Ch.109 Climax III (Part IV)

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“A person about to die doesn’t need to know so much.” Duke Gordon’s voice was cold, but when he met Claire’s gaze, nervousness and fright flashed through his eyes.

“Father! Claire is your granddaughter, how can you do this!” Katherine was at the edge of a breakdown.

Duke Gordon glanced at Claire coldly, sneering and saying in a weird tone, “Granddaughter? I don’t have such a good granddaughter!”


“Grandfather?!” Lashia’s eyes were wide. Was Grandfather really going to betray Sister for some agreement made with the Temple?

Claire didn’t say anything, still desperately trying to use the Lotus Power to heal her wound. This matrix isn’t at its maximum strength yet; she must break out of it quickly. But what was wrong with the wound on her back? Her strength seemed to flow out. What was wiped on it?

“Katherine, Lashia, think carefully. What type of person was Claire originally? A male-chaser, idiot, fool. Why did she change after falling off the horse? Because she’s not Claire! She just has Claire’s body. She murdered Claire’s spirit and took over her body!” Duke Gordon’s expression was icy, and there was a hint of a sneer in his gaze on Claire.

Katherine was shocked and stopped her struggling, while Lashia was horrified. But Leger only had a complicated expression. Katherine and Lashia just stared at Claire, not moving.

Claire raised her brows slightly, but realization dawned on her. So this old fox found out everything long ago? But he didn’t expose her, instead letting her grow and shine, because she was valuable to the Hill clan. Now that the Temple offered a better condition, he abandoned her without another thought?

Great thinking, great patience, great methods!

Sure enough, there was a reason this person was able to let the Hill clan stand and not fall this whole time!

Claire’s gaze slowly moved onto Katherine. Katherine looked lost, staring at Claire, her face deathly pale. Leger sighed in his heart and let go of her. Lashia just stared at Claire in disbelief, not moving.

“Is, is it real? Claire, you are not my Claire?” Katherine’s eyes seemed to lose focus as she asked woodenly.

Claire sighed gently, looked at Katherine’s eyes and answered slowly, “It’s true I am not the original Claire.” Right now, saying anything more was useless, so Claire stopped talking, desperately circling the Lotus Power through her body.

The twelve cardinals were still chanting, and the matrix on the ground glowed brighter and brighter. White Emperor and Black Feather jumped up and down on Claire’s shoulders, apparently also knowing that this matrix was no trivial matter.

Katherine just stared at Claire’s face, not moving.

“Katherine, let’s go, let’s go home.” Leger couldn’t bear for Katherine to see “Claire” being killed. Even if she wasn’t their daughter, it was their daughter’s body. And she did rescue Katherine. Leger wasn’t completely unmoved.

“Lashia, you should go back also. Everything will be done in just a little while.” Duke Gordon patted Lashia’s head and pushed her gently towards Katherine’s direction.

Leger took Katherine’s hand and was about to leave.

Suddenly, as if crazy, Katherine bolted towards one of the cardinals and pushed him away, crying, “I don’t care who she is, she is my daughter, she is my Claire!” The cardinal’s chanting was broken and his concentration faltered, and the matrix’s light dimmed a little.

Claire was stunned. Everyone was stunned.

“Run, Claire, run!” Katherine was like a crazy lioness, not waiting for Leger or Duke Gordon to register what happened before desperately pushing the other cardinals away. Before leaving the Li clan, she had destroyed her own cultivations, so right now she acted like a virago, clawing, biting, kicking, using the most traditional methods to bother the chanting cardinals. Momentarily, no one came back to their senses.

The twelve-pointed star matrix dimmed more and more.

Claire gritted her teeth. An indescribable warmth flooded her heart as she held her breath, about to rush out the matrix. She can’t let Katherine’s good intentions go useless!

Seeing this, Duke Gordon roared, and without hesitation, burst out dark purple DouQi. Duke Gordon was apparently already at the peak of a grand swordsman, about to breakthrough to swordsman sage! His expression icy, Duke Gordon swung his fist with all his might at Claire. He knew this punch couldn’t kill Claire, but it was enough to force Claire back into the matrix.

“No—-!” Suddenly, like an arrow leaving the bow, Katherine shot to between Duke Gordon and Claire, reaching out and blocking in front of Claire. Claire successfully made it out the matrix and stood on the edge of the matrix.

All this happened in a split of a second.

No one expected for Katherine to have such potential at such a time……

Blood splattered all over Claire’s face. Katherine had reached out her hand and blocked in front of Claire. Her expression was so gentle, so tender. Duke Gordon had wanted to land his fist on Claire’s head, but now landed on Katherine’s back. And he had used all his might. Leaving a gaping hole in Katherine’s chest. Blood splattered all over Claire’s face, body, and the ground.

“No—-!” Leger’s painful cry pierced the night.

“Mother!!” Lashia screamed desperately.

Claire looked in shock at this gently smiling woman. Her heart seemed to stop beating, her mind blank.

Claire reached out and caught Katherine’s soft body.

Katherine was still smiling, her gaze still so gentle. But, she would never breathe again, and her body temperature was dropping.

Duke Gordon only paused momentarily before swinging his fist at Claire again.

He can’t let all this effort go to ruins just because of a woman’s death!

Claire reached out lightly. But just this light movement of her hand caught Duke Gordon’s forceful fist.

Duke Gordon was surprised. Seeing the fist he put all his strength into being easily caught by Claire, his mind went blank. Although sorcerers were very powerful, did, did they have such strength?

There was only savageness in Claire’s eyes. Without saying anything, she tightened her grip.

Cold sweat immediately beaded on Duke Gordon’s forehead. His hand! His hand, was completely destroyed!

