Ch.20 The Looming Tragedy for Walter

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Almost like he guessed what Claire was thinking, Walter  immediately added, “Don’t ask me, I don’t know either. I only do things for money.”  But, this mission sure was costly, he paid with his life and didn’t even touch a corner of his target’s clothes. All because of that wretched Holy Divine Prince, who has nothing better to do than to come to Gale Gorge for medicinal herbs. It would be fine if it was anyone else from the Temple of Light, but it had to be that overpowered Holy Divine Prince! Walter still felt scared every time he thought about that one-sided defeat.

Claire didn’t ask anymore, knowing it would be useless.

“Claire, let’s return together.” Princess Maurice happily walked over. She had already safely stored the beast core that Claire gave her away.

Claire accepted Maurice’s invitation and after resting for a while, the group returned back to the city.

“Claire, next weekend is my birthday, and my father, the King, has prepared a birthday banquet. You must come.” Princess Maurice invited Claire on the way. Of course, a formal invitation card would also be sent to the Hill castle.

“Sure.” Claire agreed with a smile.

On the road, Maurice clung to Claire and made Claire tell her everything that happened in Gale Gorge. Jean and Nancy walked in the front, Maurice and Claire were in the middle, and the three warriors walked in the back.

Maurice was so brisk and lively right now, completely different from how solemn she was at the Institute. This must be her true personality.

The group traveled to Berthe without a hitch. At the city gates, they parted ways. Maurice was reluctant to leave and only left after reminding Claire she must be present at her birthday banquet.

After Claire went to the Mercenary Guild to turn in her task, she went back to the Duke’s castle.

“Miss, you’ve come back. The Duke wants you to go to the study as soon as you arrive.” The housekeeper at the door respectfully passed on the message. The stiff housekeeper’s attitude towards Claire had totally changed. It wasn’t because of the Duke’s doting on Claire, but because he wasn’t an ordinary man. He was an unusually powerful person. He felt Claire’s changes and also believed that she was the Hill clan’s future hope.

“Okay.” Claire indifferently replied. She went to the study without even changing her clothes.

She knocked on the study door lightly, and Gordan’s dignified voice replied, “Come in.”

Claire entered the study through the door and Jean waited outside.

“Grandfather, I’m back.” Claire said quietly, looking at the dignified old man sitting behind the study desk. Emery stood aside, wearing a brown robe.

“Yes, being back is good.” Gordan nodded. He got up, smiling. “How did it go?”

“Not bad. I killed some third grade and fourth grade magic beasts.” Claire reported seriously. Then she glanced at Emery. Emery already understood from Claire’s gaze that everything must have gone successfully, so his heart settled down.

“Good. Did you get injured?” Gordan walked up to her, concerned.

“No.” Claire shook her head.

“Haha, not bad, not bad. This is how a member of the Hill clan should be.” Gordan happily nodded.

“Also, Grandfather, I met the wizard sage Cliff.” Claire suddenly changed the topic.

“Oh? And then?” Gordan asked eagerly.

“He’s a perverted old man.” Claire said solemnly.

Gordan’s face twitched and he didn’t know what to say. Cliff, that wizard sage, was definitely a huge pervert. All the beautiful female teachers of the Sunrise Institute had been molested by him before, either by trying to touch their chests or lifting their dresses.

Emery had an odd expression on his face, like he wanted to laugh, but this wasn’t the right time to.

“He forced me to become his disciple and gave me a Transportation Bracelet, Invisiblility Cloak, and stuff like that.” This additional sentence made Gordan go wild with joy.

“Really? You’re sure? It’s like this? Haha, this is too good.” Gordan slightly convulsed, his words stumbling over one another. Then he became pleased with himself, “I just knew my darling Claire would be chosen by him.”

Although Gordan was exceptionally happy, Claire looked towards Emery. Emery’s expression was a bit complicated. He was both happy for Claire but also slightly dejected.

“It was Cliff who forced me to become his disciple, so he had to agree with a condition that I brought up.” Claire saw Emery’s expression and unexpectedly said these sentences.

“What?” Gordan came back to his senses. Hearing that his darling granddaughter was so arrogant, he was a bit worried if this would anger the impressive Cliff.

“I only had one condition. I already had a master, so he could only be my second master, and if he couldn’t accept it, then he forget could about it. He agreed.” Claire stated flatly.

As soon as Claire finished saying this, Gordan’s mouth hung open and was speechless for a long time.

Throughout the whole world, Claire must be the only person to negotiate when becoming a disciple, and to a wizard sage, and with such a harsh condition!

