Ch.109 Climax III (Part V)

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The next moment, painful shrieks and grunts sounded one after another. Some cardinals didn’t even make a sound before a huge, bloody hole was blasted through their chests. One could even see the trees behind through that hole. The devil-catching net obviously was broken completely to pieces and not a trace of it was left. The pope’s expression became a little pale. He knew that Claire was hard to contend with, but he didn’t expect for Claire to be so hard to contend with. After her long roar, her strength seemed to grow even more. As if she wasn’t the same as before anymore? A breakthrough? The pope then immediately negated his own guess. Impossible! Already a sorcerer, what else can she breakthrough to? And how could she break through in such a situation. The only possibility was, Claire really was struggling like a trapped beast! This was only her last struggles.

Thinking to here, the pope’s heart relaxed a little. And the spell he was chanting had finished, so he used all his might to swing the scepter in his hand, and the huge light ball at the top of the scepter sped towards Claire violently.

Claire laughed coldly, not dodging, instead facing it. Claire waved her hand, and a sword appeared in her hand!

It was the Tidal Sword! The originally ordinary Tidal Sword, was now bursting with light the instant Claire drew it out. The sword split apart with a tearing sound, and revealed its true form! The pattern on the handle was ancient and mysterious looking, while the blade was abnormally sharp, shining with a frightening cold light.

Only now was the Tidal Sword in its true form! Only at this time could Claire use all its power!

This was the growth Tidal Sword! A relic!

Claire rushed up and slashed her sword, cutting that huge light ball in half just like that!

Her expression cold, Claire sped between the light balls, and headed straight towards the pope, whose expression had changed greatly. The two light balls struck the ground behind her, making a huge noise and blasting two huge and deep pits in the ground. Dirt and rock flew everywhere and trees fell. The pope dodged hastily, while Claire struck out with her sword.

This strike, seemed fast and violent.

But, in that instant, to the pope, it seemed that the sword before him was very, very slow, slow enough that he could clearly see the reflection of his own face on the sharp blade. Such a slow speed, but when the pope wanted to dodge, he realized that he couldn’t. He could only watch as that sword came to his chest.

With all her strength, the Tidal Sword burning with golden flames cut straight down on the pope’s shoulder. Shock filled the bottom of the pope’s eyes, then his expression became painful. The power in this slash was not simple at all! An overbearing and burning power intruded into his body savagely from the wound on his shoulder.

Roar! The pope was the pope after all, so with this furious roar, the scepter in his hand already sent out another ball of light instantly, speeding straight towards Claire’s face.

Her face cold and indifferent, Claire drew her sword again, and extended a pair of golden wings out behind her back with a whoosh. She flew up swiftly into mid air and the pope’s attack missed.

At this time the pope didn’t dare be careless at all anymore. The unusual pain in his shoulder woke him up completely. The violent and overbearing power at the wound invaded his body, and went on a rampage throughout his body. He finally understood, Claire actually did make another breakthrough at such a critical time!

Just what kind of level was Claire now? The pope didn’t dare be careless anymore. To destroy Claire, there was only one way now.

“Angel possession!” The pope suddenly backed away a large distance, put away the scepter in his hands, and extended his two hands towards the heavens, a very religious and pious expression on his face.

Claire didn’t even need to think to know that this old thing must be using some last resort method. And how could she let him have this chance?

Her expression icy, Claire raised her sword and rushed forward, but was blocked by several white figures. She then saw that it was actually several cardinals. Turning her head, she saw that the other cardinals that were still alive actually were doing the same thing as the pope, looking at the sky, hands raised high, expression extremely pious.

Claire immediately understood, the cardinals before her obviously wanted to stop Claire and let the others finish what they were doing at all costs. These totally brainwashed cardinals were completely putting in their lives. Spending their lives and using all they had to stop Claire, just to let the pope and the other cardinals finish their spellcasting.

When Claire finally got rid of the last cardinal that was blocking her, some people already completed their spellcasting. Claire squinted her eyes as she watched the creepy scene before her: the cardinals that completed angel possession each grew a pair of pure white wings behind their backs, their expressions indifferent, their gazes even colder. And in their hands were swords and shields, some holding scepters. The pope’s angel possession completed too; there were three pairs of pure white wings behind the pope’s back, and he held a silver bow in his hand!

Claire suddenly understood. This supposed angel possession was basically summoning and inviting angels to possess their bodies and help with the battle. The cardinals summoned angels that only had one pair of wings, while the pope was naturally different from them, summoning an angel with three pairs of wings. His strength was powerful without saying.

“Dirty human, your dark and ugly spirit should not exist in this world. Go turn into ashes.” The pope’s voice had already changed. Compared to the elderly voice before, the voice now was much younger, just similarly cold.

There were five cardinals that completed angel possession, plus the pope would be six. Claire didn’t dare be careless, because the pressure emitted by the pope’s body didn’t belong to that of a human anymore. This six-winged angel, was very strong! Archers were also the deadly nemesis of magicians. But, if close-combatting, archers could no longer contend with warriors.

