Ch.105 The Vile Si Konglin (Part I)

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“I said, I don’t know Si Konglin!” Holding onto Feng Yixuan, Claire’s vision became even more blurred. She, had reached her limit too.

Were they, really going to die here, today?

They were in such a precarious situation, yet the god of Darkness still didn’t appear. That could only mean one thing: the god of Darkness could not come to this strange world. There was a boundary on this world! Golden Lotus was still asleep and couldn’t be woken. Was there really no other way?

“Little b*tch, so you really want to die!” The leading, coquettish woman sneered, her hands starting to gather strength. Her face was twisted, her smile fierce and frightening.

“Claire…… ” Feng Yixuan used all the strength he had left to pull Claire behind him.

Blood, dripping, dripping down from Feng Yixuan’s body, slowly coloring the ground beneath him red.

“Feng Yixuan!” Looking at Feng Yixuan’s back, Claire’s voice was trembling a little. He was already like this, yet he still wanted to protect her. In the bottom of Claire’s heart, something was slowly sprouting, growing.

“Claire, I’m sorry, I, couldn’t protect you…… ” Feng Yixuan’s voice became lower and lower, his tone full of frustration and pain.

“No, Feng Yixuan, I…… ” Claire also felt painful.

“Still flirting and bantering at your death bed! Since that bastard Si Konglin won’t appear, then you can go die!” The man holding two axes with a scar on his face swung his huge axes in the air, roaring. The coquettish woman had already concentrated a large water ball in her hands. This time, she was prepared to strike the two in the middle into smithereens!

Feng Yixuan reached out and grabbed Claire’s hand tightly. Looking into Feng Yixuan’s eyes, Claire smiled faintly, and grabbed Feng Yixuan’s hand back.

At this moment, no words were needed. Just when Claire and Feng Yixuan smiled at each other, ready to accept their impending death, a brilliant, golden light flashed past.

In front of them, stood an elderly man with a cold expression. The elderly man didn’t look dignified or kind; rather, he seemed harsh and mean. He had a roman nose, thin lips, and long, slanted eyes. Just one look could tell you that he wasn’t a person to be meddled with.

Feng Yixuan and Claire stared in surprise at this elderly man who suddenly appeared, while the people surrounding them went ballistic.

“Si Konglin! You’ve finally appeared!”

“You actually have the courage to appear here!”

“Today we must settle our score!”

“Go die! You old thief!”

Cursing and shouting sounded one after another. Right now, the strong people no longer had the fierce look they just had, but instead were screaming and yelling like mad women.

These people, hated Si Konglin to their bones! What huge hatred was between them? That these people cornered them to force Si Konglin to appear. Did he kill their fathers or stole their wives?

Si Konglin turned and looked at Claire, stroking his chin, completely ignoring those shouting people, and spoke two words, “Not bad.”

Not bad? What not bad? Claire frowned at the Si Konglin before her, shocked. This was the Si Konglin Wind Elder kept talking about? Compared with Wind Elder, he seemed even more vulgar.

“Si Konglin, you bastard! Where are you looking at? You dare ignore us?!”

“Si Konglin, today, you won’t even have ashes left!”

“We are going to take our revenge!”

The yelling was continuous, but no one dared attack rashly, all waiting for someone else to start, apparently very cautious of Si Konglin.

What happened between them and Si Konglin?

Si Konglin turned around slowly, and gazed at the people. Everyone shuddered and took a step back.

But Si Konglin’s next calm sentence made them want to spit blood.

“Who, are you?” Si Konglin’s tone was very solemn, not like he was joking at all.

There was dead silence. You could hear a needle falling to the ground.

The next instant, was raging curses and yells.

“Si Konglin! You shameless bastard, that year, you forced me to kneel down, and lick your shoe…… ” The man with two axes and a scar on his face stopped mid-sentence, his expression changing slightly, exclaiming in his heart, whew, he almost said out loud his most shameful thing.

But the cursing that continued made the scar-face man relax, for everyone was listing Si Konglin’s violent acts.

Listening, Claire and Feng Yixuan felt more and more wordless, finally understanding why these people hated Si Konglin so much. Without exception, Si Konglin made all these people kneel down, plead, lick his shoes, and had to say licking his shoes was a very comfortable, pleasant thing to do, and that it tasted really good!

