Ch.105 The Vile Si Konglin (Part II)

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Once taking the pill, Claire and Feng Yixuan, who had become muddle-headed, instantly felt a refreshing feeling coursing throughout their bodies quickly; their wounds were healing at a speed perceptible by the human eye, and their dizzy heads slowly regained consciousness. Their steps weren’t as unsteady as they were before either.

Claire was amazed at the results of the pill, remembering that when she just got to Wind Island, the pills Wind Elder had were also made by Si Konglin. This person; just how strong was he?

“Claire, what is this place?” Feng Yixuan looked around. They seemed to be in some sort of a valley, and the lavish pavilion was standing at the end of this valley.

“First let go of my hand!” Claire hissed. Feng Yixuan was still holding tightly onto Claire’s hand.

Feng Yixuan laughed awkwardly and let go, wishing he didn’t have to. He was planning to hold Claire’s hand a little longer while she still didn’t realize, sigh~~~ “Don’t know, but he seems to be like Wind Elder, living here alone.” Claire observed her surroundings. The valley was vibrant with life, beautiful and dazzling. But compared to the little wooden hut Wind Elder was living in, Si Konglin’s pavilion was way too luxurious. This showed the differences in the two’s personality.

“Come in.” Si Konglin’s indifferent voice floated out from the door.

Claire walked over, and Feng Yixuan hurried to follow.

The moment the two entered the room, they saw an intriguing scene! A woman with golden hair was dressed very revealing, the mini skirt showing almost all of her pale thighs. Her pale shoulders and back were also exposed, the fair skin making people dizzy. And her stunning beauty was even more shocking. This moment, she was pouring tea for Si Konglin, then walked behind him and started massaging his shoulders, her voice dripping with honey, “Master, why did you leave suddenly just now?”

Master? An old vulgar man?

Feng Yixuan and Claire froze.

What was this?

This old freak Si Konglin kept a stunning beauty as pet? And play the master-slave game?

Feng Yixuan and Claire both shuddered in disgust, but Claire was suddenly attracted by the color of the beauty’s irises — they were golden!

That stunning beauty had golden irises!

Claire suddenly remembered what Golden Lotus said. While cultivating the Treasured Lotus Directory, if the person gave birth to the Golden Lotus when breaking through the second volume, then the lightning would come. Si Konglin was the creator of this arcanum; is that to say that this stunning beauty was birthed by Si Konglin?

Claire suddenly felt this world was a bit messed up.

“Come over.” Si Konglin took a sip of tea and said to Claire indifferently. He had no room for Feng Yixuan in his eyes; all he saw was Claire.

Claire obeyed and sat down beside him, Feng Yixuan also sitting down.

“When did you start cultivating the Treasured Lotus Director?” Si Konglin asked casually.

Claire estimated the time, and told Si Konglin.

An emotion flickered in the depths of Si Konglin’s eyes, which had been calm the whole time.

“Not bad.” Si Konglin set down the teacup and said something Claire didn’t understand.

The stunning beauty saw Claire’s confused look and giggled, “You’ve passed, Master won’t kill you. You broke through the tenth volume so quickly; Master won’t kill you.”

Si Konglin squinted at Claire: “Able to understand my writing, there can only be two possibilities. One, you also came from that world; two, your clan has always passed down this language. But, I’m not interested in which case you are. The thing is, you have learned my Treasured Lotus Directory, and is the one with the most potential.”

“Before, some garbage would sometimes learn Master’s Treasured Lotus Directory, but because they have no talent, they will taint Master’s unique skill, so I killed all of them.” The beauty with golden irises said breezily as if it was nothing.

But Feng Yixuan and Claire were shocked. What logic was this!

“So?” Claire asked, her expression not changing.

“So, you’re very lucky. Master acknowledged you, and you’re now the successor to the Treasured Lotus Directory!” The golden-eyed beauty chuckled.

“You can leave now, when you break through the twelfth volume, I will come and teach you the rest of the arcanum.” Si Konglin said indifferently.

That was it?

Nothing else?

Claire looked at Si Konglin and the stunning beauty quizzically, confused. Suddenly appearing and rescuing them just to bring them here for these few sentences?

“But, where is here? How should we get back?” Claire asked the most important question.

A scroll appeared instantly in Si Konglin’s hand, and he threw it to Claire. Clare caught it and saw that is was multi-person teleportation scroll.

“Go. While my master is in a good mode.” The golden-eyed beauty twisted her tiny waist and giggled.

Claire didn’t say anything else, grabbing Feng Yixuan and tearing the scroll apart. A white light flashed, and Claire and Feng Yixuan disappeared.

“Master, this time there’s finally someone who gave birth to the Golden Lotus. I will have a friend now, yay.” The beauty seemed very excited.

“She has to first break through the twelfth volume successfully. If not, I will kill her with my own hands, and look for another successor.” Si Konglin spoke his decision lazily.

“Ah, Master, if that happens, what a pity. After all these years, finally a genius like her.” The beauty with golden irises sighed.

Si Konglin didn’t say anything, his eagle like eyes sharp and piercing.