Claire held the Tidal Sword in her hands tight, squinting slightly. Five cardinals surrounded Claire in the middle. The pope flapped the three huge pairs of wings behind his back, flying up into mid air, moving far away from Claire. For an archer, distance was very important.

Among the five cardinals, three were warriors. These three already flew up to Claire and began fighting her. Claire’s was very astonished in her heart. These cardinals now were like completely different people from they were before. While the three warrior cardinals were close-combatting with Claire, the other two magician cardinals continuously released spells attacking Claire. Under their well-cooperated attacks, Claire actually could only manage to defend.

What was the pope doing? With these three cardinals all fighting her up close, what could the pope, an archer, do? Claire blocked a sharp attack from her back and thought. But she had just thought to here when Claire felt an abnormally sharp essence coming from the body of the cardinal in front of her. Dammit! Claire thought. But it was already too late. A light so white it burned her eyes, pierced through the body of the cardinal in front of her like lightning, and bolted towards Claire violently. The cardinals on Claire’s left and right immediately slashed towards Claire, so Claire raised her sword to block them, but wasn’t able to dodge the arrow. This arrow shot straight through Claire’s shoulder. Burning pain spread throughout Claire’s body. So insidious, actually so determined to hit Claire that he didn’t hesitate to kill the cardinal in front of her.

After the arrow pierced through the cardinal’s body, a white light flashed through his body, and the angel that had possessed him returned. But the cardinal was shot dead by that arrow.

Their plan was clear now.

Suicidal. No, maybe she should say planning to sacrifice these cardinals, but wouldn’t hurt those angels any bit. Must kill Claire.

Next, Claire was forced into passivity. The opponents were attacking without concern for their lives; their only goal was to slow down Claire’s actions. But there was no way Claire would let them achieve their goal so easily.

Afterwards, the pope shot three arrows in a row that didn’t even touch Claire, while losing another cardinal. Claire chopped down that cardinal’s head with one slash of her sword.

Seeing Claire fighting with skill and ease, the pope’s expression darkened. The bow in his hand didn’t move again, while his gaze slowly landed on the body of Katherine on the ground. A cold smile flashed through the pope’s eyes. He raised his bow slowly, pulling the bowstring back fuller and fuller. This arrow, can not only destroy a person’s flesh, but also their spirit.

“Everything dirty needs to be washed.” Watching Claire, the pope spoke these words slowly and coldly.

After getting rid of another cardinal, Claire’s gaze followed the direction of the pope’s arrow, and was greatly shocked. The arrow wasn’t pointed towards Claire, but towards Katherine’s body!

“Bastard!” Rage was already burning to the sky in Claire’s heart. Even her irises were turning blood red, and deep killing intent filled her eyes.

Claire rushed to before Katherine, then spread her wings further out and flew towards the pope, the sword in her hand held tightly as she rushed straight up like that. The corners of the pope’s lips curved up into an icy arc. He aimed the tip of his arrow at Claire’s chest, and fired!……

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22 thoughts on “Ch.109 Climax III (Part V)

  1. Well where has the dark temple been? The light guys have all these powers and cardinals and we already saw the dark temple has significant forces!! They know the situation of Claire through the slave trader, so all I can think while reading this, is of that plothole staring me in the face! And why did the father not do anything to help after the granddad was put out of commission? I mean the mom could run so can’t the dad kill some cardinals? All these are just stupid actions forcing Claire to do everything which is just irritating me so much, I really dislike stories forcing these plotpoints for plotpoints sake!!!!


    1. Claire’s father is too weak to do anything and she moved without the dark temple. Also Claire’s father doesn’t really love Claire, as we have read ithe in the former chapter.


    2. Yes. The Dark Temple doesn’t know of this plan so they’re not here; they can’t follow Claire constantly. If they knew, they would obviously be here. And they’re already meeting Claire at Usari, but they’re going there separately to avoid being too obvious. And Leger doesn’t help because he never really liked Claire, so he wasn’t going to risk his life. And he’s also weak. And he still obeys Duke Gordon. Basically, this was too sudden and nobody knew.
      And yeah, I also really hate plot holes, but this isn’t one of them. 😛


  2. Did she just break through the twelfth volume?
    Then it’s not that bad of an idea for Si Konglin to appear now. *pray* ❤


  3. Just where is Jean& what in the world is blackfeather and white emperor doing?!
    Hope atleast Leng Lingyun come

    She has so many allies but it comes down to Claire against the world -_-
    Yeah she may be shot again but I hope she really shot down that pope

    Thanks for the chap~


  4. Ohh.. my..

    I want more…

    And BTW, claire wont call the god of darkness unless she realy needs it, that just how she is.
    As for now claire is fighting with her own power.

    I like this chapter because it shows how powerfull claire had become…

    Gushh isn’t she cool?? ❤❤


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