Ch.2 Nobility

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Claire…the girl on the bed quietly mumbled  this name to herself. This person’s name sounded pretty, but nobody could stand that attitude. Her memories were full of being rejected by handsome men and looking foolish.

The door was suddenly banged open and the deafening sound caused Claire to look at the doorway. The girl at the door resembled the previous beautiful woman and seemed younger than Claire. However, her expression of disgust  and condescending attitude did not match her young age.

Claire squinted her eyes a little only because in her memories she was terribly afraid of this girl. This was her  younger sister Lashia, a talented magician. Although she was only twelve years old, she had  already become an advanced  magician. Because of her outstanding  talent, she was  selected by the principal of the Sunrise Institute when she was only five years old  to become one of his few students. This made Gordan Hill incredibly happy. This talented young miss hated Claire because their mother spoiled her so much. This wasn’t strange because Lashia, being a child prodigy, had the love of her grandfather, father, and brother.  So,  her mother spent more time with Claire who was disliked.

“Hmph, you brought a lot of shame to the Hill  family. Ending up in a state like this because you fell off a horse just for chasing men. ” Lashia held her head high and looked disdainfully at the person on the bed.  She walked up to the bed, a sliver of malice glinting in her eyes, and stuck her face right up to Claire’s.  She whispered in a low, poisonous voice, “My dear older sister, why didn’t you die falling off that horse?”

Claire silently looked at this pretty face right in front of her. Who would think that someone who looked this innocent would say something so malicious?

Lashia looked at Claire’s placid face and was taken aback. Normally this stupid older sister would be trembling, yet right now she was so calm.

Footsteps sounded outside and Lashia’s expression  changed to a frown. She muttered indistinctly under her breath and instantly a tiny bolt of lightning appeared in her palm. Before Claire could register  Lashia’s actions, Lashia had already pointed her finger at Claire’s back. Claire felt a terrible pain surged through her body from her back.

“You male-chasing idiot, next time you worry mother I won’t let you off as easily, ” Lashia coldy whispered into Claire’s ear. “You know what will happen if you dare tell Mother. ”

In Claire’s combined memories it seemed that many similar situations had happened before. Without anyone knowing, this little sister Lashia seemed to give the before Claire much suffering. Claire emotionlessly dropped her gaze, not looking when Lashia turned around.

This time, the door opened quietly. The previous beautiful lady peaked inside and smiled.

“Mother~~” Lashia happily greeted.

“Lashia, you’re home!” Katherine smiled as she entered.

“Yes, Mother, now let’s go eat.” Lashia cheerfully took Katherine’s arm.

“You go eat first,  I’ll stay with your older sister.” Kathleen patted Lashia’s head and said softly, “Your sister is not feeling well today, I’ll stay here to keep her company.”

“Oh.” Lashia said, eyes cast down with a bitterness unnoticed by Katherine. Watching Katherine walking towards the bed, Lashia quietly and coldly humphed without anyone hearing and  left quickly.

“Claire, the maids will serve dinner promptly.” Katherine sat near the bed and took Claire’s hands in her own. Claire gave a start. The warmth coming from her hand immediately made her relax. So soft, so warm. Just like how that person held her hand and told her to be happy.

“Mother…” Claire said softly.

“What is it dear?” Katherine smiled gently. Suddenly her face color changed and she asked anxiously, “Do you feel hurt anywhere?”

“No, mother.” Claire suddenly smiled. “Mother, you haven’t eaten either. Are you hungry?”

Katherine gave a start, and the tears came suddenly uncontrollably and silently. This is the first time Claire had asked a question like this, the first time Claire expressed kindness toward her.

Watching Katherine’s tears of joy, Claire lowered her eyes. Her true feelings were hidden by her long lashes.

Claire, Claire, this will be my name in the future. A strange light glinted in the young girl’s eyes. The Claire that existed before didn’t dare tell on Lashia’s bullying or have the power to strike back.  But, in the future… Claire’s eyes became icy as she felt the burning sensation on her back.

At this moment, a bright new star rose in the night sky of the Ceylon continent, but nobody knew the reason why.

The next morning, all the servants in Duke Hill’s castle were gossiping among themselves and casting uncertain glances at the study. Nothing big, just their Miss’ strange behavior! Usually she would already be out searching for handsome men by this time, at either the theatre or the City Center Library… Since that’s where the young noble gentlemen normally hung out. But today, she actually went to Duke Hill’s study! When the Duke wasn’t working inside, he would usually let his children inside to study. Although Claire fell off the horse yesterday, the doctor said she would be fine. But based on Miss’ wild personality, she would never go to the study she despises!

