Ch.104 Claire’s Weakness (Part II)

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The Hill castle. The study.

Duke Gordon sat in front of his desk, his expression heavy. Leger stood beneath him, his face covered with anxiety and worry.

“Father, what do we do now? This is a conspiracy, this is a conspiracy!” Leger hollered flusteredly.

“I know!” Duke Gordon said heavily. Of course he understood what was going on. He was even annoyed: the second prince actually did such a thing! He really did underestimate him.

“Then father, what do we do now? Are we going to let Katherine keep being jailed in there?” Just thinking about Katherine being confined there made Leger go crazy.

“The second prince is forcing me to state my position.” Duke Gordon leaned back in his chair, frowning and speaking coldly.

“Father, then we will?” Leger asked nervously.

“Now that the first prince actually agreed to such demands of the Temple, if he succeeds the throne, then we will never be able to lift our heads again.” Duke Gordon closed his eyes and sighed. He knew very clearly that if the first prince succeeded the throne, then he and his kind will forever have to lower their heads to people from the Temple in the future. And then the Temple will forever hover over the Crown. Duke Gordon wasn’t any simple figure; naturally he was already informed about the secret deal between the first prince and the Temple.

“Then father, you mean……” Leger watched Duke Gordon intently, waiting for his next words.

“Amparkland’s emperor can only be one.” Gordon sighed lightly, “The second prince is more fit for this position than the first prince.”

“Then, then, father, do we go try to save Katherine now?” Leger said hastily, filled with joy.

“Send someone to get Eric back, just say that I want to see him.” Now that Duke Gordon made his decision, naturally they were going to carry out action. They can’t let Eric support the first prince like this anymore; they must make him immediately alienate the first prince.

“Okay, father. I’ll go immediately.” Leger nodded and hurried out.

Duke Gordon sighed softly, his finger subconsciously tapping on his desk, trying to relax.

“Emery, is there news of Claire?” Duke Gordon sighed and asked Emery, who had been standing silently behind him the whole time.

“Not yet. We haven’t heard anything from Miss yet.” There was slight worry in Emery’s voice.

“It’s good that she’s not here. I’ve always knew that one day we will come into conflict with the Temple, I just didn’t think it’d be so soon.” Duke Gordon sighed gently, kind of relieved in his heart. Claire’s identity was too special, so in this bloodless battle, her position was the most awkward and subtle.

“Miss said she went to cultivate, but why didn’t she appear for so long?” Emery was actually very worried in his heart. This was all they heard from Jean, with nothing else.

“That child is different from ordinary people, no need to worry about her.” Duke Gordon said indifferently, an inexplicable and profound expression flashing across the bottom of his eyes.

But what Duke Gordon never could imagine was, Eric actually decided to go against them, firmly standing on the first prince’s side!

“What’s going on? What’s going on with Eric? What do you mean?” Duke Gordon thundered at Leger.

Leger’s expression was also dark and heavy. To Duke Gordon’s anger, he suppressed the fury in his own heart and spoke slowly: “Eric this unfilial son, said no matter what we decide on, he will always firmly support the first prince, even if he had to sacrifice his life. And, he won’t come back to see you, Father.”

“This is a rebellion!” Duke Gordon slapped his hand hard on his desk, and his desk instantly split apart, collapsing to the ground. Duke Gordon’s expression became totally black as he yelled at Leger with fury, “How could he say something like that? What is going on? Is someone controlling his mind?”

“No.” Leger frowned and shook his head.

“He actually dared do this! Does he know the consequence of doing so?” Duke Gordon’s lungs were about to explode with anger. The Hill clan actually produced such an alien, such a traitor!

“He, he said that even if we expelled him from the clan, even if he had to abandon the surname Hill, he will still follow beside the first prince.” Leger’s fist were already tightly clenched. Today, even though he beat that unfilial son half-dead, he actually still wouldn’t slack…… If not for the first prince hurrying over to stop him, he would have took that unfilial son’s life today!

“Presumptuous! Unfilial animal! The Hill clan actually produced such an unfilial beast!” Duke Gordon’s expression became more and more ugly, his fists already crackling. The first time, the first time someone challenged his authority like this!

“I have already expelled him from the Hill clan.” Leger lowered his head, not daring to look at Duke Gordon’s almost twisted face. He was also extremely angry himself. That unfilial son, actually not caring about his mother’s life, determined to follow the first prince, standing opposite to his clan! Bastard! Even worse than a beast!

“Humph! Such an unfilial animal doesn’t deserve the surname Hill either!” Duke Gordon was burning with rage. There will be a day when this unfilial beast pays his deserved price!

“Father, then what about Katherine? She will be sentenced very soon.” Leger was still the most concerned about this. After Katherine had been confined, no one was able to see her. Attempting to murder the prince; this crime was way too severe. If it were an ordinary noble, even their family members would be affected.

“I will make a decision. You can leave first.” Duke Gordon waved his hand in irritation to signal for Leger to leave.

