Ch.108 Climax II (Part III)

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Everyone was astonished. Who dared speak out to stop the procedure at such a time and such a place? Everyone in the hall turned to the origin of that voice. And when they saw who was standing at the door, everyone froze.

At the door of the hall, a young girl with golden hair and emerald irises stood there unyieldingly, her expression cold and her green eyes profound. Dressed in black, she walked up slowly, her whole body emitting an indescribable boldness, attracting everyone’s gaze.

Claire Hill!

It was that wonder Claire!

The nobles in the hall started whispering to each other.

Duke Gordon and the pope’s expressions finally started changing.

Claire actually appeared here at such a time!

This meant that Claire will pick a side and then completely break with the other! And everyone present knew clearly what she will face  after doing so.

“Sir priest, you’ve come.” Liu Xueqing stood up, smiling gently at Claire and greeting her. Praise showed at the bottom of the pope’s eyes; sure enough, Liu Xueqing didn’t disappoint all his years of molding. She knows to first remind Claire of her identity, and also to remind everyone in the hall, including the Hill clan, that Claire was not just a member of the Hill clan, but also a priest of the Temple of Light.

Liu Xueqing smiled and walked up: “Sir priest, you are late. Your seat is over here.”

Leng Lingyun frowned, dislike and fury flashing across his eyes. Liu Xueqing did this on purpose! But the pope only squinted his eyes, watching.

Duke Gordon and the others all looked straight at Claire, their hearts at their throats.

The hall was quiet enough to hear the sound of a needle dropping onto the floor. Everyone held their breath, numerous gazes focused on Claire. All waiting for Claire’s choice.

Choose the Hill clan or the Temple of Light?

So many people in history who gave up their kin, broke with their clan and chose the Temple of Light for the supposed cause of the greater good.

So, today, how will this young girl choose?

Claire didn’t even glance at Liu Xueqing, instead walking forward with a cold expression on her face, all the way to before Katherine.

Katherine finally turned around and faced Claire. Yet there wasn’t any trace of emotion or unusualness in Katherine’s eyes.

Liu Xueqing was a little awkward, malice glinting in her eyes. In front of this whole crowd, Claire didn’t give her any attention. But she was also celebrating in her heart. Claire behaving like this showed that she probably won’t be standing on the Temple’s side. Liu Xueqing turned to walk back to her seat, but met Leng Lingyun’s gaze. The unconcealed hatred and anger in Leng Lingyun’s eyes shocked Liu Xueqing and made her very anxious. But then she thought, as long as Claire went beyond redemption this time, Lingyun will still be hers. The days are still long! She can definitely retrieve Lingyun’s heart, because she had her trump card, Xuanxuan!

The people in the hall began whispering again. What did Claire’s attitude mean?

The pope squinted, profoundness at the bottom of his eyes.

“Sister!” Lashia exclaimed excitedly. For some reason she wasn’t nervous anymore, and just felt that with her older sister’s appearance, everything will be resolved.

“Cl, Claire……” Leger watched Claire with a complicated expression, hundreds of emotions flooding his heart.

The second prince, Nancy, and princess Maurice both stared at Claire, dumbfounded. They also didn’t expect to see Claire here at all.

Duke Gordon’s expression darkened and darkened. What was Emery doing? Claire actually entered the hall! If Claire sided with the Temple, she would be unfilial, and would be disdained by all humans. But if Claire sided with the Hill clan, then she would be openly opposing the Temple, and betraying the Temple as a priest. The consequences would be even more unthinkable!

Claire just shouldn’t appear here!

All the accusations will point towards her! No matter how she chooses, she will put herself on a path of no return. Leng Lingyun looked up and gazed at Claire intently, unable to move his gaze anymore. She came, she still chose to come! Does she know what she will be facing?

“Greetings, your majesty.” Claire did a perfect curtsy, then continued in a cold voice, “Whether my mother is under mind-control or not, we will be able to know immediately. I hope your majesty can be just and fair, and sentence the person who cast the spell, and the true poisoner, to their deserved punishments, instead of letting a weak woman bearing it all. Covering the truth and pushing all responsibilities  to a weak woman; I’m sure such a thing will not only make the whole continent ridicule and disdain, but will also leave a corrupt and dirty mark on history.” Claire stood there haughtily, the words coming out of her mouth reaching every corner of the hall clearly, reaching everyone’s ears.

So arrogant! Such rude words!

The emperor’s face finally turned green. The rage at the bottom of his eyes shot straight towards the young girl before him. Actually speaking such words! Was she mocking his foolishness? So arrogant! Does she know what she is saying, and to whom she is speaking to?!

“But, I trust that your majesty is wise and just, and will definitely find out the true criminal and severely punish him.” Claire smiled faintly and added in a cold voice.

“If you can prove that Katherine Hill is being mind-controlled by someone, then good. If you can’t, you will pay the price for being so arrogant today.” The emperor’s voice was icy and full of authority.

“The person who is controlling my mother’s mind is right here, in this hall! Just sitting over there, with the first prince. What does this mean? Framing and fabricating, shameless and downstream! Despicable and dirty! Can such a person sit on the throne? We can all imagine, if such a person takes the throne, Amparkland shall never see the light of day again.” Claire reached out her hand and pointed at the first prince’s seat, accusing in an icy voice.

Exclamations sounded one after another in the hall. Even though many understood that this was a conspiracy, and understood that something must be wrong about Katherine’s abnormal confession, but the truth being shouted out angrily by this young girl before them and put in the open before everyone was still an indescribable shock!

“Outrageous! Slandering royalty without evidence is punishable by death! Arrest her!” A leader-looking royal knight sitting by the emperor stood up and yelled angrily. The emperor didn’t say anything; naturally he allowed such action. It is time to teach this arrogant and foolish little girl a lesson. The Temple of Light most likely wouldn’t oppose, and this is also sufficient to give a small warning to the Hill clan.

Immediately a small band of fully armed royal knights completely surrounded Claire.

Not waiting for anyone to be able to react.

Claire laughed coldly, then reached out her hand and waved lightly.

A violent force, with Claire as its center, spread out into all directions abruptly.

Every single one of the band of royal knights surrounding Claire was struck into the air. Losing their balance, slamming into the walls and the railings on the second floor, then sliding weakly to the ground. The royal knights just lay on the ground, pools of blood beneath them, not moving again. They needed years to recover from such injuries.

The whole hall was deathly silent. Everyone could hear the sound of their own breathing.

The strength Claire showed right now, was actually that of a wizard sage!

The emperor blanked, just staring at that stunning young girl standing in the middle. She actually already reached the level of a wizard sage! Her strength was actually already so terrifying? Was this real or fake?

The pope’s expression became more and more ugly, the profoundness that flashed across his eyes even more appalling. Does Claire know what she is doing? Actually so openly challenging the authority of the Temple, opposing the Temple. Does she think he really didn’t dare do anything to her? L’Oréal sat silently beside the pope, her creepy eyes always gazing at Claire. She didn’t need to come, but yesterday when she was reading the stars, she predicted that something unusual will happen today, so she came along.

The first prince’s face also darkened. Claire actually didn’t consider her relationship with the Temple at all, publicly going against him. And this young girl’s strength gave him an even bigger headache.

“Whether it is slandering or not, we will see very soon.” Claire laughed coldly. And this cold laugh made many people’s hearts shudder.

Eric, sitting next to the first prince, stood up excitedly with clenched fists, and yelled furiously, “What evidence do you have? How dare you insult the first prince his royal highness like this!”

Claire humphed coldly, then flicked her finger, and an invisible but terrifying force immediately shot towards Eric’s chest.

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