Ch.3 I’ll Kill You Once We Get Out (Part II)

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Night came, and the temperature dropped. The moon was covered by wisps of clouds.

The people on the streets were still doing what they did in the day, walking up and down.

Qi Aushaung and the others walked to the center of the town, each covered in a cape.

When they came to the pond, Qi Aushuang turned and looked at Xi Shaoqi, “Go down.”

“What! No, why is it me again?” Xi Shaoqi protested.

“Because you’re the one who wants to leave here the most.” Qi Aushaung’s reply stopped whatever Xi Shaoqi wanted to say.

“This is unfair. It’s cold! Letting a weak magician like me go down is murder!” Xi Shaoqi wailed, inching towards the pond.

“Shut up!” Qi Aushuang ordered, then flicked her finger.

Xi Shaoqi subconsciously crouched down and protected his head, but the expected pain didn’t come. Instead, he felt warm all over. Xi Shaoqi looked down, and saw a faint golden barrier covering him.

“Go down quickly. When the barrier disappears, you will freeze to death.” Qi Aushaung urged.

“I will do anything for you, Miss. You’re such a good and kind person.” Xi Shaoqi stood up, and jumped into the water without any extra words.

Xi Shaosi twitched his lip. So naive! He was doing physical work, so giving him a barrier was normal, but he had made it seem like a grace from God.

After Xi Shaoqi entered the water, he found to his delight that the water didn’t touch him at all, and the barrier gave off a warm feeling. Remembering Qi Aushang’s warning, Xi Shaoqi understood that there was a time limit to this barrier, so he dove deeper hurriedly.

The pond wasn’t very deep, so just after a short time, Xi Shaoqi felt the slight push of the spring. A round and shining plate also appeared in his sight. Getting closer, Xi Shaoqi could feel the magic ripple coming from that thing. So this was it? That whatever eye?

Xi Shaoqi was about to pick it up when he remembered Qi Aushuang’s warning, so he hastily took back his hand and swam upwards, deciding to first report to Qi Aushuang before doing anything else.

When he got back to shore, everyone was waiting.

“So?” Qi Aushuang walked up.

“There’s a shining, round object, giving off magic ripples. I didn’t touch it.” Xi Shaoqi answered.

“Yes,” Qi Aushuang nodded, “That should be it.”

“Then, Miss, what should we do?” Xi Shaoqi watched as the barrier around him slowly fade. He really wanted to leave this place.

“I’ll go down and take a look. Wait here.” Qi Aushuang replied, then flicked her finger. A thin, golden barrier also surrounded her.

“I’ll go with you.” Feng Yixuan walked forward.

“No,” Qi Aushuang shook her head, “You all remain here. You’re all magicians, so if for some reason we get detained under there, you won’t have enough strength to survive

Now that she mentioned, everyone realized what she said was true. Among them five, only Qi Aushuang was a magician-warrior, able to use magic and DouQi.

“But!” Feng Yixuan wanted to say more, but Qi Aushuang raised her hand and stopped him, “Even if you go down, there’s nothing you can do. Stay up here as a reinforcement. Do you know what an eye is?” This one sentence made Feng Yixuan swallow all his words.

“Don’t worry, it’s nothing. Breaking the matrix will take some time thought, so just wait for me up here.” Qi Aushaung went under the water.

Feng Yixuan stood at the edge of the pond worriedly, looking into the water.

Qi Aushuang dove down. As she got close to the bottom, she also saw that shining round plate. Only when she swam right up to it did she see it clearly. It was only as big as an infant’s palm, and was spinning slowly. The top side was smooth as a mirror, as if made of crystals, and the back was made of copper, carved with mysterious and ancient patterns. It gave off a faint magic ripple.

Take it? How?

Qi Aushaung thought for a while, then reached out to touch that shining plate.

As soon as her fingers touched the round plate, the scene in front of her immediately changed!

In front of Qi Aushuang was a wide beach, unable to see the end. The sea was dried up and there were many pretty shells on the beach.


The slight noise behind her made Qi Aushuang instantly alert and she turned around swiftly, only to see a face the exact same as hers.

Qi Aushuang backed up two steps catiously.

An illusion?

Unexpectedly, the other person also backed up two steps, her expression slightly changing.

“Who are you?” The other person frowned and asked. And her voice was also exactly the same as Qi Aushuang’s!

Qi Aushuang was shocked. That was what she wanted to ask.

Qi Aushuang regarded the person in front of her silently. This person was her. She was looked the same, dressed the same, and had exactly the same expression. It was as if she was seeing herself in a mirror.

The expression of the other person suddenly darkened, that cold expression so familiar to Qi Aushuang. The thin lips spoke one word disdainfully: “Illusion!”

Before Qi Aushuang could attack, a huge, golden flame sword appeared in the other person’s hand! The fierce sword force again surprised Qi Aushaung! Qi Aushuang dogdged the attack, the sword force slicing right past her. A thin thread of green fell to the ground.

