Ch.101 Hypocrite and True Snob

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“I did not find anything extraordinary about these girls with black hair and black irises.” The pope of Darkness replied without emotion.

Claire sighed gently: “Carrying out such actions just because of a sketchy prophecy.”

“Only those hypocrites of the Temple of Light believe those sketchy stuff.” The pope of Darkness said disdainfully. Then, he stroked his chin and mumbled, “If it’s you who has black hair and black irises, I might believe this prophecy a bit. But it seems like it has nothing to do with you.”

Hearing the pope of Darkness’s words, Claire’s heart shuddered violently. Black hair and black irises……

“What’s wrong? Divine Princess?” Seeing Claire’s expression change slightly, the pope of Darkness asked. Claire didn’t see the flash of suspicion that darted across his eyes.

“No-, nothing.” Claire shook her head, then twitched her lip, “Who’s your Divine Princess? I haven’t agreed to it yet!”

“Eh, hehe, you can be sure that we will definitely treat you well if you become our Divine Princess. We are not like the Temple of Light, only giving oral praise.” After laughing awkwardly, the pope of Darkness began promising. And what he said was the truth, too. This was the difference between the hypocrite and the true snob. Claire started thinking. The fight for power between the first prince and the second prince will get more and more intense. The Temple of Light was watching it, and the Hill clan’s stance hasn’t been clear yet either. But there was one thing that Claire was sure of, that no matter as a member of the Hill clan or a priest of the Temple, she will definitely be involved in this fight, so she needed a source of power that truly belonged to her to use as her back shield. And this Temple of Darkness before her seemed to be the best solution right now!

“Okay, old man. I’ll agree to be your Divine Princess. But, my only condition is to be able to order people around. When needed, I hope I can mobilize some people to help me accomplish what I want to do.” Claire spoke out her condition loudly.

“Okay, no problem!” The pope of Darkness agreed immediately. He laughed in his heart: even if Claire didn’t say so, he will still send people to protect her secretly. After all, this was instructed by the mighty god of Darkness.

So frank? Claire squinted at the pope of Darkness, making him slightly uneasy.

“The respected pope, your holiness,” Claire suddenly began smiling, her gaze moving to the ring on the finger of the pope of Darkness. The pope of darkness followed Claire’s lowered gaze and looked to the ring on his hand. His heart shivered, and he immediately covered his ring, frowning, “No, you can’t do this. This is my only storage ring.” “I didn’t say I want your storage ring.” Watching the pope of Darkness’s nervous manner, Claire snapped.

“Then what do you want?” The pope of Darkness’ tone was still very guarded.

“You got anything good? Don’t tell me you don’t. You are the dignified pope of Darkness, you’ve got to have at least several treasures. The Temple of Light even had things like the gift of the goddess!” Claire looked at the pope of Darkness slyly.

The pope of Darkness stared straight at Claire, and Claire didn’t speak again. The two just stared at each other like that.

“I give in.” The pope of Darkness finally moved, a compact dagger materializing in his hand out of thin air. There were ancient and mysterious-looking patterns on it. Handing it to Claire with unwillingness in his eyes, the pope of Darkness tried hard to not look at the compact dagger. He said very bitterly, “The Chloe Dagger, can destroy any magical shield.”

Such a good thing?! Claire was astonished! This old man actually had such a good thing. This thing, could be said was the dream weapon of assassins, the nemesis of magicians. When an assassin approaches a magician, if he didn’t have any guarding or protection, naturally he would die. But if he had safety measures, and had set up a magical shield, the assassin could only sigh and leave. Because, if they don’t succeed with the first attack, it mostly equals fail. But with this dagger, things were different. Even if the magician was cautious and alert and set up a magical barrier, he still wouldn’t be able to block it.

“Thanks!” Of course Claire wouldn’t decline it politely. To her, this dagger was like the icing on a cake! Claire, who was skilled in assassinating, hadn’t had a decent dagger up till now.

The expression of the pope of Darkness was painful with grief. Claire reached out to accept, but the dagger wouldn’t budge. The pope of Darkness was gripping the dagger tightly, a bitter expression covering his face.

Claire pulled again with might, but the pope of Darkness held it even more tightly.

“Old man, what do you want to do?” Claire snorted.

Only then did the pope of Darkness sulkily let go.

“What, what other demands do you have?” The heart of the pope of Darkness was already dripping blood, his voice also shaking a little. But he understood, that if he didn’t take out any good stuff, it would seem unjustified.

“Nothing else for now.” Claire thought for a while. It was true that there wasn’t anything else she needed right now. Under the bitter gaze of the pope of Darkness, Claire replaced her original dagger and threw the old one into her storage ring. That made the pope of Darkness dumbfounded. Claire actually had a storage ring!

