Ch.104 Claire’s Weakness (Part I)

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Looking at the handsome face suddenly enlarged in front of her, feeling Feng Yixuan’s warm breath on her face, Claire’s heart tightened, and she struck out without thinking.

“Aaah!” Feng Yixuan didn’t move, and Claire’s fist hit him square in the face, his eye once again beautifully marked in black.

“If you come close to me again, I will beat your face into flowers.” Claire humphed coldly, turning around and walking forward. She let out a breath softly, trying to force down the nervousness that suddenly appeared. This damn Feng Yixuan, suddenly getting so close, startling her. He was looking for a beating! He deserved it!

“Wait for me.” Feng Yixuan rubbed his eye and hurried to follow, but a faint smile played upon his lips……

Three months passed. No one knew what Feng Yixuan and Claire met in this disorganized place, or what kind of battles they experienced.

On Wind Island, TianGang Wind Elder was squatting on the ground, fumbling with the vegetable basket in his hands. He lived in solitary here, completely subsistence, but never got tired of it. After all, he’s still human, and needed to eat and poop.

“Aiya, when will they come home?” TianGang Wind Elder took out a tiny crystal from his storage ring and looked at it this way and that, but nothing was different. He had put a mark on Feng Yixuan when he left, so if Feng Yixuan returned from that world, the crystal should give a response.

“It’s already spring,” TianGang Wind Elder yawned, putting the crystal away. He and Si Konglin had spent three years before getting out of that place; don’t know when that damn youth and little girl will come out.

While Feng Yixuan and Claire were in Trial Land, things in Amparkland had changed greatly.

Amparkland, the palace, the bedroom of Princess Maurice.

“Brother, the first prince actually agreed to the Temple’s conditions!” Princess Maurice’s expression was serious, watching Nancy pace in the room, her voice cold. They never thought that the first prince would actually agree to the Temple of Light’s harsh condition! Did he know, that if he agreed to demands like that, then in the future, the Temple will definitely dominate over the Crown! How could he let that happen!

“I also didn’t expect that for the throne, he actually did such a foolish thing. For so many years, the Temple and the Crown were always in an equal position, but he is going to break this balance! Those lazy hypocrites wanting to dominate over our royalty, in their dreams! I would never agree to such a condition!” Nancy’s eyes were filled with anxiety and fury, his knuckles white on his fists. Such a condition was the biggest insult in the world!

“But, what do we do now?” Princess Maurice frowned in thought. Duke Gordon sent Jean to help Brother, yet his grandson Eric publicly supports the first prince, and Duke Gordon never interfered. Did he want to…… win both ways?!

“Duke Gordon that old fox!” Nancy gritted his teeth, sitting down. He looked at Princess Maurice, who was digesting his words, and continued, “That old fox, secretly sending Jean to help me. If I become emperor, he’s the hero. No one knows, not even the first prince. But his grandson Eric supports the first prince, and he doesn’t stop him, basically allowing him to do so. On the surface, it looks like it’s Eric’s decision alone, but in reality, not so.”

“That’s right, he wants to watch the waters, then win no matter what!” Princess Maurice humphed coldly in her heart. What a sly old fox, wanting to be the winner both ways! But, was his wish going to come true?

“We can’t know if he is helping the first prince secretly or not, just like the first prince doesn’t know if Duke Gordon is secretly helping us,” Nancy frowned and said fiercely, but his tone also had a trace helplessness.

“But, Katherine is still in our hands.” Speaking of this, Princess Maurice sighed gently in her heart. If possible, she didn’t want to touch this trump card, Katherine. She didn’t want to see Claire hurt; she knew clearly Katherine’s position in Claire’s heart.

“Don’t even think about Katherine. Even though she is a very important person in the Hill clan, I have promised Claire to protect her safety.” Nancy frowned, refusing stoutly as he watched Princess Maurice’s dark, brooding eyes. He knew his sister the best; she was not as innocent and lively as she seemed. Her thinking and scheming were far above him. If Maurice were a man, then there would be no saying who will become emperor! But Maurice only showed her true self in front of him.

“I know,” Maurice nodded, her expression still dark, “But, Brother, sometimes when doing big things, it’s impossible not to use some extreme methods.”

“Maurice, I know you’re thinking for my benefit, but if…… ” Nancy’s expression was conflicted.

“But you have developed feelings for Claire, or in other words, you like her, so you don’t want to do anything that would hurt her.” Maurice’s expression became cold as she spoke.

Nancy was speechless. Maurice’s words obviously struck into his heart; he just stared at Maurice.

“Brother, you know why, that for so long, there’s never been a man that I was interested in.” Her expression still cold, Maurice brought out the topic slowly.

Conflict, resignation, and pain flashed across Nancy’s eyes. His sister; although her appearance was that of a woman, actually, inside, she leaned more towards a man! That was why for so many years, Princess Maurice had never fell in love with any man in the country. This secret, only he knew!

“Not only you like Claire, I also like her.” Princess Maurice’s next words were like a bucket of cold water dumped over Nancy’s head.

In that instant, Nancy felt cold all over, staring at this pretty yet cold face in front of him. Maurice actually liked Claire!

“Brother, you must become emperor. Our conflict with the first prince is already like this; if he becomes emperor, you know better than anyone else our fate. You must be decisive!” Maurice’s gaze got colder and colder.

Nancy rubbed his forehead softly, his thoughts a mess. If they failed this fight, he knew their fate better than anyone else. And that was death. And not a normal, dignified death. The first prince would use all possible methods to expel him from the palace to some resolute place, then assassinate in secret, telling the world that he died from disease. This is the usual way the royal family does to dispose of the people who lost. Nancy knew clearly, that in this bloodless battle, if he lost, then not only will he die, but also Maurice, and their mother, and a thousand other people who had connections to them.

