Ch.102 Enemies Passing Right By Each Other’s Shoulder (Part II)

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When Claire came to the door of the Feng castle, she met Brunn again.

Brunn looked at Claire in surprisement: “Benefactor, you have come here to?”

“To find someone.” Claire replied indifferently. A servant had already went in to report. The guards had not shown disdain or negligence because of Claire’s plain clothes, showing that the Feng personnel is always well-trained and disciplined. Just that when the guards heard this ordinary-looking youth before them reported Claire’s name, they were genuinely surprised. Claire Hill, who had stunned everyone at the martial arts tournament; many people still remembered that scene vividly. She turned the tide multiple times, defeated the most likely winner, Hua Yilin. But what does a figure like that have to do with this youth before them? Only when Claire lifted up her hat did the guards’ hearts tense due to realization. How was this person before them a youth, she was Claire herself! Her emerald green irises and delicate features would never be forgotten by anyone that watched that competition. Even if one only watched it through a memory crystal, one still would never forget.

Find someone? Brunn was puzzled, this youth came to find someone at the Feng castle? What relationship did he have with the Feng clan? Just at this time, hurried steps sounded inside the gates.

A wind whooshed by, and Ann Lisa, dressed in fiery red clothes, appeared before them.

“Aunt Ann.” This time, Claire didn’t act unfamiliar anymore, naturally addressing her with these two words.

Ann Lisa’s face was covered in a bright smile; she seemed to be in a very good mood. She grabbed Claire’s hand, and said affectionately: “How come you are here? I thought I wouldn’t see you for a very long time.”

“I, I want Aunt Ann to take me to the place we went last time.” Due to there were people around them, this was all Claire said.

“Oh? Haha, okay okay.” Hearing this, Ann Lisa first blanked for a moment, then started grinning evilly, squeezing her eyes at Claire, making Claire awkward.

“Come come, let’s go inside first.” Still holding Claire’s hand, Ann Lisa was about to walk right inside, completely neglecting Brunn, who was standing beside.

“Madame Ann.” At this time, seeing that Ann Lisa was going to go inside, Brunn finally returned to his senses, and hurriedly shouted.

“Oh? Brunn?” Ann Lisa looked at the Brunn standing at the door with surprisement, “Didn’t you go to your wife’s hometown?”

“I have something very important to report to you, so I came back early.” Saying this, Brunn’s gaze rested on Claire, curious and also guessing Claire’s identity in her heart. Madame Ann Lisa was actually so affectionate towards this youth. Was he a friend of master Feng? Ann Lisa’s expression became serious. She knew that if Brunn, always cautious, said it was very important, then it has to be something very important.

“Let’s go, come in.” Ann Lisa walked in the front. Brunn hurried and followed her.

At the door of the study.

“Aunt Ann, I won’t bother you more.” Claire said, a little embarrassedly.

“Sure. You go find Yixuan and my master yourself. Here, take this teleportation scroll. If you want to come out just tell my master.” Ann Lisa didn’t try to keep Claire too long either.

“Thank you so much, Aunt Ann. I have always been bothering you.” Claire said apologetically, deep gratitude in her eyes.

“Hehe, go. When that fellow Yixuan sees you, he must be very happy.” Ann Lisa handed a teleportation scroll to Claire, grinning.

“Thank you, Aunt Ann.” Claire accepted the scroll. “Brunn, let’s go, come in and tell me.” Ann Lisa pushed the door to the study open and entered. Brunn turned and watched as Claire tore the scroll open and disappeared, his eyes full of puzzlement.

When Brunn reported what he came for, Ann Lisa frowned, and said calmly, “This thing, do not tell anyone. Just deal with it secretly.”

“Yes, Madame. I did not mention this to anyone.” The giant rock in Brunn’s heart finally dropped. If any matter reaches the hands of this madame before him, it was already half solved. He can finally relax now.

“Yes, you can go now. You must also be tired. You haven’t returned home yet, right?” Ann Lisa had noticed long ago that Brunn didn’t even change clothes.

“It’s nothing, I just want to report this thing to Madame you as soon as possible.” Brunn smiled, having no intention to leave yet.

“What’s wrong, do you have anything else?” Ann Lisa asked, puzzled.

“Madame Ann, that youth, is my benefactor. On our way here, my daughters and I were attacked by a lightning leopard, and he saved our lives. Didn’t expect for him to be a friend of master Feng,” only now did Brunn speak out what he had been curious about all along. “Hehe.” But Ann Lisa began laughing in a good mood, and said lightly, “Remember the Claire Hill at the martial arts tournament? The one that fought for the Li clan.”

