Ch.110 Climax IV (Part IV)

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The loud, booming sound of thunder rolled through the sky.

White Emperor and Black Feather hopped onto Claire’s shoulders, calling out anxiously, hoping that Claire would awake. But Claire still gave no response.

In the thick clouds, thunder rumbled and lightning flashed, making people nervous.

“Chirp chirp!” In worry, White Emperor opened his mouth and bit Claire’s earlobe, wanting her to wake from the pain. Black Emperor saw and bit into Claire’s other earlobe, wanting to wake her.

Claire’s eyes finally focused a bit, and she lifted her head slowly to watch the rolling thunder and lightning above her head. But her eyes were dead and she still didn’t do anything. Boom!

A lightning as thick as a column struck down, right at Claire.

Claire watched the lightning get closer and closer, her expression calm, and didn’t move.

Maybe, it’s best for things to come to an end, isn’t it?

But the next moment, Claire’s was stunned.

A strong arm hugged her tightly, and Claire fell into a warm embrace. And before her eyes, was an enlarged, familiar, stunningly handsome face.

Determination filled his black irises, his brilliant red hair flying in the wind.

It’s you? Why is it you again?

Feng Yixuan……

“Halt!” Feng Yixuan hugged Claire with one arm, the other hand raised, and after shouting one word, a spinning wind plate appeared above the two’s heads. Like a shield but not a shield. The round wind plate was spinning quickly, creating a wind wall. The lightning struck, but didn’t break the wind wall, instead being cut into tiny sparks by the spinning wind wall and fell to the side. Like brilliant and pretty fireworks.

“Sorry, I came late.” Feng Yixuan hugged Claire tightly, saying softly beside her ear. His voice was filled with apology, guilt, heartache, worry, and deep self-accusation. Claire slowly closed her eyes and buried her head into Feng Yixuan’s chest, unable to say anything.

Feng Yixuan’s heart tightened. He suddenly felt that the person in his arms was so weak that she might break. Tender love filled his whole being.

When Leng Lingyun arrived, this was what he saw.

Black storm clouds filled the sky, and huge streaks of lightning were striking down. And under this terrifying force of nature, a stunningly handsome man with brilliant red hair was hugging a person tightly, his other hand raised high, casting spells to block the lightning. Feng Yixuan, it was actually him! Leng Lingyun’s gaze fell on the person in his arms. His heart immediately almost stopped beating. The young girl with black hair; that person, even if she changed her hair color, he could still recognize her with one glance. It was Claire! Around them was a horrifying mess. Burnt and charred ground, the pope lying in a pool of blood, Emery’s split open body, Duke Gordon with a disabled hand, and unconscious Lashia and Leger. Everything was so cruel and bloody. But, the two people standing in the middle looked so peaceful, so sweet, so beautiful! Leng Lingyun’s eyes hurt from the scene in front of him, and his heart hurt also.

When Claire was at her weakest and in danger, it was Feng Yixuan who stood beside her, not him.

Right now, Feng Yixuan didn’t dare be careless at all. Even though he broke through the eleventh volume of TianGang Wind Force, there was ten lightning in total, and it would be very hard to block them all. He cursed in his heart, if only he had that old man’s jade plate. That thing could definitely block all the lightning. Controlling the wind wall above them, Feng Yixuan looked down at the weak Claire in his arm. This was the first time he saw this fragile side of Claire. Whatever it takes, he must block all ten lightnings for Claire! Leng Lingyun stood in the distance, watching the scene before him, unable to return to realization. Only when the eighth lightning struck down and Feng Yixuan’s expression became tired did he come back to his senses.

Now was not the time to blank out!

If it went on like this, Feng Yixuan will also not be able to contend, and will be killed together with Claire!

Feng Yixuan’s brows were tightly knit, but he still held Claire tightly. He couldn’t sustain this anymore. Eight streaks of lightning used up all his strength. And the next streak would be even more violent, and he probably won’t be able to block it. Feng Yixuan saw Leng Lingyun out of the corner of his eye and his heart darkened a bit, was he planning to take advantage of them? No wait, who was he holding? Wasn’t that the little girl who was always around Claire in Niya City? It seems like, she’s dead? What happened? Just then, the thunder in the sky pulled Feng Yixuan’s thoughts back to the present. He cursed to himself, now was not the time to think about these! He must protect the person in his arms! His strength gone, the wind wall above them disappeared. Feng Yixuan gritted his teeth, pulling Claire even closer.

He was going to block the last two lightnings with his own body and flesh! Leng Lingyun gently set down Leng Xuanxuan’s already cold body, took out a clear, tear-shaped necklace from around his neck, then pulled it off. He clasped his two hands in front of him, the necklace in between, closed his eyes, and started chanting quickly.

“Precipice!” Leng Lingyun finished chanting and his eyes flew open. Purple light appeared in his hands, and a brilliant purple light slanted down above Feng Yixuan and Claire’s heads, forming a sturdy barrier.


The ninth, savage lightning struck, hitting the purple barrier hard. The purple barrier wobbled slightly, but didn’t break. Leng Lingyun let out a soft breath. Whew. This thing finally had it’s use today.

Hugging Claire, Feng Yixuan lifted his head and saw the abnormality above his head. He turned to look at Leng Lingyun, understanding that Leng Lingyun saved him and Claire.

When the last, extremely violent lightning struck down, Leng Lingyun squinted and his lips moved, chanting a long and complicated spell quickly. The purple barrier above Claire and Feng Yixuan’s heads shone brilliantly, and the thickness doubled instantly.


    The last lightning finally stuck the purple barrier.

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20 thoughts on “Ch.110 Climax IV (Part IV)

  1. Thank you for the translation! This chapter has been absolutely heartbreaking. Still…I’m happy that there are people that came to help her so that she knows that she’s not alone. And…Feng Yixuan!! Phew. Super manly in this part. lol


  2. Finally the hero came. Such a beautiful and bitter sweet moment. The aching pain of a reader (wipes tear). Waiting for her team to gather together. Thank you for the update.


  3. I am on team Feng Yixuan! I know Leng Lingyun is also a candidate, but I just feel that Feng Yixuan would be the better choice. I mean, LOOK HOW MUCH HE’S BEEN THROUGH FOR CLAIRE!! THAT is love in my eyes.


  4. I choose Leng Lingyin!!!! But dammit, he was too late!!! No worries, he’ll soon have her, which is something that I always motivate myself with!!! I want to cry so much!!! Leng Lingyun, I’m rooting for you!!! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧


    1. Same here~ I hope her sister’s precognition is true that they would be together in the future. She even sacrificed her life for her brother’s future, the precognition she saw when she met Claire for the first time.
      *Cough* *Cough* Either way i’d feel sympathy since they both have a good build-up character.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. poor leng2 :((
    he just a few second late.. if only that btch divine princess didn’t stal him before 😦
    my ship is sinking..
    as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3
    good luck on your univ day :p


  6. Thanks for the chapter ❤
    Ah~~ I don't know who to ship Claire with @__@ My heart cannot help but lean towards Leng Lingyun. There's something about silver haired, purple eyed ikemens that I cannot resist. ;D
    Can someone spoil me and tell me whether Claire's going to end up with one male lead or is she going to make a harem. I hope she only chooses one. ^__^


  7. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💔💔💔💔💔💔💔
    Love for the two of them but I am also sad for LL because he lost Claire and his sister
    Thanks for the translation cannot wait for the next chapter


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