Ch.110 Climax IV (Part I)

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Claire’s actions stopped. She saw the mad delight in the pope’s eyes, and feeling this pressure, she also understood.

That b*tch goddess of Light descended. Like the god of Darkness, her real body is unable to descend, so it’s only her image which appears here, and it only has less than half of her real strength. But just this strength was enough to stop Claire’s actions.

“Humph!” Claire humphed coldly, drew back her sword, and darted back agilely. Now, she is different from before, and won’t be unable to move under the pressure.

“Your holiness!” The pope looked at the sky with delight as the pure, white light became brighter and brighter.

A ball of pure, white light descended slowly. In the light was the faint outline of a beautiful figure. When the figure became clear, the stunning face of the goddess of Light was revealed.

Claire gripped the Tidal Sword tightly. The back of her hand was hurting, the place where the Dark Mark was, and the pain was getting worse. It was a burning pain.

“Dirty and filthy soul, only extermination will give you rebirth.” The goddess’ beautiful sound was full of authority.

Claire glanced at the back of her right hand. The black mark slowly appeared, becoming clearer and clearer. Claire didn’t pay attention to the goddess’ hypocritical words. The goddess actually descended herself to kill Claire. Claire instantly understood, that everything was because of this Mark on her hand.

“You shameless bastard, are you just going to watch?!” Claire watched the goddess cautiously as she spoke out loud. She was talking to the god of Darkness. Claire was sure that the god of Darkness, that vulgar and despicable bastard, must be watching everything that was happening, but didn’t come out to help. He was afraid of the goddess of Light? Except for this, Claire couldn’t think of any other reason.

Silence, there was only silence.

The god of Darkness was like a mountain in place, obviously not preparing to extend a helping hand.

Obviously he didn’t want to take the risk. This displayed his mean personality for all to see; bullying soft fruits then playing dead in front of hard stones. Or why else would he be the god of Darkness, the embodiment of shamelessness and despicableness?

Pah! Claire spat disdainfully, pointing the Tidal Sword at the goddess of Light, her heart already resolute.

Even though Claire just made a breakthrough, she still wasn’t a match for the goddess of Light. Not to mention another deadly danger was coming. Since she broke through to the eleventh volume of the Treasured Lotus Directory, the lightning will come. Based on previous experience, the lightning should be striking down by now. But right now there was still nothing. And that could only mean one thing, it was the calm before the storm! The storm clouds were preparing, to appear in their most violent form! Last time, Golden Lotus woke up and helped her pass the lightnings of the tenth volume then fell asleep again. And hasn’t awaken yet!

What Claire didn’t see was, on the ground, two little fur balls, White Emperor and Black Feather, were staring at each other. White Emperor’s eyes were filled with fury and worry, while Black Feather was flapping his wings and looking like he didn’t care.

“Speed!!” Claire’s face darkened as she yelled. The Tidal Sword in her hands glowed brilliantly, and a savage, golden flame slashed towards the goddess of Light. The flame grew even more violent in the air, as if it cut open the air itself. If this slash fell on an ordinary strong person, that person would definitely turn to ashes. But, the target was the goddess of Light.

The goddess of Light just raised her scepter casually, her expression indifferent, and the terrifying force flying towards her just stopped. Then, that golden flame vanished into thin air.

Was this the difference between gods and humans?

Claire’s knuckles gripping the Tidal Sword were already white.

“Lowly ant.” The goddess of Light’s eyes obviously said these two words. Evil humor flashed through her eyes, and then the goddess waved her scepter lightly, and a white light flooded down from above Claire’s head, enveloping her inside completely.

The violent force pressing on all sides almost made Claire’s blood vessels burst. Claire was forced to land to the ground by this pressure, unable to move anymore. She desperately tried to wave the sword in her hand, but her hand only trembled, unable to move at all. The next moment, Claire frowned in pain. The blood in her body seemed to flow backwards, and all her bones seemed to be on the brink of breaking. Claire could feel that in front of this force, she was so tiny, unable to counter at all.

The pressure got bigger and bigger. Claire struggled to push the sword into the ground to support herself. Her heart beat faster and faster, as if it were going to burst.

Was everything going to end like this?

Claire closed her eyes, but her heart was unwilling.

Was this the difference between gods and humans?

A faint smile appeared on the goddess of Light’s lips. The threat in front of her would be gone.

But, just when the goddess of Light thought she was sure to win, a huge burst of red light spread out, with Claire as its center, completely cancelling out the goddess’s terrifying pressure. Then, under the shocked expression of the goddess of Light, the violent force that could contend with her came face to face with her and struck her back a few meters, even making her image fainter. Her expression changed. Obviously, this strike had an impact on her.