“Die!” Claire humphed coldly, her hand suddenly moving, and Duke Gordon’s body flew backwards and landed with a heavy thud, smashing a deep hole in the ground and sending up clouds of dust. What was even more terrifying was that Duke Gordon’s fist seemed normal, but when he landed and scratched the skin, thick blood mixed with water sprayed out, and his fist immediately shrank down! Claire actually shattered Duke Gordon’s hand into pulp while the skin was still perfect!

Duke Gordon just lay there unmoving. Only his slightly moving chest showed that he was still alive.

But the scene was horrifying and stunning.

At this time, the twelve cardinals finally registered everything. The spell was broken, the matrix had also disappeared. Since the matrix couldn’t trap Claire, they had to fight hand-on.

The twelve cardinals surrounded Claire in mutual understanding. Leger seemed to have lost his soul, just standing there, not moving. Lashia looked towards Claire, who was encircled, then looked towards their mother in Claire’s arms, who died a tragic death, then finally pulled Leger towards the side. Her sanity almost broke down at this moment!

“Devil-catching net!”

The twelve cardinals shouted, raising their right hands. A bright white light glowed on each hand, and twelve rays of white light met above Claire’s head, then poured down, forming a huge net made out of light.

Claire still didn’t move, only lowering her head to look at the person in her arms. The person in her arms had become cold. And the blood on Claire’s face had also long become cold.

Claire still didn’t move, but someone else did. A fire spell landed on one of the cardinals. The cardinal stumbled and blood flowed out his mouth, but he didn’t stop his actions or his chanting.

“Claire!” Emery ran over in a sorry state. That spell had come from Emery. As a magician, it was really hard to defeat the warrior Charles. Charles was obeying Duke Gordon’s orders, that no matter what happened outside, don’t let Emery get out the carriage. But just when Claire lifted her head to see Emery rushing over anxiously, she saw a scene that made all her blood freeze.

The pope, in a white robe, descended from the sky. Without even saying anything, he waved his hand and killed Emery. That glaring white light landed on Emery’s head, chopping him into two!


Claire felt her whole body go cold. Everything was icy to the bones! Rage exploded from the depth of Claire’s heart.

“The struggles of a trapped beast.” The pope landed on the ground as he said indifferently. He already started casting magic. Deadly poison was wiped on the dagger, making people’s strength flow away and blur their conscience. Rage, let anger take over you; that way, your conscience will be blurred even quicker.

“The sinner with the Dark Mark, today, your dirty spirit will be cleansed.” The pope’s white robed flapped in the air, seeming at ease.

Claire instantly understood!

So this was why!

The Temple knew she was a person bearing the Dark Mark, so they came to kill her no matter the cost!

Claire’s fists were white, her nails piercing deeply into her flesh, yet she didn’t notice. Glaring red blood dripped out from between her fingers, painting her whole hand red.

This was a piercing, bone-devouring pain. Endless pain, sorrow, and rage flooded Claire. Claire just stared at the pope, her green eyes bloodshot and becoming redder and redder. Her hideous expression was even more terrifying.

“Draw in the net!” The pope ordered with a low shout. Don’t know why, but when he met Claire’s furious and hateful eyes, the pope felt a little uneasy.

“Aaaah–” Claire suddenly lifted her head and roared. Her voice was filled with rage and sorrow. This sound pierced the night, shooting straight up into the sky, making all the people around uncomfortable and nervous. The unease in the pope’s heart grew. But he didn’t have time to care about that, and raised his hand high. A white light flashed, then a huge scepter appeared in his hand.

“The great goddess of Light, please grant me strength. The radiance at the end of the sky, please gather here together…… ” Raising the scepter high, the pope chanted quickly and pointed the scepter at Claire, who was still trapped inside the net. At the end of the scepter, a ball of light slowly appeared, growing bigger and bigger.

Claire looked towards the sky, her gaze blank. She stood up slowly. Everything around her seem to freeze in time.

Suddenly, in that instant, a golden light burst forth from Claire, glowing brighter and brighter, enveloping her completely. This golden light looked so pure and holy, and it slowly surpassed the white light of the devil-catching net of the twelve cardinals, and the light from the pope’s scepter.

What happened? The pope was a bit taken aback. The death struggle?

The twelve cardinals squinted in the bright light, watching Claire, who was surrounded by them. Clearly it was Claire who was suppressed by them and unable to move, but why did they feel uneasy?

“Today, I will let you know what regret is!” Claire roared, waving her hand up. Instantly, the devil-catching net cracked open, and a golden flame leapt onto every major line. The flames seemed alive, snaking down quickly, shooting towards the chests of the twelve cardinals controlling the devil-catching net.

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      1. yep, hopefully they don’t kill all her friends, beasts and her last master cliff….. or else now they will taste the wrath of the double black: black hair and iris!!! she will probably breakout in the next level (is it the 8th or 9th?)… Si Kongli will hopefully be happy with Claire’s progress…. the time of darkness will now come!!!! Temple of light vs. Temple of darkness might be the next arc…..


    Well I guess their country along with the temple would now go sinking.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  2. What a bloddy situation(literally) go finish the cardinals Claire!! & Jean just where the hell are you?! Oooh looking forward to the next chap~ same here schools gonna start the next few days

    Thank you for the chapter 🙂



    It can’t be true. Both Katherine and Emery died. It has to be an illusion or they get resurrected somehow. They can’t just be dead. The backstabbing was fine but they just can’t die. They can’t.


  4. Thanks for the chapter.
    Sad that she died though, sorry for all Emery fans (if there even are any) but I won’t miss him…




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  7. Suddenly, as if crazy, Katherine bolted towards one of the cardinals and pushed him away, crying, “I don’t care who she is, she is my daughter, she is my Claire!”

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