Ch.24 Let Me See Your Loyalty

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Lashia couldn’t settle down her heart and couldn’t believe what had just happened before her eyes. The legendary Sir Cliff acted so intimately with that idiot and even fawned over her! Hatred, jealousy, unwillingness, Lashia was swallowed up by these emotions in an instant.

“Master, what’s going on? Why is that idiot so close with Sir Cliff?” Lashia gritted her teeth, pushing down her emotions. If Claire was in front of her right now, she might have jumped on her and bitten her a few times. She was supposed to be the talented genius girl! She was what the world revolved around! That moron had now climbed up on her head.

“I’m not sure either. But the thing I do know is, Master has already taken her as his disciple and treats her very dotingly.” Mozart sighed lightly. He understood Lashia’s feelings, but Claire becoming his Master’s disciple was already uncontestable. He hoped this wouldn’t deal too much of a blow to his proud and arrogant disciple.

“Impossible. She’s a man-chaser, and so stupid and ignorant.” Lashia’s mood was extremely agitated. How could she accept this situation?! This idiot man-chaser she looked down on and hated the most is now her revered master’s junior sister!!! What kind of bullshit joke was this, not even funny. This was the first time Lashia cursed so indecently in her heart.

“Yeah, Master, how is it possible? She must have seduced Sir Cliff.” One of the other disciples said very certainly. His face was also full of wrath.

“That’s right, master, you must figure out what really happened. Maybe that man-chasing Claire drugged Sir Cliff with a love potion.” The other disciple added, undeterred.

“Shut up!” Nobody expected Mozart’s face to change. He angrily reprimanded, “All of you shut up, you’re not allowed to talk rubbish.”

They all quieted down. This was the first time they had seen their Master so angry.

“Your jealousy has blinded you, making you lose all reason! Where did your self-restraint, your intellect go?” Mozart scolded angrily. “Do you think Claire, who hasn’t even become a true magician, can drug a wizard sage? Master is perverted, but have you ever heard of Master doing irrational things or become muddleheaded due to feminine charms? You’re not just falsely accusing Claire, but also dishonoring Master.”

They all froze and felt fear, not even daring to breathe too loudly. None of them could afford to dishonor Cliff. Mozart’s words pricked their heart like a needle. Yes, not to talk about Claire, but even their Master didn’t have the capabilities to drug Cliff. The truth really was merciless, that the legendary great Cliff really accepted Claire, the man-chaser, as a disciple.

Mozart looked his three ashen-faced disciples and sighed quietly. These three were all very talented, but they were too young and too easily jealous. With that temperament their road would be a bumpy one. Maybe he had pampered them too much. Looking at it now, not letting them experience any setbacks was the wrong teaching method.

“Master, I’m sorry.” Lashia apologized first. Her meekness was one of the biggest reasons that Mozart was so fond of her.

“Master, we’re sorry.” The other two disciples also quickly apologized.

“You are all too young. I hope you can become more mature, and not let your eyes, or here, be deceived by outside appearances.” Mozart said sincerely, pointing to his heart.

“Yes, Master.” They all nodded in response, looking a bit ashamed.

“Although I don’t know why Master would take Claire as a disciple, it is now the undeniable truth. She is now my junior sister1 , and I expect you to have proper respect.” Mozart sighed, a little resigned. He knew that based on Lashia’s spoiled personality, she just might go pick a fight. He sighed again. “Lashia, do not do anything extreme, do you understand?” Mozart wasn’t worried about Lashia and Claire’s sisterly relationship, but that Cliff might get angry. Cliff was a very protective person, and from his attitude today towards Claire he could tell that Cliff liked Claire very much. If his precious Claire was hurt, no one could bear his wrath.

“Yes.” On the surface, they all promised, but Mozart couldn’t know their true thoughts. Lashia also agreed obediently, but inside her heart, jealousy and hate grew crazily like weeds.

“Come on, one day we will know why Master has taken her as his disciple. Right now what we need to do is to continue our learning.” Mozart led them on. The three exchanged glances, and followed behind.

In the Magician Council, Claire observed the interior.

She was on the first floor right now. It was like a big plaza with a few windows around. These were where magicians could apply for assessments. In the middle, there was a huge, round platform. Looking up, the ceiling above the round platform was empty. It was actually a huge elevator that went straight to the top.

Getting onto the elevator, Cliff casually started chanting, and the round platform steadily ascended. When they slowly reached the second floor, Claire was surprised to find that it consisted of shops closely lined together. Every shop had a shopkeeper, and judging by the style of their robes, they were all apprentice magicians. Why? Claire asked herself. Didn’t magicians all hate those greedy merchants? How would they themselves open shops?

Cliff seemed to see Claire’s confusion and laughingly explained, “These shops have all been created by magicians themselves, and are used to trade magical items, but not sell.”

So it was like this, Claire immediately understood. This was a great idea and made interactions between magicians easier.

On the third floor were personal laboratories of magicians, the higher up, the higher the status.

Naturally, the top floor was Cliff’s laboratory.

