Ch.22 Going to the Magicians’ Council

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As Claire finished speaking, Jean’s facial expression instantly changed.

But it was only for an instant before Jean’s expression went back to normal.

“Last night his Royal Highness, the second prince, was attacked. Because the commander of the Tempest Warriors Regiment was present, the assassination failed. The commander heavily injured the assassin but also suffered serious injuries.” Jean said seriously, his eyes never leaving Claire’s face, trying to read it. But Claire’s expressionless face disappointed him.

“Should this have been a top secret?” Claire indifferently asked.

Jean didn’t say anything but only slightly nodded his head.

“Then why did you tell me?” The corner of Claire’s mouth lifted into a smirk. Even Gordan didn’t tell her. Firstly, because he didn’t want this matter of the second prince being attacked spreading, and secondly, because he didn’t want Claire to be involved. But, Jean had told her plainly just now, what did that mean?

“You’re not the Claire from before.” Jean’s low voice was certain.

“Humph.” Claire coldly laughed, and disdainfully lifted her head at Jean. “Jean Raymond, I am Claire Hill. The Claire Hill who was reborn1 . And the person you vowed to guard forever.

“Yes.” Jean lowered his head, his left hand in a fist, heavily striking his chest once making the most formal warrior salutation. His eyes were free of confusion.

“Now tell me, what was your purpose for letting me know all this?” Although Claire already knew the answer, she still asked indifferently.

“I wanted to see Miss’s reaction.” Jean didn’t try to hide it.

“You and Grandfather both support the second prince. Although Grandfather hasn’t stated his official support, he sent you to secretly help the second prince. Besides being my warrior, what other jobs do you have?” Claire looked mockingly at Jean’s changing expression. Although the successor of the Royal family was supposed to be the crown prince, it seemed this wasn’t really the case.

“Miss, your insight and perception has already surpassed Duke Gordan’s.” Jean’s face and tone were unusually solemn and serious.

“I do not need your flattering.” Claire replied coldly, even though Jean’s words were definitely not for flattering.

There was a flash of awkwardness in Jean’s eyes. Of course he knew what Claire wanted to know, but now was not the time.

“Miss, I cannot tell my other job right now. I hope you understand that when it is necessary, I will definitely tell you everything. It’s just that right now isn’t the time.” Jean solemnly promised.

“Good. Then tell me when it’s time.” Claire didn’t linger on this question. She now knew for sure that Jean’s identity definitely wasn’t as simple as it seemed.

Jean felt incredibly complex as he looked at this young girl with clear eyes. This Miss was the one he pledged to guard for the rest of his life. She had given him surprises again and again. Inside her small body, it seemed like she had limitless power. She had incredible insight, mettle before death, grew at an incredible pace, and had a powerful background. He couldn’t even imagine what heights she would grow to. If she was their enemy… It was good she was no other than Duke Gordan’s precious granddaughter.

“What are you looking at? Prepare a carriage in the afternoon, I want to go to the best jewelry store. I’m going to first take my afternoon break now.” Claire’s ice cold voice brought Jean back to his senses.

Jean nodded lightly in response. He understood Claire wanted to make a ring out of the magic beast core and give it to her mother. Looking at Claire’s silhouette disappear at the door, Jean’s feelings were extremely complex. He regretted, yes, he deeply regretted. He regretted not stepping forward bravely that night to protect Claire, now losing her trust.

After closing the door, Claire lay on the bed and flipped over. Suddenly an annoying voice sounded in her head. “Don’t you think you’re too cold toward your guardian knight? I can feel that he is quite loyal towards you.”

“Then what do you think I should do, face him while smiling and say, my dear knight, don’t forget to prepare my horse carriage in the afternoon, I’m going out.” Claire answered in a ridiculing manner. Letting Jean stay by her side was already breaking her principle. One time disloyal, always useless. But in this world, she was still too insignificant.

Walter shivered. He couldn’t imagine what it would be like for this little devil to whine. Even if the waterfalls flowed backwards and the skies fell down, this little devil would still not pretend to be cute. If this little devil did whine to someone, then that person would suffer a hundred, a thousand times more than falling into a bottomless hell!

Walter quieted down. Even though he had no idea what happened between that knight and Claire, he could tell that Claire did not like that knight.

“Go to sleep. One more word and I’ll throw you into the pot for a hot bath.” Such a casual threat already made Walter get rid of all thoughts of talking.

In the afternoon, Claire and Jean left for the jewelry store in a carriage.

The store’s sign, simple but charming, illustrated the characteristic taste of this store. The antiquity of the sign showed that it had long been established.

Once the carriage stopped, people came out of the store to welcome them. Everyone in the capital knew what a carriage with a rose symbol meant.

