Ch.108 Climax II (Part IV)

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Silently, Eric’s whole body began convulsing, and blood trickled down from the corner of his mouth. He slid to the ground weakly just like that. The first prince’s expression changed greatly, hurriedly reaching out to hold Eric. Eric was still breathing, but all his cultivation was destroyed, and all the meridians in his body was broken; he can never again become a warrior. He had completely became a wasted human being!

“You actually attack your own second brother!” The first prince gritted his teeth and cursed.

But Claire spoke indifferently: “Bastards have no place to sit here.”

Commotion spread through the hall. No one thought that Claire actually dared to attack here! Did she still have the emperor in her eyes? But some people were greatly satisfied. Eric betrayed his clan, and was willing to watch his mother die. Anyone with conscience couldn’t see this as acceptable.

But, everyone understood in their hearts: absolute strength meant absolute say. As a wizard sage, Claire was now standing in front of everyone like a giant mountain.

The pope’s expression darkened more and more. This was obviously giving him a hard slap on the face in front of everyone.

The emperor’s face was already completely dark. Claire’s actions didn’t just equate to giving him one slap on the face! This was basically slapping him hard on one side of the face, then slapping him on the other side of the face, and lastly spitting all over his face!

But, the strength Claire displayed with just a flick of her finger made the hearts of the people shudder. No one on the first prince’s side dared to stand out and say something anymore.

Everyone in the hall focused their gaze on this brilliant young girl. Fright, envy, worship, disbelief……

Leger was very excited, but also very worried about that bastard Eric. That day, he hesitated and didn’t get to kill him before the first prince stopped him. Today Claire’s actions brought him great satisfaction, but then what? Leger’s heart tightened. Lashia balled her fists in excitement, staring at Claire in worship.

Liu Xueqing almost couldn’t hide the excitement in her eyes. Claire actually attacked here again and again! This fool! Haha, everything was destroyed, everthing was over. Claire’s actions meant a complete break with the Temple, becoming enemies with the Temple. Leng Lingyun’s gaze settled on Claire, his eyes full of worry. Seeing Leng Lingyun’s expression out of the corner of her eye, Liu Xueqing’s gaze on Claire became even more malicious.

“Claire Hill!” The emperor was at the brink of explosion as he thundered.

Claire pretended to not hear, turning around and saying quietly, “I will break the mind-control on my mother. You will soon see whether I am telling the truth.”

“Your majesty, please don’t get angry. Claire is still young, that’s why she doesn’t know the limits.” Duke Gordon immediately stood up and said fearfully. Supposedly fearful, but actually protecting. And of course the emperor knew.

“Your majesty, please approve, to let Claire represent the Hill clan in examining Katherine’s mental condition.” Duke Gordon said respectfully.

The emperor’s eyes were dark, but he could only approve. The identity of this Claire was too special. Member of the Hill clan, beloved disciple of Cliff, priest of the Temple of Light. Even though it seemed that she broke with the Temple of Light, before the Temple said anything, he couldn’t decide anything either. Most importantly, this young girl was already a wizard sage.

The pope’s gaze was profound. He was weighing the scale in his heart. Claire was chosen by the goddess, but betrayed the Temple in public. Now what should he do? It seemed that the goddess must decide how to deal with her. He wasn’t at all worried about Katherine’s mind-control. It was impossible to break! Because it must take a sorcerer to break it. And the only person able to break the control was now in a faraway country with Lawrence.

Claire reached out her hand to Katherine’s forehead, a golden light appearing on her hand.

The whole hall quieted down instantly. Everyone focused on Claire’s actions. Even the emperor frowned and watched.

Claire can’t break that mind-control. But just when the pope was sure, a person sitting behind the pope shrieked, then spat out blood, falling to the ground in a seizure, his eyes white. Obviously mental backfire.

The uproar resulting nearly took down the roof of the hall!

The pope’s expression finally changed. She actually broke the mind-control! How strong was Claire? How strong was her mental power? Sorcerer? No! Impossible! She’s not yet fifteen, how could she make the breakthrough to sorcerer?!

“The truth is in front of everyone’s eyes. The first prince planned this to frame the second prince. I’m sure your majesty will find out the identity of that person without me saying so.” Claire watched the emperor coldly, emphasizing each word and phrase.

Meeting Claire’s gaze, don’t know why, but the emperor felt cold sweat on his back. This gaze, was so icy, so intimidating!

“What happened?” Katherine rubbed her forehead, still not fully understanding. She looked at her surroundings in confusion, “I seemed to have a weird dream, being unable to control my actions or speech.” Katherine frowned and thought about it, putting everything together.

“It’s nothing, Mother. We can go home soon.” Claire turned around and smiled gently at Katherine.

The situation in the hall was a little out of control.

Everything that just happened was so shocking and stunning. The first prince’s expression was pale. The situation was already very bad for him.

“Quiet!” The prime minister, who was sitting to the lower left of the emperor, shouted out loud to maintain order.

But the hall was still boiling. Matters have unfolded to such a step. How will they end?

L’Oréal’s creepy irises were still on Claire. Suddenly, her heart tightened, and she closed her eyes then opened them abruptly again. Her body started trembling.

The abnormality from star reading yesterday, meant this?

