Ch.34 Shameless and Despicable and Dirty!

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Countless numbers of gazes followed Claire as she slowly walked down the stand and onto the stage.

Princess Maurice worriedly watched Claire from behind, her heart palpitating. Lashia wasn’t even that person’s match, would Claire be able to defeat him? Or would Claire be able to come out unscathed?
“I’m afraid now we’ll lose even more face, that idiotic Claire is totally incapable, how she became sir Cliff’s disciple is still a total mystery. There must be something fishy about it.” A low voice floated into Princess Maurice’s ear.

“That’s right. This time we will lose huge face. That worthless idiotic actually went up to accept the fight, who does she think she is?” Another low voice said.

The next moment, the two both froze as they saw Princess Maurice’s ice cold and hateful look in their direction. They had never seen that gentle, forgiving princess have such an expression! The two immediately shut up and shrank down.
“It doesn’t matter if Claire can win or not, at least she has the courage to stand up and fight for our country.” Prince Nancy’s indifferent voice was heard by the all the surrounding people. Their expressions became complicated, and they all shut up. Of course they understood what the second prince meant. Claire fearlessly got up to accept the fight, but they were making cynical remarks behind her back, so they were even lower than the man-chasing Claire.

As Claire slowly walked, Walter’s noisy voice sounded in her head.
“Claire, you aren’t really going right? Are you really going to fight?” Walter was scratching his ears with worry.

“Yes.” Claire insipidly replied. From the moment she decided to intervene, she had already mentally prepped herself.

“That person is so strong, so strong he’s a freak. You can beat him?” When Walter heard Claire’s indifferent response, he felt a sliver of hope.

“No.” Claire honestly replied.
“Shit!!! And you’re still so unperturbed!?” Walter erupted like a volcano as he howled, feeling exasperated. Claire didn’t speak and then Walter suddenly remembered. “Then are you waiting for your Master, Cliff, to save you?” The moment he said it, he shook off the idea. This little devil, she would definitely not let something like that happen. If you wanted a reason, then there might not be any particular reason. This was Walter’s understanding of Claire.

Claire smiled like a flower, slowly walked up the stage, and arrived in front of Yixuan Feng.

“I don’t want to die.” Walter perspirated cold sweat. Right now he was just a spirit connected to a Spiritual Stone. The youth with terrifying strength could definitely kill Claire, and then as a stone, his future would be dark.

“You won’t die.” Claire coldly humphed.

“But you can’t beat him.” Walter shivered, his heart sinking.

Yixuan Feng coldly looked at the blond haired girl in front of him. He didn’t understand why that apart from excitement, he also felt a bit nervous. Although it was just a tiny bit, he truly felt nervous.
“I’m so sorry, just now I rashly broke the rules and intervened, but I can’t watch you kill my little sister.” Claire smiled while apologizing, but her words didn’t feel apologetic at all.
“Humph.” Yixuan Feng coldly humphed offhandedly, not caring at all that Claire saw through his plan. Yixuan Feng analyzed the girl in front of him. Although she resembled the previous girl, Lashia, they were two completely different people. Her gaze was frighteningly profound and she emitted a dangerous, murderous aura. There was no doubt, this girl was like him, a proficient assassin! If it was like that, he needed to be careful.

“Stop wasting your breath. Let’s start.” Yixuan Feng coldly laughed, starting the battle. Even if the girl in front of him was a proficient assassin, so what? In this competition, assassins wouldn’t have the slightest bit of advantage. Assassins could only assassinate in the dark unexpectedly to succeed, to be a threat. Right now, this magically weak girl had exposed herself in front of him. Spiritual attack, haha, would he fall for the same kind of attack again? But it was truly shocking that this girl actually knew how to Spiritually attack!

Although he felt slightly nervous, Yixuan Feng thought he would win easily. Also, he would make her pay the price for sneakily attacking, paying with her life!

Yixuan Feng chanted a primary spell creating a couple of icicles to test out Claire. Claire immediately released a fire shield.
Both seemed to be superficial.
But in a flash, both sides understood the other’s strength more clearly.

Yixuan Feng’s mouth curved into a cold smile. As expected, her magic power wasn’t much. He could directly kill her if he pulled their distance apart and then used advanced magic. Yixuan Feng coldly humphed and quickly retreated back, pulling their distance apart. Then he quickly started chanting.

Everybody worriedly looked at the situation on stage. As they watched Yixuan Feng speedily chanting while Claire was still quietly standing there, everybody had different reactions.

The Sunrise Institute students all gritted their teeth, their expressions complex. Their hearts were conflicted. They completely didn’t understand why the youth, Yixuan Feng, pointed at Claire and called her out to compete. If Claire won, they could get their honor back, win back their pride. But, if Claire, that incapable man-chaser won… Then where did that put them? What kind of a position would they be in?

