Ch.109 Climax III (Part I)

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No matter the cost, kill Claire. And must destroy her spirit!

This was the will of the goddess.

After L’Oréal communicated this to the pope, she closed her eyes tiredly.

The pope ordered someone to escort L’Oréal back to her room to rest, then walked towards his study with a serious expression. Killing Claire and destroying her spirit needed some planning, because that young girl wasn’t any ordinary person; her background and her present strength must all be accounted for. The only good thing was that her master Cliff was not in the capital right now and won’t be back in some time.

Leng Lingyun saw the pope walking towards his study in silence, and saw L’Oréal’s exhausted features. He frowned slightly, puzzled as to what these two said, and what the will of the goddess was. Did it have something to do with everything that happened today?

And the pope’s following actions made him even more confused and worried.

The cardinal went into the study, the Divine Princess Liu Xueqing was also called in, but the pope didn’t send for him.

In the afternoon, things that shocked Leng Lingyun even more happened. The cardinals in all the branch temples throughout the continent all gathered together, all of them solemn. They all came here instantly through the teleportation matrix. Unless an emergency, the teleportation matrixes were never used, because they cost too much to operate. But now all twelve cardinals were gathered here. What happened? Was this also the will of the goddess?

In the hallway, Leng Lingyun caught the pope leaving his study, and finally called out.

“Your holiness.” Seeing the pope leaving hurriedly, Leng Lingyun called out.

“Lingyun, I need to go out now, to settle some things. You can temporarily look over matters in the Temple,” the pope said meaningfully.

“Your holiness, what is it?!” Even Leng Lingyun himself didn’t know why, but there was an ominous feeling in his heart.

“You don’t need to know. I will tell you after it’s settled.” After saying this, the pope hurried away. Of course he wouldn’t tell Leng Lingyun, that the target of their attack was Claire. The pope knew about the relationship between Leng Lingyun and Claire. He couldn’t let Leng Lingyun mess things up, and he didn’t want the Temple to lose such a strong helper either.

Leng Lingyun watched the pope’s leaving figure, his brows furrowed, deep in thought.

“Lingyun.” A soft voice sounded. Disgust flashed through Leng Lingyun’s eyes. This voice, was Liu Xueqing!

Leng Lingyun turned around, didn’t look at Liu Xueqing, and headed straight towards the apse.

“Lingyun, let’s go visit Xuanxuan. I heard the servant girl say that Xuanxuan was coughing last night.” Liu Xueqing’s voice was full of worry and care. “No need. Xuanxuan is fine.” Leng Lingyun still didn’t look at Liu Xueqing, passing by her and going towards the apse.

Liu Xueqing wanted to say something else, but Leng Lingyun was already far away, obviously not wanting to talk to her.

Leaving Liu Xueqing standing there alone. Watching Leng Lingyun’s disappearing figure, Liu Xueqing gritted her teeth. Leng Lingyun’s attitude toward her now was all because of that little b*tch Claire. If not for her appearance, Xuanxuan will still love her, and Leng Lingyun’s gaze won’t leave her! It’s all Claire’s fault that Leng Lingyun treats her like this now! Humph! And that little b*tch was the center of the spotlight at the trial. But it’s okay, because tonight, that little b*tch will taste the feeling of falling from heaven to hell. Not only will she die, but her spirit will be completely destroyed!

Hideous madness appeared in Liu Xueqing’s eyes. Just thinking about this made her go crazy with delight. She couldn’t wait for tonight’s show!

At this time, Claire was gathered with her family. In the hall, Katherine was sitting in a chair, with Claire on one side and Lashia on the other. Lashia hung onto Katherine’s arm happily, unwilling to let go. Leger watched the joyful mother and daughters, his heart filled with pleasure. Katherine was finally saved. Leger’s gaze moved onto Claire, sighing and exclaiming in his heart. That male-chaser once hated by everyone, now leaped to become the brightest star in the capital. Even the emperor had to be a little cautious around her. Her strength awed everyone. Sorcerer, what did that mean? Everyone present today knew what that meant. And the emperor’s attitude proved everything. Even though Claire was so rude, the emperor could only pretend not to see.

Emery also watched this scene with a smile. Claire was actually a sorcerer! Apart from being happy for Claire, he also felt a twinge of melancholy and disappointment. Now, he was no longer worthy of being Claire’s master. But he understood deeply that Claire always respected him. Having such a disciple made his whole life worth it.

Duke Gordon sat on the topmost seat, still greatly worried. Even though Claire chose the Hill clan at the trial today and her strength has reached a point where most people could only watch but never achieve, she broke with the Temple of Light in public. What should they do in the future? What will the Temple do? They probably wouldn’t do anything right now. But what about later?

