Ch.42 Actually the Most Shameless is This

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“Little shameless and old shameless have come to get back the sword!” Hearing this, Lashia flew into a rage, saying to the indifferent Claire furiously while desperately trying to curb her anger.

“True, they are pretty shameless.” Claire replied cooly. Claire didn’t want to get entangled into too much inter-clan conflicts; leave them to Grandfather. But, if they thought she, Claire, was easy to bully, then they were totally, absolutely wrong.

“Jean, come here.” A cold smirk appeared on Claire’s face, and she turned around and beckoned to Jean with her finger.

“Miss?” Although Jean had a questioning tone, his heart was as clear as day. Every time Miss smiled, someone was in for bad luck.

“You do this…… like this…… yes, like this.” Claire informed quietly. Jean’s eyebrows shot up. He really wanted to laugh right now, but in case someone else in the hall noticed, he suppressed his smile. Walter didn’t have to care about that; he was laughing his head off in Claire’s mind. So sly, so sneaky, he must write a book later called “Little Devil’s Eighteen Ways to Trick Others”.

“Lashia, come, let’s go the training grounds.” Claire turned to call Lashia.

Lashia was smiling like a flower, criticizing herself internally about why didn’t she think of such a good solution.

Claire and Lashia didn’t go through the Grand Hall but went around the back, going directly to the training grounds.

When the two of them disappeared from sight, Jean immediately put on a grieving and indignant expression. Okay, Jean had to admit, this expression was putting him in a tight spot. He practiced for fully two minutes at the door before he finally made his grieving expression presentable.

So Jean went into the hall like this, directly walking to the side of Duke Gordon, who was sitting at the high end of hall. He reported with a worried and indignant expression: “Your grace, something’s gone horribly wrong! Miss and second miss…… ”

“What? What happened? What happened to Claire and Lashia?” Duke Gordon was so shocked he stood up instantly. If it was about someone else, Duke Gordon would have rebuked his servant’s flustering. But Duke Gordon had never seen Jean with such an indignant and grieving expression. Even thinking with his butt told him something big has happened! Claire now had a very important place in Duke Gordon’s heart; nothing was allowed to happen to her. Lashia was proud and haughty, but also with very big potential, so she can’t be hurt either! Did the conflict between the two sisters escalate?

“Your grace, today Miss met someone who challenged her, inviting her to a duel, while insulting Hill clan with all her might. Miss was very angry and accepted the duel. Although she won, Miss was furious that someone could insult the Hill clan like this and blamed it on herself, that she wasn’t strong and powerful enough. So now she is fighting for practice with second miss in the training grounds madly. Training like this without a limit, your servant is afraid Miss’ body can’t take it.” Jean’s tone was rich with emotion, sometimes fast sometimes slow, sometimes indignant and sometimes worried. He had never said so many sentences with such emotion. If Walter was here, he would exclaim that the upright and honest handsome knight was badly influenced by the little devil Claire.

“What?!!” Duke Gordon’s face was immediately serious and he stood up abruptly. Not caring about sir Roman beside him, he rushed towards the yard hastily. Jean quickly followed behind.

Sir Roman twitched his lip, his face dark. After listening to Jean’s report, he knew that he had no chance of taking back the sword now. And he had another feeling, that he was tricked! He had underestimated this male-chaser. He had hoped to strike first and gain the initiative, downsizing the matter to as small as possible in front of Duke Gordon, then offer some gifts and get their heirloom back. Even if Duke Gordon knew the details of what happened later, he wouldn’t be so stingy as to pull the matter out again. But now they were doomed, completely doomed. Not to say they won’t get the sword back, but they might also face the investigation of the furious Duke Gordon.

“Grandfather, that…… ” Alice started angrily. How could she not know this was a trick of Claire’s!

“Shut up!” Sir Roman rebuked furiously, “Go home with me, and never offend the Hills again!” Sir Roman left with Alice without saying goodbye. They could only come back another time and apologize. Alice’s face was instantly pale.

In the carriage, Alice kept her head lowered, silent. Sir Roman looked at the downcast Alice, his expression complicated. He sighed softly and asked slowly, “Are you blaming Grandfather?”

“No, Grandfather, I have no intention of blaming you.” Alice lifted her head fearfully.

“Alice, you are the future hope of our Roman clan, but you’re too impulsive. Do you understand why Grandfather scolded you?” Sir Roman asked meaningfully.

“I should not offend the Hill clan.” Alice lowered her head and said softly.