Brunn was shocked, Clay? Claire! That youth wasn’t a youth at all, but a young girl. Now all the questions in his heart were answered. No wonder a fourth grade magic beast would be afraid of her – she was the strong and powerful Claire Hill. The scene of her defeating Hua Yilin were still clear in his mind. Only fourteen years old, yet already possessing such strength.

“Okay, you can go now. Claire doesn’t take it seriously; it’s only a helping hand to her, so you don’t need to be stressed over it either.” Looking at her old subordinate, she knew he really valued these type of stuff, and was probably stressing over not repaying Claire’s kindness.

“Yes, madame Ann.” Brunn was stunned in his heart, and bid farewell and left.

Brunn returned home, and saw that his son was conversing and laughing with his two daughters. Seeing him return, they all stood up to welcome him.

“Father.” Qatar stood up to welcome his father.

“Qatar, how come you’ve come back today?” Brunn looked at his suddenly returned son in surprisement. If he didn’t remember wrong, his son’s vacation wasn’t here yet.

“I’m back to settle some matters, so I came to visit you on the way.” A faint smile surfaced on Qatar’s handsome face.

“Oh, so that’s why.” Brunn gazed at Qatar before him, who had matured some more, feeling pleased in his heart. Although Qatar entered the Recluse Sect, so he couldn’t meddle with worldly affairs, and couldn’t enter the bureaucracy and take any official position, if something happened in his family, he would still come back and help out. “I bet your strength has improved a lot again.” Brunn smiled and patted his son’s shoulder, a strange thought suddenly appearing in his mind: comparing his genius son with that Claire, who would be better? Both were fire-natured magicians. “There are still many that are stronger than me, so I will always be working hard.” Speaking to here, Qatar’s expression became serious, then turned the topic, “Father, you got in danger on the way back, and was saved by a youth?!” Jessica and Mehra had already told him their experiences.

“Hehe, not a youth, but a young girl.” Brunn laughed, “It’s that Claire Hill that defeated Hua Yilin that other day.”

“Oh?” Qatar was confused.

But Jessica and Mehra started exclaiming, their voices full of idolatry: “Father, is it true? Is it really her?”

“It was actually her?! Father, how come she came here? Such a pity, we didn’t even talk to her!”

The fierce battle that day left a lasting impression in the hearts of both of these two girls. That young girl stunned everyone who was present.

Qatar watched his two excited little sisters, puzzled. These two little fellows had never shown such obvious idolatry to anyone other than himself before.

“Qatar, I still have a memory crystal that recorded the battle that day. You should watch it, and maybe it will help you with your cultivation. She is also a fire-nature magician, but, her flames are golden.” Brunn didn’t know at all, what results this inadvertent move will cause.

After Qatar watched the scene in the memory crystal, his face became completely solemn.

“Father, can you give me this memory crystal.” Qatar’s gaze didn’t leave the young girl in the scene, instead infusing in magic, replaying the scene inside again and again, watching.

“Sure, take it.” Brunn didn’t blame his son’s request at all. This son was affectionate and caring towards his family members, but he was actually very haughty and arrogant, never putting anyone in his eyes. Originally, that “indefeatable” Hua Yilin had a secret battle with his son, and no one knew what the specific results of that battle were, just that from then on Hua Yilin never appeared before his son again. Later, his son was chosen by the Recluse Sect, and from then on stepped onto his cultivation path.

Qatar put away the crystal, then got up and said, “Father, I need to get going now. This time I have very important matters to deal with.”

Brunn nodded. He understood the rules of the Recluse Sect: “Go. Be careful, and take good care of yourself.”

Qatar’s emotions couldn’t calm down for a long time. That young girl in the memory crystal, was so towering, so stunning to the heart. The instant when her flourishing lotus opened, it was as if everything stopped. Golden flames, what flames were that? Qatar’s emotions surged, his hand clenching tightly then loosening, loosening then clenching tightly again.

He really wanted to meet her, and have a duel!

At this time, Claire had already reached that mysterious island. She saw a very astonishing scene, but no trace of Feng Yixuan.

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  1. Oh my tian. They are sooooo dead. Though more of he. Claire defeated the recluse sect elder Hup, what makes him think she can’t defeat him? Muahahaha. Claire belongs to Yixuan and Yixuan alone. I don’t need others in the way of my OTP

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  2. Actually the male lead is really confusing
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