Ch.36 So Valiant, So Charming

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As Claire stepped off the platform, Princess Maurice was already facing her on the platform, and behind her was a group of nobles immediately surrounding Claire. Their excitement was buzzing. The Sunrise Institute students didn’t surround Claire; they just watched her from afar, feeling conflicted.

“Claire, you’re amazing! When did you learn Dou Qi?!”

“Claire, you were excellent today!”

“Claire, you……”

While drowning in praises, Claire only smiled mildly, not saying a word.

Becoming famous in one fight.

As Claire left, Yixuan Feng still laid there, not moving. Wenmo Shui gulped, and then carefully walked forward.

“Yixuan?” Wenmo Shui inquired.

He was responded to with silence.

“ Yixuan, are you okay? Don’t scare me, if you die, then your T-rex Ma won’t forgive me. She will literally peel a layer off my skin before burying me with you! Even if you want to die, you have to wait for your mom to come here, then die!” Wenmo Shui was tearing up, howling with grief.

As before, Yixuan Feng didn’t say a word, silently laying there with an unclear expression.

“Yixuan, you can’t die. Save your breath, I’ll carry you back. Wait until we arrive home and then you can die.” Wenmo Shui said as he scooped up the unmoving Yixuan Feng, carrying him on his shoulder, shuffling down the platform.

“I want to vomit… ” Yixuan Feng finally choked out these few words, groaning as quietly as a mosquito. Really, he was shaken so much he was about to vomit.

“Ah! Yixuan, you’re alright, very good, as long as you’re alright it’s okay.” Wenmo Shui happily set Yixuan Feng down and Yixuan Feng wobbled down. Wenmo Shui immediately supported him and was truly happy. Good, Yixuan Feng, that little rascal, could speak. This meant that he could bear that inhumane person’s humiliation. Good, good, this rascal didn’t completely collapse. Wenmo Shui supported the weak and dizzy Yixuan Feng on his shoulder as they left.

The Grand Exchange ended like that. A shocking beginning and a shocking ending. The ambassador’s expression became extremely ugly. Naturally the emperor had to say some good words. From the ambassador’s point of view, the ending award ceremony was very simple.

But the prize was nevertheless extremely controversial. The contestants who attended the competition didn’t dare say that the prize should have been theirs, and no one even mentioned the prize. Although the dean went to bring the prize back, no one could accept it. Everyone could see what was going on during the competition. Without Claire, they would not only be defeated, but they would also bring shame to Amparkland.

Following tradition, the court held a banquet, firstly, to celebrate victory, and secondly, to send Lagark’s students off.

In the afternoon, as Claire stole away to rest, sipping tea in the greenhouse, a servant came to report. The Sunrise Institute’s principal had sent people to send over the rewards. Because he said he was busy, he couldn’t personally come, so he sent an instructor to send the three rewards.

Claire looked at the three extraordinary items on the tray the servant was holding, quietly sipped her tea, and slowly stood up, walking to the tray that the magic sword was placed on. With one swipe, she threw the sword to Jean, who was behind her, and then mildly said, “Send the other people back. I’ll only take what I deserve.”

The servant became slightly frozen, looking at Claire’s ice-cold expression, quickly lowering his head as he brought the silver tray out.

Jean accepted the sword and as he pulled it out a little, cold rays shot out. A good sword! Jean’s face revealed a slight smile. He liked this present very much.

“Pack this up. From now on, you are going to use this sword to protect me.” Claire sat back into the seat and remembered the awkward moment that happened that day. Her foot was stepping on the abnormal young man’s back. Once she thought of the young magician who was proficient in the art of assassination being humiliated by her in public, Claire began to feel headache. That was not her intention. Now, she can only think of plans to combat the coming storm.

“Mistress, are you worrying about that young man you had competed against today?” Jean putting back the sword to ask.

“If you were to lose to a woman who is much weaker than you because of her deceit and were stepped under her foot in front of everyone, would you feel good?” Claire asked irritably.

