Ch.25 Loyalty to a Devil

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The carriage didn’t stop and continued out of the city. It was very clear that although Claire was now doted on by the duke, she was still far lower in the servant’s hearts compared to the talented Lashia. Between the two, the coachman had resolutely decided to follow Lashia’s command. This would be something he would regret for a lifetime.

“I want her alive.” Claire’s faint voice sounded coldly in the carriage. This was her bottom line. It wasn’t because that person was her supposed little sister, but because of their gentle mother, Katherine.

Jean emotionlessly nodded, the depths of his eyes cold.

The carriage went out the city to a forest.

Not long after, it stopped.

Jean came off the carriage and extended his hand out. Claire indifferently accepted it. Then Jean carefully helped her out of the carriage.

The coachman looked around. The second Miss had commanded him to bring the carriage here, but he couldn’t see her. Then should he follow her command to leave? In any case, listening to the second Miss’s command was the right decision. The first Miss would never match up to the second, and if she heard that it was second Miss’s command she also wouldn’t dare to refute. After thinking through all this the coachman was about to whip the horses to leave.

But the very next moment, a cold voice sounded quietly right next to his ear. “Where are you thinking of going?” Jean’s eyes didn’t have the slightest trace of warmth.

The coachman was frightened. This voice didn’t have any emotion in it, and froze all the blood in his body. The next moment, the aura of death enveloped him. Excruciating pain came from his wrists, so painful he almost couldn’t breathe.

The tendons in his wrists snapped. Jean gracefully withdrew his sword, not a single drop of blood on it. But both of the coachman’s tendons had been broken! Fresh blood spilled out and the coachman mournfully howled. The miserable sound that reverberated in the forest was ear-piercing.

Jean stood there quietly, like a god of death. He coldly looked at the coachman who continuously whimpered in pain.

“Who ordered you to bring us here?” Claire laughed. Her laugh was as beautiful as sunlight as she asked this question gently, already knowing the answer.

The coachman was terrified. Although the girl was smiling, it felt colder than a thousand year old glacier.

“You neglected your duty.” Jean coldly looked at the man on the ground and was about to pull out his sword.

Before Jean could plunge the sword down, the coachman already started to scream his heart and lungs out, “Second Miss, save me, second Miss, it’s you who ordered me to bring the carriage here. Second Miss…”

Claire laughed and calmly stood aside, like a beautiful but poisonous poppy. She leisurely waited for that person to appear.

The hidden Lashia felt a chill. It was the first time, the first time she had seen that warrior, Jean, who was always indifferent towards Claire, look ruthless and cruel. What did this foretell? That the warrior was now wholeheartedly working for that idiot? How is it possible?! Before when I bullied that idiot, Jean would always turn a blind eye, but right now that warrior’s manner was completely different.

“Stop!” Looking at Jean about to impale the coachman through his chest, Lashia emerged from her hiding place to shout angrily. Afterall, it was because of her orders that the coachman was in this kind of a predicament.

Claire slightly raised her brow, and showed a sliver of a smile while watching the girl emerge from the shadows. This girl who had been over pampered so much she was out of control actually had a sense of humanity and responsibility.

Lashia hatefully looked at the blonde haired girl who was standing aside with a slight smile. Her carefree manner was like a stabbing pain to Lashia’s eye.

“Why did the Sir Cliff accept you as a disciple? Why?! Lashia angrily asked, trying her best to suppress her rage.

Claire indifferently laughed. “Why do I need to answer you?”

“Why? How is it possible? How could the great Cliff accept you as a disciple? You’re nothing, you only know how to chase after men, act shamefully, be ignorant and incompetent. What else can you do? You even don’t care for your mother who loves you so dearly! For what reason did Cliff accept you as a disciple?” Lashia finally exploded and vented out all of her anger. “You’re only an idiotic man-chaser! Only the disgrace of the Hill family!”

Claire quietly sighed. Everything Lashia said was true! The Claire from before really was only able to chase after men, bringing disgrace everywhere she went. And like Lashia said, the previous Claire didn’t even care for her devoted mother. Claire looked at the sky, her heart somewhat turmoiled. The Claire from before really made people disgusted. No wonder even as a guardian knight Jean treated the previous Claire that way. It was impossible to like a stupid, useless man-chasing idiot.

Claire looked at the child, who always had the world revolve around her, and suddenly felt a bit melancholy. This girl started shining and attracting attention from age five, and from then on had always been the biggest star in everyone’s eyes, the hope and pride of the Hill family. Her whole world and belief was almost completely smashed by Claire today. Her ego, her pride, her brilliance, all became a joke today, an enormous joke.

“Maybe you will know later.” Claire dully said. She had already changed her mind and dropped her original plan. She turned around and was about to walk back to the carriage.

“Stop right there!” Lashia had her fist clenched. “You better give me a reason or else don’t even think of leaving!”

Claire stopped and her gaze drifted slowly onto Lashia. Suddenly she said quietly, “When you mature, maybe you will become an existence that surpasses Cliff.”

Lashia paused, staring at Claire’s back, speechless. For a split second she felt that blonde haired girl wasn’t Claire but a complete stranger who was a formidable wisewoman.

Only when Claire had entered the carriage and the sight of her back had disappeared did Lashia come back to her senses and vigorously shook her head, throwing the emotion she just had out of her head. She was somewhat resentful. How could she be led by the nose by that man-chaser?

“Stop right there! If you don’t tell me why today I will definitely not let you go.” Lashia rushed forward, already chanting a spell.

“I’m sorry, second Miss.” Jean’s black clothes fluttered and his gaze was cold. His movements seemed slow and graceful, but in a split second he was right in front of Lashia.

In that instant, a violet light burst forth. A great force came from the air and attacked Lashia in the front.

In that split second, Lashia screamed, her whole body feeling like it was about to split open. She hacked out fresh blood and flew backwards like a broken doll. Dark red blood carved into a dazzling arc in the air. A pain worse than death enveloped Lashia.

Bang. Lashia’s body slammed into the ground heavily. Dirt flew up as Lashia lay on the ground, unable to move. It happened so quickly that Lashia’s two senior disciples in their hiding spots didn’t even register what happened or catch Lashia. They should have felt glad that they didn’t catch her though, because even the ground below Lashia was devastatingly cracked open because of the force. Jean only left a little bit of Dou Qi on Lashia, which disappeared into the ground as Lashia hit. A magician’s greatest fear is close combat, that is the most life-threatening situation. Everyone present besides Claire, who was in the carriage, didn’t think that Jean would deal such a harsh blow! And to the Hill clan’s second miss too!

“Jean, we’re leaving.” Claire’s voice insipidly came from the carriage, carrying an indescribable emotion.

Jean coldly sheathed his sword. Without even a glance at Lashia’s limp body on the ground, he sat in place of the coachman, and whipped the horses to leave.

The carriage traveled slowly.

“You’re not afraid of Grandfather blaming you?” Claire’s low voice traveled out of the carriage to Jean’s ear. Her words didn’t sound even the slightest bit concerned.

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