“Ahaha, Claire, look, how is my place?” Cliff, exactly like a child showing off, pointed at his huge laboratory and laughed, pleased.

“I don’t see anything special.” Claire indifferently responded. In fact, a magician’s laboratory was incomparably messy, with a certain order in the mess. Perhaps only the owner would know where his supplies were.

“Wait.” A notebook suddenly appeared in Cliff’s hand and he handed it to Claire, “Here, these are my notes when I first became a magician. They should be very useful.”

Claire accepted it and flipped through it, raising her eyebrows. Sure enough, the views in this notebook were very unique and to the point. Can’t deny that this perverted old man is still very smart. As the only wizard sage in all of Amparkland, he did know his books.

“Presently, you’re not ready to use too high level spells, I’ll teach them to you when the time come. The world of magic is exquisite and wide. You can’t be too patient on learning magic.” Cliff said seriously. This happened to coincide with what Emery had said.

“Yes, I know, Master.” Claire’s “Master” made Cliff elated again.

“Next week is the princess’s birthday, you must arrive early.” Cliff suddenly changed the topic.

Claire was a bit puzzled. Based on Cliff’s character, normally he wouldn’t care about the outside world and wouldn’t attend this kind of boring banquet, but now he brought up this topic himself. How could it not be weird? Then Claire saw Cliff’s evil grin, and her intuition told her that nothing good would come out of this.

“Master, did anyone ever tell you your smile is very obscene?” Claire frowned at Cliff, who was still laughing evilly.

“Really? Really?” Cliff immediately became serious and asked frowning.

“What is your purpose?” Claire didn’t trust her vulgar Master’s words. The more serious he was, the more suspicious.

“It’s nothing, haha, ahaha~” Cliff laughed so hard he couldn’t close his mouth. “Haha, it’s just that that old man will also go. Ahaha~~”

Claire looked at Cliff skeptically, curious about who the old man he was talking about was.

“Well well, darling disciple, wait for me to finish this experiment and then I’ll go find you. In Duke Hill’s castle, right?” Cliff laughed, obviously in a really, really good mood.

“Yes.” Claire nodded and didn’t ask anything. In any case, she would find out which old guy it was that her master mentioned on that day.

“Remember, you must go early to the palace.” Cliff mentioned again just in case. Even if the princess didn’t invite Claire, Claire still would have gone as Cliff’s disciple, a status to which no one could object.

“I know.” Claire responded. Suddenly she remembered something. “Master, do you have any special wands or anything?”

“What kind do you want?” Cliff blinked as he asked.

“I want to give the princess a gift, but I haven’t thought of anything suitable. She must already have many jewels and whatnot.” Claire didn’t show the slightest trace of modesty when revealing her intention.

Cliff glanced around, thought for a moment, and then suddenly a gorgeous wand appeared in his hand. It was exquisite, with many clear and beautiful jewels inlaid on it, reflecting the light perfectly, looking so pretty and useful. The antique designs on the wand made it look even more mysterious.

“This really isn’t anything precious, but it’s enough to cajole a young girl who likes pretty things.” Cliff handed the wand to Claire.

Although Cliff said this, the wand was not a cheap thing. It was just that in Cliff’s eyes, it wasn’t much. After taking it, Claire frowned slightly. She was thinking about how to trick this perverted master into giving her some of his treasures.

“Yes. Good, I’ll continue on with my stupid experiment.” After sending Claire off, Cliff went up again and immersed himself in an experiment.

Claire and Jean left the Magician Council and went on the carriage. Claire leaned on the side of the carriage in the back with her eyes closed to rest.

After the carriage traveled for a while, Claire suddenly opened her eyes.

Claire looked towards Jean, a flash of coldness in her eyes. Jean’s eyes were also icy.

The coachman wasn’t going on the right path.

It wasn’t the path back to the Hill castle! Coachmen had to go through a rigorous selection, and were absolutely loyal to the Hill clan. So who else could have commanded the coachman?

An imperceptible callous smile emerged on Claire’s lips.

That over-pampered, silly girl, seems like the previous beating wasn’t enough for her to learn her lesson.

Jean’s eyes were completely cold. He slowly lifted his head towards Claire and said steadily, “Anything detrimental to you, anything in your way, I will eliminate without any hesitation.”

Claire quietly laughed, “Even if it’s the Hill Clan’s second Miss?”

“Yes!” Jean said decisively. His handsome face was as cold as glaciers and his eyes were as frigid and deep as the night sky.

Claire smiled but didn’t speak and quietly looked at Jean.

After a while, Claire opened her vermillion red lips.

“Good. Then let me see your resolution. Let me see your loyalty.”

In the carriage, Claire’s quiet voice was like a demon’s faint sigh.

1. Junior sister: 师妹, younger/later disciple of one’s master.

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  1. KYAHAHAHAHAHHA, This Claire is interesting, i love this so much!! i hope that bitch really dies. Also, i REALLY hope that the ‘Old Man’ Cliff is referring to isn’t the pope, cause if so, then it would be too predictable.


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