“We cultivated so hard, finally resulting in today’s strength. We are going to take your life!” The seventh castellan roared, but didn’t dare attack. After all, Si Konglin had cast too big a shadow in their hearts.

“What are you afraid of! We’ll attack together!” The coquettish woman clasped her two palms, starting a spell.

“That’s right! Everyone together! We tried so hard for so many years, just for this day!”

“Everyone together! We’re much better than last time!”

Amidst the yelling, the people started attacking fiercely! Warriors rushed up brutally while magicians cast spells and magic.

What is called sec-kill!

Sec-kill, you know?

Today, Claire and Feng Yixuan really understood what sec-kill meant.

This was sec-kill!

The nine powerful people who tortured them almost to death were now like ants, easily sec-killed by a slight wave of Si Konglin’s hand!

The nine people were sprawled out on the ground, unable to move at all.

Feng Yixuan and Claire glanced at each other, each seeing disbelief and shock  in the other’s eyes.

“This is so boring. Who are you guys?” Si Konglin walked up, and stepped on the weapon of the two-axed man. The ax immediately disintegrated!

This could only mean, Si Konglin had bullied way too many people, that he couldn’t remember these little figures in front of him!

“Si Konglin!” The two-axed man squeezed these few words out of his mouth. So many years of hate, yet this person didn’t remember anything! Extreme defeat and unwillingness flooded the nine people on the ground.

“What are you calling your daddy me for?” Si Konglin kicked the mouth of the two-axed man, a little confused, “I was thinking about it for some time, how did you know my name? Have we met before?”

“Poof!” The two-axed man was so angry he spat out a mouthful of blood.

“So dirty!” Si Konglin frowned, turning and walking to the seventh castellan, stretching out his foot, “Lick daddy me’s shoe, and I’ll let you live.”

“Bully! Si Konglin, you old thief! Aaaaaah– ” Before he could finish, his piercing scream sounded. It was so painful that whoever saw it would be sad and whoever heard it would cry. It alerted the skies and the demons, as if he put his whole strength into that cry of pain. Goosebumps formed on both Claire and Feng Yixuan’s skin. How painful must it be?

There were no external wounds on that person! All Si Konglin did was flick his finger and envelope that person in a cage of golden flames, but there were no injuries at all on that person. So why was he wailing so painfully!

“Stop, I beg you, stop! I’ll lick I’ll lick!” Unable to move, the seventh castellan could only shriek, tears actually coming out of his eyes.

Feng Yixuan and Claire were so shocked their brains almost stopped working. Was this the powerful person who nearly killed them? Now even sorrier than a wet dog!

What did Si Konglin do, that caused that person so much pain, that he was willing to throw away his dignity once again.

In Claire and Feng Yixuan’s shocked gazes, that strong and powerful seventh castellan licked Si Konglin’s shoes. He was so sad and depressed, on the verge of crying out loud. But after licking, he finally relaxed. He was finally free of that Lotus Hell Fire. But he was only more dejected. After their so many years of hard work, they still weren’t Si Konglin’s match. Si Konglin sec-killed them. They were improving, just that Si Konglin was improving even faster!

“Your expression is not reverent enough, redo.” Si Konglin’s words made the seventh castellan crumple.

“Bully!” A nearby castellan grinded his teeth and roared.

“Ah, you are correct. I always bully people.” Instead of getting angry, Si Konglin explained solemnly.

“I won’t give you another chance to insult me!” The ninth castellan, the coquettish woman, said in a low voice. A bright light exploded from her body, getting brighter and brighter.


The next moment, Si Konglin was already in front of Claire. He grabbed Claire’s hand and vanished on the spot. The huge bang reverberated throughout the whole world. How many people survived, no one knows.

When Claire came back to her senses, she found that she was in front of a luxurious pavilion.

“Wait, why is this fellow also here?” Si Konglin frowned at Feng Yixuan, who also appeared here, very confused. He only wanted to bring this little girl here. How did this almost dead lad appear here too? Si Konglin’s gaze fell on their tightly joined hands, realizing that’s where the problem was.

“Release her and go back yourself or get killed by me, you choose.” Si Konglin said to Feng Yixuan coldly.

“You can’t kill him, he’s the disciple of Bai Liju!” First hand experiencing this old man Si Konglin’s vileness, Claire immediately jumped to Feng Yixuan’s defense.

“The disciple of Bai Liju?” Si Konglin stroked his chin, then waved his hand impatiently, “Okay, I won’t kill you. Leave now!”

