Ch.110 Climax IV (Part III)

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Everyone present was deeply stunned by the scene in front of them.

So that prophecy was true?

The goddess of Light was now deathly pale. After she returned to senses, she became even more anxious! Originally she thought this woman was marked with the Dark Mark, and her spirit was perfect, so she must be destroyed. But she was actually also the legendary double black woman! Must not let her go! She must die, she must turn to ashes today!

But the god of Darkness was ecstatic. He was now sure, that this young girl before his eyes can definitely overturn Light! It was worth taking the risk and coming out to confront the goddess of Light today!

“Light Chop!” Now, the scepter in the goddess of Light’s hand switched to a huge sword, and she attacked before anyone else could realize. She didn’t have much time left for her descent; so she must destroy this young girl before she left!

And how can the god of Darkness let her succeed?

A cloud of black essence instantly formed a shield in front of Claire. The god of Darkness was also very anxious. His time was almost up too! He can’t stay too long in this world. His time was even shorter than the goddess of Light’s! Because it was the goddess of Light ruling this world, so everything benefitted her. Whether it was descending time or the power exerted! If he had been playing a risky bet to fight with the goddess of Light after seeing that White Emperor and Black Feather was also here, now the god of Darkness was willingly protecting Claire. White Emperor and Black Feather didn’t have any unnecessary moves either, both quickly blocking before Claire, and once again created a shield. They were both sulking hard. If it were before, how would they be helplessly defending and defending again, instead of attacking!

But this attack of the goddess of Light wasn’t anything small. This was a strike that she put in all her might.

This violent force struck onto the shield created by the god of Darkness and stopped, but didn’t dissipate; instead, it just stayed there. The black shield trembled slightly, defending against this force’s proceeding. White Emperor and Black Feather frowned: things weren’t looking good. Sure enough, the next moment, the black shield shattered into pieces. It backfired onto the god of Darkness, whose descending time happened to be up. Howling, unresigned, the god of Darkness disappeared. And that terrifying force once again hit the shield made by White Emperor and Black Feather.

White Emperor and Black Feather didn’t dare be careless, using all their might to support the shield.

“Lotus Nightmare—-” Claire’s gaze was still empty as she lightly waved the sword in her hand, slashing across the air. These words also seemed to be able to penetrate through people’s eardrums.

When Claire slashed her sword down, there was nothing seen in front of her. No sword force, no flames. But, White Emperor and Black Feather, standing in front of her, felt a violent and enormous force cutting the air open, then cutting their shield into two, and slammed into the pillar of light the goddess of Light released. The empty force struck towards the goddess of Light just like that! But after that pillar of Light was cut apart, it didn’t disperse to the two sides. Instead, it lined up close together, and crazily sped towards Claire.

“Claire!” White Emperor and Black Feather exclaimed, then without thinking, stood before Claire’s two sides and blocked the pillar of light that divided into two.


A huge explosion sound rang across the night sky.

An enormous and glaring pillar of light shot up into the sky, illuminating the night brightly.

The goddess of Light was hit by Claire’s sudden burst of strength, and after grunting, with her eyes filled with fury and unresignment, her figure slowly disappearing. The time for her descent was also up. She just couldn’t believe, that even with her personally descending, she actually couldn’t get rid of a human.

While White Emperor and Black Feather blocked this violent blow for Claire, at the same time using up all their energy.

After the loud sound, the one black and one white stunningly handsome men were gone. Only one black and one white fur balls were left there.

Claire just stood there, her gaze still completely empty.

The area around her was empty and desolate; in the distance, Emery’s body, split into two halves, was shocking and disturbing. Lashia and Leger were still unconscious, blood streaming out both of their mouths. They physically couldn’t stand such pressure. And Duke Gordon was still lying there like he was dead. With one of his feet gone, the pope also lay unconscious, his whole face pale.

Claire couldn’t see anything in her eyes, and nothing was left in her heart either. Just standing there blankly.

“Chirp chirp!”

“Tweet tweet!”

White Emperor and Black Feather bounced around Claire’s feet, very anxious and worried.

Yet Claire still didn’t make any response. Her heart, felt like it was scraped empty.

At this time, the dim night suddenly turned even more dark.

White Emperor and Black Feather lifted their heads to look, and began jumping up and down even more anxiously.

Because numerous black clouds started gathering over in the sky, with lightning rolling in them. This time, there will be more lightning than any other time. Ten lightning, this time Claire had to face ten lightning. She had already made her breakthrough when fighting the angel-possessed pope. But, the lightning appeared only now, so no need to be said how terrifying the lightning this time is going to be.

But Claire couldn’t see anything, couldn’t hear anything, and just silently stood there. But White Emperor and Black Feather were extremely worried. They understood, that Claire was now immersed in endless pain and hate, that her mind is currently completely impaired and unable to regain her senses and face the lightning. And they knew even better, that even if Claire was sensible and conscious right now, she still couldn’t safely take on these ten violent lightnings!

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14 thoughts on “Ch.110 Climax IV (Part III)

  1. Useless and pathetic God of Darkness. He would be next in Claire’s hate list.
    If it’s me or what? Why antagonist females are being overwhelming and hated so much in Chinese novels?


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