Ch.110 Climax IV (Part V)

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The lightning disappeared, the purple light vanished, and the barrier crumbled.

Leng Lingyun coughed up a mouthful of blood, secretly surprised that this lightning was so violent, able to backfire on the spell caster.

Their surroundings slowly quieted. The storm clouds in the sky dispersed quickly, and the moon once again showed its face.

“Quick, leave here.” Forcing down the uncomfort in his chest, Leng Lingyun picked up Leng Xuanxuan’s body and hurriedly said. People from the Temple will be over shortly. Now that they don’t have any strength anymore, if they met their enemies right now, the results would be unimaginable.

Feng Yixuan’s gaze on Leng Lingyun was a little complicated, but he still nodded. Feng Yixuan looked down at the person in his arms, who had fallen unconscious. White Emperor and Black Feather hopped onto Feng Yixuan’s shoulders, watching Claire worriedly.

“Let’s go, go to my house.” When Leng Lingyun walked close, Feng Yixuan pulled out a spatial teleportation scroll and tore it open. White light flashed, and they disappeared.

Very soon, the Divine Princess Liu Xueqing and a bunch of people hurried over. When they saw the brutal scene in front of them, they were all stunned. Everyone was in disbelief. One of the pope’s feet was gone, blood soaking into the ground. Emery’s body was split in half, his brains and blood splattered everywhere. One of Duke Gordon’s hand was only dry skin, with blood all around. Blood flowed out from Lashia and Leger’s mouths, noses, and ears, and they were unconscious. As for the twelve cardinals, some of their bodies couldn’t be found, while others were broken or in parts.

So brutal!

Who did this?

Claire wasn’t here, and there was no body! She ran away? What about Lingyun? He rescued Claire and ran away with her?

Then who killed these people? Claire? Liu Xueqing immediately abandoned this guess. Even though that little b*tch was strong, she definitely won’t do something like this to her master, and couldn’t kill so many cardinals and gravely injure the pope!

To know what really happened, they can only wait until the people on the ground woke up.

The healers already started healing furiously.

Clouds slowly blocked the faintly glowing moon, and everything darkened.

Two days later, Amparkland announced appalling news.

The original brilliant star, Claire Hill, because wanting to reconcile with the Temple of Light, madly killed her mother, Katherine Hill, and her master, Emery, and gravely wounded her grandfather, Duke Gordon. Her methods were brutal and horrifying. But the Temple of Light wouldn’t accept someone so evil like her, so they put her on the wanted list. So she summoned the god of Darkness and gravely injured the people from the Temple, and tempted the Divine Prince, Leng Lingyun, to betray the Temple. From this day on, there will be a big reward for the capture of Claire, no matter dead or alive. The Divine Prince Leng Lingyun’s heart was blinded, and the Temple hopes that the Divine Prince can repent, and return to the embrace of the goddess.

This news caused an uproar in the country.

Lagark, secret room in the Feng castle.

“These bastards!” Looking at the letter in his hands, Feng Yixuan’s hands were trembling, and tore it to pieces before finishing reading it.

“Did they blame everything on Claire?” Leng Lingyun asked calmly. Seeing Feng Yixuan’s reaction, Leng Lingyun already understood what happened. He knew the methods of the Temple of Light better than anyone.

“Bastards! Bastards!” Feng Yixuan was so furious he nearly couldn’t speak. The Temple of Light was actually so shameless and despicable!

Leng Lingyun kept silent. Looking at the girl on the bed, pain swept through his heart. Claire still hasn’t awoken. She was still in a coma, or still in a deep sleep. As a healer, Leng Lingyun of course knew Claire’s condition right now. She was hiding, hiding from reality, and didn’t want to wake up, didn’t want to face the fact that the people she cared about the most have died. If she woke up, and knew that she was blamed for murdering the people she cared about the most, what would she do? How would she face it? Every time Leng Lingyun thought about these, his heart would beat painfully.

Feng Yixuan grabbed Claire’s hand and said anxiously, “Why hasn’t she awaken? It’s already two days. Why isn’t she awake?”

Leng Lingyun was still silent. After a long time, he answered, “She’s hiding from reality, she doesn’t want to face the cruel reality. So she doesn’t want to wake up.”

Feng Yixuan paused slightly, then tenderness and pain filled his expression. He stroked Claire’s cheek softly. White Emperor and Black Feather sat on Claire’s pillow, one on each side, looking at Claire worriedly.

“Claire, you must wake up, you must get revenge! Your mother, and your master were killed by your enemies. Are you going to keep on sleeping and not face it?” Looking at Claire’s face, Leng Lingyun said coldly.

“You!” Feng Yixuan gritted his teeth and glared at Leng Lingyun, then slumped. Although this was very cruel, it was the quickest way to wake Claire up.

“Claire, wake up.” Feng Yixuan held Claire’s hand tightly, “Do you know? You are wronged unjustly. Your mother definitely wouldn’t want to see you like this. Wake up! Do you want your mother’s efforts to go to nothing?”



Hesitantly, slowly, Claire’s long lashes trembled.

“Claire!” Feng Yixuan held Claire’s hand excitedly.

Leng Lingyun let out a breath in his heart.

Claire slowly opened her eyes.

In her gaze, there wasn’t confusion, there wasn’t despair……

All there was, was determination!

“Claire.” Feng Yixuan called out anxiously.

Claire turned her head to look at Feng Yixuan and Leng Lingyun, and replied softly, “Yes.” Feng Yixuan smiled, the huge rock in his heart finally settled.

Leng Lingyun said gently, “You’re finally awake.”

“Yes, I’m awake.” Claire sat up slowly, and Feng Yixuan hurriedly supported Claire.

“Sorry to make you worry.” Claire leaned against the headboard.

“As long as you’re fine.” Feng Yixuan and Leng Lingyun both nodded.

“Now tell me how things have been.” Claire’s black irises were unfathomable.

Feng Yixuan and Leng Lingyun glanced at each other.

Should they tell?

That Claire was framed as the murderer of the people she cared about the most? Should they tell?

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  1. Thank you so much! I’m thrilled that we have come this far. Looking forward to future chapters. Happy Lunar New Year! 🙂


  2. Thank you for the update and continuing to translate this novel!
    Can’t wait for when she gets her revenge, those temple bastards really need get obliterated.


  3. I hate the Temple of Light with a BURNING PASSION now. I can’t even express my rage through words, because the list of swear words would be too long to type. I’m just going back to punching the pillow. *punch punch*


  4. leng2 and feng2!! my favorite waifu >.<
    i'm glad that they still stuck with claire..
    hoping jean to coming home soon :((
    as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3


  5. Thanks for the update!

    Wait you mean this is literally how it end at book 1?!
    Well I guess Leng and Feng would start becoming more like a private nurse and guard for her now XD




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