Ch.109 Climax III (Part VI)

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Outside the city gates, Leng Lingyun’s expression was unreadable, worry in his eyes. He finally knew about the Temple’s mission to kill Claire tonight. But, was it too late now? How was Claire? Leng Lingyun flew up into the sky, about to go to the direction L’Oréal told him. Just then, a familiar voice sounded.

“Lingyun, where are you going so late at night?” Like a ghost, Liu Xueqing appeared from a corner of the city walls. Leng Lingyun realized he was too worried about Claire that he didn’t see there was someone standing there.

“None of your business.” Leng Lingyun replied coldly, then flew away speedily.

“You want to rescue Claire, right?” Seeing Leng Lingyun leave, Liu Xueqing called out hurriedly. Leng Lingyun paused in mid air, but ignored Liu Xueqing and continued to fly forward.

“Are you really going to go against the Temple for her? Is she worth it? All these years of hard work; are you really going to destroy them in your own hands?” Liu Xueqing’s voice was very loud, filled with demand, anger, unwillingness, and jealousy. Leng Lingyun continued to ignore her. All he knew was that he didn’t want that young girl to be harmed, didn’t want her to die.

“What about Xuanxuan?” Liu Xueqing’s cold voice sounded once again. Leng Lingyun finally stopped.

Liu Xueqing was delighted. Sure enough, Xuanxuan was forever her trump card, her magic weapon to restrain Leng Lingyun.

But, when Leng Lingyun turned around, Liu Xueqing got a fright. Leng Lingyun’s violet irises were completely icy. He looked at Liu Xueqing coldly, not a trace of warmth or emotion in his eyes, as if he could see right through her, right through her spirit. Scared, Liu Xueqing backed up two steps involuntarily.

“Don’t threaten me with Xuanxuan. My patience has a limit.” Leng Lingyun’s voice was cold as a thousand year glacier, making people shiver from inside.

“I, I didn’t. I didn’t mean that.” Liu Xueqing waved her hands hastily and added, “Xuanxuan told me to bring her to find you. Over there.” Liu Xueqing felt even colder. Leng Linyun’s shocked gaze followed Liu Xueqing’s finger, and saw an ordinary carriage standing there quietly.

Xuanxuan came? How come? When he left, the servant girl clearly told him that she was asleep.

Seeing Leng Lingyun’s unbelieving expression, Liu Xueqing hurried towards the carriage: “Really, Xuanxuan told me to take her here.” Leng Lingyun floated down slowly, staring at the carriage with suspicion. But before he could walk over, the door flap to the carriage was pushed away, and Leng Xuanxuan’s cute little face popped out.

“Xuanxuan! Why are you here?” Leng Lingyun was shocked. Xuanxuan actually appeared here.

“Brother, I’m here to give you something.” Leng Xuanxuan took out a tiny crystal from behind her back. It was a memory crystal.

“What’s that?” Leng Lingyun hurried towards Leng Xuanxuan.

“It’s what I wanted to say to Brother. Brother, all these years, you’ve suffered.” Suddenly, Leng Xuanxuan flashed a brilliant smile.

No! The thought flashed through both Leng Lingyun and Liu Xueqing’s heart. Because in Leng Xuanxuan’s smile, there was resolution!

The next moment, black blood flowed out the corner of Leng Xuanxuan’s mouth, so glaring! Still smiling, Leng Xuanxuan slid down slowly.

“No—-!” Leng Lingyun roared in pain, rushing towards the carriage and catching the soft, little body. Leng Xuanxuan’s complexion was deathly pale, without any trace of color. Her tiny lips had turned black as she tried to lift up the crystal in her hands. Her breathing was so shallow, yet she had a satisfied smile. Seeing Leng Lingyun’s painful expression, she tried her best to say one sentence, just one sentence.

“Brother, please fly……. freely…… ”

After saying this, her innocent, violet irises dimmed, then closed. Leng Xuanxuan’s small hand dropped to her side, the little crystal falling to the ground and rolling away.

Her small, soft body was slowly getting colder, and colder……

Liu Xueqing stood there dumbly, emotions flooding her heart. Leng Xuanxuan actually chose to swallow poison and suicide! Where did she get the poison? Why was this so coincidental? Why did she suicide at such a key time? Everything was over! Over! Over! This was the only thought in Liu Xueqing’s heart. She knew, Leng Lingyun would never turn back again. He had no more reason to stay at the Temple of Light, no reason to ever talk to her again, no reason to ever look at her again!