The spectating nobles all stretched their necks forward with bated breath as they watched the scene on stage. Looking at this situation, many people put on the “I told you so” expression. Of course Claire went up there to lose face. How could she defeat the youth that had already defeated Lashia?!

Yixuan Feng’s started chanting faster and faster, because he felt an uneasy feeling welling up. This was an assassin’s intuition. There was no doubt!

Yixuan Feng clearly saw Claire’s face slowly reveal the sliver of a smile, a very icy and extremely dangerous smile.

“Yixuan Feng, you’re actually very handsome. I was almost enchanted by you.” A brilliant smile blossomed on Claire’s beautiful face as she gently and “affectionately” moved toward Yixuan Feng. At that moment, she looked extremely fascinating and charming, enchanting everyone.

Yixuan Feng froze, not finishing the chant.

The next moment, a green aura burst forth from Claire, a radiance that was blinding. Then she swiftly raced to Yixuan Feng, who hadn’t come back to his senses yet.

Dou Qi!!!

It was actually Dou Qi!

And it was an advanced warrior’s green Dou Qi!

A magic warrior?

That idiotic male-chasing Claire was actually a magic warrior?

Knowing both magic and Dou Qi?!!

The whole field was boiling again like water, to the point that it was beyond comparison. Heavens, it was actually Dou Qi! Everyone knew what would happen if a magician let a warrior come close.

Many people opened their mouths and forgot to close them. Other people continuously pinched their arms, not relenting even when it bruised. And there were still others that felt their vision darken and the sky about to collapse. Duke Gordan started stupidly at the shining green radiance on the stage and forgot to think. Princess Maurice was extremely excited, blood rushing to her cheeks. But the second prince, Nancy, turned his head slightly, meeting the gaze of Jean. Jean lifted the corner of his mouth into an almost imperceptible smile.

On the special stand, the emperor’s eyes widened slightly, but there was no other expression on his face. Cliff frowned in deep thought. The face of the ambassador paled, his hands gripping the armrests of his chair. The pope looked at the stage out of his half-closed eyes, also silent. Only the queen looked happy.

But right now on the stage, Yixuan Feng was beginning to get worried. Never in his deepest thoughts did he think that this young girl was not only a magician and assassin, but also a warrior!!! He was agile enough to evade a warrior’s attack for a while, but the stage was only so big, and he had just purposely retreated to increase the distance between them, so there was almost no room behind him. Even though he was a magician who had assassination skills, he still couldn’t block the strong blows of a close combat warrior.

Walter was screaming his head off in Claire’s head. Shameless, so shameless! There’s no one more shameless than this little devil, no one more evil than her! Shameless enough to say something so ambiguous at the critical end of someone’s chant to sway their focus! What Yixuan Feng, you’re actually very handsome. I was almost enchanted by you. Pah! Was that possible? That the little devil would like some arrogant boy she met the first time? Sure enough, sure enough, when this little devil pretended to be cute, the other person would be struck a deadly blow! This shameless, despicable, vile, dirty little devil! Using such an insidious and vicious tactic.

Wenmo Shui understood Yixuan Feng’s predicament perfectly. Hens flying and dogs jumping would totally describe the current situation. Yixuan Feng wanted to turn in circles to avoid the chase, but there was no more room for him to turn. Claire’s attack was cunning and spiteful, each blow so strong and powerful that, even though she didn’t have any weapons, her bare fists were making Yixuan Feng panicked. Wenmo Shui’s squirming butt had left his seat while he stood up excitedly to watch the panicked Yixuan Feng, bursting with laughter inside. This was the first time he saw Yixuan Feng being chased around like a wet dog, and it was much too entertaining.

Yixuan Feng suffered in silence bitterly. Every time Claire would accurately block off his retreating path and then deal a string of vicious attacks. Not only was there no time to chant a spell, even dodging with his nimble body was difficult. Every time he was hit, he grimaced. He had already lost his previously high spirits. This wretched woman, every hit was so accurate. Miscalculation, a huge miscalculation. This woman actually knew how to use Dou Qi.
“Don’t go too far!” Yixuan Feng panted as his sorry figure dodged Claire’s Dou Qi attack.

Claire’s expression was completely icy. She didn’t say anything, and instead blocked Yixuan Feng’s retreating path again.

A magician getting in a close combat with a warrior equated to certain death. Right now, the only reason Yixuan Feng was still fighting after such a long time was because he was proficient in assassination techniques. But his physical strength was quickly deteriorating, while Claire still looked the same, her hair still tidy.

Walter was still excited like crazy watching such an arrogant person being oppressed like this by Claire, but he still sighed about Claire’s arduous hard work. During that time, Claire was riddled with scars everyday because she was secretly learning Dou Qi with Jean. Those scars resulted from her commanded sparring rounds with Jean. Claire’s usage of and growth in Dou Qi really shocked Jean and Walter over and over.

The spectators’ enthusiasm reached the skies. Nobody had imagined such a turn of events.

What would the result be like?

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