Ch.103 Meeting Young Master Feng Again (Part I)

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This scene was way too awkward.

The little wooden cabin had disappeared, and the whole island was wrecked. Wood pieces were strewn everywhere; the bed, dishes, and tables were also all over the place, like the island went through a huge catastrophe. The hair of TianGang Wind Elder was like a chicken nest as he hammered away with his back to Claire. There was nothing resembling a powerful person about him.

Claire twitched her lip slightly, hearing TianGang Wind Elder curse under his breath, “This damn kid, actually daring to destroy my place like this! If I don’t give you a lesson you really won’t know the limit.”

This elaborate mess was caused by Feng Yixuan?

“TianGang Wind Elder…… ” Claire called out weakly.

“Huh?” TianGang Wind Elder turned around fiercely, the expression on his face plainly telling that he wasn’t in a good mood and don’t come bother him right now.

“What happened?” Claire looked at the devastation.

“What happened? That damn kid made a breakthrough to the ninth volume, and straight destroyed my place.” TianGang Wind Elder waved his hammer in the air, his expression fierce while yelling angrily.

“Uh…… ” Claire looked at TianGang Wind Elder, who was going crazy. Why did she feel that apart from anger, he also seemed a bit happy?

“Haha, so I kicked him straight into Trial Land. Strong people cover the sky there, and I don’t believe they won’t beat him half to death.” His hands on his hips, TianGang Wind Elder laughed loudly, extremely proud of himself.

“Trial Land? What is that?” Claire was confused. This was the first time she heard this name.

“That place, is very dangerous, and very attracting. It’s a good place to cultivate. Me and Si Konglin that bastard met there. Inside, powerful people are everywhere, and the fittest survive.”

Such a place existed? Why had she never heard about it before?

“Why I have I never heard about it, and never read about it in books?” Claire asked, puzzled.

“Haha, little girl, of course you won’t know. This world, you can’t enter without reaching a certain level of strength. That world is different from this world; it’s brutal, survival of the fittest, and everything is based on strength and power.” TianGang Wind Elder sat down, throwing the tools in his hand to the side, and looked at Claire, “Little girl, what have you come here for?”

“I, I can’t breakthrough the next volume of the Treasured Lotus Directory, stuck in the eighth volume. So, I wanted to come here and ask for Elder’s advice…… ” Claire bit her lip, explaining her purpose.

“Do you know the fastest way to make a person stronger?” Rarely, TianGang Wind Elder’s expression was serious.

Claire remained silent, watching TianGang Wind Elder. She knew that if TianGang Wind Elder asked her, he must have his answer.

“That is to fight with stronger people, and stimulate your potential at the brink of death.” TianGang Wind Elder said simply.

“What if you didn’t stimulate your potential?” Claire twitched her lip.

“Then you die.” TianGang Wind Elder answered like it was obvious. Claire was speechless. What kind of a way was this.

But Claire’s mind flew back to when she was fighting Hua Yilin. At that time, she was so close to death, but it was also when she comprehended the eighth volume of the Treasured Lotus Directory.

“That damn kid was also stuck at a bottleneck, so I sent him to that place. Whether he comes back or not depends on himself,” TianGang Wind Elder yawned, finally saying the true reason he sent Feng Yixuan away. He tilted his head and looked at Claire, “What about you, also stuck a bottleneck, so do you want to go? I can’t give you any more advice on Treasured Lotus Directory, because that arcanum was invented by that bastard Si Konglin. I don’t know his whereabouts right now either.”

“I’ll go.” Claire answered determinedly, without any hesitation.

“Haha, little girl, not bad!” TianGang Wind Elder stood up and laughed, “I’ll send you over right now. That fellow left not long ago, so you guys would probably see each other.”

TianGang Wind Elder didn’t dawdle, immediately taking out many minerals from his storage ring and setting up a matrix on the ground. It was an eight-pointed star matrix!

“After reaching that side, be careful. To come back, you must reach the highest peak; only there is a teleportation matrix. But to get there is very hard. You’ll understand when you get there.” TianGang Wind Elder started the matrix, and a white light became brighter and brighter.

