Ch.41 There’s Actually People Even More Shameless Than Me

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She wanted Jean’s magic sword? Claire frowned, coldness surfacing in her eyes. She had already gave that sword to Jean, so she now has no right to re-allocate it. And she had no interest in this rude girl’s weapon.

“I believe that Miss will win another magic sword.” Jean’s voice sounded softly from behind Claire. His meaning was obvious, that he agreed to use his weapon as the stake of the bet, and he was convinced that Claire would surely win.

That sword was also a magic sword? Only now did Claire notice the sword Alice stuck in the ground. Sure enough, there was a slight magic undulation. It was a good sword.

“Miss, here.” Jean walked up, took off the sword at his waist and handed it to Claire. The opponent had a weapon, so of course Claire couldn’t face her empty-handed. Claire accepted the sword and turned to look at Alice.

“Sure.” Claire smiled brightly and nodded softly, “Then let’s begin.”

“Humph! Not knowing what you’re getting yourself into!” Alice sneered, then pulled out the sword in the ground and prepared to start, planning to instantly approach Claire and give her a fatal blow. Resolving in her heart to beat this handsome-male chasing girl till she rolled around on the ground, making her lose all of the Hill clan’s face, trample her under her foot, and make her beg mercy in front of all the people present!

“Mentally attack this little vixen, making her unable to move, then kick her in the face, then step on her back. Then shave all her hair!” Walter hooted in Claire’s head. Walter also felt disgusted by this arrogant and stupid noble young girl. The nobles were always way too conceited. This little devil was also a noble, but she didn’t seem so annoying.

Claire didn’t speak; she silently lifted her sword up and rushed towards Alice. Seeing this, Alice was exuberant, and immediately ran up waving her sword. Walter howled: “What the heck! Little devil, aren’t you the best at playing tricks? Why are you not tricking this vixen today? Do you really want to face her directly?”

Alice rejoiced in her heart. As expected, this handsome-male chasing idiot didn’t use her brains. She actually wanted to fight her close up! Just relying on her strength as an advanced warrior, she wanted to fight her close up?! Idiotic nonsense!

Alice gave a low shout, teal colored DouQi bursting out from her body. She waved her sword and slashed it towards Claire. She was confident that Claire wouldn’t be able to block this strong and fierce sword. Claire would definitely be struck to kneeling on the ground by her force.

Yet Claire didn’t emit the slightest amount of DouQi, but went straight up. Just when a smile formed on Alice’s face, Claire nimbly dodged and disappeared right before Alice’s eyes. Alice’s pupils instantly widened. What does it mean when an opponent disappears before a warrior? A warrior is most skilled at fighting face to face!

The next moment, the cold sound of slicing through air pulled Alice back to realization and she turned around and brought her sword to her back. The acute clang made Alice drip sweat behind her head. If this attack had struck her, then……

But, her nightmare had just begun. Claire’s tricky, vicious, and unusual attacks made her life miserable. What kind of fight was this? How was this a fight between warriors? How come this handsome-male chaser is so vicious! Each attack was directed towards fatal spots or dead angles, making her almost unable to block them. As this continued, Alice gradually only had the strength to parry but not counter-attack.

The high tension and tiring blocks rapidly depleted Alice’s energy. For if she made one careless mistake, Claire’s sword would land on her fatal spot.

The crowd watching became more and more nervous. What type of fencing was Claire, the once handsome-male chasing idiot, using?! So strange and nimble. As a grand warrior, Alice was still forced to retreat. She was  getting breathless. Her teal DouQi that was bright at the beginning was now gradually subsiding. But!! From beginning till end, Claire never once used DouQi, but was attacking with only pure fencing!

Jean watched the duel before him with slitted eyes, also confused. The fencing Claire used was very aggressive and also incredible. Claire herself described it as using gentleness to overcome hardness, borrowing strength and using it for her own purposes. But until now Jean still couldn’t understand much. As for how Claire learned this miraculous fencing remained a mystery.

