Claire’s indifferent voice was filled with confidence.

“Then we’ll start fighting the second we see each other, not to mention bring him over!” Xi Shaoqi humphed coldly.

“That makes sense. Then send them out when they walk out. I’ll wait for them at the exit.” After something thinking, Claire said this. Even though Leng Lingyun was no loyal disciple of the goddess of Light, if he met a believer of the god of Darkness, he would still definitely fight.

Xi Shaoqi blinked, confused and puzzled and unbelieving. He couldn’t believe what Claire said, that the Divine Prince of the Temple of Light can walk out of the Illusion Forest. That means the Divine Prince will blashpheme the goddess of Light he worshipped. Was that possible?

“Uh, miss, I’m the priest of the Temple of Darkness, Bill. May I ask?…… ” The elder in the black robe asked carefully.

“Claire.” Claire answered indifferently, “Flower tea, rose tea. Old man, I want to drink rose tea.” Claire’s stubbornness made the black-robed elder perspire.

“Yes, yes. Miss Claire, follow me.” Bill walked in the front, his tone respectful.

Claire followed, and Xi Shaoqi also hurried to catch up.

Xi Shaoqi walked close to Claire and asked in a small voice, “Hey hey, Claire, I’m Xi Shaoqi. Why can you summon our god of Darkness whenever you want? Why does the god of Darkness protect you? Aren’t you from the Temple of Light?” Xi Shaoqi behaved as if he was very familiar with Claire, asking questions in a rush. Right now, his heart itched like a cat scratching, desperately wanting to know why that incredible scene happened.

“I am from the Temple of Light, but I never said I believed in that hypocrite goddess of Light.” Claire answered bad-temperedly.

“What do you mean? What do you mean?” Xi Shaoqi was confused. Could regular people enter the Temple of Light? Aren’t all people from the Temple of Light completely brainwashed?

“Miss Claire was pulled into the Temple of Light later in life, right?” Bill, who was walking in the front, turned his head and said meaningfully, “That fake, hypocrite goddess of Light would try to pull everyone who has a bit of talent to under her flag.”

“Your master is much smarter than you.” Claire’s casual words made Xi Shaoqi’s lip twitch.

“But, Miss Claire, I’m also curious as to why you can summon our god of Darkness, and don’t need any offerings,” Bill asked, puzzled. He got more benefits because of this, and this time was different, it was free; last time they used lavish offerings, and it was to help spread the power of the god of Darkness.

Claire sighed in her heart. What should she say, tell them that she was the offering of the god of Darkness? No way!

“I’m on the side of the god of Darkness, only sneaking into the Temple of Light to spy.” Claire made up such a lie on the spot. But Bill deeply believed her. The god of Darkness came himself to protect her, so could this be false?

But Xi Shaoqi was a little suspicious. He kept feeling that things were not as simple as they seem, just because the attitude of the god of Darkness to Claire was so strange.

“What’s your plan?” Claire walked beside Bill and asked, “Slowly remove people from the Temple of Light, and decrease their power?”

“Yes, the plan is like that, slowly working against them. One day, the god of Darkness will replace that hypocrite goddess of Light,” Bill nodded, his expression solemn.

In Claire’s mind, that oddly satisfying scene appeared again.

The goddess of Light, originally worshipped by millions, now cursed and spat on by millions. And the god of Darkness, originally hiding in the dark, now glorified by everyone.

Hmm, seems pretty interesting.

Claire followed Bill and Xi Shaoqi out the Illusion Forest. This underground place was spacious, a round, yellow plate hanging in the sky, providing light.

“That was made together by our pope and black-robed cardinals,” Bill followed Claire’s gaze to the glowing plate in the sky, smiling, “We call it the sun disk.”

“It’s really impressive,” Claire praised whole-heartedly. It was actually possible to make such magical things.

“There’s no other way; on the ground, we can’t appear in the light before others.” Bill sighed softly.

“Maybe you will in the near future.” Claire looked at the sun disk in the sky, smiling faintly.

