Ch.28 King’s Gaze

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Claire looked at the impatient handsome noble and sighed in her heart. The viewpoint of this body’s previous owner… She really couldn’t agree or appreciate it.

“This guy looks like he deserves a whipping.” Walter’s voice noisily sounded. Suddenly he asked suspiciously, “How could you fall for that arrogant wimpy brat? What does he mean by those words?” Even if Walter was beaten to death, he would never believe this little devil would take a liking to that youth.

Claire didn’t speak. She couldn’t tell Walter she really wasn’t the Claire from before.

The handsome youth saw Claire not speaking and got more and more impatient. He felt envy and hatred. This man-chaser actually became the disciple of Sir Cliff. And although she still hasn’t become a true magician, doesn’t have any achievements, she was actually bestowed the title of Baron. Although Baron is the lowest title, it still is a title! Looking at the silent Claire, the handsome youth became more agitated and disdainful. So she really was a handsome-male-chaser1 ! Asking her to dance and she was so moved she couldn’t say anything!

“Sorry, I don’t know how to dance. Please find someone else.” Claire answered coldly.

The handsome youth was stunned. Doesn’t know how to dance? These words coming from the man-chaser Claire was a total joke. Everyone knew that incompetent man-chaser Claire also had a skill, which was dancing! But right now she actually said she couldn’t dance?! What did she mean by that? Was this some kind of ploy? The handsome youth frowned. He understood his father’s words. Knowing that Claire had chased him before, he wanted him to gain her favor and accompany her in order to create a good relationship with the Hill family. Lashia, who was so brilliant and talented, was a little hard to go after. But as for aiming for this man-chaser, there was a chance.

“Are you declining in order to reel me in?” The handsome youth laughed coldly, then he added before Claire could respond, “Then congratulations, you’ve succeeded. Come dance with me.” The handsome youth extended his hand.

Claire felt a little helpless, not because of the youth’s behavior, but because of the actions of the previous Claire. If a person like that suddenly changed her attitude, it was hard for anyone to accept it.

“ I think you misunderstood. Claire was waiting for me.” a calm voice came from behind the youth.

The handsome youth turned around, stunned to see the second prince smiling at him.

“Your highness.” The handsome youth quickly bowed but still felt an indescribable feeling. Did Claire turning over a new leaf even change the attitude of the second prince who she had been chasing before?

Nancy lightly nodded at the handsome youth, smiling graciously.

“Then I’ll be taking my leave, your highness.” The handsome youth slightly bowed and withdrew from the balcony.

Claire was still silent and didn’t say anything.

“What, you’re not going to thank me saving you from an awkward situation” Nancy laughed softly while making fun of Claire.

“The person who should thank you is him.” Claire quietly laughed, her voice with an unmatched coldness.

Of course Nancy knew what Claire meant. But Nancy didn’t mind Claire’s tone and only indifferently laughed. “May I have the honor of dancing with you?” After he said this, Nancy elegantly extended his hand towards Claire.

“No.” Claire didn’t give any face and coldly refused without even batting an eye.

Nancy wasn’t angered and instead laughed. He gently withdrew his hand, not offended the slightest by Claire’s blunt refusal.

“That night, it was I who stopped Jean. I wasn’t saying it for him, I was telling the truth. It was just that that night I wanted to figure out who you were.” Nancy approached Claire’s ear and murmured laughingly. To an outsider it looked like a pair of lovers whispering secrets. But the truth was completely different.

“Oh. So what?” Claire smiled while rocking the glass of wine in her hand. The coldness she emitted could make people shiver.

Nancy went mute. So what? That one, cold sentence completely stopped what he was going to say. So what if he stopped Jean or not? Then what was relevant? The most important thing was that this young girl in front of him was no longer a normal person, no longer a man-chaser, but sir Cliff’s disciple!

“If your Highness doesn’t have any more to say, I would like to be alone for a while.” Claire said lazily, leaning on the balcony railing. Her gaze floated towards the quiet garden.

Nancy paused for a moment before nodding his head. “If that’s so, I’ll be taking my leave.”

Claire nodded with not so much as a glance towards Nancy.

Finally the balcony was quiet again. Claire quietly sighed and drank from the glass of wine.