L’Oréal was stunned, shocked, in disbelief.

The pope felt L’Oréal’s unusualness. L’Oréal had never behaved so abnormal before. Something must have happened.

“L’Oréal?” The pope turned and asked quietly.

“Your holiness, I didn’t see wrong, that young girl…… ” L’Oréal’s voice got lower and lower, until at the end, she stopped using her mouth, but changed to acoustic magic, only letting the pope hear.

“What? You’re sure?!” The pope’s expression right now was more terrifying than any time, the horror in his eyes unmatchable.

L’Oréal nodded with difficulty, the horror in her eyes also inconcealable.

“Your majesty, there is an important matter in the Temple, I must leave now.” The pope stood up, saying a little hastily, and left hurriedly before waiting for the emperor’s response. L’Oréal and the others followed closely. Liu Xueqing was surprised, not knowing what happened, but also followed. Leng Lingyun took a long glance at Claire before leaving.

The people from the Temple of Light all left in a hurry.

But the first prince was surprisingly calm. He looked at Eric quietly, who was lying in his arms, unable to move. The first prince’s eyes were peaceful.

Everything was lost.

That highest seat, was not his……

The strange leaving of the Temple sent everyone into confusion. What happened in the Temple that made the pope and everyone else leave at such an important time?

Did they give up on the first prince just like that?

“The case will be opened again another day. Adjourn the court! Katherine can be released temporarily under bail.” The prime minister announced according to the emperor’s orders, then left hurriedly with the emperor. The way matters developed were completely out of his prediction. No one could understand the sudden turn of attitude of the Temple.

The whole hall was a mess.

Some were happy and some were worried.

“Mother, let’s go home.” Claire smiled and took Katherine’s hand, about to leave.

“Claire.” Duke Gordon walked up, his expression complex, both happy and worried. He was happy that they won this battle, and that Claire’s strength was terrifying. He was worried that Claire now breaking completely with the Temple would bring unimaginable consequences. Even though Claire is now a powerful person, the strength of the Temple was unfathomable.

“Sister, you’re so powerful. You’re really really powerful.” Lashia was still young, so of course she wouldn’t think so much. All she knew was that her sister was glorious and successfully rescued Mother.

“Claire, thank you…… ” Leger walked up and said with some conflict.

Claire smiled faintly: “I didn’t do it for you, only for Mother.”

“Claire, you, you should have…… ” No one could understand Katherine’s emotions right now. In the end, Claire still broke with the Temple of Light for her. Tears glistened in Katherine’s eyes, her hand grabbing Claire’s hand tightly.

“Let’s talk when we get get back.” Duke Gordon said in a deep voice.

Everyone nodded. This wasn’t a good place to talk.

The second prince Nancy and princess Maurice stood where they were, watching Claire from afar, their eyes full of complexity. There was sorrow and there was joy. But they were unable to say anything. They didn’t go talk to Claire, because, they understood, that they weren’t worthy enough to go talk to that girl again.

The people in the hall moved to create a path for the people of Hill clan to pass through. Everyone was silent. They all knew that the Hill clan, will once again climb up a tall peak. A lot of people were worried for that pretty girl. She was originally the precious priest of the Temple of Light, her future bright, but today broke with the Temple for her family. What will her future days be like?

The main temple of the Temple of Light.

L’Oréal was kneeling in front of the statue of the goddess religiously, quiet as a stone.

No one was beside her; the pope and all the others were waiting outside. L’Oréal was communicating with the goddess, listening to the will of the goddess.

An unease rose in Leng Lingyun’s heart. But why, he couldn’t say.

After a long time, they heard a plop in the main temple. Everybody rushed inside to see L’Oréal lying on the ground, exhausted.

“L’Oréal!” The pope went up and supported L’Oréal, calling out anxiously.

L’Oréal opened her eyes slowly, extremely tired. Every time she listened to the will of the goddess, she would become exhausted. Looking at the pope, L’Oréal opened her mouth slightly, but didn’t make a sound. Instead, she used acoustic magic, her soft yet clear voice appearing in the pope’s mind.

No matter the cost, kill Claire.

And must destroy her spirit!

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      1. No.. Cut off their arms, legs, tongue. Pluck out one of their eyes. Made them less than even a pig. I still remember the girl and the knight. How did the torture them before they kill them. If were one of Claire’s entourage, at least I’d ask her to give the Pope and some leaders of the Knight to be me, so i can make them suffer fate worse than death.

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  1. As if the Temple of Darkness just silently watching their Dark Princess to get killed…climate is still in progress and it’s a beginning of the great war against this two force.


  2. Ooh. It’s fun times ahead. I can’t wait for Claire to reverse the situation where Dark and Light switch. Thanks so much for the update!!


  3. Keep your hands off my girl! Claire must bring down that temple. I don’t support the temple of darkness either, but the light one in this story is horrible. I also hope Leng breaks from the temple and takes his sister with him. I hope Claire succeeds. Thanks for this.


  4. Niw is Claire going to join the recluse clan, or get help from the temple of darkness? Or even the demon king?

    She’s knee-deep in politics, but the that fighting obsessed guy might recruit her. They’re so big they probably have the medicine Xuan Xuan needs so he can just tag along.


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