“We will.” Bill nodded resolutely, his eyes filled with determination.

When Bill stopped before the Temple of Darkness, Claire was again impressed by these people’s work. The temple in front of her was no less grand than the Temple of Light; the only difference was that this temple was under the ground.

“Miss Claire, please come this way.” Bill led Claire into the Temple. On the way, many curious gazes fell on them.

Reaching the hall, Claire sat down, and looked at her surroundings.

“Miss Claire, tea.” A warm, gentle voice sounded. Claire turned around to see a face exactly the same as Xi Shaoqi, and in his hand was the rose tea Claire had been demanding! “It’s you who was watching me, right?” Claire didn’t bother being polite, taking over the tea and sipping it. Her expression became joyful, because although this still couldn’t compare to Camille’s tea, but it was the best she’d had for such a long time.

Xi Shaosi smiled, neither answering nor denying.

“So many gifted people in the Temple of Darkness, huh, old man. This person even knows how to read lips.” Claire squinted and sipped on her tea, “And his tea-making skills are not bad either!”

Xi Shaosi was still smiling: “Miss Claire, my name is Xi Shaosi.”

“Miss Claire, please sit here for a while. I’ll go report to the pope his holiness.” Bill said politely.

“Sure.” Claire set down her teacup, her gaze falling on those who seemed like they were just passing by the hall but are actually here to look at her. They all looked puzzled and unbelieving. Claire understood, that this Bill and the Xi brothers’ positions probably were pretty high in the Temple of Darkness. And Bill’s attitude toward her of course made those people curious.

“Claire, you’re actually a magician-warrior!” Xi Shaoqi pulled a chair to sit in front of Claire, exclaiming.

“It’s you who underestimated the enemy too much.” Xi Shaosi’s voice floated over.

“That’s right, uncle. If not for your master, you would be smiling in the underworld today.” Claire lifted the cup naturally. There was no more flower tea inside, and Claire just held it in mid-air, in front of Xi Shaosi, her meaning obvious. Xi Shaosi was wordless, but picked up the teapot and refilled Claire’s cup.

Smiling in the underworld? Although Xi Shaoqi didn’t really understand what it meant, he knew it couldn’t be anything good. Probably meaning dead or something.

“Am I that old? That you need to call me uncle!” Xi Shaoqi protested.

“How old are you?” Claire took a sip of tea, squinting and asking leisurely.

“Twenty-two.” Xi Shaoqi answered seriously.

“Then that’s it, I’m only fourteen.” Claire said shamelessly. Her real age was also twenty-something, but her appearance was only fourteen, so technically she didn’t lie. “That’s only an eight year difference, why call me uncle!” Xi Shaoqi moved around in his seat in protest. But this pulled on the injury on his back, making him grit his teeth.

“You’re twenty-two, yet you were beaten by a girl eight years younger than you.” Xi Shaosi’s voice floated in again. This casual sentence was right to the point.

Xi Shaoqi felt like exploding.

Claire smelled the scent of the tea and smiled, watching Xi Shaoqi about to explode. These two brothers really were interesting.

Just when Xi Shaoqi was going to quarrel with Xi Shaosi, hurried footsteps sounded at the door.

The people at the door started stirring, as if some famous figure appeared.

“Your holiness!”

“Your holiness.”

Voices sounded from the door.

Oh, so the boss of the Temple of Darkness finally came out? The pope of the Temple of Darkness?

Claire’s gaze moved toward the doors. An elderly man in a pure black robe appeared in the doorway, his robe darker than everyone else’s. His eagle-like eyes glinted brightly, and although his hair and beard were white, his steps were steady and his breathing controlled, a powerful person at a glance.

“Divine Princess, you’ve finally appeared!” But the first sentence the elderly man said to Claire made her stunned, and all the people outside the hall stunned too.

Divine Princess?

The Divine Princess of the Temple of Darkness?

Claire watched as the pope walked directly towards her, his gaze fixed on her. Claire reached out a finger stiffly and pointed at herself, asking in shock: “You’re calling me?”

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