Ch.108 Climax II (Part I)

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The poisoning incident became an impasse, with no further progress.

The Temple of Light couldn’t prove that the second prince ordered Katherine to poison the first prince, and the Hill clan couldn’t prove that Katherine was innocent.

So matters fell into a stalemate.

This day, Cliff and Lawrence left the capital hurriedly, because the Temple’s secret and reliable information indicated that Claire appeared in Suwait recently and seemed to be chased. Cliff, worried, didn’t doubt his long-time friend Lawrence, and hurried to Suwait, the tiny, faraway country, to rescue Claire.

Just two days after Cliff and Lawrence left, the poisoning incident made progress.

Katherine admitted herself that she poisoned the first prince on the second prince’s orders! Tomorrow would be open trial!

“How can this be possible!” In Phillips’ mansion, Claire almost threw the table across the room in rage. She slapped the table and roared at Xi Shaoqi, “How is this possible! Where did you get the information? Who made it up?”

“Everyone in the capital knows, and tomorrow is the open trial,” Xi Shaoqi mumbled, feeling wronged. The whole capital knew; how could he have made that up?

“Impossible! I met my mother in secret, and she definitely wouldn’t do something like this!” Claire was anxious, furious, and worried. The negative feelings almost swallowed her logic.

“Dark Princess, please calm down,” Phillips comforted hurriedly, “There’s definitely something fishy going on. No matter what happens, your mother wouldn’t do something like this.”

“But, that doesn’t exclude she did this under some threat.” Xi Shaosi added calmly.

“Calm down, Dark Princess, calm down!” Xi Shaoqi was afraid that Claire might destroy this room. Because after Claire recovered, they were so shocked they almost dropped their jaws. Claire’s strength reached the level of wizard sage! So young, yet so talented; if she continued growing, what would happen?! If they knew that Claire hid her true strength and was already a sorcerer, what would they think?

Claire slowly calmed herself and sat down to think. “No, she can’t be threatened. There’s nothing or no one that someone could threaten her about,” Claire analyzed.

“Then why?” Xi Shaoqi blinked, completely baffled, “It’s either threats or bribes. Bribes, impossible. But then you say there’s nothing that could threaten her, so what made your mother suddenly change her statement?!”

Claire knitted her brows tightly, tapping the table frustratedly.

“Can it be!” Phillips suddenly said, unbelieving.

“Can it be what?” Claire asked hurriedly.

“Can it be mind-control!” Phillips said in a deep voice.

“Impossible,” Xi Shaoqi humphed, “Those crude techniques; someone with a bit of strength could tell. The people controlled have glazed eyes and stutter. Someone stronger can immediately detect that this person is being mind-controlled!” “Not always.” Phillips said, stroking his fat chin and deep in thought.

“What exceptions are there?” Naturally, Claire understood that mind-controlling wasn’t that simple. Not only did the the spell caster have to have very strong mental power, to make the person being controlled appear completely normal was very hard.

“Legend has it that there is a sub-relic that can control people’s minds without any hint of abnormality, and no one can detect that the person is being controlled,” Phillips said, frowning, then shook his head, “But that’s impossible. This sub-relic has disappeared for over five hundred years and can’t possibly appear now, in the hands of the Temple of Light. If this sub-relic controlled people’s minds, it would take a sorcerer to break the control.”

“Has the Temple of Light approached my Mother during this time?” Claire asked.

“No. Because this isn’t any small matter, no one is allowed to visit, including the second prince, the princess, and Duke Hill; nobody is allowed.” Phillips said surely.

“Humph!” Claire snorted coldly. Not allowed to visit doesn’t mean they couldn’t reach her mother, herself being a very good example.

“Dark Princess, what do we do now?” Phillips asked.

Claire was silent. Then she suddenly stood up and said coldly, “I will go visit my mother tonight, to see what is really going on. Wait for me to come back before discussing plans.” “I fear that is impossible,” Phillips shook his head, “Right now, not only are Tempest Warriors stationed there, there are also members of the Griffin Squad. Even the Temple of Light sent a cardinal to guard there, not allowing your mother to come into contact with anyone.”

Claire immediately understood that this time, the Temple of Light did try its hardest.

“Tomorrow is the open trial, so of course no one is allowed to visit. I would assume that not only are there guards outside the door, there’s also a barrier in that room. After all, the results of this case are very important,” Phillips analyzed.

