Ch.106 Claire’s Wrath I (Part I)

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Looking at the smiling person in front of her, Claire felt that his clothes were very familiar, as if she had seen them before somewhere. But where?

“I’ve seen the memory crystal of you at the tournament at Lagark; you’re even stronger now.” Qatar stared at Claire intently, his gaze burning. Oh, how he wanted to fight this girl in front of him, to know how strong she was now, that whether he or she was better. But, suggesting a duel now was impossible, because the dried blood on her clothes showed that she had just been through a hard battle, and had not yet recovered.

“Oh.” Claire replied indifferently, understanding that this person had watched the memory crystal of the Martial Arts Tournament. But, this didn’t have anything to do with her. Claire turned around and walked forward.

“Wait.” Qatar suddenly appeared in front of Claire, and said solemnly, “Miss Claire, would you please have a duel with me. Of course, not right now, but after you’ve recovered.”

So he was a fighting fanatic, or to put it simpler, a fool.

Claire ignored him, continuing walking.

“Miss Claire,” Qatar hurried up, “Please have a duel with me.”

Claire walked forward as if she didn’t hear him.

“Miss Claire, please have a duel with me.” Qatar was like a fly, chasing after Claire and buzzing.

“You are not my match.” Claire stopped, turning around to look at Qatar, her tone full of contempt, “You think that if you fight me now, you can win?”

“Determining the results before the battle is too early.” But Qatar was serious.

“Do you know how much of my original strength I have right now?” Claire was getting annoyed. It seems as if the gods were trolling her; every time she improved, there would pop out a person stronger than her to suppress her. Now that she thought about it, it really was like that! Everytime she made a breakthrough and improved, she would meet someone even stronger! Same in Trial Land! After breaking through the tenth volume of the Treasured Lotus Directory, she still couldn’t beat the coalition of the nine castellans. If there were only two or three, she could maybe make it through, but the most powerful of Trial Land all came to corner her and Feng Yixuan. Like what the heck! And now she met this fighting fanatic. Did her face look like a sitting duck? (Actually, it’s the mean author who is trolling her, lol. Crawling away with a frying pan, don’t hit my face!)

Qatar paused. As he saw it, now Claire was injured, so her strength was one level below his. When she is recovered, their strengths should be about equal.

“If you want to fight, then wait until I’m recovered. I will beat you that you won’t even find the path home. If you want a beating, go to the capital of Amparkland and look for me in the Hill clan.” Claire threw down this sentence and walked forward. How arrogant! How a haughty attitude!

Qatar’s expression slowly darkened. This was the first time someone was so arrogant towards him.

“I will escort you home, and guard you, until you recover! And then please fight with me!” Qatar became stubborn, his eyes dark.

“Not interested.” Claire wasn’t at all interested in these twisted people. If not for her injuries, she would have beaten this person up long ago. Si Konglin’s pill stopped the bleeding, but didn’t heal the injuries.

But Qatar didn’t reply, only following closely behind Claire.

When Claire walked into an inn in her sorry state, everyone looked at her weirdly. Or more specifically, looked at Qatar weirdly. Claire was bloody and messy, yet Qatar was clean and neat. This was too strange. That man didn’t successfully protect that young girl? Qatar also felt the unkind glances of the people inside the inn, and lowered his head awkwardly. He also asked for a room.

At night, after taking a bath, Claire changed her clothes and sat down on the bed, feeling the Lotus Power coursing through her body. To her amazement, the Lotus Power was working by itself. Even though it was moving very slowly, it was moving, and it was healing her injuries and combing through her veins. Even though it was very, very, slow, it was moving constantly.

Claire was very happy. She never thought that the Treasured Lotus Directory had these miraculous powers. Claire urged the Lotus Power in her body, increasing the speed at which that power circulated. If it kept up this speed, then all her injuries would be gone within a few days. So happy!

Ever since Golden Lotus absorbed the lightning, and once again fell into a deep sleep, he hasn’t awoken since.

Don’t know what the capital is like now. Claire’s mental power slowly entered an empty realm. Everything quieted and seemed to become transparent.

Claire sensed her surroundings. The carvings on the bed posts, the dust in the cracks of the floor, the decorations on the wall, the lock on the door. Her mental power expanded. The floor of the hall, the staircase at the end of the hall, and the people drinking and talking in the lobby.

Everything was so clear.

Claire was about to pull back her conscious when a low voice floated into her ear.

“Heard that the Hill clan is in big trouble. Even Duke Gordon, who controls everything, is in a fix.”

“That’s right! The wife of Marquess Leger actually planned to murder the first prince. This isn’t any small crime. Heard she is still imprisoned in Galo Garden.

