Ch.106 Claire’s Wrath I (Part II)

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“Claire, the situation now is very delicate. You must remain calm. The second prince is trying to force his Grace to support him openly in public, but…… ” Emery explained nervously. The second prince and Princess Maurice were always so close to Claire; turning enemies with the future emperor was not a wise decision.

“I know.” Claire waved her hand and interrupted Emery, standing up abruptly.

Emery also stood up immediately, nervous.

Claire turned to look at Emery, a cold smile on her lips, and said arrogantly, “Master! Do you still think I am the myself from before?” Emery paused, watching the arrogance between Claire’s brows, suddenly feeling that he couldn’t understand his beloved disciple anymore. Claire’s strength seemed to improve again, but it hadn’t gone to point where he was very surprised. If he knew Claire had just been through a hard-fought battle and her strength hadn’t recovered yet but was already so strong, don’t know what he would think.

“Don’t worry, I won’t cause any trouble for the Hill Clan,” Claire said indifferently, “Master, you go back to the Hill Castle for now. I know the limits. Don’t tell anyone I’m back, not even Grandfather.”

“Can’t tell his Grace?!” Emery was surprised.

“Master, I know you’re very loyal to Grandfather, but this time, it’s better to not tell him for now. You know I’m the castellan of Niya City, a baron, and the priest of the Temple of Light. When the time comes, I will go find Grandfather and tell him.” Claire spoke out her plan.

“Okay.” Emery frowned, agreeing.

“I will live here at your house temporarily.” After some thought, Claire decided that she couldn’t let Emery know what she was going to do.

After telling Claire to keep safe and everything, Emery left. Claire changed into tight-fitting black clothes, covered her face, and slipped into the night like a ghost.

She was going to Galo Garden now!

Galo Garden had heavy security, since none of the people imprisoned there were simple; they were all nobles who were powerful or had important positions.

Like a ghost, Claire jumped over the high wall silently and landed on a tree. The huge guard dogs lifted their heads and looked around, their animal instincts making them sense something was off. But it was so quiet and there was no strange scent, so after some sniffing, the huge dogs lay down again.

Claire lept towards another tree and came to the houses. Easily dodging security, after searching through a few rooms, she finally found the person she was worrying about.

Katherine looked healthy, sitting in a chair and reading through some books. This room was as lavish as the rooms in the Hill Castle, very large and comfortable. The bookshelves were filled with books, and a bright crystal light lit up the whole room. All the furniture were also the best.

Claire slipped into the room silently, leaning against the wall, looking at the person in front of her. Katherine’s expression was peaceful, all her attention on the book in her hands.

“Mother.” Claire took off her mask, and called gently. The hand of the person flipping through the book froze.

Katherine lifted her head slowly, unbelieving, towards the sound source. Her hand was trembling. Was this an illusion? It must be an illusion? It was because she kept thinking of Claire, so such an illusion happened.

“Mother, it’s me.” Claire gave a bittersweet smile. Because of cultivating, she hadn’t see Mother in so long, not to mention having some time together.

“Cl…… ” Something was glittering at the corner of Katherine’s eye. Katherine suddenly closed her book, hurrying to the window and closing the curtains, then turned around and hugged Claire tightly.

“Claire, my darling, you’re finally back.” Katherine’s voice was thick was emotion.

“Sorry, Mother. To cultivate, I haven’t come back home to see you for so long.” Feeling Katherine’s warm hug, Claire reached out slowly and hugged her.

“As long as you’re back.” Tears fell from Katherine’s eyes, but she was smiling, laughing and crying at the daughter in her arms.

“Mother, one word, and I’ll take you away immediately.” Watching the kind and gentle person in front of her, Claire said coldly.

“Claire, no,” Katherine shook her head, “Not only is this Galo Garden, with heavy security, but my name hasn’t been cleared yet, so what will happen to the Hill clan?”

“This is a very bad scheme!” Forcing back her rage, Claire squeezed out these words from between her teeth.

“I know.” But Katherine smiled gently, and brushed away the bangs on Claire’s forehead, “This is a scheme, a very bad one. The first prince knew that wine was poisoned, yet he still drank it. The first prince is starting this war. And the Hill clan could never let the Temple reign over the crown.”

“And the emperor would let it happen?” Claire’s gaze had become cold.

“Of course he won’t. The only thing to blame is that the Hill clan is getting more and more powerful, making him uncomfortable.” Katherine said, smiling.

Claire’s pupils dilated, feeling coldness in her heart.

The person on the highest seat! Of course his shrewdness and deepness could not be fathomed!

So ruthless! Such a good plan!

No wonder he let this bad scheme go on!

He must choose a successor, but he can’t let the Temple reign over the crown, and he is getting worried over the Hill clan’s growing power. So this time, by watching from the sidelines, he was hoping to curb Hill clan’s strength through the first prince and the Temple of Light’s hands! And when both sides were drained, come out and declare the successor.

But Katherine, who saw through all that, wasn’t she an even wiser sage?

Claire looked at the smiling, gentle woman in front of her in awe, as if she just met her for the first time. This was the descendant of that famous, powerful Li clan! If not for her supposed father, what would this woman achieve in Lagark? Claire didn’t dare imagine.

