Ch.21 Claire’s Perception

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“What, what do you want to do?” Walter asked, shaking.

“Come on, genius magician, form a contract with my darling disciple. Become Claire’s second pair of eyes.” Emery chuckled. A spirit’s senses were far better than the senses of a normal person.

“What can I do? Right now I don’t have even the slightest bit of energy.” After hearing this, Walter was a bit relieved.

“No, I can let you gain some energy. But you must become my disciple’s second pair of eyes and help her detect and survive dangers.” Emery said.

“What contract?” Walter asked doubtfully, then frowned. “I’m telling you, don’t even think about restricting me forever. And not the master-servant soul contract either.”

Emery shook his head and said gently, “No, I only need an equal contract where you and Claire can communicate mentally within a certain radius. Claire will probably meet a lot of danger in the future. I hope you can help dispel those dangers with all your effort. As compensation, I’ll help you recover some of your power and find a suitable body for you.”

“That good?” Once he heard this, Walter was delighted, but then asked in suspicion, “Are you trying to deceive to me?”

“Definitely not. I swear upon my honor as a magician.” Emery said seriously.

“Then that’s good, no problem.” Walter was happy again. In the days that followed when Walter met those unusually annoying problems, he would realize how tragic it was that he agreed to Emery’s proposal. If Claire was a little devil, then Emery was a big devil.

Claire looked at the two negotiating, confused. Emery then made Claire put her hand on top of the Spiritual Stone and started chanting some strange incantation. A faint white light covered Claire and the Spiritual Stone. The white light dissipated after a short while, but Claire felt something different in her head. She could now communicate directly with Walter telepathically!

“Walter should be more sensitive to dark magic, so with Walter by your side, things will be much easier.” This was what Emery said, but Claire didn’t really understand what he meant. She only felt that Emery was planning for something!

“Alright, Claire, you just came back today so you must be tired. You should rest early.” Emery pushed open the window and jumped out.

Claire looked thoughtfully at the Spiritual Stone in her hand while stroking her chin. She knitted her brows, thinking.

“Walter, is this Spiritual Stone very valuable? Can you conceal your dark aura?” Claire frowned as she asked.

“Of course it’s very valuable. By attaching myself to this stone, I can hide my dark aura. If I don’t expose myself on purpose, then everyone would think this was a normal stone.” Walter said, very pleased with himself. This meant that when Emery found out there was something in the stone, it was Walter himself who purposely exposed himself.

“Valuable?” Claire played around with the small stone, and said casually, “It’s disposable, only able to be used once before becoming trash. This thing is valuable?”

“Of course, this could count as a sub-Artifact! You can store a spirit inside. There are very few people who can recognize this is a Spiritual Stone. Your master is remarkable. Even the Divine Prince couldn’t identify it.” The last sentence was completely unnecessary. If the Divine Prince recognized this stone, Walter wouldn’t be here talking to Claire right now.

At least with Walter around her it would be easier to sense dark auras. Claire thought about it, then let it go. Today she was too tired. She would ask this guy about dark magic another day.

“Sleep.” Walter was waiting for Claire to respond, only to hear this lazy word again.

Walter again stared at Claire when she calmly took off her clothes. Then with only one glance from Claire, Walter felt cold all over, and hurriedly squirmed into the Spiritual Stone.

The next day, as soon as Claire woke up, the housekeeper came to tell her that the scholar Camille would come and teach her literature and math. Looks like Gordan had already prepared a schedule for Claire this summer.

After breakfast, Claire went to her own study. Camille was already there waiting for her. Everyone had a study, but Duke Gordan’s study had more books, so Claire usually liked to read there.

Just like before, Camille acted cultured and refined, with his never changing gentle smile. His gorgeous blonde hair was still splendid.

“Teacher, thank you for waiting.” Claire smiled and curtsied before Camille.

“No, I’ve also just arrived. Let’s start class then.” Camille smiled.

Claire sat down, sitting up straight. Someone already placed all the textbooks she was going to need on her desk.

Camille wrote equations on the blackboard while Claire listened intently. Suddenly, one of Camille’s small movements aroused Claire’s suspicion.

Camille was a little stiff when he wrote, and although it was only a tiny bit, the stiffness was definitely there. Claire knew that little movement by heart. It’s because when one is wounded, lifting one’s hand strains the injuries. Camille still had the gentle smile fixed on his face, and his face was also rosy, so one could ever tell that he was injured just from his external appearances. Also, as a physically weak scholar and the student of the most famous scholar in the capital, who would want to hurt him?

The truth is often surprising. Claire could be certain that Camille was injured, and it wasn’t minor either.

Claire didn’t ask. This was unrelated to her. Since Camille tried to cover it up, that meant he didn’t want people to know. Camille’s identity shouldn’t be so simple, but Claire wasn’t interested about it.

A whole morning’s teaching passed by peacefully.

Camille kindly declined the invitation to stay for lunch and left alone.

In the afternoon, as Claire, Gordan, and Katherine ate lunch, Claire discovered that Gordan’s mind was on something else.

As if something big had happened.

Gordan didn’t even bother to finish the meal before leaving hurriedly.

Claire thoughtfully watched Gordan disappear from the door of the Grand Hall and kept on eating slowly.

“Do you want to know what happened?” Walter’s voice appeared vulgarly in Claire’s mind.

“Speak.” Claire replied coldly, without any emotion.

“Just go ask that knight of yours. When he met his Royal Highness the second prince in Gale Gorge, they kept making hand signals at each other behind your back.” Walter hastily explained.

“I know he works for the second prince, but he also works for my Grandfather.” Claire’s words shocked Walter.

“You know all this?” Walter exclaimed in surprise.

“If I’m not mistaken, they… ” Claire’s voice stopped, making Walter extremely impatient.

“They what? Keep on talking!” Walter urged.

“Walter…” Claire started in an carefree voice, “Don’t you know? Curiosity often causes people to lose their lives.” But this nonchalant voice made Walter’s heart chill. This seemingly bright girl only in her teens was definitely not as innocent as her appearance seemed.

Walter obediently shut up, not making another sound.

After talking to Katherine for a while, Claire also left to take an afternoon break. After the break, she had equestrian and fencing lessons.

Jean followed Claire from behind all the way until they reached Claire’s door.

Suddenly Claire turned around, looked at Jean and asked unemotionally: “Did something happen last night? Something related to the second prince?”

As soon as Claire finished speaking, Jean’s facial expression instantly changed.

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