“Hey, to tell the truth, I don’t think things are that simple.”

“Of course, it’s so obviously a scheme. The emperor still hasn’t chosen a crown prince, so the relationship between the two princes is bound to get sour.”

“Keep your voice down.”

Claire didn’t listen to the rest of their conversation; her heart already flew back to the capital! Mother was actually imprisoned? Attempted to murder the first prince? Impossible! This must be a scheme. But to know what was really going on, she needed to ask Grandfather.

Claire pulled back her conscious and opened her her eyes, taking out the spacial teleportation scroll Emery gave her from her storage ring. Right now, Claire was extremely worried, and wished she was back in the capital this instant.

She tore open the scroll. A bright white light flashed, and Claire’s figure vanished.

At the same time, Qatar, who was in the room next to Claire’s, sat up immediately.


Claire’s essence disappeared!

It disappeared suddenly. That meant, Claire had one of the precious spacial teleportation scrolls. But where did she go? In such a big hurry. Qatar frowned, but couldn’t think of any reason. But no matter what, he must find her, and fight with her.

As soon as Claire appeared in a secret chamber, Emery, who was lying on his bed, opened his eyes abruptly. Someone was in the secret chamber. He had left a mark, so he would know instantly when someone appeared. And that place, only one person could appear suddenly. And that was his beloved disciple, Claire.

Emery got up hurriedly, pulling on a robe and rushed towards his house. Emery had his own house in the capital, not far from the Hill clan. Usually, Emery lived in the Hill clan, and his own house stood empty.

Emery met Claire halfway.

“Claire!” Emery was overjoyed, then looked at Claire worriedly to see if she was hurt. Claire actually used the spacial teleportation scroll, so she must have been in some sort of extreme danger.

“Master, I’m fine. Where’s Mother?” Claire asked hastily.

Emery was surprised. Seeing that Claire wasn’t wounded, he finally realized the reason Claire hurried home.

Seeing Emery quiet, Claire got even more worried, raising her voice, “Master, say something! How’s my mother?”

“Claire, let’s return to the Hill castle first. This is not a place to talk.” Emery looked around; they were on a normal road. Talking about this outside was clearly unwise. Even though it was night now and there were no other people, if they continued, someone might pass by.

“No, Master, let’s go to your house first. I don’t want anyone to know I returned.” Even though Claire was worried, she didn’t lose her cool. Framing Mother must be a scheme, so the Temple of Light and the Hill clan will both start planning. Now that she didn’t know whether or not they supported the same prince or not, she couldn’t do anything rash.

“Okay, let’s go.” Emery walked in front, and the two vanished into the night.

Getting back to Emery’s house, and after hearing what Emery said, Claire’s expression was dark, her eyes cold.

“So, the situation now is very special, and the emperor has no intentions of doing anything.”

“Doesn’t the emperor know the condition the first prince agreed to?” Claire frowned. Agreeing to such a condition, then in the near future, the Temple would rule over the crown. The first prince actually agreed that after he becomes emperor, the future crown prince will salute the pope as his godfather! The crown prince is the future emperor of the kingdom; when a king calls the pope as his godfather, what does that mean?

“We can find this out, so can the emperor not know?”

Claire frowned. If that was the case, she really couldn’t guess what that person was thinking.

“What happened with Mother?” Claire asked darkly, her gaze cold, her voice tinted with murder.

“Princess Maurice and the second prince invited many aristocratic youths to a tea party, and also invited the first prince. Everything in the tea party was organized by your mother, and the wine for the princes and the princess was brought up by your mother herself. The wine in the first prince’s glass was poisoned.” Emery sighed. This couldn’t be a more obvious scheme.

“Why doesn’t the second prince just poison the first prince to death?” Claire sneered, already guessing the answer in her heart.

“If so, your mother would already be hanged,” Emery frowned, “And the second prince still needs the Hill clan’s support, both before and after he becomes emperor. If he poisoned his brother to take the throne, he will also lose the people. And after he ascends the throne, he still needs the Hill clan’s support. By doing so, the second prince is forcing the Hill clan to take a stand and support him.”

What a flimsy scheme! Everyone could tell that this was a scheme, a scheme that the emperor silently permitted. But, it was very useful! At least, the Hill clan had been pushed to the crest of the wave now, and forced to face the Temple of Light directly!

    “Even though your mother is imprisoned in the Galo Garden, she wasn’t hurt at all. She has the best food, and lives in the best quarters. Not only because of the Hill clan, but the second prince and Princess Maurice’s specific orders.” Emery hurriedly added, because he saw Claire’s gaze getting colder and colder, like a thousand-year glacier! A strong feeling of unrest surged in his heart. Claire, don’t be rash and do something foolish!

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