Ch.107 Climax I (Part II)

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This night, as Claire was quietly cultivating, a slight noise sounded outside her window. Phillips and the others wouldn’t bother her. Claire opened her eyes, got off the bed and opened the window. One black and one white ball sped in, aiming for Claire’s chest.

Claire laughed, and hugged the two little fellas. Except for White Emperor and Black Feather, who else could it be? These two balls of fur found this place through the contract they made. Then where was Jean? Claire suddenly remembered the person who always stood behind her silently.

“Where’s Jean?” Claire remembered that Emery told her that after Jean went back to the Hill Castle and told Grandfather her whereabouts, he left, saying he was going out to practice and cultivate, taking White Emperor and Black Feather with him. But now these two little things were here, but no Jean.

“Chirp chirp!”

“Tweet tweet!”

The two little fellas spoke a language only they could understand, squawking at Claire.

“It’s okay, don’t say anything.” Claire watched the two little things, feeling a slight headache. Even if they told her she wouldn’t understand.

White Emperor and Black Feather hopped onto Claire’s shoulder, cuddling against her face happily.

Inside the Temple of Light. The pope stood with his hands behind his back in front of the window. Someone knocked on the door quietly.

“Come in.” The pope turned around and spoke towards the direction of the door.

The door was pushed open gently, revealing Lawrence.

“Your holiness.” Lawrence walked in and closed the door.

“When will he arrive?” The pope walked to his desk and sat down.

“He is traveling as fast as he can. He’ll arrive tomorrow afternoon.” Lawrence’s eyes were a little complex. The pope was actually going so far? Is it really good this way?

The pope saw the complexity in Lawrence’s eyes and sighed lightly, “Lawrence, this is a chance, a very good chance. On this continent, Amparkland is the strongest. If the Temple has power even over Amparkland, then the glory of the goddess will spread throughout the whole continent.”

“Your holiness, then what about the priest? She is the chosen of the goddess, and will definitely get into conflict with this,” Lawrence said with worry.

“Ever since she disappeared, she hasn’t come back yet, only telling the Hill clan she went to practice and cultivate. And isn’t this a good thing? She doesn’t have time to care about these matters. When she comes back and hears what happened, what else can she do?” The pope wasn’t worried at all.

“Will this really work?” Lawrence was still hesitating, still feeling uneasy.

“If that person admits herself that the second prince told her to harm the first prince; what else could be more persuading?” The pope chuckled coldly, full of confidence and contempt.

Lawrence fell silent. This was all true, but, will things really go so smoothly? The uneasiness in his heart only grew.

“Okay, you can leave now. If he arrives, take him to see that woman. Remember, do it in secret.” The pope waved Lawrence down.

Lawrence sighed in his heart, about to leave.

“Wait!” The pope suddenly called Lawrence.

“Your holiness, what other orders do you have?”

“You, find an excuse, and take Cliff away, the further away the better. Don’t let him meddle in this.” The pope said, frowning. He suddenly remembered that Cliff was not an easy person to fool. Not only was he strong, he was also Claire’s master. He wouldn’t just watch if something happened to Claire’s mother.

“Your holiness!” Lawrence’s expression changed greatly. He knew clearly that if he did so, what would happen between him and Cliff.

“Just pretend you don’t know anything. Find an excuse, and take him away.” The pope ordered coldly, his expression dark, “I know your friendship with him, but don’t forget your position. Also, even if Cliff is a sorcerer, so what, do you really think that no one in the Temple can subdue him?”

Lawrence became silent. Sorcerer, seems like a bright halo. But, even him, a red-robed cardinal, couldn’t be sure of the Temple’s actual strength. The pope’s words weren’t a threat, but the truth! There were many more powerful people in the Temple than one can imagine. The twelve cardinals above him were scattered in branch temples in Amparkland and other countries, not to mention the other twenty-three red-robed cardinals other than him. And the strength of these people were unfathomable. They are different from Cliff, unwilling to pursue position and gold. Maybe some people had already achieved the sorcerer level, but never displayed it.

The pope’s words made Lawrence’s heart heavy. Cliff, his only true friend; he didn’t want anything to happen to him.

“Yes, I know now, your holiness.” Lawrence accepted with difficulty.