“Miss Claire, you haven’t visited in a long time.” The clerk that came out to welcome them had a big smile on his face, an absolutely sordid merchant. The man-crazy Claire Hill was a frequent customer of theirs, but she hadn’t shown up in a long time.

Claire just merely nodded her head and didn’t speak. This made the clerk slightly uneasy. If it was before, Claire would be hastily asking about new collections. Her reaction today really is weird. But it doesn’t matter, the clerk thought as he solicitously led Claire into the store. After Claire explained what she came for, the clerk led her towards the VIP room on the second floor. He would arrange for the jeweler to discuss the details with Claire. However, just upon reaching the top of the stairs, they met someone that surprised Jean greatly.

“Your Highness…” Jean said in a low voice, just about to salute.

“No need for these courtesies. I’m also currently a guest here.” The prince curbed Jean’s salute, smiling. His gaze fell on Claire, followed by astonishment.

“Your Highness.” Claire slightly curtsied, without a single extra word. In her blurry memory, all Claire remembered of this Prince was him being handsome. And it certainly was true, this young man before her was like Nancy, both possessing handsome appearances. But, this man seemed more mature. The sharp light in his eyes were totally different from unruliness in Nancy’s. One look and Claire knew that he was a calm and collected person.

The crown prince, Euler, looked at Claire, a little shocked. Is that really the Claire who gave him the impression of being a man-chasing idiot? It’s been so long since he last saw her, and now she gave him a totally different impression. That cold look in her eyes discouraged anyone who wanted to talk to her. She gave everyone a feeling of purity that couldn’t be profaned.

“Oh, Miss Claire, then I’ll be taking my leave.” Euler smiled and moved out of the way for her.

Claire gracefully but unemotionally curtseyed, then left. Jean followed from behind.

As Euler watched Claire’s figure disappear, he frowned, puzzled, but didn’t give it much thought and also left.

Claire sat quietly in the VIP room. The scented tea on the table gave off waves of sweet fragrance. Jean stood behind her, pondering about something.

“Next week it’s princess Maurice’s birthday, and the crown prince came here to make a custom gift for his sister, nothing more.” Claire’s insipid sentence pointed out Jean’s thoughts. At the same time, Claire became a little agitated. What should she give princess Maurice as a birthday gift?

After choosing the custom jewelry design, Claire paid the deposit and the jeweler told her to come pick it up in three days.  She then left the shop with Jean.

At the door, Claire suddenly remembered her almost forgotten second master, Cliff the wizard sage. It was time to find him.

“To the Magician Council.” Claire quietly said to the coachman.

The majestic entrance of the Magician Council was guarded by only two apprentice magicians.

Although the two’s expression couldn’t be said as respectful, when they saw the neatly dressed Claire they were still polite. Because they were just apprentice magicians and not a true magician yet, they still couldn’t treat a noble too haughtily.

“What business do you have, miss?” One of the apprentice magicians politely asked.

“I’m looking for Cliff.” Claire emotionlessly replied.

This made the apprentice magicians frown. You can’t just meet Cliff, a wizard sage, whenever you wanted to. It was obvious that the girl before them was just from some noble family and had perhaps came only to satisfy her curiosity and gaze at the majestic Cliff in reverence. What they didn’t notice was that the girl in front of them called Cliff’s name directly and without the slightest trace of awe.

Thinking everything through, the two apprentice magicians put on an impatient expression and decided to act on their own. “Master Cliff isn’t here, he’s traveling.”

How could Claire not understand what the two were thinking and said casually, “Fine. Then when he finds out that you guys blocked me outside, bear the consequences yourself.”

Two apprentice magicians paused, then glanced at each other. They felt the words of the girl in front of them was a bit strange. But if she really was Cliff’s valued guest and they blocked her outside, then they would be finished. Nobody could endure Cliff’s wrath.

“Wait, I’ll go report first.” Finally, the more quick-witted apprentice magician out of the two ran in after saying this sentence.

Claire also didn’t speak and just quietly stood there.

Behind her there was the sound of multiple footsteps, as if someone was coming.

“Why are you here?” An extremely loathing voice suddenly sounded from behind Claire.

The voice belonged to Lashia.

1. Reborn: 浴火重生, literally would be “born of fire again”, like the phoenix.

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  1. Hmm, so Camille was probably the one who attacked the second prince. Him being secretly injured right after a mystery attacker was injured during an assassination attempt, too suspicious. The question being, who was he doing it for? Seemed like he wasn’t fond of the temple of light, so maybe another royal? It’s interesting that the prince was targeted by 2 different assassins. Someone must really not like him.

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