“No!” Sir Roman rejected firmly.

“Then what?” Alice lifted her head to look at the old man in front of her, confused.

“I rebuked you because you shouldn’t offend those you can’t afford to offend now.” Sir Roman’s gaze became cold.

Alice’s eyes lit up. She understood Grandfather’s meaning at once. The Hill clan was not someone the Roman clan could offend now, she made a mistake, offending someone she couldn’t afford to offend. But one day…… there would be that day when she could offend people from the Hill clan!

Sir Roman watched Alice’s expression change with relief, knowing that his granddaughter had understood his meaning. He patted Alice’s head, “You must work hard, continuously getting stronger, surpassing yourself, and there would be that day.”

“Yes, I will, Grandfather.” Alice nodded her head solemnly, a decision engraved into her heart. Yes, there would be one day, when she would trample that stupid Claire under her feet, trample the whole Hill clan under her feet! Defeat the Hill clan! Thinking of such a huge goal, all the blood in Alice’s body boiled.

Sir Roman closed his eyes slowly, a cold laugh creeping onto his lips. Amparkland, definitely will not let the banner of roses fly forever!

At the same time, at the training grounds behind the Hill castle.

Gordon saw a scene that nearly made his heart jump out of his chest. His two precious granddaughters were fighting with large and magnificent spells as if their lives didn’t matter. Dust filled the sky and the wind messed up everyone’s hair.

“Stop now! Stop!” Duke Gordon yelled, extremely worried. He never thought that these two little rascals were still like fire and water. None of them must get hurt!

Only then did Claire and Lashia stop, looking towards Duke Gordon uniformly. Okay, good, that shameless old man wasn’t there.

“Oh, Grandfather, that sir Roman guy left?” Lashia skipped over happily.

“What?” Duke Gordon paused, then opened his mouth wide. He wasn’t an ordinary person, and immediately understood everything from Lashia’s words and Claire’s indifferent expression.

“You two!” Duke Gordon started laughing, then turned his head to look at Jean, who was standing behind him, “Jean, I didn’t expect for you also to…… ”

“I was forced by Miss.” His expression unchanging, Jean threw over the responsibility to Claire. Naturally, the duke wouldn’t blame or scold Claire, but there was no knowing if he suddenly decided to rebuke him.

“Grandfather, that old man is really very shameless. Plainly Alice insulted our Hill clan first so Sister agreed to the duel, and then she also set the bet herself.” Lashia said indignantly, still angry.

“Haha…… I guessed that. But, at that time you weren’t back yet and I wasn’t there, so on the surface I still had to be courteous.” Duke Gordon’s laugh was like an old fox, “Now everything’s good, he left himself. Where’s the sword? Show it to me.”

“Here, here.” Lashia jogged to get the magic sword and handed it to Duke Gordon.

“Good sword, what a good sword.” Duke Gordon praised, evaluating the sword in his hand.

“Sister gave it to me.” Lashia said proudly.

“What does a magician like you need a magic sword for? Turn it in turn it in.” Duke Gordon mumbled, refusing to let go of the sword. Of course, how could a heirloom of others be bad?

Walter snorted. So the most shameless was this old man!

“Ah! Sister gave me this, no!” Lashia shouted, wanting to take back the sword in Gordon’s hands.

“What does a magician like you need a sword for?” Old man Gordon hang onto this sentence and wouldn’t let go.

Claire watched the two fighting, amused, and finally interfered, “Okay, Lashia, I’ll give you one more suitable for you later. Give this to Grandfather.”

Hearing this, Lashia pouted at Gordon, who was holding the treasured sword delightedly and said unwillingly, “Okaaay, Grandfather.”

Magic swords were very rare. Gordon carried the Fiery Sword away gleefully, wanting to reward it to one of his subordinates. He was exceptionally happy today. Seeing the two sisters so loving towards each other, he felt sweeter than eating honey. And now he obtained this magic sword. Magic swords are very rare and precious. He had to thank the naive little girl of the Roman clan, allowing him to acquire such a good weapon.

A few days later, the Sunrise Institute started school again.

When Lashia and Claire arrived at the institute’s gate in the same carriage, everyone’s eyeballs almost fell to the ground.

The two sisters who were incompatible as fire and water, actually appeared together, and the scene was so harmonious!

The two beautiful girls were obviously catchy, especially Claire, who was all over the news these days.

Sure enough, just as they entered the woods of the institute, they met a pig-face boy.

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