Liu Xueqing thought Leng Lingyun would explode, would hit her because of anger, but instead, he was very quiet. He just hugged Leng Xuanxuan’s small, lifeless body tightly and stood there unmoving. Frighteningly quiet.

After a long time, Leng Lingyun finally moved.

Liu Xueqing backed up in fright. But Leng Lingyun didn’t even look back. Holding Leng Xuanxuan’s body, he squatted down and picked up the memory crystal on the ground, then walked forward, disappearing into the night.

Liu Xueqing reached out, wanting to call out to Leng Lingyun, but her voice seemed stuck in her throat, unable to make a sound. She wanted to run and catch up, but her feet seemed rooted to the ground, unable to move at all. She could only watch Leng Lingyun vanish, vanish into the night, vanish from her vision, vanish from her world. She knew, that in this life, that person, will no longer have anything to do with her, never……

The pope sneered. Claire definitely won’t be able to block this arrow!

This arrow, was called the Spirit-Slaying Arrow.

Not only will the body be destroyed, but also the spirit!

This terrifying white light shot towards Claire’s chest.

Humans are so foolish. Even though they know they can’t block this arrow, they will still block it for a long lifeless body. The pope lowered the bow, closed his eyes and smiled coldly, feeling the terrifying result of his arrow.


The huge explosion noise could be heard in the sky. Dust and smoke filled the air.

This time, both Claire’s body and spirit would be destroyed, and the goddess’ assignment would be completed. As for those Temple believers that were sacrificed, he’ll just find someone to replace them. The pope was just about to leave to report to the goddess when the dust in front of him settled, and his expression froze on his face.

Right in front of him was Claire’s enlarged, pretty face! Claire slashed towards the pope with all her strength, her sword aiming for the pope’s neck! The pope hastily brought his bow up to block the sword!

Could an archer fight close-combat with a warrior?

Obviously not!

Claire’s eyes were cold. Her sword cut through the pope’s bow and was about to slash through the pope neck. Just then, a white light flashed above her head!

Claire’s movements froze! The Tidal Sword stopped centimeters from the pope’s neck. Immense delight flooded the pope’s face!

He knew, this pressure, was the goddess descending!

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28 thoughts on “Ch.109 Climax III (Part VI)

  1. Noooo!!! Leng Xuanxuan!!! Did she do this because she felt like her existence was controlling Leng Lingyun’s actions? 😢 I really liked her… And the pope! Ugh, he disgusts me…

    Thanks for the chapter~!


    1. She knew that her being alive was holding Lingyun back, she was being used by the Church as a chain to bind Lingyun to them and she knew that. Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if the Church could in fact heal her completely but deliberately chose not to in order to keep their leash.

      So she knew that as long as she lived, Lingyun would be forced to go against Claire and doing so would destroy him because he loves her. So Xuanxuan sacrificed herself to save her beloved brother.

      It’s sad, but she’s actually a pretty smart girl. The question is whether Lingyun can handle losing her, she obviously thinks he can but I’m not so sure.


      1. She would have known they could have healed her then, considering her ability to see the future.
        But it makes one wonder where she got the poison.
        Maybe all this time the church was partly giving her medicine and partly giving her poison while pretending to help her.
        Then it would make sense she had poison. She could just eat her ‘medicine’ all at once – ignoring the actual medicine parts, of course.

        Ps: if my theory is right I won’t know unless my post gets deleted for spoilers.
        PPS: thanks so so so soooooooo much for the translation!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I really hope the evil god shows up as well. I need some resolution to all these douche bags attacking at the same time.


    1. If you need a happy sex scene I could give you a link.. Though reading about things like that may not be the first thing to do after this chapter. xD


  3. I have an inkling in the last chaps that XuanXuan will do something like this freeing Leng Lingyun…. Now Go Lingyun!!!! I think Jean&the others are so slow 😑

    Thank you for the chap!!


  4. What the heck!!! So this B*tch of a goddess wouldn’t let them have a 1 on 1?? That’s cheating!! God of Darkness get your azz here! ….. Thank You for the Update!

    Oh! Didn’t the God of Darkness and Goddess of light make a bet??? So does that mean Claire won?????


  5. my guess is the personne she was before will surface for a moment because claire is about to die and the seal would have weakened and blash the goddess


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