“Humph!” Seeing Qi Aushuang dodge the attack, the other person sneered, then waved her sword and leapt up once again.

“Who are you?” Qi Aushuang again dodged the sword agilely.

“Claire Hill!”The other person attacked fiercely and said coldly, “I must get rid of this illusion quickly. They’re still up there waiting for me.”

The next moment, “Claire’s” pupils dilated, and a trickle of blood flowed out from the corner of her mouth. She stared at Qi Aushaung’s cold face, stunned. Her body was already impaled through by Qi Aushuang’s large sword. Blood dripped down continuously.

“Why?” “Claire’s” eyes were wide. She didn’t understand why. She completely copied everything; why was she still killed so easily?

“One, the name Claire has died alongside Mother. Two, you talk too much.” Qi Aushuang pulled out her sword, smiling coldly. Claire Hill…… This name had disappeared when Katherine died. Was this the power of this treasure? Create a matrix that could reflect all attacks, and when someone touched it, it would bring that person into this world and copy a person to stop him. But this time, the treasure didn’t seem to see deep enough. She, was no longer that “Claire Hill”!

The next moment, “Claire” vanished, the blood on the ground vanished, the blood on Qi Aushuang vanished. The dried up seabed was instantly filled with dark blue water, and waves crashed against the shore.

On the sands, a little girl in a white dress was standing barefoot. She gave Qi Aushuang a brilliant smile.

Before Qi Aushuang could realize what happened, everything before her disappeared. That deep blue sea, the beach filled with colorful shells, that smiling little girl, all disappeared.

When Qi Aushuang came back to her senses, she looked down and realized she was holding that small plate.

The four people besides the pond looked at the sky in awe.

The barrier was slowly fading, then vanishing.

The matrix was broken!

The weird man behind the huge rock suddenly woke up. His face turned white, then green, then black!

The matrix was broken!

And his treasure, the Rainbow Inkstone, switched owners!

Damn it! The Rainbow Inkstone changed owners?! What the heck! It switched owners just now! Now he couldn’t sense the Rainbow Inkstone at all.

Who? Who was it? Who was able to break the barrier and make his Rainbow Inkstone acknowledge him as master! The weird person tugged on his hair fiercely, wanting to howl to the sky, but was also afraid of attracting the attention of those who broke the matrix. He definitely wasn’t a match for those people if they cooperated! So he did underestimate them!

Right now, the weird person regretted his decision immensely. If he knew earlier, he would have listened to the captain and worked with the others. That way, he wouldn’t have failed the mission and lost his bait. Now, not only did he not kill anyone, he also lost his most precious treasure.

Damn it!

The weird person was angry and frustrated, but he stood up wisely and left, leaving the small town. He needed to go find the captain and tell him what happened. He must get the Rainbow Inkstone back!

Qi Aushuang also made it back onto shore at this time.

Everyone crowded over.

“Shuangshuang, what happened, I saw you standing still, and I wanted to come down, but then I was afraid I might disturb you.” Feng Yixuan asked worriedly. Feng Yixuan’s worry wasn’t without reason; many times, an outside disturbance could cause fatal results.

Qi Aushuang lifted her head, and saw that the barrier had disappeared. She immediately understood that the shining plate was the eye and the key to breaking the barrier. But, could someone tell her, why was there a faint connection between her and that round plate?

“This is the eye.” Qi Aushuang took out the shining round plate, “This is called Rainbow Inkstone.”

“Rainbow Inkstone?” Everyone repeated.

“How do you know its name?” Xi Shaoqi stared at the Rainbow Inkstone in Qi Aushaung’s hand. It was so pretty.

“She told me herself.” Qi Aushuang put away the Rainbow Inkstone.

“Liar!” Xi Shaoqi jumped up and accused. How could objects talk? Miss must be lying to him again.

“Let’s first go kill the person who set up this matrix.” Feng Yixuan rubbed his palms and grinded his teeth.

“Yes, yes, let’s go kill him first. If he runs away, we won’t be able to kill him.” Xi Shaoqi agreed fiercely.

“He already ran off,” Qi Aushuang replied, “He should have sensed it the second the barrier broke.

Everyone’s hearts dropped. They understood clearly that there was probably even greater danger waiting for them.

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  1. Awww Shuang shuang hihi now who is really the mastermind hmmm… And a show the dessert prince again please hahahah moooore

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  2. It was kinda funny seeing 4 grain magician, and the only girl is the mighty warrior. Hahaha
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  3. I wonder when will Aushuang will see Ben, Summer, Jean and everyone from her mercenary group again… Especially the gullible Ben, like what would be his reaction when he will see that Aushuang is the Dark Princess~~~ I can’t wait for the day Aushuang make her own temple, against both temple of light and darkness


  4. Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone could help me find the chp where Claire lost her mother??
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