Ch.31 Killing Intent

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“Oh, you’re talking about their last names, Leng and Feng. Their last names is different from most people. These kinds of last names are the most ancient names on this continent, considered very noble. How come you don’t know?” Walter absentmindedly answered and then suddenly became suspicious. As the first miss of the Hill family, it was strange she didn’t know.

Claire didn’t speak anymore. The previous Claire only remembered handsome men, jewels, and clothes, those kinds of things. Ancient last names, why were they similar to those from Oriental? Was there any connection between this continent and the place where she came from?

A burst of applause broke off Claire’s train of thought. The competition had started.

The first round would be magician against magician, the second round would be warrior against warrior, and the last round would be the genius Lashia against the red haired Yixuan Feng.

A fight between magicians is very elaborate and full of damage, but very slow, because they need time to chant those long spells. The longer the chant, the stronger and more powerful the spell, so naturally the chanting would take a long time. Around the stage there was a magic hood in order to make sure the nearby people wouldn’t get hurt. On each student there was a small triangle magic shield on their vitals in order to protect them. These were personally made by sir Cliff. Both countries didn’t want their future hope to be die here.

On the stage there were two magicians, one of the Fire attribute, the other Water. Both could suppress the other, so it would have to depend on their agility, application, and reaction speed.

Amparkland’s student was of the Water element. Claire saw the Water magician create a shield that was two people high, blocking the other’s fire attack. Just as the other frowned, the shield began to shake, and then a with a thunderous splash, it splattered onto the ground, water droplets flying everywhere. The water shield had not actually blocked the strong fire attack. There was even a reflection of red on the water magician’s face. The flame was already right in front of the water magician.

On the special stand, the ambassador slitted his eyes. They’ve won.

The emperor acted completely normally, his facial expression the same as before while he watched. This was the demeanor of a king: no fear, no movement.

“That idiot.” Walter muttered in Claire’s head. “Thinking that a shield breaking equates to a win.” Walter mocked, looking at the fire magician’s excited expression. During a fight, underestimating the enemy often leads to defeat.

The next moment, the water that was splashed on stage began snaking silently, making its way around the Fire magician. It instantly changed into innumerable sharp water arrows that attacked the Fire magician’s back.

The outcome was set.

The Water magician was injured slightly, only his hair and clothes being burned a little, but the Fire magician was seriously injured. Because his vitals were covered with shields, the injuries would not be life threatening.

For the first round, Amparkland won.

The cheers and shouts reached the skies.

Claire glanced at the ambassador out of the corner of her eye. He was squinting his eyes but kept silent. On the special stand, only the queen looked happy. All the others were still expressionless.

“Claire, I keep feeling like there’s something fishy. Don’t you think he won much too easily?” Walter asked, puzzled.

Claire didn’t say anything but silently agreed with Walter. This round was way too easy. Their adversaries were supposed to be the elites in their country, and couldn’t possibly have made a stupid mistake like underestimating an opponent. But in reality, their opponent had underestimated his opponent and was defeated by water arrows.

The students of the Sunrise Institute welcomed the water magician like a hero when he came down from the stage. They crowded around him and some girls already started tidying his hair and passing him towels to wipe himself.

On the other side, although the Institute was silent there wasn’t any dejection or criticism. Claire narrowed her eyes slightly. Why did it give her the illusion that they expected this?  If so, then it would be very dangerous.

Of course, Claire’s intuition was once again proven correct.

The next round was warrior vs warrior. The most powerful warrior of the Sunrise Institute almost died under the attack of his opponent. If not for the small triangle shields that sir Cliff added, Amparkland would have lost a brave warrior. This battle was a instakill.  Everyone was stunned the moment the rival warrior released his violet Dou Qi. How could such a young student be a Grand Swordsman!

When the Sunrise Institute student, covered with blood, was lifted down the stage, all the other Sunrise Institute students glared hatefully at the person towering on the high-rise stage. His eyes were glowing a bloodthirsty red and a cold grin was plastered on his face. Then he did something that made others even more furious: he resheathed his sword, then lightly and flirtily flipped his not-messed-up-in-battle hair, and exited leisurely.

This action, of course, infuriated the students of the Sunrise Institute.

“Wenmo Shui, you are still so flirty. Can’t you be more mature?” As soon as that exceptionally powerful warrior arrived at their resting bench, Yixuan Feng said disdainfully.

“My perfect hair destined me to flirt my whole life.” The warrior called Wenmo Shui again reached out his hand, tidying his hair so that it was perfect.

The nearby people looked at the two with adoration. Those two both had ancient last names and extreme talent that surpassed most people. They were a perfect pair. A powerful magician and a valiant warrior whose coordination was always so beautiful. …Even when they were bickering.

“What a headache, you’ve created so much trouble. Now those people probably want to swallow you up whole, and in a moment, they’ll vent all their anger on me.” Yixuan Feng pouted. Although he claimed this, his expression was totally indifferent.

“Enough from you. Last time, you really lost face. In the crucial moment when you were about to finish off that arrogant girl, your stomach started hurting and you went to the restroom and lost. You’re truly a classic joke. This year you must be begging to face her again.” Wenmo said, looking scornfully at the complaining, but indifferent, Yixuan Feng.

“Yixuan Feng, this time you don’t have any problems, right?” The nearby instructor was still a bit worried.

“Then you go up there.” Yixuan Feng spat out indifferently and raised a brow at the worried instructor. The instructor immediately shut up. This wasn’t a student he could deal with. He didn’t care about the results of this competition. He and Wilmore Shui both did whatever they wanted, and they had the right to do so because of their backing and extraordinary strength.

Yixuan Feng stood up, yawned, cracked his neck, and slowly walked up.

Wenmo Shui walked towards his seat and they passed by each other. Wenmo Shui’s voice was low so only they could hear. “You gonna slaughter that girl?”

“What do you think?” Yixuan Feng squinted at the high-rise stage for the competition, an icy glare shooting out from his slitted eyes.

“Haha.” Wenmo Shui walked back, grinning. He was ready to watch this “splendid battle”. He knew Yixuan Feng better than anyone else. This time, that little blonde girl would say goodbye to this world.

Claire knitted her brows slightly at the red-haired youth walking onstage. Killing intent. Even though it was hidden expertly, it still didn’t pass under Claire’s eyes unnoticed. Because killing intent was very familiar to Claire.

This youth, looks like he doesn’t actually want to compete.

He wants to kill Lashia!

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