Ch.103 Meeting Young Master Feng Again (Part II)

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Claire signaled to Feng Yixuan, and the two silently moved towards the side. Hiding their essences was something both Claire and Feng Yixuan were good at.

The two didn’t go far, just hiding behind a large tree and watching quietly.

“Mia is so annoying. Why run so fast! The choosing of the castellan of Spider City’s daughter’s husband is still a long time later. Plus, the castellan is going to choose a husband for his daughter, why does Mia this handsome-male chaser run so fast.” One voice was full of complaint and disdain.

“What the f*ck do you know. The castellan’s daughter is going to choose a husband, but the castellan’s son is a handsome man. Mia wants to go there earlier to see that handsome man.” Another voice sounded gruffly.

“Duh, she’s not just going there to see. But did she think the castellan’s son was like the ordinary people she had targeted in the past, letting her play with him however she wants?” The first voice spoke again.

“True.” The gruff voiced humphed coldly, then his tone suddenly became puzzled, “Where’s this burnt smell coming from?”


The figures of three men gradually came into Claire and Feng Yixuan’s sight The three were dressed similarly, and all were burly, with blue clothes and a huge sword strapped across their backs. Their countenance resembled that of the coquettish woman. These three were related to that dead coquettish woman? And they were actually all warriors.

“What’s that?” The burly man walking in the front was the first to notice the corpse, too destroyed to tell what it originally was.

“That’s Mia’s sword!” Beside him, another man with sharper eyes suddenly exclaimed, hurriedly walking up and bending down to pick up the sword on the ground.

The three men’s expressions changed greatly, all looking towards the scorched black corpse on the ground, deep unbelief in their eyes. That pile of black stuff on the ground, was their younger sister?

“Brother! This, this is Mia?!” The voice of the man holding the sword was already shaking.

Claire and Feng Yixuan glanced at each other, then slowly, quietly, snuck away. Staying here would not be a wise decision. Just when Claire and Feng Yixuan were going into the distance, the leading man lifted his head and frowned, looking towards his right. Was is his illusioni? There seemed to be someone over there. But this feeling only lasted for a split second, for the next moment his younger brother’s howling drew back his attention.

“Brother, it really is Mia, it really is Mia! How could this have happened! Who, who killed Mia!” The heartbreaking sounds reached Claire and Feng Yixuan’s ears, but they completely ignored it, leaving even faster.

“What is this place?” Feng Yixuan wiped the almost dried blood at the corner of his lip messily, frowning and mumbling, “Those three men are even stronger than that woman. If not for you appearing in such a timely manner, I would have been trapped here. Damn old man, didn’t even tell me what this place is!”

“Wind Elder only said that at this place, you live by strength, and only the fittest survive.” Claire frowned slightly, remembering TianGang Wind Elder’s words. Actually, isn’t it like this everywhere? People live by strength, and survival of the fittest. But, Wind Elder’s words seemed to have another layer of meaning. Did he mean, that this place didn’t have the supposed rules or law and security, that this place was free?

“Anyway, the people here annoy me a lot.” Feng Yixuan gazed up at the sky. He had thought that after opening his seal, and breaking through to the ninth volume of TianGang Wind Force, he’d count as a strong one. He didn’t expect to be almost defeated the moment he got here!

“Wind Elder said, if we wanted to go back, we must go to that highest mountain. At the top is a teleportation matrix.” Claire gazed into the distance and squinted. Faraway, a high mountain peak stood, piercing into the clouds.

“Old man is so mean.” Feng Yixuan suddenly yelled out in anger and grief.

“What?” Claire turned to look at Feng Yixuan, who was going crazy, and asked in confusion.

“He’s so mean! He told me that I only needed to find the highest mountain peak, that mountain peak had nine levels, each level had one city, and if I passed each level, and reached the top, I could go back.” Feng Yixuan howled, “If he told me there was a teleportation matrix at the top, if I couldn’t fight the others but wanted to go back, I could just sneak up there, find the teleportation matrix, and go back.” Concealing their essences and sneaking up there did seem like a pretty good idea.