In a large study with shining windows, a few huge bookshelves stood next to the walls. Neatly classified books of all genres lined the bookshelves. A pretty blonde girl leaned on a windowsill thumbing through a thick book called Ceylonese History.

Flipping through the book, the girl’s expression became complicated. Only because she had already reached the section on the history of the country Amparkland. The most credited people for the establishment of this country was the Hill clan, a family whose coat of arms was a rose. The young girl lifted her head to gaze thoughtfully upon the rose regalia hanging above the desk. It seems like the Hill family wasn’t simply wealthy.

Outside the door light footsteps sounded but stopped abruptly at the door. Even though it was very, very light, Claire instantly noticed.

From the door came a low and cold voice,“Miss, the Duke has returned.”

“Oh.” Claire unenthusiastically answered, closing the book. From her combined memory she already knew the person outside the door was her knight Jean who was supposed to protect her.

Claire got up and was just about to set the book back on the bookshelf, when she heard a series of footsteps ringing outside the door. Then, she heard the sound of Jean’s greeting.

The door was pushed open and an austere, old man with luxurious clothes appeared. He looked to be more than fifty years old, but very energetic. His brows and Claire’s were similar, letting her understand this was her grandfather. Currently in Amparkland the Duke held a great amount of power and was also the most powerful man in his family.

“Grandfather.” Claire greeted indifferently, her previous cowardly attitude gone.

Gordan Hill looked at the young girl in front of him and frowned, a strange emotion flickering in his eyes. He couldn’t believe at first that his headstrong granddaughter would be willingly reading in the study when he heard about it, but his own eyes convinced him. And how differently she dressed! Usually she would wear elaborate dresses like a butterfly, but today she donned the plainest white dress, her curly golden hair in the simplest style. Did she hit her head too hard when falling off the horse yesterday?

“Claire, you fell off a horse yesterday?” Gordan walked in, asking casually. The people following him stopped outside and lightly closed the door to the study.

“I’m pretty much fine now.” Claire replied lightly.

“Then that’s good.” Gordan, seeing the book in Claire’s hand, was a little surprised. She’s reading Ceylonese History? He knew this granddaughter of his inside out: capricious, unruly, and abnormally attracted to the opposite sex… She, who hated studying and learning more than anything else, was actually reading the most dull and boring Ceylonese History?!

“So, what do you think after reading Ceylonese History?” Duke Gordan asked offhandedly, walking to his office table.

“Let the banner of roses fly forever,” Claire replied quietly with a hint of a smile.

Duke Gordan’s eyes popped wide open and he stared astounded at the smiling girl in front of him. What did he just hear?

Let the banner of roses fly forever!!!

Let the Hill clan exist forever!

“Say that again!” Gordan commanded in a deep tone, squinting at the girl in front of him.

“Let the banner of roses fly forever.” An imperceptible grin flashed under Claire’s eyes. This elderly man in front of her was the heart and center of this clan, the head and the leader. Through numerous previous experiences, she knew exactly how important it was in unfamiliar surroundings to pay close attention and take advantage of superior people to the greatest extent. If she wanted to survive in this unknown world, if she wanted to become powerful, then gaining the favor of this person in front of her would be her first challenge.

If someone else had told him this, Gordan would dismiss it without a thought because it would only be a means of flattering. But it’s meaning was drastically changed when this young girl said it! His only son and other two grandsons and granddaughter had never said anything like it, but it was said by someone who was considered a failure like Claire. Duke Gordan was totally stunned.

“Grandfather, I have insensibly been acting out of line and it has been going on for too long. From now on, I will take my studies seriously and definitely not let down the Hill family again.” Claire looked at the stunned old man. Every word, every sentence had been said clearly, and her green eyes held a serious gaze.

Amazed, Gordan looked blankly at this sincere young girl, unable to speak for a long time. Claire kept quiet, too, silently staring at her grandfather.

“Great!” Finally, Gordan came back to his senses and laughed in relief. He patted Claire on the shoulder and praised, “This is my girl, this is the child of the Hill Clan!”

“I promise I won’t disappoint you,” Claire smiled. Her smile was shining with confidence.

This day, the whole castle boiled.

This idiotic girl that was infatuated with men and always disliked by the duke was actually led out of the study today, hand-in-hand by the normally serious duke, and they were both smiling!

The foolish male-chasing Miss of the Hill Clan is now favored! This news spread like wildfire throughout the whole castle.

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