Ch.2 Never Betray You (Part I)

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Lansas followed the plump woman to cabinet in the inside room. She briskly pulled open the door, and a cool breeze blew onto his face.

“Please. Miss is waiting for you downstairs.” Lujah made a motion with her hand.

Lansas didn’t hesitate; he walked forward, following the the path of the tunnel. After passing through a long hallway, he came to a brightly lit hall.

A long table was set up in the hall, and the person sitting at the top seat was the stunning girl he saw earlier in the day. Beside the girl sat two handsome men. The one on the right had fiery red hair and was squinting at him. On the left sat a handsome man with a cold expression. He had violet irises and silver hair. Behind the girl stood two men who looked the same, one holding a teapot and the other tilting his head and examining him.

“Please sit.” Qi Aushuang smiled at the man before her.

Lansas frowned slightly. Based on the scene in front of him, this girl seemed to have predicted his arrival. Who was she? Finding everything about him beforehand accurately, and appearing in the deserts to be found by him and his men were not by chance. She was looking for him!

Lansas sat across from Claire, and Si Shaosi walked up and poured a cup of flower tea for him.

“Please enjoy the tea.” Qi Aushuang smiled gently.

“Can you tell me your plan?” Lansas didn’t drink the tea, instead asking Qi Aushuang in a deep voice.

“Bring your fame to the highest, then announce your identity, returning you innocence.” Qi Aushuang sipped on the flower tea and answered gracefully.

“How?” Lansas knit his brows.

“You don’t need to do anything, just eat, play, and sleep.” Qi Aushuang smiled at Lansas. But before Lansas could say anything, she continued, “Of course, that’s impossible. You won’t agree, and I won’t agree either.”

Lansas twitched his lip. He suddenly felt the personality of this girl was so different from her appearance.

Si Shaoqia and Si Shaosi glanced at each other, both seeing sympathy in the other’s eyes. This Lansas was merely another pawn to be bullied by their Dark Princess.

“What you need to do now is to lead your men and do good things; save the people from their misery. But don’t leave a name. When you do things, everyone needs to wear a red mask.” Qi Aushuang set down her cup.

“Do good things?” Lansas looked at Qi Aushuang confusedly.

“In this desert, I’m sure there are other horse robbers. You only rob to a certain degree: one-third of the merchant’s goods. But the other robbers are different; they kill and steal all the goods.” Qi Aushuang stroked her chin, and said with some puzzlement, “But, why did you want me today? You always take goods but not women.”

A trace of awkwardness appeared on Lansas’ face.

“Whatever, if you don’t want to say you don’t have to. What you need to do now is to appear in front of the people when they need you,” Qi Aushuang said. Because most of Usari were deserts, it was hard for soldier to march across. Yet horse robbers were excellent horse riders. So when they were found and soldiers went to catch them, the most they would get was a face full of dirt kicked up by horse hooves. They could only curse at the leaving horse robbers, watching helplessly.

“Just like this?” Lansas frowned.

“Yes, that’s all you need to do for now. Also, other identities will be given to you. When your identity is finally revealed, everyone’s eyes will be on you. I will make those who framed you confess with their own mouths in front of the crowd.” Qi Aushuang tapped the table lightly, “Remember, you must cover your faces, all the same red masks.”

“Why red masks?” Lansas finally kind of understood the plan of this girl.

“You can also choose another color, as long as it is unique and can separate you from other horse robbers. Try not to kill all the horse robbers; catch them and release them where people can’t see. Or rescue the people and let the horse robbers leave.” Qi Aushuang instructed meticulously.

“Why?” Lansas was even more confused.

The next moment, he regretted his question.

Faced with the disdainful gazes of the people in front of him, Lansas suddenly felt as if his intelligence degenerated.

“So they can continue to do bad, so you can continue to pursue them and show the people, of course.” Xi Shaoqi rolled his eyes and answered for Claire, “How else can there be so many opportunities for you to display your strength?”

Lansas twitched his lip. Looking at the girl in front of him, the phrase “like attracts like” suddenly jumped into his mind. This girl was just like that!

“Can you really help me clear my name?” Suspicion flashed through Lansas’ eyes. Even though the man beside this young girl was very strong and she could also cast high level mind-control, could it really be done? The people who framed him were the current emperor and empress…… That woman he once loved, was now the empress.

“I can even do it now, but it’s effect will be greatly diminished. Right now, even if they had framed you before, what?” Qi Aushuang smiled faintly, “Don’t you know you pull back your fist is not to not punch back, but to strike back even harder, even more painfully?”

Lansas paused. Pulling your fist back was to strike even harder, even more painfully!

“Who, are you?” Lansas stood up, frowned and stared at the girl in front of him intently.

The black-haired girl smiled but didn’t answer.

