Ch.23 Super Shocking Scene

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When Claire heard this voice she didn’t respond, completely ignoring it.

Lashia stood at the door, frowning at the familiar figure, her heart burning with rage. That night it was only because this despicable, man-crazy idiot shamelessly tricked her into thinking Grandfather had arrived that she had suffered that sneak attack. Afterwards, she was grounded for a whole month. In that annoying time, Lashia had thought it all out very clearly. If it wasn’t for Claire using those shameless, dirty, underhanded methods, she definitely wouldn’t have lost. Lashia fumed with rage and clenched her teeth every time she thought of the humiliation and terror of that night. Burning shame, a terrible disgrace to be scared by that idiotic man-chaser. She must definitely pay back that humiliation! Pay it back a hundredfold!

Standing in front of Lashia was an old man wearing a long magician’s robe. The gold flower embroidered at the chest area showed his level as a magician was second only to Cliff, a wizard. But, this one level difference between them was a huge gulf. This was the principal of the Sunrise Institute and Lashia’s master – Mozart. Mozart looked at the blonde haired girl’s back, understanding that was Lashia’s older sister, Claire. He didn’t have any positive impressions of Claire. He already heard about her absurd actions, of course, from his prized disciple, Lashia.

The two boys behind Lashia were of course her seniors. Everyone looked at Claire with disgust.

Lashia saw Claire ignoring her and her whole body shook, ready to explode, but she remembered this was the Magician Council and she was with her master. In the end, she restrained herself, and asked the nearby Jean coldly, “Jean, what are you guys doing here?”

“Reporting to the second Miss, we are here to find Master Cliff.” Jean answered emotionlessly, neither servile nor overbearing.

“What?” After hearing this, Lashia almost laughed out loud. That moronic man-chaser also wants to see Cliff? That’s way too funny, haha. Is the great master Cliff someone an idiot can meet whenever? It was only after pleading with their master for so long that he agreed to let them meet the great Cliff, hoping he would give some guidance.

Jean’s eyes flashed an indescribable light for a millisecond. There was a trace of ridicule, but it was very indistinct.

“You, even you want to meet Sir Cliff, this is such idiotic nonsense.” Lashia laughed mockingly. The two men behind Lashia also had a ridiculing expression. It was extremely clear that Claire wanting to meet Cliff was even more outrageous than a toad wanting to eat swan meat.

Like before, Claire didn’t respond to Lashia’s ridicule. She also ignored the principal beside Lashia. Maybe the other students would respectfully give their greetings when they met the principal, but Claire didn’t show respect at all. He was just the superior of those teachers who taught the basics, nothing more. Towards the teachers who taught the basics she held a sliver of respect, but she felt nothing towards the principal.

Jean also kept quiet, not saying anything about Cliff already accepting Claire as his disciple.

Mozart quietly coughed, “That’s enough, Lashia, let’s go inside.”

“Yes, master.” Lashia understood their purpose wasn’t to taunt and ridicule Claire, but to do more important things. She would teach this idiot a lesson the next suitable time they met.

It was at this time that Mozart saw the bracelet Claire was wearing and cried out in shock, “Transportation Bracelet!” Of course he recognized that bracelet, his master Cliff had meticulously created that precious treasure with care. Transportation was a very high level magic. Once someone reached a certain level, practicing this magic wasn’t very hard, but embodying transportation into a magical device was extremely hard. But this precious item was now on this girl’s wrist!

“Master, what is it?” Lashia was also surprised, because it was very rare to see her master look so out of control.

Mozart didn’t answer Lashia’s question, but instead looked at Claire and cautiously asked, “Claire, where did you get your bracelet from?”

“Someone gave it to me.” Claire indifferently replied. She only answered out of respect for his position as a principal and she had to give him some face.

“Impossible! That’s one of Master’s most precious treasures!” Mozart cried out in surprise. But if it wasn’t given to her, then how did she get it? It wasn’t possible that his master lost it and Claire just randomly found it.

“What!” Lashia shouted in surprise. Mozart’s other two disciples were also shocked.

“Then she must have stolen it!” Lashia angrily yelled, “Claire, you thief, how shameless! You’re disgracing the Hill family too much, I will… ” Again, Lashia lost all reason because of Claire. Unceasingly she blurted out everything in her brain. Jean raised his brow. How did he not notice this angel-looking second Miss was so uncouth.