Claire didn’t raise any other demands, because what she needed the most right now was to breakthrough and breakthrough again, and become strong. The questions was, how to breakthrough? Last time she comprehended the eighth volume at the edge of death. The ninth volume would probably be even harder.

“Then let’s immediately prepare for the coronation ceremony.” The pope of Darkness let out a huge sigh of relief in his heart and hurriedly said so, afraid that Claire might regret and go back on her words. In his eyes, Claire, who can summon the god of Darkness so easily, was a big tree, a big tree! He must hug this big tree tightly.

“No need for that, let’s make everything as simple as possible. Just tell all the others and send me out right now, and my two companions that I told you about. Also send out my pets, two fur balls, one black one white.” Claire got up and said indifferent.

“Okay, I will give you the stamp; you can use it to command people from the Temple of Darkness. I will tell everyone to memorize your appearance, and if you need people or want to communicate with us, go to the slave market in the capital and ask for the manager.” The pope pulled out a stamp from his storage ring and gave it to Claire.

Claire accepted it, surprised: “You opened that slave market?”

“Yes.” the pope nodded.

The slave market in the capital could be described as making a bucket of gold each day without exaggerating. But the manager behind it was actually the Temple of Darkness!

“You have other stores in the capital?” Claire asked.

“Yes, tailor shops, jewelry stores, weapon shops, etc.” The pope of Darkness nodded. For such a large Temple of Darkness to function, of course many resources were needed, and it would be impossible without steady income. They weren’t like the Temple of Light, where people would donate money without them doing anything at all.

“If you want to find me, go the Hill clan of the capital, and say I ordered your clothes or something and you need to take the measurements yourself,” Claire replied.

“Okay.” The pope nodded. When Bill came to report to him, he had already investigated Claire’s identity. She was the granddaughter of that powerful Gordon Hill!

“Tell people to send me out. Make sure my two companions are sent back to where they came, and no need to bother with anything else.” Of course Claire wouldn’t care about the life or death of the Divine Princess.

“Okay.” The pope walked towards the door, “Follow me, I will get someone to take you out. The two people you mentioned, I will tell my people not to face them directly, but just lead them out.”

“Sorry to bother you.” When Claire said this, the pope felt like he could cry. This was the only sentence that was slightly polite this vampire-like girl said the whole day.

When Claire came into the hall, the originally buzzing hall immediately quieted down.

After the pope solemnly announced Claire’s position, most people were accepting. After all, the things they saw in the memory crystal explained everything.

But when everyone bowed to Claire, Claire felt uncomfortable: a mass of black bowing towards her.

The pope dispersed the crowd, and Claire sat down. Xi Shaosi poured a cup of rose tea for Claire.

“Old man, can you teleport me to the capital of Lagark?” Claire looked at Bill and asked.

“What? Divine Princess, what do you need to go there for?” Bill’s address to Claire had already changed, with deep respect in his voice.

“I need to find a person; it’s very important.” Claire already made a decision in her heart. She was going to go find TianGang Wind Elder! She needed to breakthrough the ninth volume. Not to mention that Claire couldn’t comprehend it right now, even if she did, she couldn’t block the lightning by herself. Going to that weird old man’s place and cultivating seemed like a good idea. Maybe he could even give her some pointers. Thinking to here, Feng Yixuan’s haughty, laughing face suddenly appeared in Claire’s mind. How was he doing now?

“No,” Bill said apologetically, “the matrix the god of Darkness gave me can only suck outsiders into our Illusion Forest, but is unable to send people out.”

“Oh, that’s how it’s like.” Claire thought for a moment, “Then if I go out from here, where does it lead to?”

“The borders of Amparkland,” Bill answered, “Your two companions have already walked out the forest, and we have led them out. Your pets are also safe.” His tone was still surprised, obviously shocked over the fact that Leng Lingyun and Jean both walked out of the Illusion Forest safely.

Claire stood up: “I’ll write a letter; please give it to my companions. Then just send me out.”

Hiding like this for some time might not be bad; don’t know what that old thing, the pope of the Temple of Light, was planning. Claire felt worried. If things continued like this, the Temple will conflict with the Hill clan sooner or later. The struggle between the Temple and the crown had already been going on for many years.

In the dark night, a shadow flashed past the city walls of a border city in Amparkland. No guards noticed, and that shadow leapt over the city walls, out the city, and disappeared into the night.

Claire started on the way to Lagark on her own. She must first find Ann Lisa to find TianGang Wind Elder.

But Claire didn’t know, that at this time, that mysterious island was already different from what it was like before.

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  1. What happened to the priestess? Is she still stuck in the illusion? Will this decision come back to haunt Claire in the future? Lol… They can’t just abandon her… Can they? Won’t people question this?


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