Ch.109 Climax III (Part III)

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Duke Gordon raised the dagger with force, and stabbed it towards Claire’s back, aimed at her heart. The sound of the air being sliced made Claire immediately alert, but that sound had already arrived at her back, right at her heart. Claire hurriedly created a magic shield behind her back and then rolled to the ground. But the dagger had already sliced through Claire’s clothes and made a cut in her flesh. Before Claire could catch her breath, a heavy fist headed straight towards her; she hastily pushed herself off the ground and dodged this sneak attack. But this sudden sneak attack was obviously very successful! Because Duke Gordon had completely concealed his killing intent, so Claire didn’t immediately sense it. And even completely exposed her back to him.

Taken by surprise, Claire was forced to back up to a large tree. She regarded Duke Gordon coldly, who was expressionless. But Claire begun to feel a little dizzy. The abnormal and excruciating pain from the wound on her back told Claire that something was wrong with that dagger. And her chest felt more and more suffocated, and unable to suppress a breath, Claire spat out a mouthful of blood. And the blood on the ground actually had a hint of black! Poison! And not just any ordinary deadly poison! The people in a distance all saw this scene. “Claire!” Katherine screamed, and immediately started racing over. Lashia, totally shocked, also ran over. Leger followed behind, his face dark. Emery was also aghast, immediately heading over. But his hand was tugged by an unexpected yet strong force, almost pulling his arm out of socket. Emery turned to face Charles’s icy face.

“His Grace said, you are to quietly stay here with me.” Charles wasn’t surprised by this at all, obviously knowing that this would happen the whole time. He held onto Emery tightly, not letting him leave even half a step.

On this side, before Claire could get her act back together, the ground beneath her changed. White light instantly spurted out from under her feet. Suddenly dizzy, Claire supported herself against a tree and saw that the area beneath her feet was actually a huge matrix. A huge twelve-pointed star matrix, shining with glaring white light, and the light growing stronger and stronger.

“Father, what are you doing?” Katherine rushed over like mad, about to run right into the matrix.

“Katherine, calm down.” Leger grabbed Katherine, who was going to run in, and pulled her back into his arms.

“Grandfather, what are you doing! Why did you attack Sister?” Lashia was angry, shocked, and worried. Seeing Claire’s face turn more and more pale inside the matrix, her heart became more anxious, and she also wanted to rush in, but was grabbed tightly by Duke Gordon. White Emperor and Black Feather, who were on Lashia’s shoulders, hopped into the matrix and leapt onto Claire’s shoulders, both calling out worriedly.

Duke Gordon’s expression was completely cold as he watched Claire in the matrix. There was not a trace of emotion or warmth in his eyes.

“Leger! What are you doing? You let go of me! Let go of me! That’s our daughter!” Katherine pounded on Leger’s chest like she were crazy, kicking with her feet, even opening her mouth to bite. But Leger, with a painful expression, didn’t let go.

Standing in the matrix, Claire reached out her hand to wipe away the blood stains by her mouth, then chuckled coldly: “The Temple of Light really has good methods, even using this devil-exterminating matrix. They really think highly of me.” Claire knew about this matrix. Because it was carved into the wall representing honor in the Temple. This was the matrix the goddess used to capture and kill devils. Except that in the carving, this matrix was controlled by twelve eight-winged angels.

Slowly, from twelve directions of the matrix, walked out twelve cardinals of the Temple, dressed in white robes. They all had a necklace hanging on their chests: the Stillness of the goddess. It was shaped like a drop of water, but it had a huge effect — it can conceal one’s essence! That’s why Claire didn’t notice their presence at all. Their expressions were almost the exact same, icy, indifferent. They were also chanting in their mouths, controlling the devil-exterminating matrix. Although this devil-exterminating matrix they created was far from having the power of that created by the twelve eight-winged angels in the carving, it was enough against a wounded and poisoned sorcerer. This matrix will completely control a person to stay inside the matrix to be then killed by those outside.

Claire said this indifferently, with no fear in her eyes at all. Her gaze never left Duke Gordon. It was this person, who gave her that deadly stab without mercy. If Claire wasn’t trained in DouQi, and her body was as weak as an ordinary magician, right now, she would probably only have breaths leaving her body and none coming in.

When Duke Gordon returned Claire’s gaze, a cold feeling actually rose in his chest. Claire’s gaze, seemed to be able to penetrate him. A person at the sorcerer level really wasn’t ordinary. If he rashly attacked with DouQi, he would definitely have failed. The pope actually foresaw this, so he gave him this dagger.

“Father, what in the world are you doing? Do you know what you are doing? Why would you do this?” Katherine cried, struggling with all her might.

Claire slowly let out a breath, regulating her breathing. Leaning on the tree, she watched Duke Gordon coldly.

“Sister, sister……” Lashia had tears streaming all over her face.

“What agreement did you come to with the Temple?” Claire couldn’t walk out of this devil-exterminating matrix, but the Lotus Power was already working inside her body to heal her wounds. But, this time, it was abnormally slow. And the deadly poison seemed to not only corrode her body, but also her nerves!

Claire knew clearly in her heart, that she was betrayed!

Betrayed by this supposed Grandfather!

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  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    no puedo esperar por el siguiente capitulo

    espero la venganza de claire con anicias


    1. I also hope young lord(devil) or his dad would come or the li clan/feng yixuan/lagark?, at least that would be entertaining…. The devil vs. The gods vs. The humans.


  2. What!?!? What is this!?!? SO SHORT!! THIS IS NOT ENOUGH!! Gimme another one!! Maybe that I could call as a chapter… These were just some lines.. some thoughts!! not a chapter!!! Thank you very much but gimmemoooore! cryyyyy sob.


  3. Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top can you translate another chapter. That cliffhanger is really killing me.


  4. So it was betrayal…let me lie down and cry myself to sleep. T-T
    Someone please save her or have white emperor and black feather save her, since they are within the matrix. Thanks.


  5. Mooooore!!! We already knew from the start that the Grandfather is a power hunger moron, white lotus save your mama!! Or better yet black feather &white emperor bestow upon us your mighty power~

    Thanks for the chap!! Keep up the good work not the cliffs though hihi


  6. Maybe the pope told grandfather that Claire is not the real one and he needs to destroy that soul to get his grand daughter back. At least this is what I want to think, not just his hunger for power and thing like these ;-;


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