“Claire, sometimes life is just like this. You know the truth behind everything, yet you can’t do anything about it. You must walk down the path laid out for you.” Katherine patted Claire’s head, worry on her beautiful face, “Right now, the person I’m most worried about is you. Your double identity is not good; you’ll be caught in the battle. The Temple won’t let you go. Your second brother…… ” Getting to here, Katherine’s eyes dimmed a bit.

“What happened to second brother?” Claire perceived that something was wrong.

“Your second brother stood on the first prince’s side, going against the Hill clan.” Katherine sighed gently, her eyes full of worry, “I don’t wish such a thing happen on you, too.

“I won’t be like second brother, I won’t oppose the Hill clan.” Stunned by her second brother’s actions, Claire said this without hesitation. She definitely won’t oppose the Hill clan, or more specifically, she won’t oppose her mother.

“No, Claire, you misunderstood me.” Katherine chuckled gently, looking at Claire’s confusion.

“I don’t want you to stand on the Hill clan’s side and become enemies with the Temple,” Katherine sighed, “The Temple is much stronger than most people think. Their strength is unfathomable.” Katherine seemed laden with anxiety.

“Mother…… ” Claire wanted to say something, but stopped.

“Don’t worry for me. The second prince and Princess Maurice will keep me safe.” Katherine comforted Claire.

Claire’s gaze suddenly became cold.

The second prince…… Humph, seems like you forgot what you promised me.

“I will rescue you, Mother, and in the way that you want to see,” Claire swore solemnly. Actually, Claire could destroy this whole place after her strength recovered and take Katherine away. But, the consequences of this? Claire knew clearly what the Hill clan will face if she did so. Also, then she and Katherine would have to hide for the rest of their lives. Of course Claire wouldn’t do such a foolish thing.

“Claire, don’t be rash. If possible, I want you to go to Lagark and keep out of the spectacle. I don’t want you to be caught in this battle; your identity is too special.” Katherine said hurriedly.

Keep out of the spectacle?

Claire smiled faintly, but her smile was full of confidence and arrogance.

From today on, she will let the world know, what is called a spectacle!

“Mother, you don’t need to worry. I know the limits. Keep safe. The next time we meet, we will be at the Hill clan. I’m leaving.” Claire smiled, full of confidence.

Katherine just saw a blur, and Claire was already gone.

Katherine opened the window, but Claire’s figure was nowhere to be seen in the night. Katherine was extremely worried. But, the things that happened later far exceeded what Katherine expected. Not a single person expected what was to happen!

Claire traveled through the night, her eyes cold.

Even though the situation had already become like this, and Mother wasn’t harmed, she still must settle this score!

Claire snuck towards the palace.

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14 thoughts on “Ch.106 Claire’s Wrath I (Part II)

  1. woa.. okay i totally didn’t thought that Katherine is a wise character.. it’s like she run away from home just to became that baka-oyaji bride >.<
    then she just described as a gentle and loving mother..
    as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3
    Happy Holiday!!

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  2. Is it just me? Or has Claire become even more arrogant? She’s kinda like, ‘I’m so strong no one can touch me’… was she like this before? Or am I just off kilter cause I haven’t read this in a while?


    1. I don’t get this being arrogant.. I mean she does know that there are stronger people than her but not here.. so she just knows that she is kinda the strongest in this empire.. why is that being arrogant?.. Except the pope I guess but she will surely outgrow him too..

      These damnes hypocrite lunatics.. they nees to die! Hail Claire! 😀

      Thanks for the chapter. I need more!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I agree with Corpse she’s one of the strongest is her relm, besides cliff, n the pop, n the gods (can’t forget them). She has the bite to back the bark. I’m sooo lookoimng toward to the next chap. Thanks a bunch

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well, it’s mainly cause she keeps claiming she’s super strong when she hasn’t even fought yet, and I haven’t really seen her strength after her training. So it just looks like she’s bragging. In these chapters alone, she’s claimed she’s stronger than Qator as well as saying that in front of her mother. Claire used to be more action than bragging. I unno. That’s just how I felt after reading this chapter.


      3. Well, but I trust Claire’s judgment. I mean if you think about it have she ever said that she is stronger than someone if that person was stronger than her? No. She may have fought with him/her but she never said that she is stronger. Which means that she has a good judgement. So I’m sure she wouldn’t say that she is stronger if she couldn’t perceive their strength and know that she is stronger than them. That’s how I see it. Well though there are different opinions. 😀


    2. I think everyone has a sense of arrogance in the story (lol). But in this case, I don’t believe that Claire has become more arrogant. I’d say that she’s better at assessing her own and others strength and position in society. Like when you know how Cliff can see Claire’s power without fighting her? I think Claire can do the same, but better now. I mean, she still knows that there are people better than her (the temple of lights, devil, gods, etc…). Claire hasn’t made a move yet, since she knows that if she fought the royalties straight in the face, she would get punished by those “stronger” people. In this chapter, Claire might be portrayed a little bit extreme; however, it’s only because she’s enraged by the fact that Katherine, Claire’s most important person in the whole world, was forced to participate in political issues. Not because she became more arrogant.


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