Ch.38 Magic Beast?

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Life was peaceful at the moment. Claire didn’t face Feng Yixuan’s revenge, and so, Feng Yixuan disappeared.

“Strange, why did that little freak return without taking revenge? Perhaps he had a large hemorrhoid?” Walter was completely puzzled. He also rejoiced that at the time, he didn’t say out loud that he swore that if the guy didn’t come for his revenge, he would have the same last name as the little devil instead. Luckily, he didn’t say it out loud. Fortunately, very fortunately, very good.

“What are you mumbling about?” Claire’s cold voice suddenly sounded in Walter’s conscious.

Walter almost cried out in surprise. It can’t be, little devil can hear what he’s thinking? It’s not possible.

Walter forgot that Claire could infer things based on his Spiritual waves. For example, just now Walter’s Spiritual undulations were a bit “vulgar.” Naturally, this guy was definitely thinking of no good.

“Nothing, nothing. I was thinking that you’re about to go to school.” Walter giggled.

Claire coldly snorted. Of course Walter’s words were not trustworthy at all.

“Are you still continuing today? Do you not feel pain? You do this everyday.” Walter watched Claire’s training clothes, and worried for Claire. She became riddled with scars sparring with that rigid faced knight, Jean.

“What feels better, pain or death?” Claire coldly asked.

Walter shivered. That was something that didn’t need to be mentioned. With death, everything is gone, not to mention pain.

Claire picked up the sword and walked towards the back of the training field with Jean following from behind.

It was another fierce training day. Walter yawned sleepily. In any case, he wasn’t the person getting hurt, who cares about that little devil fighting.

The sound of weapons resonated continuously. If it wasn’t for the barrier Claire had put up around the training ground, who knows how many people would have been startled by this fierce battle.

Walter looked at Claire’s arm and body, both already wounded, blood already soaked through her clothes. Just thinking about it made him sweat. This little devil was too fierce, too vicious. She treated herself unordinarily harsh. That deep and cold gaze, cruel and wild expression, made one unable to watch.

Jean frowned. Claire’s attacks were completely different from the average warrior, crafty and ferocious, so even he, who was much stronger than Claire, had no choice but be careful when facing her.

Claire withdrew and Dou Qi burst forth as she brandished the sword at Jean.

Jean didn’t dare to slack and prepared to block this one strike.

Who would have known that in the next moment, something unimaginable happened.

“Chirp chirp~~ chirp chirp!” A furry and unknown being abruptly landed directly onto Claire’s face! A speed so fast that the naked eye was completely unable to discern what it was. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say it was faster than the speed of light. That’s why everybody was unable to react in time.

“Miss!” Jean was extraordinarily worried.

Claire froze. This small unidentifiable figure, furry yet soft and warm, what was it? What kind of small animal was this? Wrong! Small animals were incapable of entering this barrier without them knowing. The Duke’s castle had also not heard of this kind of small animal before!

What was it?

“Chirp chirp~ Chirp chirp~” The small furry guy carefully climbed on top of Claire’s head, grabbing her hair tightly and not letting go.

“What’s this?” Claire frowned.

“It, seems, seems to be a small animal.” Jean stared in shock when seeing this animal suddenly appear, staring blankly as it carefully climbed onto Claire’s head, but didn’t dare to go over and pull it off.

“What is this thing?” Claire extended her hand to grab the animal on her head. Who would have known that she couldn’t pull it off and instead, the small animal kept its tight grasp on Claire’s hair.

Walter looked in a daze and sized up the little animal who dared to give this authoritarian such a hard time. Furry little ears, furry head, furry paws, furry round body, black and round and big eyes rolling and turning, and a short small tail. It looked like small meatball! He had never seen this kind of small animal before. What was it? Although he didn’t know what it was, Walter’s heart had a feeling. This little guy was so cute! Yes, very, very cute! If as a man he thought it was very cute, then it was needless to say that this small animal would be ‘lethal’ to women.

Right now the biggest problem was, such a cute thing had just climbed on top of Claire’s, that little devil’s, head!

The combination of that little devil’s cold expression and the small animal’s cute shape were completely, absolutely  and ironically, a most hilarious scene. He wanted to laugh, but he dared not to.

“Chirp chirp~~” That little animal looked down at Claire’s blonde hair, and without any superfluous movements, slid down Claire’s hair, all the way down to her shoulder.

“Miss! Careful!” Jean was incomparably nervous. This suddenly appearing little animal looked harmless on the surface, but who could promise it didn’t have any evil intentions. And it appeared in such a strange manner!