This light came from Claire’s neck, from the necklace the devil young lord gave her. It actually had such power! Claire was stunned. Then how strong was the young lord? So her beating the god of Darkness up must be true.

The red light slowly faded away, but the goddess of Light was still nervous. She knew this essence better than anyone else. It was actually the essence of devils! This young girl actually had on a devil treasure. Devils would actually help a human?!

The goddess of Light forced down her uncomfort, her determination to destroy the person in front of her growing. Claire touched the necklace in front of her chest, understanding what the young lord said, that this necklace could only save her once. Then, what about now?

“Filthy human, actually teaming up with the evil devils. Today, I must cleanse you.” The goddess of Light waved the scepter in her hand, her expression serious.

“Sigh, really. Making me expend the strength I worked so hard to accumulate.” A grumpy voice with a hint of amusement sounded from behind Claire.

Claire paused. This essence behind her, this powerful strength, seemed familiar, but strange at the same time.

“It’s you!” The goddess of Light exclaimed.

Who? That the goddess of Light actually knew?

Claire turned around slowly, and a stunningly handsome face appeared in her eyes. Clothed in black, ebony hair, the dark and deep irises watching the goddess of Light with amusement. His whole being gave off a mysterious essence, making him seem even more handsome.

This voice. Claire frowned. Then she suddenly remembered, this was Black Feather’s voice! When Black Feather forced the contract with her, it was this voice! This stunningly handsome, cold, and arrogant man was Black Feather? Claire really couldn’t connect that irritable, jumpy ball with this mysterious, beautiful man in front of her.

“Humph! You actually didn’t die. But, today, I won’t let you leave alive!” The voice of the goddess of Light was tinted with malice and fury.

“We still don’t know who will die yet.” Black Feather replied lazily, then shouted impatiently to the air, “God of Darkness, when can you bastard be a little tougher? Come out. This is a great opportunity; White Emperor can resume human form in a little while, too.”

“What?” The goddess of Light was surprised.

“Idiot, based on that shameless personality of the god of Darkness, you think he won’t keep an eye on his offering at all times?” Black Feather spat in contempt.

“Black Feather, you son of a b*tch……” A low and rumbling voice sounded. Darkness started spreading, and blood red light appeared.

“You are shameless, am I wrong? Isn’t taking advantage of people when they’re down the thing you love doing the most? Being so scared of the goddess of Light that you’re willing to give up your perfect offering.” Black Feather retorted. In truth, he knew the shameless personality of the god of Darkness the best. In these situations where he wasn’t sure if he’ll win, he definitely wouldn’t appear. And if not for that treasure on Claire blocking an attack for her, giving him the last minute he needed to transform into human form and saying the above, the god of Darkness definitely wouldn’t take the risk and appear. He was an extremely selfish person. Oh, an extremely selfish god.

The low, rumbling voice stopped talking. But the darkness was spreading. Obviously, the god of Darkness had descended too.


A soft noise, and White Emperor appeared too.

Hair like snow, irises like the moon.

White Emperor just stood there silently beside Black Feather. The two people instantly became the most perfect picture in the world: Black Feather wickedly beautiful, White Emperor cold and aloof. Both gave off an intimidating essence.

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    1. The three ikemen capture targets of claire? (One to escape -God of Darkness, Become a master – Black feather, white emperor) + ikemen clingy dog man (feng yixuan) + good boy gone bad (leng lingyun)… Oh gosh, the harem is getting bigger!!!!


  1. OmG he is so shameless what a wussy took him this long to come out and only because black feather and white came out just to give him some support I want to beat him up so bad right now 👿👿👿👿👿 anyways I cannot believe that another stupid companions however it was shown up yet I’m so pissed at them anyways come on beat the crap out of that stupid light goddess. Thank you so much for the translation I cannot wait for the next chapter❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


  2. the goddess of light weakened them by using shameless acts,traps…
    so those two little furballs are of equal strength or most likely stronger.


  3. Wahhhhh yeaaaayyy allies~~ give some face slap to dat Goddess beauty wannabe, still I will continue to ask where is Jean and now Leng Lingyun hahaha I actually thought it was Feng Yi Xian XD

    Thank you translators~and now for the next boookk


  4. Thanks for the chapter! I’d be happy if they could kill the godess of light but I think it’s unlikely.. though who knows? 😀 I need more! >.<


  5. Ohhh a showdown! Can’t wait.

    Sorry for being presumptuous, but perhaps changing this line:

    The goddess of Light forced down her uncomfort
    The goddess of Light forced down her discomfort
    would work better.

    Thanks for the chapter!


  6. Black feather and white emperor

    The two people instantly became the most perfect picture in the world.

    I was then wonder in my dreamland


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