“You may leave now, and go carry it out right now.” The pope waved Lawrence off.

Lawrence left silently. When he walked out the door, he saw Leng Lingyun standing there quietly.

“Lingyun……” Lawrence walked up slowly and opened his mouth.

“Master, are we really going to do this?” Leng Lingyun’s brows were furrowed as he squeezed out these words from between his teeth.

Lawrence just kept quiet and sighed.

“Master! That person is Claire’s mother. What if Claire comes back?” Seeing Lawrence’s attitude, Leng Lingyun became anxious.

“Lingyun, do you think Master wants to do this? That little girl, do you think I am willing to see her in pain and agony?” Helpless, Lawrence voice was filled with exhaustion and decadence.

“Master, this is a conspiracy, this is such an obvious conspiracy, why do we have to make an innocent woman bear all of this?” Leng Lingyun’s was a little out of control.

“Lingyun!” Lawrence’s tone changed, becoming stricter, “All these years, do you still have that kind of fantasy in mind?”

This sentence struck Leng Lingyun’s heart like a severe blow, making him instantly freeze.

Leng Lingyun’s lips curved up into a mocking sneer. Yes, how could he have forgotten. The Temple of Light, noble and just in the eyes of the world, was actually the dirtiest place in the world. He actually still fantasized to find justice here!

“Go!” Lawrence pulled down his face and yelled at Leng Lingyun. He understood that their conversation was definitely overheard by the pope inside the study, so to prevent Leng Lingyun from saying anything else that was going to get them into trouble, he must make him leave as soon as possible.

Leng Lingyun followed Lawrence in silence, his head lowered. No one could see his true emotions. The two walked towards the apse together.

Now far from the front temple, the two stood in silence.

“Your excellency, Lingyun.” The Divine Princess, Liu Xueqing, walked up with a bright smile on her face.

“Oh, Xueqing, how are you feeling now?” Lawrence squeezed out a smile. Last time the Divine Princess returned with wounds all over her body; the ambush of the Temple of Darkness almost took her life. But after all, she was the Divine Princess of the Temple, so she was very strong; and after returning to the Temple, she had been resting the whole time. If Claire knew this, she would understand, that this Divine Princess wasn’t any good religious girl, and her belief in the goddess of Light wasn’t devout either. Able to walk out of Illusion Forest and escaped under the ambush of the people from the Temple of Darkness; her strength is very formidable.

“Thank you, your excellency, for caring about me. I’m fine now.” Liu Xueqing smiled gently, but her gaze was on Leng Lingyun.

“Good.” Lawrence nodded.

Leng Lingyun kept silent, and was just about to leave quietly.

“Lingyun!” Lawrence called out to stop Leng Lingyun.

Leng Lingyun halted his steps, but didn’t look back.

Lawrence sighed, then continued with a grave heart: “Lingyun, I know you have a relationship with Claire that you don’t want broken, but, this time it’s different. This matter, you are not allowed to interfere with, nor are you able to interfere with.”

“Master, so we are to watch as things turn that way? Do you think Claire will just let it be when she comes back?” Leng Lingyun turned to Lawrence and spoke angrily, “Do you think Claire’s master, Master Cliff, will just sit and ignore?”

“This is none of your business! I know the limits!” Lawrence’s expression also darkened, “You don’t need to think about anything, nor are you allowed to do anything. Just stay in the Temple quietly.” Leng Lingyun bit his lip, about to say more, and Lawrence frowned, wanting to say something else, but Liu Xueqing lightly took over the talking: “Lingyun, no one wants to see things turning into this, and no one wants to see Claire hurt. I treat her like my younger sister, so I don’t want to see her hurt either. But this time, it is closely related to the future of our Temple of Light.” Seeing Leng Lingyun’s face darken more and more, Liu Xiuqing finally spit out, “Even if you don’t think for yourself, you have to think for Xuanxuan.” Leng Lingyun instantly froze, and just stood there, unable to speak.

Watching Leng Lingyun’s lost state, Lawrence sighed, walking up and patting Leng Lingyun on the shoulder, saying slowly, “Just pretend you don’t know anything about this. I will ask the pope to assign you a mission, and you can go somewhere else, the farther the better.”

