Ch.32 Spiritual Attack

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Claire started to get a headache. If that annoying girl was going to die, then let her die. It had nothing to do with her. But if Lashia died, the gentle Katherine would be heartbroken. Just thinking about the gentle Katherine made warmth emerge from her heart. For that gentle woman, Claire couldn’t let that headstrong girl die.

Nobody noticed the killing intent of the guy called Yixuan Feng. His smile was like a flower as he walked slowly onto the stage while the Sunrise Institute’s students looked on him with hostility. He looked like he was casually taking an afternoon stroll. With his air of indolence, no one could discover his killing intent.

The feelings that the youth Yixuan Feng and Lashia gave off were completely different. If this youth was a beast who concealed his true intents with a gentle smile, then Lashia would be an energetic little lamb1 .

“Miss Lashia, it’s a great pleasure to see you again.” Yixuan Feng said with an elegant bow. The genial smile on his face was strikingly irritating in Lashia’s eyes. This youth’s peers had almost murdered the senior! How despicable and hateful! She must take this into account and beat the heck out of him. Last time it was because the opposing side had something suddenly pop up that they had won. But this time it would be different, because in this period of time she had studied and practiced magic incessantly, improving herself persistently. This time, she would use her own strength to crush her opponent.

“Don’t speak nonsense.” Lashia coldly humphed and stopped talking, beginning to chant a short incantation. Countless small lightning bolts shot towards Yixuan Feng. Lashia understood that this wouldn’t be able to damage Yixuan Feng; this was only to confuse him in order to stall for time to chant a longer and more powerful spell.

A disdainful, cold smile appeared on Yixuan Feng’s face. With a wave of his hand, a ray of glittering light dispersed outward, completely destroying the lightning bolts Lashia had created.

Claire frowned. Yixuan Feng’s offhanded use of magic sent off warning bells in her head. Yixuan Feng was actually an Ice attributed magician, and his power and strength had already long surpassed Lashia.

“Yoho, your arrogant little sister is really out of luck now. They’re on completely different levels.” Walter’s vulgar voice sounded in Claire’s head. Many instances in the future would prove that Walter’s foresight was so keen that it annoyed other people.

“How did you figure it out?” Claire mentally communicated with Walter.

“That person’s aura is very similar to my own.” Walter smacked his lips and laughed. “Don’t misunderstand, he’s not a dark magician. I’m saying that his way of thinking is the same as mine.”

“A sinister, crafty person who likes to strike while hidden, likes to plot, and smiles while killing.” Claire coldly said. This person, humph, definitely wasn’t just a magician. The aura emitting from the core of his body was an assassin’s. There’s nothing more scary than an assassin proficient in magic. An assassin couldn’t fight a magician or warrior head on, because that would be like trying to break a rock with a pebble. But when a magician is meditating or a warrior is resting, an assassin can silently take their lives. Being both an assassin and a magician, that youth was truly terrifying.

Walter’s mouth twitched. Even though it was the truth, when it came from the little devil’s mouth, it sounded so piercing.

“So, I think with his power, that guy can already insta-cast. I reckon he’s scheming something against your little sister.” Walter blinked and continued to say useless stuff that Claire already knew.

To save or not to save?

“Hurricane! Storm clouds! Lighting! Comply with the ancient contract and come to my side! – Thunderbolts descend!” Lashia’s chanting was coming to an end. It would not feel good if anyone was struck by this spell. Ordinary people would certainly die, and normal magic shields wouldn’t be able to withstand this type of attack either. Many on-looking magicians felt a tightening in their chests, wondering diffidently, that if it were them, could they have blocked this terrorizing assault.

The rumbling of thunder became louder and louder, and the color drained from the faces of everyone. Mozart, the principle of Sunrise Institute, nodded his head, pleased. The recent growth Lashia had was very satisfying. The ambassador squinted at the Lashia on the stage without expression. Even though this young girl was powerful, she was not powerful enough to be of any threat to them, or they wouldn’t have left her to grow until now. Cliff yawned, a little bored, and glanced towards the dress of the servant girl behind him.

The wind howled, storm clouds filled the sky, and thunder boomed. Soon, the stage became darker.

But Yixuan Feng looked unruffled. He just stood there elegantly, almost like he was waiting for Lashia to finish chanting her spell.

Claire watched the stage becoming darker and darker and her heart sank. In such a condition, there was no way to see clearly what happens onstage. At least for most people. Claire’s sharp vision caught the faint but cold smile on Yixuan Feng’s face.

It was the smile of death!

Yixuan Feng’s fingers moved slightly and a tiny icicle appeared between his fingers. Because of the looming thunderbomb, he only released a transparent shield for others to see. Then Yixuan Feng also started chanting, and a dense forest of icicles of different sizes appeared before him, ready to counterattack. Only the tiny icicle hidden between his fingers was slightly different, clear-cut and sharp. There seemed to be a faint, strange aura about it, but Claire couldn’t understand what it was.

The one thing that Claire did understand was what this cruel and cunning youth wanted to do. He was going to receive this blow from Lashia, then counterattack with his dense icicles, but then secretly shoot the tiny icicle from between his fingers into Lashia’s chest! Although Cliff had added protective magic shields on Lashia’s vitals, Claire wasn’t positive that the youth couldn’t forcefully break the shield and stab the icicle into Lashia’s heart. In the last round, the competitor from Sunrise Institute was almost beaten to death and the shields had cracked, and Claire was sure that that flirty guy didn’t use all his strength. Then what about this Yixuan Feng? How scary was his power and strength? Most importantly, although both countries didn’t want to lose their students in the competition and added the magic shields, if someone accidentally died during the fighting, there wouldn’t be any investigation or trial. Accident, the word accident; it seems like this youth called Yixuan Feng was going to use this word to its fullest.

Suddenly, in a split second, the two attacked.

Claire saw very clearly that Yixuan Feng was about to shoot out the special small icicle following closely behind a huge icicle that was aimed for Lashia’s chest. Even if Lashia could block the normal large icicle, there was no way she could defend against the special small icicle hidden behind it.

The lightning moved, the icicle moved. Yixuan Feng had on a smile that was like the spring wind.

In that instant, Claire’s gaze became profound and her pupils suddenly widened.

1. Little lamb: basically, weak.

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