“This person is definitely not ordinary.” Walter’s voice sounded in Claire’s head.

“Really now?” Claire half-heartedly replied.

“His gaze was a king’s gaze.” Walter said, certain.

“Hah, when did you start sounding like those hypocrites?” Claire mocked. But really, she knew the situation very clearly. The contest for the throne had already started, but she had no intention of joining their battle. It was always like that in the royal family. From the moment you were born into it, the words familial affection were basically already a huge joke. As long as it didn’t affect who she cared about, she didn’t care about it.

“I’m didn’t! I understand a little bit of star reading.” Walter refuted stoutly.

“Oh really? Then, O, great star reader, why couldn’t you read that you would meet the overpowered Holy Divine Son that day? Why couldn’t you read that you weren’t his match?” Claire’s venomous tongue retorted even more unyielding.

“Well, well… I said I only understand a bit.” Walter withered.

The corner of Claire’s mouth lifted into an imperceptible smile. For some reason, it was interesting poking fun at Walter.

But Claire understood Walter actually knew a bit of star reading. The second prince Nancy had a big chance of becoming the next emperor because he had the hidden  support of Duke Gordon. As for Duke Gordon, he must have his own reasons for supporting the prince secretly.

“Claire, what are you thinking? When can we leave? This place seems annoying.” Walter voice sounded in Claire’s head, “Also, your first Master says he was going to help me, so how is it going?”

“I’m debating on how to give you a bath, either frying or boiling.” Claire said coldly after hearing Walter’s last sentence. “If you want to receive anything, first ask yourself what you have given. Around here, before you demand, you must first contribute.”

Walter shivered. This little devil!!! Just now they were joking around, and he became careless and thought it would easier to talk to her. But in truth, her beautiful clothes couldn’t cover this little devil’s inherent maliciousness.

“But, but right now I don’t have any power, how can I help you?” Walter pouted, like he was hugely wronged.

“When we get back, tell me all about dark magic. Tell me every spell you know, so I can go home and study it.” This request was too greedy, too much. But, that is if Claire was of the Dark nature. Walter curled his lip. Who cared if he told. Did Claire think it was a big deal? In any case, Claire can’t learn Dark magic because of her attribute and position, and based on Claire’s devil personality, she would not teach anyone any magic. In short, telling Claire about Dark magic was basically no loss to Walter.

“Okay okay, no problem, no problem at all.” Walter promised in a rush, then added, “When can we leave this stupid place? The Light essence on that old man and Holy Divine Prince makes me nauseated.” Even though Walter didn’t have a body anymore, that dense and pure Light essence still made him very disgusted and uncomfortable.

“When the banquet ends.” Claire answered casually. Walter was just about to sigh out loud, disappointed, when Claire slyly added, “But, I can take you to the garden for a walk, then leave when the banquet ends.”

“Yay, Claire you are such a nice person.” Walter couldn’t help but exclaiming. Then he came back to his senses and convulsed. Devil! Big, big devil! Set a trap for him so he would call her nice. If she was a nice person, then there would be no nice people on the world.

In the garden, a cool breeze blew. Claire sat quietly on the bench, gazing at the starry night. Right above her, the brightest star was twinkling.

“A legendary person has been born, most likely in this country.” Walter’s voice suddenly floated into Claire’s ear.

“Why do you say so?” Claire was confused.

“Star reading. Although I don’t have any devices or power, I can still look at the stars.” Walter stated confidently, “Look at that brightest star above your head, it wasn’t there a few months ago. It appeared suddenly. Those bitches at the Temple of Light must be working their butts off now.” Walter cursed scornfully.

“Explain it.” Claire frowned. A strange feeling flashed in her heart, but was only there for an instant, and she didn’t catch it.

1. Handsome-male-chaser: 花痴, this word has been used since chapter 1 multiple times and is used to characterize when a girl is so attracted by looks that she chases after nearly every handsome man she sees. Think of it as the female version of a skirt-chaser.

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  1. Okay, why would a thirteen year old be drinking wine? also, why did the shittiest thing about this novel, Nancy, come again? it’s not even about the name anymore, his character is simply shit. By the way, i prefer the crown prince over this fag.


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