Ch.17 Landing in a Dangerous Predicament

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The next morning, Jackson tried very hard to convince Claire to join them, only because everyone felt that there was something amiss in Gale Gorge. The air gave off an indescribable, strange feeling. Occasionally, a bird would let out a mournful squawk. Magic beasts continuously ran out of Gale Gorge, but none attempted to attack them and acted as if they didn’t even see them, directly running away. It seemed like they were afraid of something.

“Very strange.” Jackson stroked his chin, puzzled over the situation.

Jean slightly frowned, also pondering. Wind Wolves had suddenly appeared along with the Holy Divine Prince of the Temple of Light. What did this mean?

“Jackson, I think we shouldn’t go any deeper, I have a bad feeling about this,” a refined young man standing behind Jackson said. He was the only magician of the group and also their advisor.

Jackson’s face became serious. Many situations had proven that their magician had been correct every time.

“Okay, then for the time being we’ll leave.” Jackson made an accurate decision. He then turned to Claire. “Miss Claire, you should leave with us too. It’s too dangerous to go forward.”

“Thanks for your concern, but I have an unavoidable reason, so I must keep going. We will depart ways here.” After Claire modestly thanked them, she went forward.

Jean nodded at them, following behind Claire.

As Jackson watched the two leave from behind, he still wanted to say something, but the magician behind him pulled his clothes. “Don’t try to persuade them anymore, that miss had an unusually resolute look in her eyes. She must really have an unavoidable reason to go. If you try to persuade them, it would be a waste of effort. Also, she’s a magician, so there’s no need to worry.”

Jackson quietly sighed, and inwardly prayed, hoping that this beautiful, young miss wouldn’t meet any danger.

Jean and Claire continued to walk, but they didn’t see any indications magic beasts the whole way. A strange feeling pervaded the air.

The more they went forward, the more Claire could feel two types of essence in the air. One was the familiar purifying power, the other a dark power. Suddenly, there was a wide expanse of open land!

Jean slightly squinted, looking at the mess before them. Broken trees littered the ground, and huge boulders smashed holes everywhere. This place wasn’t always an expanse of vacant land, but was a lush forest! Obviously a violent battle had occurred here.

Claire also was pondering. Looks like the pure essence in the air was left behind by the Holy Son they had met yesterday, while the faint dark essence was left by his opponent. From the neat robe the Holy Son wore, it seems like he must have won by a landslide. Is it the two essences left behind that made the magic beasts restless? These two opposing essences left behind really made people uncomfortable.

From the state of the land before them, it seemed like there was an issue, but it had already been resolved. There must have been a dark force, but the Holy Son exterminated it

“Let’s go.” Claire indifferently said these words and just continued forward. Jean followed suit.

Nobody noticed that in a dark, damp corner, a shiny black stone gave off a strange glare. It was very faint, but definitely there.

Claire took out the map from her bag and studied it carefully, then looked in front of her. The map says it was here, but there wasn’t any secret room as far as she could see. Only a huge lake and a waterfall flowing down vigorously.

“Miss, is it this place?” Jean was also confused.

Claire didn’t speak but closed her eyes, Sensing the magical elements around her. Maybe the secret room would be where there was a cluster of magical elements? But to Claire’s disappointment, the magical elements were spread out evenly without any disturbance.

“Miss, did Emery give you the wrong map?” Jean couldn’t help asking.

As soon as he finished the sentence, the calm surface of the lake suddenly rippled.

Jean frowned and quickly stood in front of Claire.

But Claire just raised her eyebrows, because she sensed the magical elements in the ripples of the lake clearly. The lake rippled right after Jean said the word Emery.

Claire now understood that Emery’s friend must have set some kind of device. She squatted down and said to the lake softly, “Emery Clark Dubai.” This was Emery’s full name!

The ripples on the lake suddenly became violent, forming an arrow that pointed at the waterfall.

The secret room is behind the waterfall?

Jean’s gaze followed the arrow, then turned his head and offered his hand to Claire. “Come.”

Claire gave her hand to Jean without any hesitation.

Jean pulled Claire over and instantly an aura of teal Dou Qi surrounded them. Jean pushed off on his toes and skimmed over the lake quickly. When they came to the waterfall Jean plunged in without hesitation.

As they passed under the waterfall, not a single drop of water splashed on either of them. Claire now believed more than ever that Jean was much higher level than a Grand Warrior, maybe even higher than a Grand Swordsman.

The dimness behind the waterfall was hard getting used to and Claire popped out a fireball to light their surroundings. It was rocky, with a man-made path leading into the dark.

Jean didn’t speak but walked in the front.

The path led deep into the hill, and their surroundings became dry rather than wet. After a long walk, they came to a door carved in stone. There was a small hole in the door. Claire took out a tilestone Emery gave her and fitted into the hole. A perfect fit.

Instantly, a strange magical ripple appeared.

Jean pulled out his sword and stood in front of Claire.

A cloud of smoke arose in front of the door, slowly taking on the shape of a human being, a short middle-aged man, his head a little bald, with white hair that obviously did not match his age.

“Oh, my dear Emery, is it you? If it is, you should know what to do next.” The figure said merrily.

Claire and Jean stared at each other, not knowing what to do. Claire was at a loss. Teacher Emery didn’t tell her what to do if she came upon a situation like this. It seemed like the figure had a way to communicate with Emery they did not know of.

There was silence, then silence still. Both of them were cautious. The figure was also waiting silently. After a long period of no one talking, the figure spoke up again.

“What, are you not Emery? Then how could you know Emery’s full name? There wouldn’t be more than three people in the world who know’s Emery’s full name.” The figure suddenly asked, puzzled, stroking his chin.

Claire didn’t answer, because she knew this couldn’t be what the person would say to her if he was still alive. The person had prepared for this and made this magical image!

“What are you to Emery? His daughter? His son? No way, if that eccentric person gets married I’ll cut off my head as a stool for him.” The image kept on talking to himself. “Knows his full name, but is not his children. Then, there is only one possibility and that is the eccentric guy took on a disciple.”

Jean looked at the image astonishingly. Did this person know Emery so well?

“Fine, little one, you actually made the old bullhead accept a disciple. So let me see if you have the ability to learn this arcanum. Put your hand on this, on this little tile.” The image waved his hand at Claire.

Jean frowned and looked suspiciously at the image. He looked at Claire questionally. This was much too easy.

Claire only hesitated for a moment before she put her hand on the tile.

In that instant, light flooded the room. The glaring white light enveloped Claire.

But while Jean could see clearly that in the light, Claire’s eyebrows were knitted tightly together, her face white as a sheet, visibly in pain. Was it because she was inheriting magic magic that Claire was like this? Jean pushed down his worry and waited for Claire to finish inheriting. But after what seemed like a long time, the bright light still didn’t disappear. Claire frowned even more, and her face was even more paler, all the blood had drained from her face!

Jean was extremely worried but he dared not to interrupt, because he didn’t know if that would put Claire in an even more dangerous position.

He only knew that Claire had landed in a very dangerous predicament. What could he do to help her out?!

But what Jean didn’t know was that it wasn’t the figure that put Claire in such a dangerous situation, but Claire herself!

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