Ch.3 No Time

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From this point on, Claire’s life changed forever.

Gordan hired the first disciple of the most prominent scholar in the capital for Claire, the legendary young scholar that exceeded even his master – Camille. A handsome young gentleman with with shiny blonde hair and soft blue eyes.

“Claire, he will be your tutor from now on. He will teach you literature, geography, etc. every morning.” Gordan led Camille in person into the study, and after introducing him to Claire, turned to Camille, “Camille, sorry to trouble you from now on.”

“No need to be so serious, Duke. It’s nothing.” Camille smiled warmly and nodded at Claire, “Miss Claire, greetings.”

Claire had long been standing up, and she also greeted, smiling,“Teacher, please enlighten me.”

“Don’t hesitate to call in the steward if you need anythings. I still have some business to do,” Gordan laughed.

“Whatever pleases you, Your Grace.” Camille warmly smiled, ever so gently and gracefully.

Claire also curtsied, watching Gordan leave.

Only the two of them were left in the spacious study. Camille looked uneasily at the young girl in front of him: a plain white dress with only a simple lace at the hem, her beautiful golden hair pulled up in a simple bun without any decorative accessories, but a deep, cold gaze within her green irises as cold as the night sky. This pure girl is the most infamous male-chasing idiot of the capital?

“Please have a seat, teacher.” Claire smiled.

Camille was a bit surprised at Claire’s indifferent smile. This girl was different from what he heard. Rumors said she was extremely attracted to the other gender, so Camille came with much preparation and thought. If it wasn’t for giving the Duke face, he definitely wouldn’t have undertaken this task. But, this girl in front of him felt… How to explain it… Although she was smiling, it felt completely fake, giving off an extremely cold feeling.

Camille disregarded his confusion, settled his expression and put on a professional smile. He took out a book he had brought. “Then, Miss Claire, today let’s start learning…”

“Teacher, I would like to inquire about this.” Claire didn’t look at the book in Camille’s hand, but instead held up the book in her hand. Camille took a glance, a little surprised. That book, it was The History of Amparkland.

This morning passed peacefully without the imagined harassment, but in between Claire’s never ending questions, Camille was astounded. This young girl seemed like a sponge, absorbing every single piece of information. All her questions were right to the point, some were so complex that even his master, Landis, wouldn’t know the answers to.

In the morning, they studied. In the afternoon, they rested. Camille left the castle exhausted, still confused and astonished.

Jean, who had been faithfully standing outside the door, heard everything. He was even more confused than Camille. This man-crazy Miss did not bother this handsome man right in front of her? Instead, she was asking such profound questions, some that concerned sensitive topics? What is happening?

In the afternoon, Claire sat leisurely in the greenhouse, reading a book while drinking the black tea her maids brought. A few other thick books were piled next to her. The servants standing further away gossiped among themselves, suspicious of their now-so-quiet Miss. Was she doing all these in order to please the Duke?

Jean, as always, expressionlessly stood not far behind Claire, but this time, a curiosity filled his gaze on her back.

Knowing the basics of this world now, Claire closed the book gently. Magic, Dou Qi; these concepts were blurry in her memories, but she finally understood them after reading the book. Jean, her personal, poker-faced knight, who was always beside her, uses Dou Qi. The Lashia who hates her and tried to hurt her yesterday uses Magic, Lightning Magic. And her control was good – Lashia made her feel intense pain without any physical wounds. The nature of Claire’s body was Fire, tested long ago. She never paid attention to this before nor cared to study it. Her Spiritual Power results were also very ordinary. With Lashia the child prodigy around, all the glory and focus were on her, so Claire was destined to live in Lashia’s shadow.

No, it’s more accurate to say the previous Claire wasn’t interested in anything besides handsome men. The corner of her mouth lifted imperceptibly into a bitter smile. Why did I transfer into this kind of a person’s body?

At this moment, a maid came in, curtsied, and reported: “Miss, his Royal Highness, the second prince has come, to visit you. He is waiting in the Grand Hall.”

Claire frowned slightly. His Royal Highness, the second prince? Oh, right. The Claire before fell off her horse trying to chase him, allowing her to enter Claire’s body.

“I’m not seeing him. I’m busy right now.” Claire said casually, setting down the teacup and picking up another book to read.

The maid just stared, standing there, unable to move. Jean was also speechless. Was this some plot to win the second prince’s heart? Since when did this failure Miss become so smart? Using a method like this.

The maid just stood there, unsure what to do. How should she report back to his Royal Highness, the second prince? What’s up with Miss today? Usually when she heard that his Royal Highness, the second prince, was here, she would have run out like the wind. But today? Uncharacteristically, she said she wouldn’t meet him.

“You’re blocking the light,” Claire stated impatiently, looking at the shadows on her book. She lifted her head and knitted her brows at the maid who was too stunned to move.

“Yes, Miss.” As if she had just awoken from a dream, the maid hurriedly backed down towards the Grand Hall.

In the Grand Hall, his Royal Highness, the second prince, sat there indifferently, filled with disgust. It’s that man-crazy woman’s fault, chasing after him and falling off that horse injuring herself, but his father, the emperor His Majesty, had scolded him and ordered him to come visit. He understood all this: No matter how annoying she was, no matter how disliked she was by Duke Hill, she still was the granddaughter of the Duke His Grace. Anyway, she did fall off that horse because of him, so it was his duty to come visit. But even thinking of how man-crazy that woman was, Nancy shuddered. Whatever, he’ll just pretend she’s an annoying fly, wish her well and leave immediately.

Nancy sighed and forced his heart to settle. He waited for Claire to fly out of the door like an elegant butterfly. Finally there were some footsteps and Nancy looked up at the door. He saw a maid with a weird expression, but not  the girl who was infatuated with men like he expected.

Nancy, puzzled, look at the nervous maid who greeted him. Then she stuttered, “Your Royal Highness, Miss… Miss she…”

“Is she hurt very seriously?” Nancy asked, incredibly confused. Wasn’t it clear that although she fell off the horse, she was completely fine?

“No,” The maid stuttered, not daring to say anything else. She also didn’t dare to say of her own accord that the Miss was too injured to meet his Royal Highness, the second prince, as she was a servant. Unless she was tired of living, she would keep quiet.

“What happened exactly?” Nancy asked, getting a little impatient. What in the world was this man-crazy woman up to?

“The Miss said, said… said she doesn’t have time!” The maid finally got the words out. “The Miss says she won’t see you. Your Royal Highness may leave now.” After rushing through her words, the maid let out a long sigh of relief.

Nancy’s expression immediately froze.

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    1. lol ikr!! i hate that name but it’s the literal translation idk the original author probably didn’t know english or didn’t have good english :/


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