Ch.100 Becoming the Divine Princess of Darkness (Part II)

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“Of course, Divine Princess. You have finally appeared.” The pope of Darkness laughed heartily as he walked to before Claire.

“Have you got the wrong person?” Claire twitched the corner of her lip.

“No. Able to summon our mighty god of Darkness, able to directly converse with our mighty god of Darkness; other than you, who else can it be?” The voice of the pope of Darkness was very loud, ringing in Claire’s ears. These words also clearly reached the ears of everyone else in the hall of at the entrance of the hall.

Claire watched the energetic old man in front of her and didn’t speak.

The Temple of Darkness was different from the Temple of Light. In the Temple of Light, the position of the Divine Princess was beneath that of the cardinal and red-robed cardinal, while in the Temple of Darkness, the Divine Princess was right after the pope, followed by the black-robed cardinals and priests, etc. In the Temple of Darkness, the position of Divine Princess was very high.

“Please come this way, I would like to talk to the Divine Princess alone.” The pope of Darkness smiled, and extended his hand to a “this way please” motion.

Claire didn’t decline either, standing up and following the pope of Darkness to go more inside, leaving a crowd of people in the hall looking at each other, while outside the hall was more commotion. Only Bill’s face let out an inexplicable smile.

“Sir priest, what is going on?”

“Isn’t that girl from the Temple of Light?”

“Is what the pope his holiness said true? That that girl can really summon our mighty god of Darkness, and even converse directly with our god?”

“How is this possible, is this true? Sir priest, what is going on?”

Instantly, the crowd at the door didn’t care about etiquette or anything anymore, all rushing up and surrounding Bill, everyone asking a bunch of questions. Well, it wasn’t exactly their fault that they were so uncourteous. Divine Princess, how long has this position been vacant, and now a young girl suddenly appears and is about to take this heavy responsibility, plus she seems to be from the Temple of Light! This was too difficult for them to accept!

“Everything the pope his holiness said is true.” At this time, Xi Shaosi opened his mouth indifferently, “Come, everyone. Come see this memory crystal.” Xi Shaosi took out a small memory crystal and placed in on the table, then started infusing magic into it. The scene of Xi Shaoqi and Claire facing each other appeared.

Xi Shaoqi shrieked and was about to go snatch away the memory crystal. Of course he didn’t want so many people to see how he was defeated by Claire.

“Hold him down.” Xi Shaosi’s one sentence made everyone around Xi Shaoqi hold him down tight, making him unable to move at all. Xi Shaoqi glared at Xi Shaosi, anger burning in his eyes. But Xi Shaosi chose to ignore it, continuing infusing magic into the memory crystal.

When the crowd saw Claire defeating Xi Shaoqi, they exclaimed loudly. To know, the strength of the Shaosi Shaoqi brothers was very well-known, yet Shaoqi was defeated so wretchedly. Even if it was because of underestimating the enemy, Claire’s strength still made them very surprised. And when they saw Claire falling under the control of Bill’s matrix, and she yelled out the god of Darkness’ name, then the scene turned pitch black, everyone’s heart almost stopped beating!

That scene, was definitely their god of Darkness. Last time when the god of Darkness descended, they were all present at the offering ceremony, and even with just one experience, still, no one would ever forget that scene!

The hall instantly went deathly silent. Everyone stared at the memory crystal ball on the table, stunned and unable to speak.


Besides shock was still uncomparable shock!

“Do you still have anything else to say?” Bill sat in the chair, tapping the table with his hand lightly, drawing back everyone’s thoughts.

“Sir priest! This means that that girl really is the envoy of the god of Darkness! She really is our Divine Princess!”

“Sir priest, has our turning point come?”

Suddenly, everyone in the hall became excited. The ambience was already unusually enthusiastic.

At this time, Claire and the pope of Darkness was sitting across from each other in a quiet room, conversing. “You are the envoy sent by the god of Darkness, you are the hope of our Temple of Darkness. Miss Claire, I hope you can take over the important position of Divine Princess, and lead us to our future.” Only at this time did excitement show on the face of the pope of Darkness. Before, in front of that many people, he couldn’t show too much emotion.