Feng Yixuan stood up, a stack of paper gold appearing in his hands. He handed it to Lansas. These paper gold were only a small part of the profit made when helping Qi Aushuang sell the treasures of dragon Ben. Feng Yihan never thought that she had so many treasures and was really surprised.

“What are you doing?” Lansas’ face darkened.

“Don’t think too much; it’s not for you. Change them into gold coins and help the poor who need it.” Feng Yixuan spat, again looking down on the intelligence of this person.

Lansas felt depressed. This was the first time he felt his brain wasn’t enough.

But, this was a good idea. Usari was very poor, so if he used this money to help others, he could get their loyalty quickly.

When Lansas accepted the paper gold, he was still greatly shocked. The number on each paper gold was ten thousand, so to say the least, this stack was worth a few million! And the paper gold usable throughout the whole continent!

Lansas looked at Feng Yixuan’s indifferent face, then at Qi Aushuang’s cold expression.

Who exactly were they?

“Go. At the end of every month, send someone to the weapon’s shop.” Qi Aushuang stood up, yawning a bit tiredly.

Staring at this girl in front of him, Lansas couldn’t say anything.

This mysterious girl, even though he didn’t know where she came from or what she wanted, but for some reason, he believed that this girl could fulfill his wish!

“Okay. I will go to the weapon’s store to look for you if something happens. I’ll be taking my leave.” Lansas put the paper gold away, nodded at Claire, and turned around and left.

In middle of night, Qi Aushuang stood on the roof, looking at the bright moon silently.

Suddenly, a thick cape fell on her shoulders. She turned around, and met Feng Yixuan’s smiling face.

“What are you thinking about?” Feng Yixuan also lifted his head to look at the full moon and asked softly.

Qi Aushuang kept silent for some time before answering, “I was thinking, when faced  with the people who framed him, will Lansas be able to attack?”

Feng Yixuan paused, then smiled faintly, “He was a fool. Loving a person who didn’t deserve to be loved. He was wrong in the first place; how can you expect him to be right later on?”

Qi Aushuang froze. She turned around and stared at Feng Yixuan as he continued, “Their relationship is not one of love. If love can be easily bought with power and money, is it really love?”

Qi Aushuang lowered her lashes, replying darkly, “Aren’t humans just like that, always pursuing riches, power, fame…… ”

“At least I won’t. I will never betray you.” Before Qi Aushuang could finish, Feng Yixuan interrupted her with a determined voice.

“Aushuang, even if every single person in the world betrayed you, I will still stand beside you, and give up my best to protect you.” Feng Yixuan grabbed Qi Aushuang’s shoulders and turned her to face him.

Qi Aushuang just stared at the person in front of her, looking at his determined expression, his unwavering gaze. All of a sudden, Qi Aushuang couldn’t say anything. But, something rooted itself in her heart, sprouting……

“So, little Shuangshuang, don’t be sad. I will always be with you.” Feng Yixuan started chuckling, pushed his lips up towards Qi Aushuang, “Come, give me a kiss.”


The next moment, Feng Yixuan was squatting on the ground, covering his eye and wailing.

Qi Aushuang turned around and flew away angrily.

Feng Yixuan waited until Qi Aushuang left before standing up with a smile on his face, his gaze relieved. She, finally returned to the lively person she was before. This was the true her……

Feng Yixuan rubbed his eye, the humphed coldly, “Come out. For how long are you planning to watch?”

Everything was silent. After a long time, Leng Lingyun’s figure appeared.

“I’m telling you, I won’t give you any chances.” Feng Yixuan glared at Leng Lingyun. But saying this with a black eye didn’t give it much weight.

Leng Lingyun was silent, not replying.

“Humph!” Feng Yixuan humphed. Ignoring Leng Lingyun and rubbing his eyes, he climbed down the ladder.

Leng Lingyun stood on the roof alone, watching the moon in the sky quietly.


Two days later, the five people left Clear Springs Town. This time, the Xi brothers also followed.

And their destination, was one of the red dots labeled on the map……

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  1. Thank you for the chapter ^^
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    Love both men though, can’t predict who she will end up with 😜


  2. Omg. I have missed this story! Thank you! Love, love, love Feng Yixuan. “Little Shuangshuang.” LOL. He has made his move. Will Leng Lingyun put up a fight? But, it looks like Qi Aoshuang has fallen for FYX. Btw, has she explained to them how she turned from Claire to QAS? Is Lansas another guy in her harem? XD

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  3. Gosh! 😍 I so love the men around her!!! They’re not just handsome and strong but also smart! Thank you! thank you! thank you so much for continuing this novel! ^^


  4. Dude, I’m still shipping Leng Lingyun and Claire!! I’ve shipped them since his first appearance and then his sister said something about them having great fate together or whatever, and it just got my hope up even more. Now….. please don’t shatter this lowly ones dream!!! Lol, thanks for the chapter though!!!


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