Liu Xueqing sighed gently, walking over and saying softly, “I will stay beside you, Lingyun. Let’s go to a branch temple in another country together.” Leng Lingyun brushed off the hand Lawrence put on his shoulder, his expression cold: “I won’t do anything rash, you don’t need to send me away.” Then Leng Lingyun walked away, his figure disappearing at the end of the hall.

Seeing this, Liu Xueqing was about to run and catch up with him.

“Xueqing, don’t go. Let him have some alone time.” Lawrence stopped Liu Xueqing’s actions.

Liu Xueqing finally halted her steps, but gazing at the end of the hallway, she was ecstatic in her heart. Xuanxuan was forever the trump card in her hand! She even looked forward to Claire’s appearance. This time, that woman will for sure be sentenced to hanging, and even if the Hill clan interferes, the least she can get will be banishment, which is basically the same as a death sentence. If that damn girl was here, she definitely won’t allow such a thing to happen. And then she will definitely get into conflict with the Temple, and then…… The more Liu Xueqing thought about it, the more excited she became, but due to Lawrence being present, she couldn’t show it; she still had to pretend she was sad and worried. Leng Lingyun quickly strode back to the little courtyard he resided in, and immediately saw Xuanxuan sitting on the edge of the flowerbed, alone, swinging her tiny feet, waiting for his return. Thin frame, skinny arms. Leng Lingyun’s heart tightened. If not for the medicine provided by the Temple, Xuanxuan would have long left this world.

“Brother!” Seeing Leng Lingyun, Leng Xuanxuan jumped off happily, rushing over. Leng Lingyun squeezed out a smile, squat down, and hugged Leng Xuanxuan.

“Xuanxuan, have you been good?” Leng Lingyun picked up Leng Xuanxuan and stood up, smiling.

“Of course, of course.” Leng Xuanxuan nodded her head with force, as if presenting a treasure. Meeting Leng Lingyun’s gaze, astonishment flashed through Leng Xuanxuan’s eyes. She reached out and stroked Leng Lingyun’s face, her voice quieting, “Brother, is there something bothering you? You’re unhappy.”

“No, Xuanxuan, don’t think too much. Remember to take your medicine on time, do you know?” Leng Lingyun put on a light smile and stroked Leng Xuanxuan’s hair. Leng Xuanxuan didn’t say anything, but tilted her head, looking into Leng Lingyun’s eyes, then reached out and pulled Leng Lingyun’s handsome face towards her, asking solemnly, “Brother, you like that big sister, don’t you?”

“What?” Leng Lingyun was temporarily confused.

“Big sister Claire, you like her, don’t you?” The seriousness on Leng Xuanxuan’s small face was unmatched with her age.

“You silly child, do you even know what like means. Don’t speak nonsense.” Leng Lingyun was shocked inside, but on the outside, he was still smiling as he poked Leng Xuanxuan’s nose.

“I know, of course I know.” Leng Xuanxuan nodded seriously. Touching Leng Lingyun’s face, she said solemnly, “Brother, do you really think the Divine Princess is so good to me because she likes me? Does she think I don’t know? She is so good to me because of you.” As Leng Xuanxuan finished, Leng Lingyun was completely struck, unable to speak as he stared at Leng Xuanxuan. Was this child so sensitive?

“The Divine Princess likes you, but you don’t like her. You like big sister Claire. But this type of like is different from how Brother likes me.” Leng Xuanxuan was unusually serious, her words making Leng Lingyun freeze. He just looked at the small girl in his arms, unable to talk. Leng Xuanxuan was obedient and mature, but Leng Lingyun never thought that this child could say something like this.

“Silly child, you’re always Brother’s favorite.” Leng Lingyun smiled and hugged Leng Xuanxuan tightly. But even he couldn’t understand that pain, disappointment, complexity, and conflict in his heart.

“Brother.” Leng Xuanxuan hung on Leng Lingyun’s neck, laying her head down on Leng Lingyun’s shoulder, whispering, “Brother, sorry, so many years, because of me, you were so harsh towards yourself.”

“Silly child, what are you saying.” Leng Lingyun hugged Leng Xuanxuan and sighed. He didn’t see the glistening tear rolling out of the corner of Leng Xuanxuan’s eye, nor the determination in her eyes.

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