“Nope.” Claire refused immediately.

“Wh, why?” Obviously the pope of Darkness hadn’t expect for Claire to refuse so directly. In his imagination, this young girl before him had a not-so-simple relationship with the god of Darkness. A human was actually protected by the god of Darkness; how stunning was this. Humans being favored by a god! “No benefits.” Claire replied. Her answer almost made the pope of Darkness faint.

No benefits? No benefits? These two words echoed in the mind of the pope of Darkness again and again.

“Miss Claire, you are the favored of the mighty god of Darkness. Only you can carry such an important responsibility, conveying to us the will of the god of Darkness, and asking for protection from the god of Darkness.” The pope of Darkness returned to his senses and said solemnly. The favored of the god of Darkness, what an exciting thing that was.

“Why should I be your Divine Princess? What benefits do I get? When I became the priest of the Temple of Light, at least I took their Gift of the goddess.” Sitting in the chair, Claire said frankly. She had no reason to help that shameless fellow the god of Darkness. That fellow had been eyeing her spirit for a long time, and no saying when he will come to kill her and take away her spirit.

“Ha?” The pope of Darkness finally couldn’t hold himself calm anymore, gaping and looking at Claire strangely just like that.

“Old man, you must understand, that I am neither a worshipper of the goddess of Light, nor a worshipper of the god of Darkness. There are other reasons as to why I can summon the god of Darkness is because of other reason; you can understand it as a contract or business deal between the god of Darkness and me. But, I am not the favored of the god of Darkness as you said.” Claire said rudely. Instead, she cursed in her heart, favor your mom! That bastard god of Darkness wanted her life! He would be her murderer! What favored!

Looking at Claire’s serious expression, the pope of Darkness was stunned for the moment. Having a contract with the god of Darkness! “But, I guess it would be pretty interesting to see the goddess of Light, respected and revered by millions, to be disdained by the world, while the god of Darkness, never seeing light, be worshipped. Old man, you want me to be your Divine Princess, you should at least give me some benefits.” But the words of Claire that followed made the pope of Darkness almost faint again.

This, this young girl, why does she seem to be bargaining like buying groceries at a farmers’ market?

She’s bargaining over the important position of the Divine Princess of Darkness? And isn’t the reason that she’s willing to become the Divine Princess of Darkness make people too wordless? Just that she thought it’d be very interesting to see the positions of the goddess of Light and god of Darkness exchange?!

“Hey, old man!” Claire frowned, calling out loud to pull back the pope of Darkness’ attention.

The pope of Darkness stared blankly at the young girl before him. The first time, the first time he, who have always been so powerful and with authority, felt defeated. He had planned and was totally confident in the rising of the Temple of Darkness. But today, the first time, he felt defeated.

“Then, miss Claire, what benefits do you want?” The pope of Darkness squeezed such words out from his teeth.

“What benefits can you give me?” Claire squinted and asked.

“If you become our Divine Princess, you can order many people around, and you will have some level of power over human, material, and financial resources.” The pope of Darkness said.

“Oh, financial resources?” Claire squinted at the pope of Darkness, “You can’t even appear in the sight of men legally, so where did your strong financial resources come from?”

“We have our own business corporation, and not all worshippers of the god of Darkness know dark magic, or DouQi, and not all of them have dark essence.” The pope of Darkness explained, “And we have also took in and provided assistance to all the people persecuted by the Temple of Light. Such as many young girls with black hair and black irises.”

“You believe in that thousand-year-old prophecy?” Claire frowned slightly and asked.

That prophecy, that a young girl with black hair and black irises will lead Darkness and overturn Light!

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9 thoughts on “Ch.100 Becoming the Divine Princess of Darkness (Part II)

  1. that prophecy is probably claire unleashing the demon king’s kid into the world.
    and maybe she finds it interesting to help the god of darkness only to take away his everything

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  2. Notice that a few chapters back, her “pets” state that her original look was “black hair and black irises” … correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t this mean shes the girl of the prophecy?

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