And most importantly, there was the dignity of the royalty! They could not let the Temple rise up above the Crown!

He couldn’t lose!

Maurice watched Nancy’s expression change silently, sighing in her heart. Her brother, was not ruthless enough! As the successor to the throne, his scheming and decisiveness were not enough! But, it’s okay, because she was beside him, assisting him. She must put him on that highest seat, fulfilling a wish she can’t. Women were not allowed to take the throne; so let her brother take that seat and fulfill her wish for her!

After sighing in her heart, Maurice looked at Nancy: “Brother, our only choice now is to force that old fox Gordon to take a public stand. We cannot agree to the Temple’s condition. If we did, then even if we get the throne, it won’t be safe. I don’t want you to be a bad and criticized emperor.” If the Hill clan took a stand, they would at least have a strong help against the first prince and the Temple.

“I know, I won’t agree.” Nancy sighed in resignation, still hesitating in his heart, bitter. If he did this, how would he face Claire?

“Brother, don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything. All this has nothing to do with us. The Hill clan will put their wrath on the first prince,” Princess Maurice said coldly. In her heart, she didn’t want that stunning girl with golden hair and green eyes to hate her either.

“Is this, really okay?” Nancy was still hesitating. The words that he promised Claire were by his ears, and that pretty face appeared in his mind.

“Brother, you must remember, you are the future emperor, and cannot be obstructed by such feelings,” Maurice frowned, patiently explaining, “When you become emperor, you can marry her. But right now, you must be decisive, or you won’t get anything, and lose everything that you have now.”

Nancy looked at Maurice’s serious expression and cold eyes, finally sighing heavily.

“Okay, go do it.” He said softly, slowly, as if he spent his whole strength. Nancy closed his eyes, leaning against the back of the chair. He knew, once he took this step, he and that golden-haired girl with green irises, will never be possible…… Maurice saw Nancy dejected, sighing gently in her heart. But, her brother, finally walked the first step of a king. In the future, he will be a good emperor!

“Then, I’ll make sure it gets done quickly.” Maurice’s cold voice sounded beside Nancy’s ear.

Nancy didn’t open his eyes, sighing again in his heart. In truth, Maurice was more fit than both him and the first prince for that seat! Her ruthlessness, her methods, her scheming, were far above himself and the first prince!

This night, the two made such a decision. But, they never dreamt that the results would be so disastrous, so catastrophic! But then, regret and hate, were too late.

Three days later, Katherine, as the lady-in-waiting of Princess Maurice, was arrested and locked into the Galo Garden for attempting to poison the first prince. The place was specially designed to hold nobles who committed crimes and were waiting for their sentence. This matter pointed towards the second prince Nancy. The battle between the two princes finally became heated.

Immediately, storms were on their way, and a tension covered the entire capital.

In the Hill Castle, there was also no peace.

“Humph! I will see if the old fox takes a stand now!” Princess Maurice stood by the window in her bedroom, looking at the sky, laughing coldly in her heart.

But Princess Maurice far underestimated Katherine’s position in Claire’s heart, so what happened later made her regret deeply!

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  1. Whatever, I dislike Nancy and Maurice anyway…
    From the moment when she appointed Katherine as her lady in waiting, I knew that she is going to be a bad person.

    I hope there’ll be more Claire & Feng’s moment

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    1. I have to agree. The fact that she hired Katherine to be her Lady in Waiting meant that she was going to use Katherine as a chess piece for her brother… Unfortunetely she undestimated the importance of this chess piece in Claire’s heart. And mess with someone she should never have messed with. Good luck to the whole Royal family. Frankly I don’t care if she wipes them all out…

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      1. Yeah, she should just go marry FYX and together with her mother& sister move to Lagark. Her mother is from there anyway. And Lagark’s royal family seems better.

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  2. Giiiiirll~, you got boys AND girls coming after you?!?! Damn, this sh*t just real!! Once Claire comes back, she is definitely gonna cause some major chaos in this city… her beloved mother is being framed, how tragic 😔😔

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  3. They are soooo dead. Amparkland is soo done xD “I will be Emperror!” “Nope, you hurt my Mom, i will kill all of you bitches…” ” But, but I´m the Emeperor we can-!” “You think i care? I will just kill you all, no Empire for you ~”

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  4. OMG
    Update sooner! Please!!!
    Things just got serious! Calamity is now going to befall the kingdom and the royal family! The church might not get away from this unscath. They did somehow have an involvement that lead to Katherine’s arrest. Well, they sort of forced the second Prince into that position. Well, it’ll depend if Claire even cares who’s at fault. ahhahah

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  5. after so long only to be left with a cliff hanger…I think I’m going into cardiac arrest LOL. The torture is well worth it!


  6. This story is becoming so twisted… I can’t wait to see Maurice’s face when Claire goes to get her revenge… hufufufu….


  7. Thankks for the chapter!
    I say let the blood spill, the heads fall.
    Let the slaughter begin!! 😀
    Kyaaaaa~ I’m soo looking forward to this! 😀


  8. Really ….hay~~ indeed, do not judge a book by its cover. So that’s why I sort of hated the princess even though the previous chapters prortrait her as a humble and kind royalty.
    Anyway, omg go and punish that btch! You don’t know who your dealing with, you freaking know it all princess,
    Poor princy~~~~ no chance at all tsk tsk no chance at all.

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    Also, Claire x Maurice but I don’t think that’s gonna happen. Too bad there is no path for Maurice to be sole Empress.


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