“What has the Hill clan done?” Claire squinted, a cold light shining out. With such a huge change, the Hill clan can’t haven’t done anything.

“Dark Princess, your father is very upset and worried, meeting with the second prince constantly. But Duke Hill, who had been calm throughout the whole incident, when he heard your mother confessed herself that she poisoned the first prince, knew something was wrong and requested to see your mother, most likely to determine if your mother really is mind-controlled. But the Temple of Light refuses.” Phillips told Claire everything.

“The Temple of Light doesn’t seem to have a right to refuse,” Claire chuckled coldly.

“Naturally, they don’t have the right to refuse, but the emperor supported the Temple of Light, saying that before people in Galo Garden went through trial, they cannot meet with family.” Phillips’ fat thick eyebrows wriggled up and down, continuing with contempt, “But when it’s the emperor who said it, it completely changes meaning!” “What the heck! Pushing the Hill clan so much, isn’t he afraid of the Hill clan rebelling?” Xi Shaoqi shouted with exaggeration, “After all, the Hill clan controls the army.”

“The emperor knows where the bottom line is.” Xi Shaosi glanced at Xi Shaoqi disdainfully, shutting him up.

“Tomorrow is the open trial. Dark Princess, what do we do?” Phillips asked in a deep voice.

Claire was silent, her gaze flashing.

“Where’s my master?” Claire frowned.

“A few days go, he left the capital hurriedly with the red-robed cardinal of the Temple of Light, Lawrence. Don’t know why.” Phillips did have a lot information.

“Are we gonna go rescue her?” Xi Shaoqi asked excitedly.

“No.” Claire shook her head slightly. The way things progressed were out of her expectations. Mother actually confessed to poisoning the first prince. This messed up her original plan. What is Grandfather planning to do? How to end this, how to rescue Mother?

“If, during the open trial, you can prove your mother said those words under mind-control, and then prove that the person controlling her is of the first prince or the Temple of Light, then everything would be different.” Phillips said.

“But, if it is the sub-relic you mentioned? Is there anyway to break the control?” Claire frowned and asked.

“There is, but it’s very dangerous.” Phillips did have a broad knowledge and answered immediately, “That is, to mind-control your mother again. If you also try mind-control, the two mental powers would fight within your mother’s mind. If you win, then all’s good; but if the other person wins, not only can he continue controlling your mother’s mind, but will also heavily damage yours, and you might become a retard.” Phillips continued with pity, “Only if your master Cliff was here. Sorcerers can break the control of that sub-relic.” Phillips words showed great admiration for Cliff.

“Dark Princess, please don’t attempt this. It would be bad if the other person really has that sub-relic.” Xi Shaosi spoke calmly.

“I understand.” Claire nodded, “You don’t need to do anything else. This is my personal matter. And I have promised the cardinal before, that I won’t treat the lives of the people of the Temple of Darkness as a joke.”

“Dark Princess…… ” Phillips was about to say something, but Claire waved her hand, “No need. If I really need help I will ask. That teleportation matrix of Bill’s is convenient, but unable to use in the capital, which is full of Light. The dark essence is too strong; we will be caught. If I need something, I will tell you.”

“All leave, I need some alone time.” Before anyone could say anything else, Claire waved her hand to tell them to go away.

The Xi brothers both wanted to say something, but Phillips glared at them and they left.

After everyone left, Claire sat quietly in the chair, thinking.

In this capital full of light essence, the god of Darkness wouldn’t take the risk and descend. Master suddenly left, Mother confessed to attempting to murder the first prince; wasn’t this too much of a coincidence?

Claire thought and thought. If she appeared at the Hill castle right now, it would only make things even worse. At least the Hill clan and the Temple of Light were friendly on the surface right now; if she appeared, she would disturb this peaceful lake surface.

Messed up! Everything was so messed up!

“Chirp chirp!”

“Tweet tweet!”

White Emperor and Black Feather squatted on Claire’s shoulders, calling out loud, as if comforting Claire.

Claire smiled and patted the two little things. She stood up and returned to her bedroom. The eleventh volume of the Treasured Lotus Directory; she was already the peak of the tenth, and only needed a tiny bit more to breakthrough to the eleventh. Maybe because of the realizations from close brushes with death, now Claire was much faster at cultivating the Treasured Lotus Directory.

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