Ch.16 Destined Encounter

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The white light gradually dissipated and the floating person slowly descended right in front of their eyes. His robe was snow white without a speck of dirt. If he was not bothered the least in Gale Gorge, then he must be really powerful.

Claire sized up the person who just landed. The young man looked to be about only twenty years of age, but the delicate pattern on the corner of his snow white robe showed his high position in the Temple of Light. His long silver hair flowed in the wind and his perfect features only showed indifference. His rare violet irises especially caught attention. His whole being gave off a pure stateliness that couldn’t be violated.

The young man glanced at everyone impassively, but when his gaze passed over Claire, a strange light glinted in his eyes; however, he moved his gaze on without a word. Then, he slowly lifted his hand and an indescribable pressure flooded out. All the Wind Wolves dropped to the ground, whimpering, as if they were afraid. Shortly, they started backing away slowly, creeping away until the whole wolf pack was gone. At the same time, when the pressure reached the crowd, everyone’s breathing became difficult and they all felt an urge to kneel down and worship. If they were normal people, they probably would already have, but because they were not normal people, and naturally everybody forced the urge down.

The young man in white seemed to notice the situation on this side. He lightly pointed and removed the pressure. Everyone let out a breath of relief.

But Claire’s face dropped. Was this one of the strong? This was power, this was the difference between her and the truly strong! When could she surpass this person?!

The white robed, absolutely handsome man waved his hand again. A pure white light surrounded all the wounded people in the center of the crowd. Their wounds healed so quickly it was visible. Gasps and shouts resounded continuously. Healer, this white robed man was a healer! And with a wave of his hand, he could heal a group of people at once!

The beautiful man with violet eyes didn’t even wait for anyone to thank him before he floated off the ground, disappearing from their sight. Once he disappeared, they came back to their senses and realized how impolite they were. All of them were too busy aweing at his strength and forgot to say thanks to their life savior.

Claire looked at the night sky, not saying a word for a long time. Jean kept quiet, seemingly understanding Claire’s strange, fluctuating emotions.

“Beautiful young lady, why are you here? And just the two of you?” Jackson, after making sure that no one was around, asked Claire curiously.

“Yes, to complete a task.” Claire answered shortly.

“Thank you so much for your aid.” Jackson smiled, thanking them from the bottom of his heart, “I still haven’t asked for your name yet, miss.”

“No need, we didn’t do anything.” Claire said lightly.

“Don’t say that, Miss. We will all remember your assistance at heart.” Jackson replied earnestly.

“There isn’t any danger anymore,” Claire said coldly, obviously not in a good mood, “We shall thus leave. Come on, Jean.”

“Wait, miss, if you don’t mind, camp out with us here. The more people the safer. We discovered that Gale Gorge seems abnormal today, as if something went wrong. That’s why we met the Wind Wolves.” Jackson said, sincerity written all over his face. He really cared about the safety of this beautiful young girl. How pitiful would it be if such a beauty lost her life by the hands of those ugly beasts.

“Claire, what he said makes some sense. It is unusual here.” Jean whispered to Claire, “Maybe we should camp here right now, and split up when we reach that place tomorrow.”

Claire thought about it and nodded her head. Indeed, an unspeakable strangeness floated in the air.

In the night, the lit bonfire shone over the clearing, and every tent hung up their own lights.

Claire sat alone in the tent Meditating, absorbing the elements. The density of elements in Gale Gorge was evidently higher than inside the city.

Jean sat beside the bonfire, not far from the tent, chatting casually with the others.

“Brother, thank you for today. I’m Jackson, squad leader of the seventeenth squad of the Iron Blood mercenary group. And you?” Jackson drank from his wineskin, celebrating their survival. Of course, they knew their limits and priorities and wouldn’t get drunk.

“Jean.” Jean replied lightly.

“And the young miss is Claire.” Jackson heard Jean calling Claire’s name and asked to confirm.

“Yes. Actually, we didn’t help much. The person who actually helped you was that person from the Temple of Light.” Jean said indifferently, blocking Jackson’s next words.

“That person is very powerful.” Jackson placed the wineskin in his hand down and put on a solemn face, “He didn’t even cast any spells, and only used pressure to scare the beasts off. And from the golden pattern on the edge of his robe, we can tell he definitely isn’t just any ordinary person from the Temple of Light.” Although the Wind Wolves scared off were only third grade beasts, to force them off by only using pressure showed that this person was very strong.

Jean pondered, his mind filling with thoughts about the beautiful man whose violet eyes were extremely rare.

“He’s the Holy Divine Prince of the Temple of Light!” Jean suddenly said, certain.

Jackson and everyone else were shocked. After a long time, Jackson came back to his senses and said as if in a trance, “Rumors say that the Holy Divine Prince has the purest power of Light, and is not only a powerful magician, but also a rare healer. He’s the next in line for the seat of the pope. Legend even has it that his violet irises can see into the future.”

Jean was silent. He believed the first things Jackson said. They weren’t exaggerated; he saw the power of that person just a moment ago. But the violet irises that could see into the future might be exaggerated. Rumors often become far-fetched.

In the tent, Claire slowly opened her tightly closed eyes, coldness and unwillingness evident.

The powerful! So this what the powerful is like in this world! She must become powerful, must!

The Holy Divine Prince of the Temple of Light? Claire closed her eyes slowly. One day, she would become a person as powerful as that. No! Even more powerful than him!

This was Claire’s first contact with him and definitely not the last.

In the night sky, the brightest star seemed to go off its path a bit.

In the Temple of Light in the city of Berthe.

In a damp, dark room, a woman with silky green hair knitted her brows together tightly. She was the best clairvoyant in the Temple of Light. In front of her, on an ancient wooden rack, the originally clear and bright crystal ball now had a faint streak of black!

Why did she have an ominous feeling?

It seemed as if a powerful force was going to change something, and related to the Temple of Light’s future. What is it?

She was only sure that this wasn’t a good feeling.

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