Jean was speechless. Yes, not only would a man that had been stepped on the back by a woman in public be out of control, anyone would be furious.

“Be careful during this time. That person is very proficient in the art of assassination.” Claire felt headache. When an assassin met an assassin, it seemed like neither one could benefit.

“Yes, mistress. I would always stay by your side to protect you.” Jean said extremely seriously.

And there was a party tonight… Claire closed her eyes and sighed. She didn’t want to go if possible.

“Now you know how troublesome it is. You really fueled the trouble; any men would be die vomiting blood because of your insult. I really pity that person. Tricked, defeated, and even stepped on the back. Oh yeah, it is going to be a delightful eternal performance. Now we are going to be pleased.”  Walter said, completely opposite of what he was thinking. He was like a raven being steamed, bickering incessantly.

Claire did not say anything but pulled out the Spiritual stone and pinched forcefully on it.

Walter twitched and quieted.

The world was silent.

Jean saw Claire pinch the Spiritual stone then casually put the stone back, her expression was the same as before. Not knowing why, he felt cold. Suddenly he pitied Walter, and somewhat understood why Walter always called Claire a little demon.

The dinner party was held as usual and Claire appeared in a black formal dress and looked brilliant. At this night’s party, she became the main character and naturally, Lashia was not present. The emperor went through the formal speech, and then the party began. Nobles surrounded Claire, and their talking made Claire’s head ache. Many were those who Duke Gordan told her to befriend. But there were also some nobles that stood at a distance, and they all gazed in confusion at her side.

“Okay, everyone, Claire and I have appointment. If you do not mind, I have to borrow Claire for a moment.” Princess Maurice appeared and smiled, keeping “harassments” away from Claire.

Claire’s eyes flashed with gratitude. Princess Maurice and Claire withdrew to the balcony and then Claire let out a light sigh. If it wasn’t for Duke Gordan waving her over, she would have definitely not paid attention to those boring aristocrats.

“Claire, you were really great today.” Princess Maurice’s eyes flashed with light, admiring Claire sincerely.

Claire bitterly laughed and shook her head. Really, in terms of brute force, she was far from being Yixuan Feng’s match. It was just that she won this time using a hidden card. If Yixuan Feng knew she could use Dou Qi, he wouldn’t have so brashly challenged her. But this night, she didn’t seem to have seen that guy’s presence.

“It’s been said that Yixuan Feng has been muddleheaded this whole time, not sober. It’s probably because he was shocked.” Princess Maurice said with a proud smile. In her eyes, Claire was the hero that had completely defeated that guy!

Muddleheaded this whole time? Claire was a bit surprised. What was going on?

Yixuan Feng and Wenmo Shui both didn’t attend the banquet. Yixuan Feng lay on the courier hostel’s bed, not moving at all. Wenmo Shui was aside, guarding him while chewing chicken.

The ambassador was extremely worried about Yixuan Feng’s situation, so he didn’t force them to attend this humiliating sending-off banquet. Yixuan Feng’s background wasn’t something the ambassador could afford to offend.

“Humph! Do you want to die or are you already dead?” Wenmo Shui asked, his words blurry. After Wenmo Shui knew that Yixuan Feng could bear that strike, he wasn’t polite anymore. He sat on a chair nearby with his foot stepping on Yixuan Feng’s butt while chewing roasted chicken.

Yixuan Feng was silent, lying on there, still daydreaming.

“If you didn’t die, then eat something. Wait until the banquet ends and we’ll leave this night. I don’t want to stay at this damned place at all.” Wenmo Shui grumbled while chewing a roasted chicken wing.

“How beautiful, how valiant… ” Yixuan Feng’s tiny voice quietly sounded, seeming like he ignored the Wenmo Shui’s stinky pig foot on his butt.

“What?” Wenmo Shui asked, confused, spitting out the bones in his mouth.

“How valiant, how enchanting she is… ” This time Wenmo Shui heard Yixuan Feng clearly.


Wenmo Shui instantly had an ominous premonition.

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