“Okay.” Claire nodded, and walked into the matrix. The white light flooded over Claire and Claire disappeared into the matrix.

“Aiyaya, spending so many minerals again.” TianGang Wind Elder looked at the used minerals on the ground, crying out in pain. You couldn’t find these minerals even if you had the money. They had to be able to supply the teleportation matrix with enough energy to teleport people. Of course, the Temple of Light also had these stuff, but they only used them in cases of emergency. This shows how precious these minerals are, but TianGang Wind Elder can grab a handful whenever he wants.

TianGang Wind Elder sat down, looking at the mess in front of him, and murmured, “I believe that both of you can return.”

Claire felt herself float up, then her vision went dark. When her surroundings lighted up once more, it was vastly different. She was in a forest. Before she could look at her surroundings more closely, her attention was caught by an angry yell.

“Damn boy, not knowing what’s good for you. Me choosing you is your luck!” A sharp, piercing voice sounded, full of shame and fury.  

“You disgusting woman, go die.” But the replying voice was one Claire was familiar with.

Feng Yixuan!

Claire hurried towards the sound source, because she heard a slightly uneven breathing from Feng Yixuan’s voice, which meant he was injured!


A huge explosion sounded. Claire rushed over in time to see a beautiful, coquettish woman waving the huge sword in her hand and attacking Feng Yixuan fiercely. Feng Yixuan backed up hurriedly; getting into close combat with a warrior was not a wise idea, and the trace of red at the corner of Feng Yixuan’s mouth showed that he was at a disadvantage. That coquettish woman didn’t seem to want to kill Feng Yixuan right now, but followed closely, forcing him backwards. As soon as Feng Yixuan cast a spell, the woman would slash his magic with a fierce burst of sword force, making him back up once again.

That coquettish woman was very strong and very fast. Also, she understood timing, her fierce attacks one after another, not leaving any time for Feng Yixuan to cast a spell. Only a person who had been in many battles could control this perfectly. Magic, even if casting without chanting, needed a second to focus. But this coquettish woman didn’t even leave this time to Feng Yixuan.

The Tidal Sword appeared in Claire’s hand, and she pushed off the tips of her feet, flying forward. She blocked this strike for Feng Yixuan.


The sound of weapons meeting resonated in the forest.

“Claire!” Feng Yixuan’s voice was both surprised and delighted.

Claire was silent, her expression serious. Because with this one clash, they could both sense the other’s strength.

This coquettish woman was very strong and very fast.

“Who are you?!” The coquettish woman yelled at Claire angrily. Her goal was about to be achieved, yet this little girl bounced out of nowhere and meddled up her plan!

Claire remained silent, calmly blocking the coquettish woman’s next attack.

She only needed to block for a short bit of time, just a second was enough. This second, was enough for Feng Yixuan to cast a spell! As a magician, Feng Yixuan was not as strong or as fast as Claire. But, his magic……

This coquettish woman was very strong, but not strong enough!

Feng Yixuan stood in place, his brows furrowed, his finger drawing a semicircle in the air, shouting in a low voice, “Wind cage!”

Instantly, the air around them started flowing swiftly, forming a barrier around the coquettish woman. Claire backed up, and the coquettish woman wanted to chase after her, but a strong wind bounced her back. The wind became stronger and stronger, trapping the woman tightly inside.

Looking at the fierce, swirling winds, Claire raised her brows slightly. Feng Yixuan actually improved so much in such a short time.

Swishing noises sounded; the coquettish woman was slashing at the wind barrier.

Claire put away her sword, and looked at Feng Yixuan. Without any unnecessary words, they both understood what each other meant.

The next moment, the coquettish woman burst out DouQi and slashed open the wind barrier with her sword. But before she could react, fierce fire filled her vision! The intense heat the golden flames gave off shocked her, and she wanted to dodge away, but found she couldn’t back up.

Because Feng Yixuan again used the wind cage, trapping the coquettish woman and the flames together inside.

Screams sounded, but Claire and Feng Yixuan didn’t move at all.