“He’s badly injured! He needs help! And so do I!” Claire tried her best to support her body, trying to stay awake. She understood something, and that was that this vile old man, appeared there because of her! So, he definitely won’t let her die!

“Eat this.” Si Konglin frowned and humphed, taking out a small porcelain bottle and giving Claire a pill.

Claire accepted it. The pill in her hand gave out a faint, refreshing scent. Claire knew, this vulnerary was very precious.

But this damn old man only gave her one pill, obviously ignoring Feng Yixuan. After giving her the pill, Si Konglin turned around and strided into his luxurious pavilion.

Without any hesitation, Claire broke the pill into two halves, and stuffed one half into Feng Yixuan’s mouth. Right now, Feng Yixuan was on the brink of fainting. Claire swallowed down the other half.

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24 thoughts on “Ch.105 The Vile Si Konglin (Part I)

      1. I know, but if I recall correctly, this is the first time she’s ever felt something (assuming it’s love) in her chest that was not fear or hatred towards a guy. I was actually worried she’d end up with that Leng Liyun (forgot his name) cuz of his lil sis’ divination. In short, I will die with (Lil Feng x Claire) ship nonetheless.

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      2. i actually was really worried about that Leng sister too… in the last part of that particular chapter (forgot it), she told claire to take good care/be good to her brother…😯


      3. I’m crossing my fingers for this pairing too! I love the two of them together ♥♥♥♥♥ I will go down with this ship! (❤ω❤)

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  1. 1) What’s sec-kill?
    2)The Ship Is SAILING
    3)Si Kong Li is a b**tard and I’m kinda liking him already…
    4)Thank you for the chapter and let me devour more!

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  2. Am I the only one that ships her with that holy light prince or whatever the hell he’s called?!?! It’ll be a forbidden love, one filled with light, the other is darkness(not literally, just the prophecy said something about her bringing the darkness over to the light, or something like that)

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  3. I’ve shipped them since he first appeared in this series, now finally there is some more progression other than him saying they’re engage and Claire staying silent. I like most of her harem but honestly I couldn’t see her end up with anyone but him~
    Only thing I’m worried about is how long it will take to progress; will this just be a once off thing and further development be dozens of chapters in the future, or will this just be the start of an official relationship which everyone will acknowledge soon?


  4. Why do people like the FYX/Claire pairing so much? Bc he ‘decided’ she was ‘his’? Bc his mother ‘predicted’ that she’ll end up w him in the end?? Bc of his ‘manly’ forcefulness & arrogance??? Bc he has declared his claim on her???? Gross.
    Apparently I remain the only one against this pairing. I’d rather this story have absolutely no romance than have her end up w him.

    On a better, more positive note, I’m extremely excited to see how Claire develops w Si Konglin, & what happens when she gets back to her fam. Let the chaos begin!

    Thanks for the translation!! 🙂


    1. I would like to defend Yixuan, or maybe this isnt really a defence, i juz wanna say… XD

      claims and decisions are no biggie. lots of other novels do that but that doesnt mean they’d end up together.

      predictions. predictions. hmm… if it were up to that then would the holy prince be more compatible since the more accurate fortune teller hinted towards that?

      forcefulness and arrogance… i dnt find him that anymore. actually, he’s mor like a puppy. XP although to others he is that, but if you consider the circumstances of him growing up, thats normal. he’s rich and very talented and almost every girl in his country likes him and Wenmo Shui, regardless of how he acts.

      he claims he loves her… on that part, i guess its too sudden when he did so, but if u were relatively self-absorbed, and complacent, and a woman beats u for the first time by a huge margin (w/o diarrhea) one’s tendency is to either be that of rivalry or admiration, and in his case of little to no admiration for others, probably ended up confused and juz straight fell into strike zone. plus she wasnt one of those going kyaa~ kyaa~ at him and his friend unlike those he is used to meeting in his country and stuff.

      Me liking this pair though… i dunno… I juz do. Hard to tell why…

      But maybe itz cuz he isnt being a real jerk to her, comes at the right time too, makes the nicest gestures in comparison to any other existing male in her harem atm, and that they fit well together. 1 who doesnt smile a lot and 1 who does when she’s around. they like complement each other.

      And they kinda make a comedic duo in their romance at one point or another. XP

      Aaaand this is getting really long, i should stop here. fufufu.

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