Ch.35 I Didn’t Do It on Purpose! I Swear!

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Everyone saw the scene on stage very clearly. Claire had pressured Yixuan Feng so much he couldn’t escape anywhere, battered and exhausted.

Princess Maurice’s face was completely flushed red. She clenched her fist, wanting to shout out Claire’s name, but considering her status, she couldn’t do that kind of thing and step out of line. Just as Princess Maurice was extremely excited and restraining herself with all her might, she heard a shout that came like a thunderclap.


“Claire! Claire!”


More and more voices sounded. Those spectating nobles were excited, as if on drugs, clenching their fists and yelling Claire’s name out like their lives depended on it.

In this instant, Claire was their hero, their pride, a radiating pearl1 .

The exchange’s atmosphere was so moving it reached the skies, making people incessantly stirred.

Jean stood at the very back, calmly looking at the radiating girl on stage, his eyes revealing a peculiar mood. During that time, he had been completely won over by that girl. Her tenacity was extremely shocking. She repeatedly sparred over and over. She was extremely harsh to her opponent, but even harsher towards herself. Jean’s Dou Qi was unordinary, brimming with tyranny. During that time, Claire would be riddled with scars with that kind of Dou Qi, but she never uttered a sound, never said that she gave up. What she said the most was “Again! Again! Again!!”

Now Lashia had finished receiving treatment and had woken up. Although she was very weak, she could already clearly see what had transpired on stage very clearly. Her expression was very complicated, with solemnity from the bottom of her eyes. Nobody knew what she was thinking at the moment.

Yixuan Feng’s instructor was about to collapse. He just knew this problematic youth was going to cause trouble, but he didn’t think it would evolve into this kind of situation. With this problematic youth’s strength, even if he caused trouble, it couldn’t be so embarrassing. But today he had really met his fated nemesis. Wenmo Shui was so moved he almost blew a whistle. How could it be so ridiculous, Yixuan Feng, that scoundrel, actually had been beaten like a drowning dog today. Ahaha, it was way too funny. Lagark’s students were both angry and anxious. Their victory was going to fly away like this and would be lost with such humiliation. The instructor pulled his hair frantically.

The spectator’s voices surged, all echoing one voice: Claire, Claire!

Magic warrior!

Right now the girl on stage was a magic warrior. If it was an average person as magician, at best they would be an advanced magician, and similarly for Dou Qi they would at most an advanced warrior, not strange at all. It was inevitable that there were people who strived to learn both. Then both wouldn’t be powerful; no matter if it was magic or Dou Qi, they wouldn’t be able to reach the pinnacle. But what happened to that male-chasing Claire was completely different!

A few months before she was incapable, an idiotic male-chaser who didn’t know magic or Dou Qi at all! Right now, she was actually a magic warrior. Although it was unknown what level her magic was like, Cliff had accepted her as a disciple so she couldn’t be bad. And her Dou Qi had already shown that she had already reached the advanced warrior’s level in the span of only a few short months!!!

A miracle, definitely a miracle!

She was the true genius of geniuses.

On stage, Yixuan Feng was bitter and incapable of speaking. He already didn’t have the strength to dodge any more. How fierce this woman was! Too fierce, it was the first time he had met a woman this fierce.

“You’re good, you despicable, treacherous shrewish woman. I accept defeat.” Suddenly Yixuan Feng surrendered, panting for air.

Claire didn’t stop her attack, the sole of her foot flying over, making Yixuan Feng fall beautifully. Then Claire kicked, her foot stepping on Yixuan Feng’s back as he rolled down.

“Crap, Claire, you didn’t have to be so fierce, right? You even stepped on this guy’s back, do you want to strain the two country’s relations?” Walter ranted loudly in Claire’s head.

Claire became embarrassed, completely embarrassed. Why would she do this on purpose? She didn’t think this guy would be that useless, surrendering whenever he felt like it. It was because he rolled himself over that she just happened to step onto his back! Claire didn’t even think to step on this guy’s back.

Yixuan Feng just laid still on the floor and stuck out his tongue, rolled his eyes, didn’t say anything, and didn’t make any further actions.

Claire gracefully stepped on his back spine, temporarily forgetting to withdraw her foot.

Instantly, silence enveloped the entire stadium. Even a leaf falling to the ground would be heard clearly.