“Let’s go.” But Claire knew, that since the Wind Elder said they were here to fight, then they can be sure that this mountain peak couldn’t be climbed so easily!

Claire’s guess was completely correct. That mountain, also known as Trial Mountain, was divided into nine levels. Each level was ruled by a strong one, and only those that reached a certain strength could proceed into the next city. Of course, if you’re strong enough, you can also challenge the castellan, and fight for the position of castellan. It was kind of like a pyramid; each level lead further upward, and the more upward, the stronger the people. In this land, no one was held responsible for killing others; there was no country, nor any supposed law and order. This was a free land, also a land filled with violence, killing, and blood.

This supposed trial ground was only the name given to it by people of the other world. This place had another name, called Blood Pool.

At this time, TianGang Wind Elder was still pounding on those wood, muttering to himself: “If damn kid and little girl can pass through those nine cities, they would be completely different when they come back. Ayaya, I so look forward to it.”

This will be a baptism of blood!

Claire and Feng Yixuan fought with people again and again on their road to Trial Mountain in Trial Land. Just because they avoided trouble didn’t mean trouble wouldn’t come find them.

And the reasons were even more ridiculous: some liked the decorations on Feng Yixuan’s waist, some liked Claire’s clothes. Anyway, with any excuse people could fight them or even attempt to kill them. This road to the mountain peak could be said as filled with hardships and danger. The two’s cooperation were very good though, and they killed many strong ones, but these were only the strong ones compared to them; many of the true strong ones were gathered in the cities on that mountain. And naturally they have met people they couldn’t defeat. For instance, right now the two were chased around embarrassingly.

“Claire, you leave first!” Feng Yixuan instantly released numerous wind blades to block their opponent.

Their opponent this time was a magician, strong enough to terrify them. This old man had a pair of eagle eyes, with ruthlessness flashing across the bottoms of his eyes. His reason for attacking Claire and Feng Yiuxan was even more simple and ridiculous: just because he thought they seemed displeasing to the eye. Just because they seemed displeasing to him, he was going to murder them.

“Pft!” The old man humphed disdainfully, and with just a wave of his sleeve, completely dispersed the sharp and fast wind blades Feng Yixuan released, leaving only a slight breeze in the wind. Feng Yixuan’s expression changed greatly, and without any hesitation, blocked in front of Claire. The old man laughed coldly, and with a leisurely expression on his face, stepped towards the two.

Claire was silent. She gently flicked her fingers, and numerous tiny golden lotus flowers appeared.

Not waiting for Claire to cast the Thousands of Thousands Plunder, that old man’s expression already changed, hurriedly backing up, looking at Claire cautiously, and frowning and asking in a high tone: “What’s your relationship with Si Konglin?”

A trace of fear actually tinted his tone!

Feng Yixuan was astonished; Claire was also slightly shocked. Before she could speak, that old man already started backing away.

Muttering in a low voice: “Actually knowing Si Konglin’s Treasured Lotus Directory! Actually knowing the Treasured Lotus Directory……” The fear in his voice was more and more obvious. Muttering, the brutal old man actually turned around and flew into mid-air, speedily leaving, as if escaping.

Claire watched that figure leave and disappear, silent. Si Konglin, just who was he? Actually making this brutal and strong person so afraid!

“Seems like he thought you were Si Konglin’s disciple.” Feng Yixuan stroked his chin and gazed into the distance, muttering, “Just how strong is Si Konglin? Supposedly even stronger than Wind Elder, but I have never seen Wind Elder lose to anyone.”

Claire flicked her finger and made the numerous tiny golden lotuses disappear, also very puzzled in her heart. Si Konglin; just who was he?

“Claire, let’s go.” Feng Yixuan abruptly turned around, his face instantly only an inch away from Claire, who was deep in thought. Close enough that he could even feel Claire’s soft breathing blowing on his face.

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  1. So the one they killed was a male chaser like the old Claire…Let’s just hope those brothers aren’t too vengeful. I also want to meet this man of the Lotus Directory. He must be really strong. Thanks for the chapter.


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