“Are you a pig?” Claire’s light sentence made everyone present deathly quiet. “How many people in the world can steal from the wizard sage Cliff?”

After this sentence, Lashia’s mouth seemed like it was glued open, wide and not closed.

Mozart’s expression became serious and the two other disciples stared blankly, frozen in place.

Just as everyone was deathly silent, the sound of hurried footsteps sounded from the entrance of the Magician Council.

Cliff, that perverted old man, skipped out the door. The moment he saw Claire his smile blossomed. Running quickly out, his mouth started vulgarly exclaiming, “Oh~ Oh~~ My beloved darling disciple, I thought you would never come to find me. I waited for you forever.”

Mozart blanked out, completely frozen. Master was calling him what? And so nauseatingly? Is he mistaken? This had never happened before.

Everyone else also blanked out, but they were happy. They never thought that Cliff liked their master this much. Their hope that Cliff would give guidance grew.

Only Jean had an undetectable ridiculing cold smile.

The disciple who went to report almost bit his tongue off. He only said that there was a blonde-haired girl who even threatened him that he would suffer consequences if he didn’t go and report. He never thought that Cliff would ignore those arrogant words and almost flew out.

The people all were frozen in awe, but the more surprising thing had still not happened.

The next moment, Cliff had already rushed up to Claire and attempted a hug, which Claire dodged. Then Cliff agilely turned and extended his hand to lift Claire’s skirt. The skirt was only lifted for an instant before Claire quickly withdrew backwards. Jean held onto Claire’s waist and Claire kicked out with force. Her foot landed accurately on Cliff’s face. These series of actions all happened very smoothly with no breaks in between. Jean and Claire’s coordination was very well timed.

Crows cawed in the sky, leaves floated around in the air.


(In the future, Cliff kept this habit. Every time he met Claire he would attempt to lift up her skirt, never tired of it despite her threats. But he never succeeded.)

For all the years Mozart lived, this was the first time he felt that his heart would malfunction, unable to bear with the situation at hand.

Lashia’s brain completely stopped running, her face a mixed colored palette, as splendid as could be. She just stood there motionless like an idiot. Her two seniors almost fainted, foaming at the mouth.

“Oh~~ My precious Claire, how could you treat your Master this way?” Cliff acted like nothing was wrong, and stood up with a blank face. He fished out a handkerchief and pouted. On his face there was an obvious footprint.

“How long are you going to keep holding me?” Claire completely ignored Cliff’s emotional complaints, and instead glanced at Jean to speak coldly.

Jean hurriedly let go at once, helping Claire to her feet.

“If you dare lift my skirt again, I’ll slice you to pieces.” Claire’s ghastly tone brought the two petrified apprentice magicians at the door back to life. They both desperately rubbed their eyes, doubting that all they’ve seen today were hallucinations.

“Oh, my darling disciple, don’t be like that.” Cliff still didn’t change his bad habit and squinted pervertedly at Claire’s bosom. “Let me guess, today you’re wearing a round corset.”

The people who came back to their senses twitched their mouths. Although they knew Cliff was perverted, they never imagined he could be so brazen and shameless.

Claire’s cold gaze made Cliff a little uneasy. He coughed and became a little more serious. “Well, Claire, first follow me to my laboratory. I’ll give you my notebook.”

“Yes.” Claire nodded.

Cliff led Claire and Jean into the Magician Council just like that. He was so cheerful that he had totally forgotten about his other disciple, Mozart, who was standing at the entrance.

“Master…” Mozart finally called out to Cliff who was about to go in.

“Oh?” Only then Cliff turned around and saw Mozart. “Ah? Mozart, why are you here?”

This sentence made Mozart’s mouth tremble.

These two completely different treatments made everyone flabbergasted and wordless.

“Master, it was you who said you had time today and told me to come over.” Mozart answered carefully.

“Oh, well, I’m busy now. Come another day.” Cliff was now totally focused on Claire, there was no way he could have time to spend on Mozart.

“Yes, Master.” Mozart obediently nodded without any objection.

Everyone stared at Claire as she disappeared into the Magician Council’s door.

Lashia looked at Claire’s back and almost swallowed her teeth.

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  1. I wouldn’t take that too personally Mozart, you are a guy after all. I’m actually really surprised Cliff would have taken a non-female disciple at all.


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