“Humph!” Claire snorted, bursting out green DouQi, and fiercely swung her sword right at Alice. Alice hurriedly raised her sword to block it. But at this time, she was already too weak to receive this powerful strike of Claire’s.

Following the crisp sound of weapons clashed together, was the sound of a sword dropping to the ground.

Instantly, everything was silent.

The sword in Alice’s hands had been struck out and landed not far from the two. A cold expression on her face, Claire held her sword right up at Alice’s throat.

A cold wind blew across, lifting up Claire’s golden hair, bright as the sunlight.

Alice’s eyes were dead.

Everything around them was quiet.

“So the Romans are like this? Not having the strength but determined to fight?” Lashia’s cold voice reached their ears. This little girl loved bearing grudges. She had remembered clearly the words Alice spoke in the library. And now she returned them complete and intact.

Alice looked up hatefully at Lashia, unresignment burning in her eyes. But she couldn’t speak.

“Let’s go.” Claire picked up the precious sword that once belonged to Alice.

“But, sister, isn’t it a little too much for your knight to have two swords?” Lashia walked up smiling, purposely saying while looking disdainfully at Alice, who was now kneeling on the ground, powerless.

Walter cursed. This stupid peacock, now so intimately calling sister. Wasn’t she the one who walked with her nose towards the sky before? Jean raised his brows but didn’t speak. How much Lashia had hated Claire was pretty obvious. But now, there was a hint of proudness in her voice. She was proud of Claire! What a simple little girl. Whatever she decided she would stick with it to the end.

“Then you can have it. You can give it to one of your warrior friends.” After returning Jean his sword, Claire looked at the magic sword with a peculiar appearance in her hand and then handed it to Lashia casually.

Alice’s eyes were wide, staring madly at the magic sword in Lashia’s hand that once belonged to her. That was one of the heirlooms of the Roman clan! Very, very precious! But now, she had lost it! How was she going to tell her family? Her father and grandfather would be furious.

Lashia waved the magic sword in her hand happily, “Thanks, sister!”

Claire smiled slightly, then turned and headed back towards the doors of the library. She had not yet finished going through the illustrated handbooks. Although it was crowded, when Claire walked up, people all made way for her. Gossip engulfed Alice; the people’s gazes all fell on Claire, watching her figure disappear at the library door.

Claire, as an advanced warrior, defeated Alice the grand warrior! And she used DouQi only at the last second! Some exclaimed about Claire’s astonishing power, others disdained Claire’s tactic of keep dodging until Alice was worn out. But, in any case, Claire won this duel, and won over the heirloom magic sword of the Roman clan.

Claire’s name once again rang throughout the capital.

Lashia’s attitude was now changed completely and with reason. When she learned why Claire came to the library, she volunteered to help Claire go through the illustrated handbooks. But after busying for an entire afternoon, they still had no idea what type of magic beast White Emperor was.

In the evening, when Claire and Lashia returned home, they found an elaborate carriage parked in front at the gates. On the carriage was the symbol of the Roman clan!

“Wow, looks like that idiot couldn’t win you, sister, and have now came to tattle tale at our house!” Looking at the carriage, Lashia said disdainfully. Now this little girl was really affectionate, calling sister left and right, not remembering the slightest how she had tried to make Claire’s life difficult. Walter rolled his eyes, sighing in his heart that sure enough, women were the most fickle creatures.

“Probably not.” Claire said lightly. With Alice’s personality, she definitely wouldn’t make such an idiotic move.

“Let’s find out then.” Lashia led the way and entered the door.

In the Grand Hall, Duke Gordon was conversing with another old man, smiling. Alice had her head lowered and was standing beside, silent.

“Sir Gordon, I’m really sorry. The two kids were playing bets, but this child of mine was so immature and lost the Fiery Sword. You know, that is the heirloom of our family. Seriously, ah……” The old man smiled and said, looking very embarrassed.

Hearing this, Walter spit: there’s actually people even more shameless than me! No, Walter immediately corrected himself, there’s actually people even more shameless than the little devil!

Well look at these words, even more good-smelling than roasted chicken! Two kids playing bets and lost the sword. So? So now they come and want the sword back?!

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