Claire raised her hand, and a spear of golden flames appeared in her hand.

“Go!” Claire pulled back her hand, then threw it with all her might at the wind cage.

The fire spear whooshed towards the wind cage, and the wind cage split open for it, letting the fire spear shoot straight inside!

Feng Yixuan and Claire’s teamwork was perfect. From Claire blocking the woman’s attacks to killing her only took two minutes! What cooperation.

Piercing screams sounded again, then quieted down, only leaving the sound of an object burning. A burnt smell slowly filled the air.

Finishing off the coquettish woman, the two finally looked at each other.

“Claire, how come you’re here?” Besides delight, Feng Yixuan was also worried. Trial Land was not just ordinarily dangerous. He had just come, yet he met such a strong person. Then what about later? “Same purpose as you.” Claire turned to watch the wind cage and flames slowly disappear, asking quietly, “What happened? Elder said he just sent you over not long ago. How come you started fighting with someone so quickly…… ”

Hearing this, Feng Yixuan’s expression became awkward. He couldn’t bring himself to say that this shameless old woman wanted him to be her subordinate slash lover.

Seeing Feng Yixuan’s awkward expression, Claire immediately understood, and stopped asking. Instead, she frowned: “Let’s examine our surroundings.”

“Sure.” Feng Yixuan was relieved Claire didn’t ask anymore.

“Right, this is for you.” Claire took out a ring from her storage ring and gave it to Feng Yixuan.

Feng Yixuan’s eyes widened, staring at the ring in Claire’s hand, not moving.

“What? You don’t want it? Then fine.” Claire pretended to put it away.

Feng Yixuan snatched it over, protecting it like a treasure, answering hurriedly, “Of course I want it! How can I not want it.”

“Then form the blood contract.” Looking at the blood at Feng Yixuan’s mouth corner, Claire couldn’t help smiling. He didn’t even have to prick his finger, just putting the ring to his mouth.

After forming the blood contract and putting the ring on, Feng Yixuan sensed the storage space inside and was super shocked. Such a large space! Claire actually gave him such valuable gift! Where did she get it? No matter what, Feng Yixuan was truly moved.

“Claire, are you asking me to marry you?” Feng Yixuan touched the ring on his finger and smirked, reverting back to his old self.

“Give me the ring back.” Claire replied icily.

“I already formed a blood contract,” Feng Yixuan smirked, “And I won’t give up the ownership. Unless you kill me.”


The next moment, Feng Yixuan was squatting on the ground, covering his face and howling. Claire’s fist hit Feng Yixuan’s eye perfectly. Not paying attention to Feng Yixuan howling in pain, Claire frowned.

“Someone’s coming,” Claire warned, looking in front of them alertly. 

Naturally, Feng Yixuan also noticed. He stood up solemnly, also on high alert.

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  1. can anyone help me ?
    exactly who the male lead ?
    this really make me confuse
    it’s feng yi xuan or leng ling yun (sorry if the name is wrong)


  2. He deserved that punch. Some boys just don’t understand the meaning of ‘no’, & it’s flipping infuriating.
    Still do not ship Yixuan/Claire – any pairing except for that is good w me tbh.

    Thanks so much for the chapter!!


  3. Geh! I came to read when I found out about the new chapter… those think that I was too slow! Anyway, Claire, just marry Yixuan already!! Don’t let other females like that old hag steal him from you! Your cooperation, you are simply a match made in heaven!! When you get back, just marry him!!!
    Question: My wishful thinking, but will the gods from the first chapter be at where they are at currently?


  4. Thanks for the chapter! I’m back to reading this again!
    It was a hard road of holding on.. I mean I haven’t read a single chapter since chapter 96 Part 1.. I really wanted to read but I waited so that chapters will pile up! 😀 Well it was great to read all of these in one go. I’m looking forward to see what’s going to happen in the future very much. So thank you guys again for translating this to us! 😀

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  5. Squeeeee! God I love Yixuan x Claire so much! I really, really, really hope that they end up together in the end ♥

    Also, thank you for this chapter!~ ^_^


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