Leger looked at Duke Gordon, wanting to say more, but Duke Gordon had already closed his eyes in annoyance. Leger’s lips moved a little, but no words came out. He left.

Lashia stood at the door, her face full of worry and anxiety. She immediately grabbed Leger’s hand the moment he came out, and asked anxiously, “Father, how are things going?! When will Mother be saved?”

Leger looked down at Lashia’s anxious face, sighing gently, unable to say anything. He had never expected for the situation to become like this. The betrayal of his second son Eric, the framing of Katherine; all these felt like knives in his heart.

Leger patted Lashia’s head, unable to say anything. He sighed a long breath, then walked away dejectedly.

Lashia watched Leger’s back and bit her lip, her expression going dim. It has been a very long time since she saw Father with this expression. Why did things become like this? If only Sister were here. If Sister were here, she would definitely go save Mother. Lashia looked up into the distance, Sister, what are you doing right now? Do you know, that Mother is being confined right now?

At this time, Claire was not having a good time at all.

Claire and Feng Yixuan stood back to back, both their bodies spattered by blood. A circle of people surrounded them, gazing at them coldly, completely encircling them inside.

This was only the fifth level on the mountain, but, the castellan’s of the cities above them actually all came down, to help annihilate Claire and Feng Yixuan.

Even though under the help of Golden Lotus, who woke up, Claire had made her breakthrough to the tenth volume, and Feng Yixuan’s TianGang Wind Blades had reached the eleventh volume, they were still far from matching these strong people. These strong people were supposed to mind their own business and not interact with each other, but right now they all united and started group attacking Claire and Feng Yixuan.

“Call your masters Si Konglin and Bai Liju out! Or else you will have neither bones nor ashes left after today!” The castellan of the ninth city standing in the forefront was a coquettish woman with a dark expression on her face. She was the strongest person in this land.

“I said, we don’t know Si Konglin and Bai Liju!” Gritting her teeth, Claire squeezed out these words. Her vision was already starting to become blurry, and her head felt extremely dizzy too. The wounds on her body hadn’t stopped bleeding either. Feng Yixuan’s condition was even worse; blocking several attacks for Claire, he had even more and even deeper wounds than Claire!

“Don’t know? Do you think we’re all blind? The Treasured Lotus Directory and TianGang Wind Blades are their unique skills! If you don’t want to die, call them out quickly!” The castellan of the eighth city beside was a man with scars covering his face; swinging the huge double axes in his hands, he roared furiously, his voice filled with enmity. Only at this time did Claire and Feng Yixuan know that TianGang Wind Elder’s real name was Bai Liju.

Claire understood, if these people wanted to kill her and Feng Yixuan, they would have succeeded long ago, but they didn’t take their lives, only because they wanted them to call out their supposed masters. Just what happened between Si Konglin and Bai Liju and these people? Actually making these people, who never interact with each other, unite together to attack them!

At this time, Claire very definitely felt Feng Yixuan, who was behind her, waver. Claire immediately reached out to support Feng Yixuan, but her hand was instantly covered in blood!

“Feng Yixuan!” Claire exclaimed worriedly, her hand shaking and her heart sinking. If things continued like this, Feng Yixuan wouldn’t be able to make it. That damn Wind Elder! Why did he not tell them that he had so many hateful enemies here! These people recognized their unique skills immediately, and are now taking revenge on them. This was so unfair! If Wind Elder were here, he’d probably yell unfair too, for he had not idea of the things Si Konglin did later. But because he was with Si Konglin so often, those people naturally counted him in. If he knew what Si Konglin did later, there was no way he would let Feng Yixuan and Claire step into this place filled with violence, killing, and chaos!

“If you want to preserve your little lover’s life, hurry and call Si Konglin to come out!” The coquettish woman leading said fiercely, her gaze icy.

“I said, I don’t know Si Konglin!” Holding onto Feng Yixuan, Claire’s vision became even more blurred. She, had reached her limit too.

Were they, really going to die here, today?

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14 thoughts on “Ch.104 Claire’s Weakness (Part II)

  1. I can understand abandoning the Hill clan since they are pretty much trash as well, but abandoning Katherine? His mother who loves even the old Claire? This guy is done. Completely worthless.

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  2. The royal brats never thought about the possibility that claire’s brother wouldnt stop backing the first prince. Yup, shes definitly going to die.


  3. I some how imagined claire supporting feng by hugging him with a pained expression.hehe bloody romantic indeed.( im crazy, so what? Haha)

    Well~~ I sincerely hope that, the *ehem* claimed God of darkness won’t help them. Meh~~Got tired of him already. Where are her contracted cute little friends?? Miss them already

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  4. Ever since reading a comment about how Claire’s bro was gay for the first prince, and now this chapter, I’m now starting to believe it…. lol….
    And uh, wonder if the God of Darkness will save the day again? That seems to be a sad plot point, to have him always needing to save Claire. There comes a point where he’ll just be like, screw this, she’s not worth the trouble. Lol

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