Claire frowned. What on earth was this animal? She hadn’t seen this in the Magic Beast Illustrated Handbook or the Shapeshifter Illustrated Handbook.

“Chirp chirp~~” Tight when Claire wanted to extend a hand to grab the small animal, her neck suddenly itched. The little guy was actually opening its mouth lightly licking the wound on Claire’s neck.

Just as everyone thought this little magic beast was harmless, Claire felt a burst of dizziness, almost unable to stand, and immediately stabbed the sword into the ground to steady herself.

“Claire?!” Walter cried out loud nervously.

“Miss!” Jean’s heart panicked. What if that magic beast did something to Claire.

“Don’t touch me, let me rest a bit.” Claire’s gaze really was a bit hazy. Damn, a strong binding force actually rushed out of the wound that that little thing licked! Furthermore, it attacked like a squall of a storm. Even though her spiritual force was very strong, right now she found it bit hard to withstand. If it was an average person, they would have already spewed out blood from all their orifices and died.

This small furball actually forced her into a contract! And it was a master-servant one.

Although Claire thought about searching for a magic beast or finding a more powerful shapeshifter to contract and become her helper, she didn’t think she would form a contract this way. Also, she didn’t know what this thing was! Because a person could only have a single contract with a magic beast, she would have to cancel her contract before contracting another. Right now, Claire’s first contract was just taken by this unknown little meatball!

Walter and Jean both watched Claire, who stood there, nervously, motionless, their hearts extremely tense. But at the same time, both didn’t dare to make or sound of move, fearing if making sounds or taking action would land Claire into a bigger predicament.

“My name, White Emperor.” A solemn and dignified voice faintly came from the distance in Claire’s mind, and then disappeared.

White Emperor?!!

Claire was dumbfounded. This sound, could it have come from this small hairball?

It can’t be…

After who knows how long, Claire’s finger finally twitched. At the same time, her body was already drenched with sweat. Resisting that powerful and supreme power just now had used up too much of her strength.

“Claire, you’re alright? Wonderful, you’re alright.” Walter called emotionally.

“Miss, what on earth happened?” Jean frowned, looking at the little furball that crouched on Claire’s shoulder.

“I and it formed a contract, and it’s actually a master-servant contract.” Claire brought the small fur ball off her shoulder, and the small furball intimately licked the wound on Claire’s hand. Claire didn’t say out loud, this contracted beast that looked very cute and harmless had forcefully and one sidedly formed a contract!

Jean and Walter stared dumbfoundedly. Formed a contract?! A master-servant contract?!

Claire had her own magic beast?

This little furry, meaty little guy? This cute, harmless, and useless small thing? It could be flicked off with a single finger.

Also, if other people knew that the miraculous and famous battler Claire had such a cute and harmless little magic beast, then…

Walter convulsed, fantasizing. The domineering Claire, face full with such a cold expression, yelled loudly, shocking everybody, capturing the gaze of everyone. Then, slowly, a small furry furball climbed on top of her head, waving its furry paws, and chirped. Pft, haha~~~ too funny.

“I will go ask Master what beast this is.” Claire shook her head, still dizzy. She picked up White Emperor and went out of the barrier.

Claire found Emery inside his laboratory.

Emery’s eyes widened as he sized up the small furball moving slowly in Claire’s bosom for a long time. He waved his hand helplessly, unable to produce an answer.

“Claire, you should ask Master Cliff. He should know.” Emery immediately thought of Cliff.

“Okay.” Claire nodded, still thinking internally about that short tempered old man who still seemed to be angry, angry that she learned Dou Qi and didn’t tell him. This time when going back, she could also coax him while she was at it. White Emperor slipped out of Claire’s bosom to crouch on her shoulder. This ball of fur was extremely adorable.

“Also, Claire, don’t tell anyone that you and this small thing formed a contract.” Emery told her solemnly.

“Yeah.” Claire nodded, understanding Emery naturally had his own considerations.

After changing clothes, Claire brought Jean out of the door onto the carriage, going to the Magician’s Guild.

After going out of the Duke’s castle, the carriage passed through a few streets. Claire, who was originally recuperating with her eyes closed as she leaned on the wall of the carriage, suddenly opened her eyes and faced Jean’s chilly expression.

“It looks like they are very impetuous. Miss is finally going out the gates. They have been waiting for this and are itching to take action.” Jean sneered, his gaze completely ice-cold.

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  1. Okay, plot armor aside, this OP little guy came out of nowhere and already formed a contract with her? even i, the girl who is obsessed with overpowered things find this too random. But still, so cuteee :”D i wanna see this little ball of fluffiness kill someone and be splashed in their blood and gore and still keep that cute expression, gah so wonderful.

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