He still hadn’t recovered internally. After so many years of waiting, such a genius finally appeared. He knew better than anyone else, that this young girl will definitely break through the twelfth volume. He finally found a successor.

When Claire and Feng Yixuan next appeared, they both surveyed their surroundings.

“Isn’t this the outskirts of Vintage City?” Claire recognized the place at once.

“Yeah, it is.” Feng Yixuan nodded. He had come here many times, so naturally he remembered.

The two glanced at each other, and found that their clothes were both torn and bloody, sorry as can be.

“Let’s find a place to take a bath together.” Feng Yixuan raised his brows, smirking.

“Do you have a scroll that goes home? With the location set as your house’s secret room. Your mother brought me there last time.” To Feng Yixuan’s ambiguous words, not only was Claire not angry, in fact, she asked him this seriously.

“Yeah, yeah.” Feng Yixuan took out a scroll from his storage ring hurriedly. These scrolls were all very precious; Wind Elder spend a lot of time and energy in crafting them. Only his mother would not take them seriously. The scroll in Feng Yixuan’s hands was a one-person spatial teleportation scroll.

“Oh, okay. Hold tight onto the scroll. No matter what happens, don’t let go.” Claire stared at the scroll in Feng Yixuan’s hands, saying seriously and solemnly.

“Okay.” Feng Yixuan didn’t understand what Claire wanted to do, but still obeyed and held onto the scroll tightly. It was very rare for Claire to be so nervous, so of course Feng Yixuan listened to her every word.

“Show me the back of your right hand and the nails of your left hand.” Looking at Feng Yixuan’s hands, Claire continued.

“Sure.” Without thinking, Feng Yixuan twisted his hands in two different directions, still holding that teleportation scroll.

With a whoosh, the scroll was teared apart.

A white light flashed, and before Feng Yixuan could yell, his figure disappeared, teleported back to the Feng castle.

“What a cute, innocent child.” Claire shrugged evilly, her tone calm. Of course she had her own plans. After going through all these dangers with her and breaking through the eleventh volume of TianGang Wind Force, Feng Yixuan needed to go back home and to Wind Elder to report. But Claire knew, if she told Feng Yixuan that, he definitely wouldn’t agree and would want to stay by her side. So she could only trick him to go back.

“Pffha.” A laugh that couldn’t be constrained anymore sounded.

Claire frowned slightly, turning around. Some distance away, a man in white was looking towards this side. Even though they were far apart, they could both see each other’s actions and looks clearly. Claire was a little surprised; she didn’t sense his presence because she was so focused on tricking Feng Yixuan. Now that she concentrated, she could sense his presence. This person was strong. She was too careless; if he were an enemy, she would be in danger.

Obviously, that person heard Claire tricking Feng Yixuan, so he couldn’t help laughing.

Claire didn’t sense any killing intent, so this person shouldn’t be an enemy. Claire turned around to leave. Right now, she only wanted to find a comfortable place to take a bath and change her clothes. Her clothes were soaked in blood and sticking to her skin, very uncomfortable. After finishing these, she should go back home. That annoying Temple of Light, never letting go of her.

“Wait! Claire!” But just when Claire was about to leave, someone called from behind her. It was the man who had been laughing.

Claire frowned and turned back to watch the man speedily flying over, puzzled. She was absolutely sure she didn’t know this person; how did he know her name?

That person raced to before Claire very quickly. It was Qatar, from the other day!

Claire glanced this man before her up and down. His handsome face had a hint of rebellion, but the bottom of his eyes contained a calmness unmatched to his age. Dressed completely in white, Claire felt she had seen him somewhere before.

“I don’t know you.” Watching the young man standing in front of her, Claire said coldly.

“But I know you.” Qatar smiled and gazed at this young girl before him; although she was covered in blood, her bright features and emerald green irises still stood out to be that of the brilliant girl in the memory crystal. He hadn’t expected to meet her here, nor had he expected for her to be such an interesting person. Actually so easily tricking others……

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17 thoughts on “Ch.105 The Vile Si Konglin (Part II)

  1. Don’t tell me Little lotus will grow up to be a 帅哥? Wow… Why was there a single paragraph of Chinese in the chapter? It was certainly translated, so did you forget to clear that paragraph?


  2. Hahaha… Poor Feng Yixuan, he’s always the victim of Claire’s evil humor.

    So Claire will have her own male golden lotus? Will it become a part of her harem later on? And it seems like Si Kongli is also reincarnated like Claire. I wonder how many are reincarnated? Will she meet them later on?

    I can’t wait to see how that smitten Qatar will react after he finds out that Clair is the suspect he’s looking for.

    Thanks for the update. 🙌


  3. I starting to lose interest at this novel. The teasing effect of cliffhanger is already lost because of delayed release. Maybe I restart read again…


  4. I nearly forgot who the guy was, but I think he is the guy looking for revenge for the death of an elder. I would like him to be an addition to the harem though just for me to laugh. I am actually preventing myself from laughing because of Claire’s obvious deceit towards Feng. He should have realized something was up when Claire didn’t hit him for his bath suggestion. Thanks for the chapter.


  5. thanks for the chapter! Hmm. I also wonder if he’s a new addition to the harem.. it’s exciting to know when he’ll learn the truth though


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