A long time, after a long time, after a long long time, still all was silent……

“Uh…… This……” The referee trembled as he climbed up the stage, glancing at Yixuan Feng under Claire’s foot, then glancing at the stunned Claire. He said weakly, “Now……”

“I lost.” Yixuan Feng’s mosquito-like buzzing sounded.

“What?” The referee was obviously still in a trance.

“**! I said I lost, you *** don’t understand or what?” This time, Yixuan Feng wasn’t buzzing like a mosquito anymore, but emitting a thunderous roar. Yet he still lay there, letting Claire step on him.

“I now declare Claire Hill as the winner.” The referee, who almost jumped out of his pants, hurriedly announced.

Claire was still feeling awkward as Walter’s mouth twitched. “Hey! Hey! Little devil, shouldn’t you withdraw your foot by now?”

Claire seemed to have awakened from a dream as she quickly withdrew her foot, and sent an apologetic look at Yixuan Feng, who was still laying on the floor, not moving. This time was really embarrassing. Although she wanted to win against him with underhanded means, she didn’t want to win while humiliating him so much. This way, not only would she strain the two country’s relations, she would also create a powerful enemy out of this freak. Before she became strong, she didn’t want create this kind of enemy.

The next moment, the originally silent stadium, thundered. There was an uproar!





The whole stadium went crazy, all the faces of the nobles were bright red, witnessing this miracle excitedly.

Won! The legendary man-crazy idiot Claire won! A person that even the genius Lashia couldn’t match was actually defeated by Claire! And the victory was so absolute, so glorious. Stepping on her opponent like that!

That arrogant expression, that sassy gesture, those gold locks waving in the wind, those profound emerald irises, they are all so charming, so mesmerizing, that one simply could not move one’s gaze off her.

As the ambassador watched the royal platform, nobody noticed the emperor’s expression relax. The ambassador’s complexion became as red as a pig’s liver. Intolerable bullying! That girl actually humiliated them like this! The pope slowly stood up and smiled while saying to the emperor, “Your Highness, the result has already been decided, congratulations for gaining another talent. The Temple of Light has some business I need to attend to, I will be the first to take my leave.”

“If so, I won’t retain you.” The emperor his majesty stood up and said smiling.

The pope left, not giving the ambassador so much as a glance.

The ambassador’s gaze had stopped on Claire the whole time, not moving. Inside he only had one thought, he definitely couldn’t let this girl continue to mature! Definitely couldn’t!!!

The stadium’s atmosphere almost went out of control. Despite etiquette, the nobles stood up, cheering Claire’s name.

But right now, Claire was looking at the Yixuan Feng still splayed out on the floor, a little embarrassed. Yixuan Feng just laid there motionlessly, like a dead dog.

Shoot, this abnormal youth was probably having a breakdown because of her blows. Claire felt her head ache. Establishing such a valiant enemy so soon was not a wise decision. But, she really didn’t do it on purpose! She swore it wasn’t!

“Yo, now you’re in trouble. How will this arrogant person get his revenge on us? We must be careful, very careful.” Walter said worriedly. The word “we” showed that Walter had already tied himself and Claire on the same boat.

Wenmo Shui twitched his mouth, looking at the still lying down Yixuan Feng, a little concerned. This was the first time someone had dealt such a heavy blow to this jerk, Yixuan Feng. He was such an arrogant and conceited jerk but was actually insulted so inhumanly in front of so many people. Would he be able to bear it? Wenmo Shui started to be concerned about this abnormal person for the first time.

The result was now final.

Although it was theatrical, Claire won, and won so impressively!

Everyone had watched attentively and everyone was stunned.

Claire gave the still unmoving Yixuan Feng one last glance, and threw out a faint and quiet apology, “I didn’t do it on purpose! I swear!”

Walter almost cried. Little devil, what you just said, do you think it’s sincere? Are you trying to make matters worse or attempting to justify yourself? Walter instantly felt extremely conflicted, and his heart ached. He even felt his life-line shudder and his chrysanthemum tighten. He even thought of slamming into the wall.

This time if Yixuan Feng doesn’t come back to take revenge, he’ll change his last name to Claire’s!

1. Radiating pearl: a shining light, the brightest of all. Basically an outstanding figure.

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