Ch.110 Climax IV (Part II)

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“Very good, you are all here.” Not only was the goddess of Light not afraid, she even laughed, “White Emperor, Black Feather, do you think you can still be as glorious as you were in the past? God of Darkness, you dirty downstream bastard. Today I am going to get rid of you all!”

A hint of worry flashed across Black Feather’s eyes. True, both him and White Emperor were far from what they were before, and now they could show their true form only because they had been storing energy for a long time. As for how long they can maintain this, they knew better than anyone else. Must make the goddess of Light leave in this limited time!

“Silence of the Distance!” The goddess of Light shouted, waving the scepter in her hand and attacking first. A huge pillar of white light shot towards Claire violently just like that. She had her own plans: she had no way of knowing how much Black Feather and White Emperor’s strength recovered, and now that the downstream bastard god of Darkness came too, she must quickly destroy Claire’s spirit. Once she removed this ticking bomb, she’d have no worries. If this perfect spirit grew mature and was offered to the Mother goddess by the god of Darkness, the Mother goddess might really make some unacceptable ridiculous decision. Must not let such a thing happen!

Black Feather and White Emperor already raced to before Claire, and positioned their hands at the same time, creating a huge and sturdy shield to block before Claire. The huge pillar of light struck hard on it, then dissipated into the air, as if fireworks blooming, illuminating the night sky. The two supported the shield, protecting Claire. But Claire noticed that both their steps became a little unsteady, and they both backed up two steps.

The god of Darkness, as the despicable person he was, of course wouldn’t let go of such an opportunity. A pitch black bullet of light shot fiercely towards the goddess of Light. The goddess of Light raised her scepter unhurriedly, quickly chanting a short spell, and a huge shield of white light appeared before her too, completely blocking all of the god of Darkness’s attack. Watching the battle before her, Claire was stunned. Was this the battle between gods? Completely on a different level. Just what are White Emperor and Black Feather’s identities? Why do both the goddess of Light and the god of Darkness know them? And what did the goddess of Light mean? As glorious as they were in the past?

“Light Storm!” The goddess of Light humphed coldly after blocking the god of Darkness’s attack, waving her scepter and drawing out a perfect circle in the air. Instantly, a violent tornado bursted out the edges of the white circle, growing bigger and bigger, sweeping across the place. Enormous amounts of Light power accompanied it, and wherever the tornado swept across, the bodies of the cardinals on the ground turned to ashes instantly. Panic appeared on the pope’s face. The angel possessing the pope didn’t expect that to destroy this human before them, the goddess of Light actually used such an unsparing attack. Completely not caring if the pope lived or died. The angel possessing the pope hurriedly flew up, attempting to escape this area filled with violent winds. He did fly out, but one of his feet was too slow. That foot instantly turned to ashes. The pope frowned. And the next moment, a white light flashed across his body; the angel possessing his body left just like that, leaving the pope to slowly return to senses and taste the huge change in his body and the pain. Lashia and Leger, far away, had fainted long ago from the pressure of the goddess of Light descending. They had no way of knowing any of the things that was happening now.

“Break!” Black Feather yelled in a low voice, and made the same posture as White Emperor. Their bodies sank down a little, and they both reached out their right hands, then tightly grabbed the wrist of their right hands with their left hands. Their palms instantly sent out two violent forces, one black and one white, which combined together in mid air, like a very sharp blade. It cut the air apart and chopped towards the Light Storm.

The Light Storm was cut in half just like that, leaving a vacuum area in the middle. Everything on Claire’s two sides turned into ashes.

Including, Katherine’s body…

Claire watched helplessly as Katherine’s body, which had long lost its warmth, instantly disappear. All the blood in her body seemed to solidify, as if she were in the middle of a thousand-year-old iceberg.



At this moment, Claire could only see Katherine’s last gentle and caring smile.

Claire remembered how when she had first come to this world, it was Katherine who first smiled gently at her, and really cared for her. Even when Katherine knew that she wasn’t the Claire from before, Katherine still used her life to protect her.

That gently smiling woman, today, had nothing left.

Died without her whole body, turned to ashes and gone.

Emery, that person who taught her wholeheartedly, and put in everything. Today, his cold body lay in a pool of blood. Even at the last moment, he was calling out Claire’s name.

Hatred, extreme hatred enveloped Claire, drowning her mind, swallowing her spirit.

White Emperor and Black Feather were still blocking the goddess of Light’s attacks, while the god of Darkness shamelessly sneak attacked the goddess of Light, but there wasn’t much result. White Emperor and Black Feather glanced at each other, both seeing a trace of worry in the other’s eyes. Their strength couldn’t sustain too long. But, if they could continue dragging it on like this. Gods cannot descend to this world for too long, so everything will be okay if they could drag on till the goddess of Light leaves.

But, could they drag on till then? Them today were no longer the them in the past. To completely recover will still take very long.

No one noticed Claire’s expression at this time. With her head lowered, Claire’s gaze landed on the spot Katherine disappeared. Slowly, Claire’s gaze became empty, and she couldn’t see anything anymore.

Her heart was empty, her gaze was also empty.


Claire’s lips parted slightly, and she spit out this one word faintly.

Softly and faintly, but this word seemed to have acoustic magic, instantly penetrating everyone’s eardrums, even their spirits.

White Emperor and Black Emperor’s brows knit together tightly. This sharp and terrifying force swept through their hearts and even spirits.

The goddess of Light and the god of Darkness also felt this pounding force. Their emotions were affected momentarily, and the spells they were casting stopped.

Under everyone’s shocked gazes, a black tornado formed with Claire as its center, and it grew larger and larger. Claire stood in the middle, her gaze already unfocused, her hair flowing in the wind, her clothes flapping. Indescribably and deathly charming, but revealing sadness, pain, and hopelessness. What was even more unbelievable was, Claire’s emerald green irises were slowly turning black, her golden hair also slowly turning black. Just like that, turning blacker and blacker; Claire’s eyes were bottomless, and her pitch black long hair flew insolently in the air.

Double black woman! Black hair and black irises!

The legendary woman with black hair and black irises! The legendary woman that can lead Darkness to overturn Light!

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  1. Thank you for the amazing chapter. I like be you guys. Please continue to translate more. Thank you again. And have a super nice day.


  2. You know, this is totally a self-fulfilling prophecy, like Voldemort’s… if the goddess and the pope had only left Claire alone…. the black haired girl may not have appeared… they’re seriously digging their own grave.

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  3. I just finished reading 雲中歌 and, for some reason, decided to read this as well. Why am I punishing myself with sad tales? T_T


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