Ch.33 You! Come Out!

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The whole stage was rumbling, the sound resonating into the horizon. The thunder and the sounds of the sharp icicles hitting the ground were ear-piercing.

As the dark clouds dispersed, the scene on stage shocked everyone.

Lashia was wearily supporting her body, trying her best to stay upright and gasping for breath. Just now for blocking that huge swarm of icicles, Lashia had set up a magic shield. But the impact from the group of icicles was too strong. More importantly, there was a distinctive hole in her left arm with blood flooding out! The blood had already stained her sleeve red and continued to flow down her arm. The dripping blood splashed onto the ground, creating a bizarre bloody flower design.

But right now Yixuan Feng’s expression was unreadable as water! He knew better than anyone else that if it wasn’t for a fierce spiritual attack, then that girl in front of him wouldn’t be bleeding from her arm, but from her heart. Who was it?!

Lashia clenched her teeth, pain throbbing from her arm. There was freezing water in her blood because the icicles were melting. The more it melted, the more excruciating the pain. It felt like a million ants were gnawing on her bones and her whole skeleton was crumbling. Lashia almost thought she heard her bones cracking. Her sight became more and more fuzzy. She knew she had just been pulled out of death’s door. The glint of shock and anger in the youth’s eyes and the ray of light that shot towards her chest turned towards her arm suddenly and unnaturally let her understand that the youth in front of her wanted to kill her, but someone interfered. Originally this wound should be on her chest!

Who intervened against this cold-blooded youth, who saved her?

Lashia’s eyesight became hazier and hazier. But she saw clearly the youth’s eyes becoming more and more cold, and then that that youth’s icy gaze faced a certain direction.

Before Lashia fainted, she followed the youth’s gaze and saw Claire’s apathetic face!

The stadium became deathly silent, each and everyone stunned.

It was now that Cliff’s retracted his gaze from that maid’s skirt.

The result of the competition was self explanatory with the scene on stage. Lashia, who had already fainted, lost, and that youth who was still standing onstage indifferently, Yixuan Feng, had won.

Lagark’s student all started cheering. Victory, they’ve won.

The Sunrise Institutes students were ashen-faced, still not back to their senses. Lashia, in the pool of blood on stage, might be dead. The spectating nobles were completely mute. Nobody thought the exchange would end like this, and nobody could could accept this result.

Lost, they really lost.

The genius Lashia lost, and so tragically too.

On the special stand, the ambassador narrowed his eyes, the thin crack emitting an acute light. Then he cast a glance at the pope beside him, but the pope had closed his eyes! The emperor wasn’t smiling, but didn’t have any other expressions either. Cliff raised a brow, seemingly pondering about something. The emperor slightly frowned, looking a bit worried.

Very soon, medics ran on stage and carried the unconscious Lashia away for treatment. The magician acting as the referee climbed on stage and was about to declare Yixuan Feng as the victor.

But Yixuan Feng ignored that magician, and instead, turned and stared with a burning gaze at one direction, his face revealing an intriguing smile. Then he casually lifted his hand, stopping the referee’s announcement.

The referee paused, not understanding what this chilling youth wanted to do.

Wenmo Shui was still sitting on his chair but his butt was beginning to get restless, and he shifted around in his seat as he watched Yixuan Feng on stage. Only he knew that Yixuan Feng was getting serious. The dark glint in the depths of his eyes proved that Yixuan Feng was excited, that he had found something that was interesting. What is it? What is it? Wenmo Shui also started to get excited.

“That round doesn’t count.” The first words out of Yixuan Feng’s mouth created a huge uproar among the audience.

The students of the Sunrise Institute were furious, almost exploding. This is the most naked contempt, most direct insult!

But everyone from Lagark dropped open their mouths. Yixuan Feng’s mentor wanted to cry. He knew that this problematic-youth was going to go crazy again. He‘s throwing away the victory they had in their hands! Yixuan Feng’s mentor tugged at his hair, howling in his heart that one day all his hair would be destroyed because of Yixuan Feng. The gaze that the ambassador shot at him made him want to bang his head on the wall.

”You! Come out!” Yixuan Feng’s finger rose slowly as he  pointed, and spitted out a few icy words.

Everyone’s gaze followed where Yixuan Feng pointed and they all froze.

That person resembled the defeated girl, Lashia. It was Claire!

“Come out. You know why I called you out.” Yixuan Feng’s expression was completely icy, as he looked chillingly at Claire and said, “You come and take her place. The round just now doesn’t count.”

His arrogant words made the people of Amparkland furious. This youth was way too arrogant, way too ignorant of the immensity of heaven and earth. How could he treat the two country’s dignified competition like this?!

The ambassador’s expression finally changed and was about to stand up to say something.

But now the pope opened his eyes slightly and quietly said to the emperor beside him,”Your Highness, let them compete. Don’t oppress the children’s vigor.”

The ambassador opened his mouth wide, swallowing back all his words. He didn’t understand what on earth the pope was thinking. The pope actually promoted such a request that came out of the blue?!

The emperor also was stunned. Although the new situation was unexpected and ironic, the pope’s response was totally inconceivable. All the audience on the stands also went stupid. What did the pope mean? Let Claire replace Lashia in this competition and redo the round? Was this to protect Amparkland’s pride or did he mean something else? The competition that already ended was going to start again?

But the pope had already spoken. The emperor looked at Claire. He didn’t want to rashly offend Cliff or the pope, but Claire nodded indifferently, so the emperor felt relieved. Claire had already agreed, so even if Cliff wanted to blame someone,there was really no one to blame. Also, with Cliff’s personality, he wouldn’t let Claire’s life be threatened any time in the competition. If the situation becomes truly dangerous, Cliff would definitely ignore all rules and intervene to help.

The emperor nodded towards the referee, and the referee came back to his senses and said in a loud voice, “Third round of the competition, Claire versus Yixuan Feng.”

The crowd boiled.

Absolutely, totally, boiled.

This completely ironic turn of events made everyone dumbfounded, then excited again.

It didn’t matter if it was dramatic or crazy, at least now there was a thread of hope.

Would there be a chance to win? Would there be a chance to gain back their face?

Very quickly, there were two reactions.

Some said that Claire is a man-crazy idiot, that she will only lose Amparkland’s face. Others said that Claire is already a disciple of the great Cliff, so maybe she stands a chance. Naturally, the former was the great majority! The nobles who knew Claire looked at her with complicated expressions: despise, disdain, mocking, ridicule, hope… Princess Maurice looked at Claire’s figure with worry. Duke Gordan’s face darkened and darkened.

Claire slowly stood up.

The deep and low note of the long horn sounded.

Everybody’s eyes were fixed on this blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl’s figure.

Under the sunlight, Claire smiled faintly and slowly started walking to the center of the field.

The wind lightly blew, lifting Claire’s long hair in the air, and in that instant, everyone saw an illusion: that the girl wasn’t actually a man-chasing idiot like the rumors, but a shining, stunning, jewel.

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