But Emery was completely frozen. He of course understood the meaning of Claire’s words, of course knew who she meant when she was talking about her first master. For many years he had thought his tear glands were dry, but today, he felt them getting moist.

“Grandfather, you don’t need to worry, I know my boundaries. Also, things that I decide will never change.” Claire said seriously.

Gordan was shocked, and it took him a while to come back to his senses. He then roared with laughter, “Good! Worthy of being my granddaughter. Exactly how I was like when I was young. I won’t worry, I believe you will deal with this properly.”

“Thank you for understanding, Grandfather.” Claire smiled faintly.

“You must be tired, so you should go wash and change your clothes and then visit your mother.” Gordan was obviously very pleased and happy. He thought of how to spread out that Cliff had accepted Claire as his disciple as fast as possible, and he also wanted to ask Jean about the details.

After Claire left, Gordan turned towards Emery, a complex expression in his eyes.

“Emery, you can see that Claire, that child, has made up her mind already.” Gordan sighed heavily.

“Yes, your Grace, I… ” Emery didn’t know what to say. His heart was so warmed and touched that it was about to melt completely.

“I just hope you don’t let down Claire’s kind intentions.” Gordan let out a long sigh.

“Your Grace, don’t worry. I understand.” Emery said emotionally. At this moment, he had already fully given his heart to Claire.

“Then that’s good. Hehe, you can go now. I imagine you have a lot of things to say to that child. I need to find Jean to learn about some things, you can leave.” Gordan nodded his head with a smile.

“Yes.” Emery bowed and also left.

That night, no one knew what Gordan and Jean discussed in the study.

After showering and changing clothes, Claire went to meet Katherine. Seeing Claire return safe and sound, Katherine was extremely happy. Only after eating dinner with Katherine did Claire go rest. Lashia never showed up; Katherine said Lashia went to the principal’s to study.

Not long after Claire returned to her room did she hear a tap on her window. Claire naturally knew who it was, opening the window and moving out of the way for Emery to enter.

“Teacher, you came just at the right time. I have some things to consult with you.” When Claire saw Emery, her mood was quite happy.

Emery smiled while looking at the girl in front of him profoundly. After setting up a magic hood with a wave of his hand he asked, “Claire, did everything go smoothly this time?”

“Yes, it was successful. I learned the arcanum, it’s just that there’s a lot of information to digest. I wanted to ask teacher about this.” Claire brought out the Spiritual Stone she had been carrying.

“Spiritual Stone!” Emery was hugely surprised. Looking at the valuable treasure in Claire’s hand, he couldn’t help but exclaim.

Claire handed the stone over to Emery and Emery inspected it carefully. “Ah! There’s something inside.”

“An idiot couldn’t win against someone and lost his body, then attached his soul to this. It’s a dark magician called Walter Simon,” Claire replied indifferently.

“Walter Simon?!” Emery exclaimed again.

“What is it? Teacher, is this guy famous?” Claire was doubtful.

“He’s a genius, the genius of dark magicians. Sinister, crafty, cunning, and shameless, he’s wanted by the Temple of Light. But he escaped safely every time. But this time… ” Emery looked at the Spiritual Stone in his hand curiously, as if doubting if the soul inside was the Walter he knew.

“Is he really that clever?” Claire smirked and then said lightly, “He met the Holy Divine Prince of the Temple of Light.”

“Ah! Then it’s not strange at all.” Now Emery didn’t find the situation weird any more.

“Walter, come out! Otherwise I’ll make you wish you were dead.” Claire coldly commanded.

The next moment, smoke spiraled out from the small stone in Emery’s hand and a human image instantly formed.

“It really is the dark magician genius Walter Simon!” Emery looked at the figure and stated certainly.

“That’s me,” Walter said haughtily.

“Do you want a beating? Speaking to my teacher in such a manner!” Claire’s eyes shot out an icy light.

“Oh, exalted magician, I am the Walter Simon. What is your command?” Walter immediately switched to a flattering tone.

Emery blinked. Why did he feel that the aura between his darling disciple and this guy was so complex?

“Hey, I know.” Emery raised his eyebrows, a bold idea forming in his head.

This was the first time Claire saw the normally expressionless Emery grinning evilly.

For no reason at all, Walter’s whole body suddenly felt cold.

Something bad was going to happen!

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3 thoughts on “Ch.20 The Looming Tragedy for Walter

  1. I really not sure why she has so much loyalty towards Emery. Sure, he treated her kindly, but that was only after he saw how talented she was. But wouldn’t most people try to win favor with a genius? Seems unnecessary for her to be so loyal for such an impersonal reason.


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