Ch.3 I’ll Kill You Once We Get Out (Part I)

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“And if not?!” Qi Aushuang asked.

Everyone shivered internally. If not? Who could block Feng Yixuan’s attack? Feng Yixuan’s strength now was insane, and if he used all his strength in this blow, maybe even he himself couldn’t block it, forget about the others.

Feng Yixuan blinked, then slashed his sword at the barrier as an experiment. The force reflected made Feng Yixuan drop his jaw: it was exactly the same as the force and speed he used. Feng Yixuan immediately constructed a magic shield and blocked the attack. He was a little frightened in his heart. What if he used all his strength, yet didn’t break the barrier? What will happen then?

“Then what do we do?” Feng Yixuan sheathed his sword and asked frustratedly. Just thinking about getting struck down by his own magic made him depressed.

“Yeah, what do we do then? Are we going to be stuck here forever?” Xi Shaoqi glanced at the people walking besides him and shivered. These people were all dead, yet they still continued “living”, walking up and down the street. Extremely creepy.

“Haha, don’t waste your brain cells. This matrix; it doesn’t matter how strong you are, you can’t break it. If you want to die quickly, then attack the barrier; if you want to die slowly, then stay inside obediently, ahaha~~” Outside the barrier a weird laughing sounded. No need to think, it must be the strange person who set up this trap. Then the voice left, its owner obviously thinking that they couldn’t break this matrix and went to find some place comfortable to stay. The strange person thought happily that after some waiting, he could come collect bodies.

“Sh*t! You bastard!” Xi Shaoqi cursed.

“I’ll kill you once we get out!” Feng Yixuan gritted his teeth and yelled.

Leng Lingyun said darkly, “I’ve never seen such a matrix, and haven’t heard of any matrix like this. There is no record of this in the Temple of Light’s library either.”

“Humph, just because something is not recorded in the Temple of Light’s library doesn’t mean no one knows about it!” Although Xi Shaoqi knew Leng Lingyun was on their side now, but when he heard the words “Temple of Light” he still couldn’t help humphing coldly.

“You mean you know?” Qi Aushuang’s cold words immediately made Xi Shaoqi shut up and start drawing circles in the dust.

“Let’s go and rest for a while. Standing here is not going to change anything,” Qi Aushuang said, “Let’s sit in the inn and discuss this.”

Everyone agreed. Xi Shaosi walked in the front, leading the people towards the inn. Walking in the back, Xi Shaoqi was restless; he kept hrowing out small-scale spells trying to break the barrier, but the result was the same. They always reflected back, exactly as he had casted them. Although Xi Shaoqi was prepared, he still made a fool of himself, and the people walking in front completely ignored him.

In the inn, there weren’t any customers on the first floor. The manager was cleaning a cup behind the counter, never stopping, and a waiter besides a table kept wiping the table. The two people’s actions just kept repeating, never stopping.

Xi Shaoqi felt unsettled. He sat at the table furthest away, swallowed, and tried his best not to look at the two walking dead.

“Miss, I hate this place…… ” Xi Shaoqi’s voice was trembling.

“What do you think?” Qi Aushuang looked out the window. On the streets, a few people still strolled up and down.

“To break the matrix, either we can use brute force, or kill the person who set the matrix up.” Leng Lingyun said coldly.

“The two are the same. The person who set up the matrix is outside, so to kill him, we must first get out. And the situation right now is that we can’t get out.” Feng Yixuan snapped.

“The problem is, how did he set up the matrix? This little town isn’t large, but it’s not that small either. He seemed to be by himself, too. And the matrix started not long after we entered here.” Qi Aushuang frowned slightly, thinking.

“When Master set up a matrix, he needed us two to assist him, or someone else. By himself, he couldn’t ever set up such a big matrix.” Xi Shaosi stroked his chin, also thinking, “But this matrix is so big. How did he do it by himself?”

“Maybe he has some treasure?” Xi Shaoqi blinked his big eyes, then scooted towards Xi Shaosi on the bench. Every time he saw those walking dead he was frightened.

“Treasure?” Everyone looked to Xi Shaoqi.

“I’m guessing.” Xi Shaoqi shrugged.

A light went off in Qi Aushuang’s mind. She asked, “Do any one of you remember how the matrix started?”

“Something seemed to brighten above our heads, and then the matrix started.” Feng Yixuan answered as he thought.

“Direction?” Qi Aushuang pushed.

“Direction? I remember it spread towards all sides, as if it had a center.” Everyone had to exclaim at Feng Yixuan’s strength, seeing something that happened in a second so clearly. “Let’s go!” Qi Aushuang stood up abruptly.

“Where are we going?” The people asked.