“Mother, you’ve suffered these days.” Claire held Katherine’s hand tightly, apologizing.

“No, Claire, you’ve suffered.” Katherine shook her hand and also held Claire’s hand tightly, her face full of guilt and worry, “Today you completely broke with the Temple. What will you do? This was the thing I was most afraid of.”

“Mother, you are the person most important to me. I don’t care about anything else.” Claire smiled faintly, saying her heartfelt words.

Duke Gordon sighed and sighed again, “You keep on talking, I need get some alone time, to think about how to settle these things.”

“Father…… ”

“Father…… !”

“Grandfather, I’m sorry, making trouble for you and putting you in a difficult position.” Seeing the resignation and worry on Duke Gordon’s face, Claire said in apology.

From now on, trouble will probably never stop. Not only will Claire have to face these, the whole Hill clan will have to. Even though the Temple won’t interfere in politics and specifically go against the Hill clan, but towards Claire, it’s different. In the eyes of the Temple, Claire was a traitor, a person who disobeyed the will of the goddess!

“Silly child, what are you talking about?” Duke Gordon laughed lovingly, standing up, “Okay, I will think of a solution for everything. Don’t worry.”

“Thank you, Father.” Leger and Katherine looked at Duke Gordon with gratitude and respect. “Thank you, Grandfather.” Claire smiled, touched.

Duke Gordon smiled lovingly, nodded, then left for his study with Emery and the others.

The hall was cozy and warm, yet the study was the complete opposite. Everyone had on serious expressions.

Duke Gordon sat down in front of his desk, his brows tightly knit. Now that things are like this, it’s useless to blame anyone. What he needed to do right now was to protect Claire and contend with the Temple.

“Emery, Charles, what do you think?” Duke Gordon’s brows were still furrowed. Charles was Duke Gordon’s other trusted subordinate, a strong warrior.

The two glanced at each other, not saying anything immediately.

“Emery, you speak first.” Duke Gordon nodded towards Emery.

Emery frowned slightly: “Your grace, this time our opponent is not just anyone, but the Temple of Light. No one has ever publicly gone against the Temple of Light, and no one has lived peacefully after betraying them.”

“Continue.” Duke Gordon’s brows became even more furrowed.

“If unable to contend with, we can hide. Let Miss stay away for some time.” Emery said what he was thinking. He worried about Claire’s situation more than anyone.

“Charles, what do you think?” Duke Gordon turned to ask Charles, who was standing beside Emery peacefully.

“I agree with Emery. Everything is at the crest of the wave right now, so it would be best if Miss can stay away temporarily.” Charles nodded in agreement, “If Miss leaves, the Temple doesn’t dare ambush on the way; after all, Miss is very strong now. But if she continues to stay in the capital, the Temple would make up excuses to put Miss in a predicament.”

“This is the only way.” Duke Gordon sighed and nodded, “Emery, go and prepare for Claire to leave tonight.”

“Yes, your grace.” Emery accepted.

“Charles, escort them fifteen kilometers out and come back. Emery, stay with Claire, and go to Usari. That’s where the power of the Temple of Light is the weakest.” Duke Gordon was a bit depressed and frustrated. Claire’s strength is now so terrifying. If today’s things haven’t happened, Claire will become the biggest asset of the Hill clan. But these things had to happen. The Temple of Light can no longer tolerate Claire; what should they do? Let her hide like this for forever? For the time being, even Duke Gordon didn’t know what to do.

“Go prepare now.” Duke Gordon told the two to leave for now. After they left, he walked to window and stood there with his hands behind his back, sighing in his heart.

The study was silent. Duke Gordon turned around frustratedly, but met a pair of dark eyes. Duke Gordon immediately backed up in fright. Someone could actually sneak into the Hill castle silently and appear behind him. When he saw who it was, Duke Gordon was even more panicked.

The person in front of him, was the pope!

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10 thoughts on “Ch.109 Climax III (Part I)

    1. I don’t think granpa will betray her. At least he was pampering her before she became today’s Claire, and she made him proud more than anything. Why would he now? The question is, what the Pope would do the her family? Oh man, i really want the temple of light to suffer more than anything.


  1. The Temple of the Light is on the move…while the Temple of Darkness in stealth and waiting for the opportunity ….is this the Right Time the temple of darkness to move? Itching to see the war broke out between in this two forces.


  2. Hahaha, I feel like the raising of the Temple of Dark would start from here XD

    Oh Temple of Light, you can’t escape fate.


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