“To the center of this town.” Qi Aushuang was a little excited. The people in this world didn’t know, but she did. There was one type of matrix that needed an eye. If Feng Yixuan didn’t see wrong, and she didn’t guess wrong, then this huge matrix had an eye, and the eye must be in the center of this little town. And that was the key to breaking this matrix!

“The center of the town is a small pond. Beneath the pond is a spring.” Xi Shaosi filled everyone in. He was also confused. What was Qi Aushuang thinking, what could be there? There was only water.

“Just follow along. The words of my wife are the truth!” Feng Yixuan looked sideways and spat. Xi Shaosi was wordless, rolling his eyes and following closely.

Right now Qi Aushaung wasn’t in the mood to fight with Feng Yixuan over this, but hurried towards the center of the town.

Sure enough, there was a green little pond in the middle of the town. Around the town grew some plants none of them had seen before, looking alive and green. Around the pond were steps build out of stone, making it easier for people to go down and fetch water.

“Is there a problem with this pond?” Xi Shaosi frowned at the pond. He couldn’t sense any abnormality.

Qi Aushaung didn’t answer, but sat down and closed her eyes, focusing her conscious and sensing beneath the water. Feng Yixuan also started sensing the situation beneath the surface.

Xi Shaoqi was about to ask what they were doing when Leng Lingyun mentioned for him to stop, to be quiet. Xi Shaoqi immediately quieted.

Sure enough!

A faint smile appeared on Qi Aushuang’s face.

There was a problem beneath this pond. In the depth, there was a faint magic ripple, coming from something.

Qi Aushuang retracted her conscious and opened her eyes.

Feng Yixuan also opened his eyes, and not waiting for Qi Aushuang to speak, he already frowned: “There is a bright, round object underneath, giving off a slight magic ripple. Don’t know if it has anything to do with this matrix.”

Qi Aushuang was surprised internally. Feng Yixuan could actually sense what that object looked like; even she couldn’t, only sensing that magic ripple.

“It should.” Qi Aushuang nodded.

“What? It can’t be?” Xi Shaoqi was very doubtful, “The people related to this matrix should be outside. What does it have to do with stuff inside?”

“The eye. Maybe, that thing under the water is the eye of this matrix.” Qi Aushuang said indifferently.

“Eye? What is that?” Xi Shaoqi asked. This time, not only was he confused, but the others too.

“The main thing supporting a high level matrix, like the heart of a person.” Qi Aushuang could only explain it this way.

They kind of understood.

“Miss, how did you know?” Xi Shaosi suddenly asked.

Everyone looked at Qi Aushaung with a complicated gaze.

“You want to know?” Qi Aushuang smiled brightly.

“No.” Xi Shaosi suddenly felt cold air brush his spine. He understood, every time Qi Aushuang smiled like that, someone was going to be sorry. He dared to bet with his life, that Qi Aushuang’s next words would definitely be, “You want to know so I just won’t tell you.” Too mean, too too mean. The best was not to ask. When Miss wanted to tell, she would.

“Then Miss, what do we do now?” Xi Shaoqi’s focus wasn’t on why Qi Aushuang knew this, but how could they leave this creepy place as soon as possible.

“Wait until night. When night comes, fish that object up. If the person who set up the matrix were to see us go underwater and if there really is something important there, he will take action. At night, he would be less alert.” Qi Aushuang answered.

“Maybe right now, he is looking at us somehow.” Leng Lingun walked up. White light flashed across his hand, and he turned around,“Not poisonous.”

“Why do you care if the water is poisoned or not, I definitely won’t drink water from here.” Xi Shaoqi looked at the water disdainfully.

“Go fetch water.” Qi Aushuang ordered.

“Why? Why? Why? Miss, don’t you have a lot of water in your storage ring?!” Xi Shaoqi seemed greatly wronged, howling loudly.

“You fool! Just pretend. If that person sees us here, he would probably get suspicious.” Feng Yixuan crossed his arms, rebuking with contempt.

Xi Shaoqi walked up dejectedly, took off the water pouch on his waist, and started filling it with water. Xi Shaosi did the same.

Qi Aushuang’s guess was correct. The strange person who set up the matrix did see them. Right now, he was sitting in the shade of a large rock, watching a crystal ball in his hand. When he saw Qi Aushuang and the others crowd around the pond, his heart tightened. But when he saw Leng Lingyun testing the water for poison and the others start fetching water, he relaxed. He put away the crystal, yawned, and changed position to continue sleeping. Of course, how could anyone guess that the key to this matrix was under the pond. Their captain was being overcautious. Even though one of them was said to have killed twelve cardinals, compared to their organization, the Temple of Light was nothing. Just him by himself was enough to kill all these people!

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  1. Feng Yixuan with his wife term ahahhaha and new organization??? What grp is this greater than Temple of light

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  2. as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3
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